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  1. True true, I probably jumped the gun on Kirwan a bit. I could've stepped off the boat at any point in the trip and been confident that the remaining crew could continue the trip safely. We had a very detailed plan of attack before we left the dock that everyone was familiar with and helped form. Including bail out points along Superior should the weather have turned. Just irks me a little that it would be assumed I'd take off willy nilly without any thought or preparation and put my friends in danger
  2. This sounds like the start of a disaster. I think you're lucky nothing bad happened when you were so incapacitated. Glad the story had a happy ending; enjoy the boat, but do be aware of your own limitations. So now lying down in the cockpit tethered to the binnacle while two other guys are on watch is impending disaster? You guys crack me up sometimes. I should probably just keep my boat on the hard, I hear it's safer than being on the water. So, to recap: - A new to you boat. - An arrival schedule - Cold / icing temps, strong headwinds, large seas (unforgiving lake) - No sleep - No food in your system due to seasickness (did you not know you are susceptible?) - only 2 other crew (we don't know their experience or condition) - Incapacitated captain huddled up for survival. Not my idea of 'Good Seamanship', but hey... enjoy your boat! Actually ate quite well most of the trip. Made lasagna and all kinds of things in the oven (works great!), with warm drinks being passed to those on deck. 4 people on the boat in total, 2 on 2 off watch. I'm the only one who didn't sleep well, and everything was well discussed with every crew member in agreement with the plan before each leg of the trip. Each of the other guys on the boat own their own boats, two have done previous great lakes deliveries, including quite a few Chicago-Mack races. I never would've left the Soo if the weather didn't look like it was going to work out. I'm really not sure how me being miserable below decks has anything to do with my seamanship, but that's cool.
  3. This sounds like the start of a disaster. I think you're lucky nothing bad happened when you were so incapacitated. Glad the story had a happy ending; enjoy the boat, but do be aware of your own limitations. So now lying down in the cockpit tethered to the binnacle while two other guys are on watch is impending disaster? You guys crack me up sometimes. I should probably just keep my boat on the hard, I hear it's safer than being on the water.
  4. No drugs :/ I'm sure it would be a lot better under sail as well. The motion is way worse when you're just under power. I was also in the v-berth so I was probably moving up and down at least 10 ft at a time lol. Oh well, rookie mistake maybe.
  5. I'm kind of bummed at how sensitive I am to sleeping below deck on a moving boat. That was the first time I've ever puked on a boat, none of the other guys had any trouble sleeping below. I'll blame the sinus infection I had late last week and the antibiotics I was taking Once back on land I slept for 14 hours, and still kind of feel tired today lol.
  6. Left the dock at 11pm Friday, got back to Marquette at 2pm Sunday. Made excellent time on every leg of the trip, despite some less than ideal conditions. Burned closed to 1.25 gallons per hour on the trip, but we were pushing it pretty good. Ran round 2400-2500rpm which gave us about 6.5kts in flat water. Entering the mouth of the saint mary's river had us in a head wind with 2-3ft chop and that slowed us down to about 4.5kts for a while. I was down below sleeping after my first watch when we entered the chop, and that put me on deck at 5am dry heaving over the side of the boat. The rest of the trip upriver was uneventful, I even got a nap in when the water flattened out, yay! Picked up some fuel at the Soo and then when through the locks, that was pretty cool. Leaving the locks we were on a beam reach for the rest of the river to the entrance to whitefish bay, so we shut off the motor for about an hour and were able to sail with jib alone making good time. Entering whitefish bay was where the real fun began. The wind was a little higher than predicted, and I knew the waves were going to be shitty and that this would probably be the worse leg of the trip. There wasn't much room to work with at the bottom of the bay, so after a couple of futile tacks back and forth barely making way upwind, the motor came back on and we slogged our way into 20-25kts north wind with 6-8ft waves right on the nose. It was about 30 miles of this before we could make the turn at whitefish point. The winds did start to die down as the sun went down and the breaking waves gave way to more manageable rollers so we made the most of it, rounding the point around midnight. At this point I'd had about 2hrs of sleep in total since we left the dock and was finally starting to feel it. I went down below and tried to sleep, and found myself back on deck feeling queasy not long after. Spent the rest of the night huddled under blankets in the cockpit in a semi conscious state. As the sun came up Sunday the wind had backed to the east and finally started to build enough to let us motor sail the rest of the way home. Started averaging 7kts, then 7.5kts, and I hit 8kts riding some waves back into marquette harbor. Tied up to my slip a little before 2pm. The boat preformed awesomely even in some pretty shitty conditions. The big dodger was a godsend, I don't think we would've survived without it. Water temperature on Superior was reading 32.4 F the entire way across. The north side of Grand Island and the base of some of the cliffs of Pictured Rocks was still covered in ice. Brutally cold. We had one issue that came up the first night. I noticed that the battery voltage was starting to drop down past 11.75 volts and the alternator wasn't putting out power, so we went in to power conservation mode for the rest of the night until we could trouble shoot it the next day. Turns out that the alternator is controlled through a xantrex box that had a wire that was unplugged, Basically the box wasn't powering itself up, so the alternator wasn't putting any current into the battery bank. As soon as we traced back the loose wire to the box and tried plugging it in, the system came to life and we started dumping almost 60amps into the batteries, problem solved! p.s. the fuel was fine, not a hickup from the engine the entire trip.
  7. I believe there are two CO sniffers, one in the main cabin and one in the aft cabin. Making the drive to the boat in a little bit. Will attempt to give the winches a little love, they were pretty stiff last time I was on the boat. Then running through the checklists, getting things squared away, and hopefully leaving the dock maybe around 10-11pm tonight. Will give an update early next week, probably won't be back at a computer until tuesday. Wish me luck!
  8. It's only April in the UP, to be expected I think the higher elevations up the Keweenaw got it pretty good today, 6-8" in some spots.
  9. Hmm okay maybe the heater is not as dangerous as I was thinking. I'm looking forward to the trip for sure! Will be cold and tired when we get back, but I'm sure some fun will be had.
  10. Will do! One of my crew wants to bring a portable mr buddy propane heater for the cabin. I think they're mostly safe as far as the propane goes, but I don't want the increased moisture or depleted oxygen in the cabin issues. I told him to wear some extra layers and suck it up, no colder than winter camping anyway.
  11. Jerry can's will be on deck for sure. Not sure if there is an inspection port on the fuel tank but I wanted to try and take a peak in there on Friday. I called the marina at the Soo to ask if fuel would be available since most marinas aren't open yet up here. They were opening the gas dock the day I called, and he gave me his cell number so he could meet us at the boat when we roll through on Saturday, nice service!
  12. I won't have to do anything to it for a while. A full survey was done last year and found some elevated moisture in an area of the deck, but I ran around the boat jumping up and down (very scientific) and not a hint of a soft spot was found. So I'm just going to rebed the deck hardware and call it good enough for now. One of the wings on the keel (lead wing keel) is bent up from a travel lift incident, I'll brainstorm that one and look into it next winter. Other than that everything is mint, boat was very well maintained by the previous owners. I'm not going to do anything aside from sailing it and drinking on it all summer. Shit, even all of the cabin lights are LEDs!
  13. I was doing good for a while on the downsizing thing... I still have 4 mini 12's to get rid of (one is spoken for), a prindle 18-2, prindle 16 (spoken for), hobie 17 sport, the ranger 28 (gotta list that for sale), and now the hunter. Those are the boats that have masts anyway...
  14. The weather window is still looking good Leaving the dock at 12am Saturday morning, should get me to the saint mary's river at daylight, motor up river to the locks and get through with plenty of daylight. There's going to be a few hours slogging into the wind until we round whitefish point or the winds turn from NW to NE. Around whitefish point all the forecast models are showing ENE or E winds in the 15kt range until things start to change Monday morning. I'd want to be off the lake by Monday afternoon... Anyway, the window leaves me with close to 36 hours to cross 160 miles of lake superior. With wind and waves on the stern, even a conservative (will be motor sailing if necessary) 6mph over ground should get me home in just over 24hrs. If the forecast goes to shit I'll leave the boat at the soo, or never leave the dock in Mackinaw. If we get stuck on the lake for an extra 12 hours I'll pull into Munising. I know it's spring on Superior but right now the window looks amazing (aside from temps) for any time of year. I'll see how things feel, but I'm probably going to bring the main down at night and only use it during the day. Jib only or jib/motor at night. It's a huge freaking main that I wouldn't want to screw around with at night, especially with the crew that will be on board.
  15. Sounds like I might have 4 total. I'm not sure there is something like too much help, but I was kind of planning on 3.