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  1. Proa

    Yes, that's the boat. And yes, that gentleman is extremely smart. And yes, the boat has newer rigs and sails.
  2. Proa

    Anybody know anything about the proa I just saw sailing out of channel islands harbor?
  3. That is one of the most beautiful boats... where is this bay of which you speak? And on a slightly different topic, does anybody know anything about the proa I just saw sailing out of channel islands harbor?
  4. Where is your backyard and when are you going to unleash that beautiful trinado?
  5. beach cats in the ocean?

    Of course, those are the blokes that will buy a bigger multi later, (like us), and maybe the game lives on...
  6. 20 / 21 Foot Beach Cat w/Wings

    Dear jfiat. Can you post some pix? Thanks.
  7. Since it would require massive and multiple failures on both vessels for this to happen accidentally is it not statistically more probable that there was intention on the part of one or the other?
  8. What is the probability that the operator of the big ship deliberately rammed the navy vessel?
  9. Odd Weather/Lee Helm

    I've been on some really fast boats but don't think I've come close to the claimed numbers. If the Astus is that fast to weather it would be a monster on the race course. The tornado being an extremely well known boat, what kind of numbers does it do going to weather in 20 knots? If the Astus could beat those numbers I'd be happily shocked and I might even buy one!
  10. 2017 Race to Alaska

    The multi 23 should be lots faster than several of the tris you rated higher...many variables make it a fascinating contest.
  11. Proa question

    As we struggle with the Atlantic vs. Pacific question, and knowing that every boat is a compromise which rarely achieves perfection... Math,science,logic, etc... let's use Occam's razor, keep it simple. The obvious compromise between Atlantic and Pacific proa is a.... CATAMARAN! (Mr. Brown's choice for r2ak). An even better tool (in my opinion) is the trimaran due to stiffness and beam. Certainly you might save a few dollars and pounds on the proa but out in the big peepee the serious business gets done on trimarans. Always.
  12. New Harryproa design - Exhilarator 40

    dear mr delta v. I have seen it before, an intelligent individual with no real knowledge of boats and their design/construction thinks he can do better than the accumulated knowledge of the designers and builders who've perfected their craft over many decades of trial and error. Unfortunately, their hubris always results in garbage.
  13. 2017 Race to Alaska

    I've never been aboard but my impression of the Diam is that it's more of a "lake" boat. Looks fun as hell but pitchpoling in the cold peepee is not my cup of tea.
  14. 2017 Race to Alaska

    I wish thee fellows lots and lots of broad reaching!
  15. 2017 Race to Alaska

    you blokes are racing a multi 23, no? Be sure and triple check the integrity/installation of all the bulkheads, especially the one in the aft end of the main hull where the "stupid" floor hatch is located. I found that that one hadn't been properly glassed-in on my m-23. Almost sunk that time, all 3 bows pointing at the moon when we finally got to the dock. Not to mention the several other catastrophic failures which plagued my existence on that particular vessel. The only thing that made up for those construction fails was broad reaching at high speed, then that extra rocker and those sweet, sweet bows were money!