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  1. "Oooohhh, take that Brent Swain you small brained wiper of other people's bottoms!" Damn Zenblaster, you are sooo eloquent
  2. BS seems obsessed with this "overweight" 37' I designed in steel. I designed that boat for a friend of a friend. The guy had bought the steel and some plans. One night he showed me the plans, I think now they must have been BS plans. I told him the plans were so bad that I would design him a boat for free to prevent him from building to those plans. He was a nice guy, ex pro football player, big guy. He and his wife gave me a very beautiful and very expensive free hand tobacco pipe as a gift in return. I still have the pipe. I drew him a double chine version of the Tayana 37. He did a great job building it. He loved the boat and took it to Alaska. He fell over dead one had waking home from the grocery store. I think he was about 39. I can tell from the photos that the boat probably weights 26,500 maybe as must as 27,000 lbs..OK, call it 28,000 lbs.. I can tell by the position of the bobstay fitting and top of the rudder. BS just makes numbers up. "Tonnage" and true displacement have very little in common. I don't have any pics but I have been to the owner's web site to see the boat. It looks better than any BS boat ever built. So, let me get this straight. BS thinks he has "designed" (we'll have to give him the benefit of the doubt there) "better boats" than I have. I hardly know what to say. I don;t think he understands sailing well enough even to have a valid criteria for comparison. If he even has any legacy it's boats rusting on rocks and reefs. Imagine, he's going to put his three pig boat designs up against all of mine? What we have here folks is one seriously stupid man. You have to feel a bit sorry for such ignorance.
  3. Mine were more like the black one. They worked well so long as they stayed on.
  4. Come on BS, show us your list of boats. My custom boats:' Parsons 52’ sloop that later became Tayana 52 Lechler 47 double ender Built in alu by Paul Luke Ligget 43’ double ender that went on to become the Polaris 43 built in Taiwan. Noble 41’ designed for wood construction went on to become the Perry 41 built in Taiwan NIGHT Runner 41’ cutter, timber build by Bob Lange in Port Townsend WA Eclipse 43’ cutter built in grp and Airex by Bob Lange Irsh Rose two tonner in C-Flex built in Ballard WA Heather two tonner built in strip planked cedar in Seattle by owner Union jack quarter tonner built in cold molded cedar by Bob Cadranell in Seattle White wing 36’ grp cutter Built in Seattle Little wing 42’ catamaran built in WA Mobisle 57’ cruising cutter built by Westerly Marine in Costa Mesa CA Starbuck 58.5’ sloop built in cored grp by Dennis Choats in Long Beach CA Foxtrot 69’ sloop built in cored grp in Tacoma WA by Jones-Goodel Foxfire 56’ SLOOP BUILT IN CORED RP BY Dennis Choate in Long Beach Elesium 70’ ULDB cruising sloop built by Dennis Choate based on modified Andrews 70 hull Capaz 48’ motor sailer in cored grp built by Westerly Marine in Costa Mesa CA Stealth chicken 56’ IMS racer/cruiser built by Westerly Marine Free range chicken 58’ racer/cruiser built by Westerly Marine Meridian 70’ ULDB slop built in cored grp by Earl Miller Marine Illusion 63’ alu cutter built by Howdy Bailey in Norfolk VA Miller 62 solid grp sloop built in the UK at Tyler Marine Jakatan 42’ schooner built composite by Jespersen’s in B.C. Pachena 52’ sloop built in composite by Jestersen’s in B.C. Deva 51’ steel sloop built by Amazon Marine in B.C. Frankie My 62’ skinny double ender in strip planked cedar w. composite deck built in Port Townsend. Kiyi 38’ Maxi-trailerable sloop built in grp by Miller Marine in Seattle Icon 62’ composite racer-cruiser built at Marten Marine in New Zealand Catari 62’ cored grp ketch built by Pacific Sea Craft in N. Carolina Amati 41’ sloop built in composite by Schooner Creek Marine in Portland, OR Loon 41’ double ended sloop built in timber on Lopez Isla by Steve Brower Yoni 50; alu cutter built by Jespersen’s in BC Rosetta 28’ power runabout built in wood composite by Schooner Creek in Portland OR Goodlad 36’ powerboat built in timber on Lopez by Steve Brower Apache West my first custom design a FC ketch built at Houhgton WA by some friends. Oracle 39’ double ender FC ketch built in Houghton WA by the owner Finvara 38’ double ended pilot house cutter built in steel by the owner in Seattle Prsism 45’ aluminum sloop, multi chine version of the Bordic 44 hull built in Olympia WA by the owner Crocker 46’ alu cutter, multi chine, built by Lanny Crocker in OR White Eagle 63’ alu hull with composite deck sloop built by Jim Betts in Truckee CA Campbell 75’ powerboat built by Dennis Choate in Long Beach CA Bell 36’ cored grp daysailer built in the mid west In Box 40’ cored grp cruising boat to fit in a container built by Schooner Creek Richardson Anguilla racing sloop, timber built in Anguilla Collee 40’ commuter power launch for Little Palm Island Resort, Schooner Creek build Cooper 44’ carbon cruising sloop Jim Betts build Bulletproof 43’ carbon cutters (4) Jim Betts build Anacortes WA. Dopyera 50’ offshore motor sailer Dr. Rob 25’ gaff cutter built by Dennis Choate Edward 43’ gaff yawl cored grp, New Zealand build Fautasi 116’ racing canoe for Nu-uli villiage in American Samoa built in Tacoma Sawyer 42’ double ended powerboat built composite by Lymann-Morse in Maine Von Numers 62’ alu sloop built in the Netherlands 60 trimaran built in Tacoma by owner Dr. Jeff Strange Submarine 40’ composite built by Canadian company for Paul Allen Ibold 45’ double ender currently under construction in Estonia in cored grp. Geezer 32’ cedar strip planked Sloop built by Roy Dunbar in Seattle SEAWULFF 41’ timber cutter for Evergreen St. College, in collaboration with students 50 steel cutter for D. Buster Amazon build in BC 60’ alu cutter for Mr. Ralph Jersby, German build 25’ alu power catamaran Seattle build
  5. "All boats built to my plans have been highly successful, for decades offshore cruising" All of them BS?
  6. You are a delusional liar BS. They built at least Four Reliances. No one knows who you are. You are a non entity in the world of yacht design. Here is a partial list of my production designs. I can also post my custom designs. Where is your list BS? AME/TYPE LOA First Built English / Metric VALIANT 40 (101-199) 39.92' / 12.17m 1973 ISLANDER FREEPORT 41 41.00' / 12.50m 1974 HANS CHRISTIAN 34 34.00' / 10.36m 1974 PH 41 41.00' / 12.50m 1975 ISLANDER 28 27.92' / 8.51m 1975 BYSTEDT 30 30.00' / 9.14m 1975 CT-54 54.00' / 16.46m 1975 CT-37 36.67' / 11.18m 1976 TAYANA 37 36.67' / 11.18m 1976 BABA 30 30.00' / 9.14m 1976 ISLANDER BAHAMA 26 26.00' / 7.92m 1976 ISLANDER 26 25.83' / 7.87m 1976 MIRAGE 26 (PERRY) 26.17' / 7.98m 1976 ISLANDER FREEPORT 36 35.75' / 10.90m 1976 ISLANDER 32-2 31.96' / 9.74m 1976 VALIANT 32 32.00' / 9.75m 1976 YACHTCRAFT 32 31.92' / 9.73m 1976 ALOHA 27 26.50' / 8.08m 1976 SUN 838 27.50' / 8.38m 1977 ISLANDER 32-3 31.96' / 9.74m 1977 ESPRIT 37 37.00' / 11.28m 1977 PERRY 47 46.58' / 14.20m 1977 SUN 27 27.50' / 8.38m 1977 SUN 28 28.00' / 8.53m 1977 UNION 36 36.67' / 11.18m 1977 VALIANT 37 37.00' / 11.28m 1977 VALIANT ESPRIT 37 37.00' / 11.28m 1978 VALIANT 40 (200-235) 39.92' / 12.17m 1978 LAFITTE 44 44.33' / 13.51m 1978 EO 36 35.83' / 10.92m 1978 WESTSAIL 39 38.67' / 11.79m 1979 BABA 35 34.83' / 10.62m 1979 CHEOY LEE 35 34.83' / 10.62m 1979 ALOHA 26 26.50' / 8.08m 1979 CHEOY LEE 44 43.80' / 13.35m 1979 POLARIS 43 42.67' / 13.01m 1979 WHITE WING 35/36 35.93' / 10.95m 1980 CHEOY LEE 48 47.83' / 14.58m 1980 NORSEMAN 447 44.58' / 13.59m 1980 NORDIC 44 43.83' / 13.36m 1980 BABA 40 39.83' / 12.14m 1980 PASSPORT 40 40.67' / 12.40m 1980 ALOHA 8.2 26.50' / 8.08m 1980 BABA 40 PILOT HOUSE 39.83' / 12.14m 1980 ISLANDER BAHAMA 28 27.92' / 8.51m 1981 RELIANCE 37 37.00' / 11.28m 1981 VALIANT 40-2 39.82' / 12.14m 1981 TATOOSH 42 41.83' / 12.75m 1981 VALIANT 47 47.00' / 14.33m 1981 GOLDEN WAVE 42 42.00' / 12.80m 1981 MARINER 39 (PERRY) 38.83' / 11.84m 1981 CHEOY LEE 43 MS 42.78' / 13.04m 1981 VALIANT 40 PH 39.82' / 12.14m 1981 ALOHA 41/PERRY 41 40.83' / 12.44m 1981 LAFITTE 66 66.00' / 20.12m 1982 NORDIC 40 39.70' / 12.10m 1982 MIRAGE 25 (PERRY) 25.17' / 7.67m 1982 SEAMASTER 46 46.00' / 14.02m 1982 SCORPIO 72 65.00' / 19.81m 1982 MIRAGE 33 33.50' / 10.21m 1982 MIRAGE 27 (PERRY) 27.92' / 8.51m 1982 ALOHA 271 26.75' / 8.15m 1983 MIRAGE 30 30.00' / 9.14m 1983 ISLANDER 34-2 34.33' / 10.46m 1983 ISLANDER 38 C 38.00' / 11.58m 1983 ISLANDER FREEPORT 38 38.00' / 11.58m 1983 TATOOSH 51 50.58' / 15.42m 1983 CT-65 / SCORPIO 72 64.83' / 19.76m 1983 MIRAGE 35 35.50' / 10.82m 1983 PANDA 40 39.91' / 12.16m 1983 TAYANA 52 52.42' / 15.98m 1983 PASSPORT 47 46.58' / 14.20m 1983 NASSAU 45 45.92' / 14.00m 1984 PASSPORT 37 37.00' / 11.28m 1984 TASHIBA 40 39.87' / 12.15m 1984 NORDIC 34 34.33' / 10.46m 1985 LANDFALL 39 (C&C) 38.75' / 11.81m 1985 TASHIBA 36 PH 36.00' / 10.97m 1986 CT-56 55.50' / 16.92m 1986 TASHIBA 31 31.19' / 9.51m 1986 TASHIBA 36 36.00' / 10.97m 1986 MIRAGE 32 32.00' / 9.75m 1987 PASSPORT 41 41.33' / 12.60m 1987 SOUTH PACIFIC 42 41.92' / 12.78m 1988 NORDIC 45 RS 45.33' / 13.82m 1988 TAYANA 47 CC 47.00' / 14.33m 1991 TAYANA 47 DS 47.00' / 14.33m 1991 VALIANT 42 42.00' / 12.80m 1992 PASSPORT 50 50.00' / 15.24m 1994 VALIANT 39 39.33' / 11.99m 1995 NORSTAR 40 39.67' / 12.09m 1995 PASSPORT 44 45.50' / 13.87m 1995 NORSTAR 44 43.83' / 13.36m 1995 PASSPORT 456 45.50' / 13.87m 1995 SAGA 43 43.25' / 13.18m 1996 PASSPORT 470 AC 47.00' / 14.33m 1997 VALIANT 50 50.67' / 15.44m 1997 SAGA 35 36.50' / 11.13m 2000 SAGA 48 52.30' / 15.94m 2003 FLYING TIGER 10M 32.66' / 9.95m 2005
  7. "Anecdotes are not evidence." Especially when you invent them.
  8. I have believed for a long time that everyone on board wants to be where the visibility is best.Notice how people tend to sit on top of the cockpit coaming even at the dock? I think it's just human nature. If I do a pilot house I make it big enough for everyone on board to sit in there. But in this case, a big, expansive fly bridge in just not in the picture. The boat will typically have a crew of two and two people could sit in the fly bridge as drawn sitting on the house top. Can I see Kim and Susan ever operating the boat like that? No. It helps to know the client when making these decisions. I'm for a joystick sitting in the bow cockpit where there is room for two. Now there is some visibility.
  9. There are batten tips that spread out the load on many battens.
  10. This is what I like to see on Facebook. Michael Bacher 31 mins Another Bob Perry thoroughbred, Shuang Tsi Tashiba 40, takes honors in the Annapolis to Gibson Island regatta in her class...
  11. Dashew does not live in the PNW. I design for the area where the boat will live. Kim's not even sure he wants any fly bridge. Kim's boat will have a wheel.
  12. Relax BS. Proof is in the pudding. I am successful at yacht design and you are nothing. Can't alter that fact with all you BS.
  13. You also could perch on the house top next to the wheel and steer with a foot.
  14. Zonk: Kim's boat is the antithesis to a deep V. I looked at some deadrise aft but with low hp in mind I kept it flat.
  15. Olaf: No, not really. Kim's boat is designed to be a semi-planing boat with the power range he has chosen. With 150 hp we'll be damn close to planing but not quite there until 20 knots. It most certainly is a very different boat from the Dashew style power boats.