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  1. Dazz

    New Nacra 15

    I'll tell em to go buy their own boat, don't expect a club to buy it. club boats get treated like rubbish.
  2. Dazz

    New Nacra 15

    As someone that operates a small club fleet I can buy 10 x bic o'Pens for the price of one nacra 15. I would prefer to put 10 kids on the water than 2. From a maintenance point of view the nacra 15 partiulary in the FCS config would be very easy to damage, insurances will be expensive and claims prohibitive. I am seriously having a hard time thinking of a worse proposition as a club boat. perhaps a new foiling moth. bad idea /
  3. Damn that was quick!!!!
  4. it wouldn't be an issue if the trailer was 200mm longer, but that would cost around $300 per year in transport fees. Sorry, the setup is ideal to maximize the number of boats for the shortest trailer possible. compromises had to be made.
  5. Sam and ACS, Have you ever seen anyone use tri clamps before ever??? I have been sailing cats fort the last 40 years and have never seen anyone using this solution before. I have one F18 EDGE, but I also have a 4x F18 trailer. for doing nationals with, The sailbox is too wide for the wheels so every time i mount the wheels on the trailer they have to moved about 100mm outwards. The argument the clamps are overkill for one boat is kinda not very well thought out. the ability to take the rollers apart and store them for travelling is highly desirable for us with cold hands after 12 races with no tools is just a bonus! so if i can save some one else the hassle of nuts and bolts for breaking down their catrax or eurotrax then I am happy to share my idea. Mobile still saves a fortune in booze at national events!!!! Cheers Dazz.
  6. Yeah 4 clamps and about 200mm of 10mm rope per clamp. 8mm was just that bit too thin.
  7. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/2-Stainless-Steel-SUS316-Sanitary-Clamp-Single-Pin-Tri-65mm-OD-Ferrule-GT/152749181863?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649 took about 3 weeks to get here.
  8. I needed to be able to adjust my wheels easily, So i bought some stainless steel tri clamps from ebay. used some 10mm rope to make them fit. Cost less than $20.
  9. TA, you have missed slightly, Gav Parker made the original post. Gave Colby sailed the exploder with the DS. Brett Burvil and Ryan sailed Gav Parkers Edge into 2nd behind the DS sail.
  10. more precisely a floating turd...
  11. Has this gone sideways? Do you think that having the kite up upwind will break the mast because of compression loads or the kite being set above the hounds on a unsupported section of the mast.
  12. http://www.sailingscuttlebutt.com/2017/09/05/making-headlines-for-the-wrong-reasons/ Making Headlines for the Wrong Reasons As if the planet didn’t need more proof that quality and competence are components that can’t be rushed, the Olympic multihull event continues to prove how necessary the maturation process is for equipment used at this level of competition. Designed specifically for the 2016 Games, the Nacra 17 has been plagued by problems since its launch after the 2012 Games. If the boat wasn’t breaking, the inconsistent measurement assured an uneven playing field. The fact how the boat handled like roller-skates on an ice rink was an additional “thrill.” Eager to be ‘new and improved’ for this next quad leading up to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, the class continues to trip over its bows. The transition to new fully-foiling blades has been a nightmare, with gear failures and replacements continuing to be the norm. And as if the boats weren’t dangerous before, now as a fully-foiling machine, American Bora Gulari saw how an explosive capsize can remove bits of his fingers. As they say, if it was easy anybody could do it, right? After the boats were deemed too dangerous to sail at the European Championships in August, more new replacement parts have theoretically made them safe for the World Championships now being held in La Grande Motte, France. But still there remains a question of measurement… After the American duo Riley Gibbs and Louisa Chafee led the championship after the first three qualifying races in light winds on day one, they were protested after racing for a measurement infringement and their penalty dropped them to 27th place. Foiling kiteboarder and 49er racer Gibbs, 21, paired with Rio Olympian Chafee, 25, opened with a second and two first places but were subsequently protested and penalised for sailing with the rubber bushes at the top of the foils removed, contrary to the International Jury’s interpretation of the measurement rules. The young Americans, training partners of injured Gulari and Helena Scutt, had been training with the bushes removed in order to preserve maximum strength in the head area rather than seek a performance gain were it to allow the foil to drop lower. A good move, one would think, since the boards had been breaking. “This is not about any performance gain; this is about the strength in that part of the board,” Scutt emphasized after the hearing. Added USA coach David Howlett, “We had the boards not once, but twice, to measurement like that and so we considered it was fine.” With the young American pair receiving a 50 per cent place penalty for each of their races, John Gimson/ Anna Burnett and Ben Saxton/ Katie Dabson now lead a British Sailing Team 1-2 at the top of the World Championship standings with New Zealand’s Rio Olympians Gemma Jones and Jason Saunders in third. Racing is scheduled for September 5 to 10.
  13. Update - Gennaker Upwind at Worlds – Proposed Vote by Entrants at the Open Forum Overnight one of the Class Executives, after training, changed their view on the issue of using the gennaker upwind at the World Championship next week. They now believe that we should NOT allow the use of the gennaker upwind even this close to the start of the Championship. As a result there is now a split among the Executive. While ordinarily I can cast a deciding vote I believe the best course of action is to have a discussion at the Open Forum on Sunday night with a vote to be taken by those entered in the Championship. That being said my PERSONAL view is that we should not allow the use of the gennaker upwind next week. The mast, boat, gennaker etc. were not designed for the loads of upwind gennaker sailing. We also had some injuries to crew at the Europeans as a result of the strain. Nacra Sailing has already offered resources and assistance to the Nacra 17 Class to investigate a set of specification It goes without saying that the Class can absolutely ask Nacra Sailing to investigate a change in specification to allow for these extra loads in the future. It would be helpful ahead of the vote to commence a discussion on the Class Facebook forum with the varying views by entrants. I am working on wording with the PRO and Chair of the Jury that would amend next week’s Sailing Instructions to rule out using the gennaker upwind. I will post that proposed wording in due course. To be clear – we are only talking about the use of gennakers upwind at the World Championships next week. regards, Marcus Spillane