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  1. Coolboats to admire

    I'll buy that.
  2. Pilothouse For Puget Sound, $40K Or Less

    Gulf 32 is cute but a pig under sail.
  3. Pilothouse For Puget Sound, $40K Or Less

    Dave: Some of the V-40 PH models were blister boats. I would keep my eye out for one. Possible you could find one in your price range. Great sailing boat. I preferred it to the regular model. One of my ex boat partners bought a Cooper. He was a very fastidious CPA type of guy. He really likes it, Kept it for years.
  4. Coolboats to admire

    Very nice yawl, you'all.
  5. Thanks Steve. Not sure I understand exactly what you are saying but I think I get the important part. Here's another for you. Drew this one for my buddy Dave, a very serious home wine maker. dave by robert perry, on Flickr
  6. My newest project

    Just giving you a break from the beer and booze Fall.
  7. Coolboats to admire

    Jara: Exactly! I use the proportions of mizzen and main. Big miz=ketch. Small miz=yawl. It's an eyeball thing. combine that with position of the miz mast relative to hull. I don't really care how anyone else does it but I have to have a reliable method for myself for what I write. I think I cover this in my book.
  8. Blue water performance cruiser - do they exist?

    FOXFIRE is a smaller version of FRC and built by Dennis Choat. It will sell for at least half of what the ask is on FRC and it's a great boat. Problem is I have lost the contact for the broker. But, I'm working on it. Talked to Dennis yesterday and he is going to get back to me with contact info. I still think draft is 8'. Hard to make a light, fast cruiser wor with less than 8' draft. You have to get stability somewhere. Had a call from Poncho last night. Nice surprise. We had a great chat. He's on the fence as to whether to sell his Wylie boat but the right offer might get it. It's a very nice fast cruising boat with new sails. STARBUCK sold a couple of weeks ago. STEALTH CHICKEN is one of my all time favorite designs and built by Westerly it is very nicely finished below. It has been meticulously maintained.
  9. Coolboats to admire

    Fact is, the old definitions don't stand up anymore with the plethora of newer hull and deck configs.
  10. Coolboats to admire

    Ketch or yawl has zero to do with the rudder stock. Wake up, it's 2017.
  11. Blue water performance cruiser - do they exist?

    Nobody ever said yachting was cheap.
  12. Blue water performance cruiser - do they exist?

    I think any boat that Poncho owned would be worth a long look. He knows boats.
  13. Blue water performance cruiser - do they exist?

    Jack: Yes, there is egress from the interior or the deck, if that was your question. I've been trying to come up with an answer to this basic question for 45 years. You'd think by now I'd have all the parameters distilled down to one perfect offshore cruising boat. " Here Mr. Client, This is the boat you want. No. Trust me. I know." That's never going to happen. YONI weighs 50,000 lbs and has an LOA of 50'. STARBUCK weighs 28,000 lbs. and has an LOA of 56'. Both owners had basically the same requirements. Both owners think they got the perfect boat. It's subjective! Here is STARBUCK's layout. Note the bath tub, an owner requirement. Starb layout by robert perry, on Flickr
  14. Blue water performance cruiser - do they exist?

    Of course you can have a boat that is race boat fun to sail and comfortable. Maybe not Open 40 or TP52 fast but fast enough to do well in many races. FRC has been cruising pretty much full time since it was launched. The owner is older than I am and I am 71. He has always said how much he loved the boat. This whole subject is so very subjective. "Fun" is subjective. "Performance" is subjective. "Comfort" is subjective. Ease of handling is subjective. How we see our own sailing skills are very subjective. The 52' Schumacher design HEART OF GOLD ( D/L around 100 I estimate) owned by Jim and Sue Coreman did a circumnavigation in fine fashion going fast and comfortable. The Corenmans love their boat. They are not young people. There is no comparison in the performance of HOG and a H-R 53. Is there a comparison in the fun factor? BJ's having fun. The Corenmans are having fun, Bruce, owner of FRC is having fun. I think there is danger in getting too pedantic on this question. Different boats for different folks. STARBUCK (56' D/L 100 Displ 28,000 lbs.) was home and cruiser the Clutes owned for 22 years. Bill Clute is ten years older than I am. He just sold the boat. This is a fine example of a fast, comfortable, easy to sail offshore capable cruising boat. At least in the eyes of Bill Clute. There is not one answer. Starbuck hard on wind by robert perry, on Flickr
  15. October in the PNW

    Had a Minke whale come by yesterday morning. About 60' off the beach and moving quickly. They are the smallest of the baleen whales and we don't see them often partly due to the fact their blow is almost invisible and silent. You can see a grey whale blow from 2 miles away. Their blow also can be heard from a long distance. Not many sounds in nature at that frequency. Went fishing at sunup this morning. Mind you, my version of fishing many days is just sitting on a log and staring at the water while I smoke my pipe and play with my dog. I need to see a fish before I go through all the trouble of actually casting. I could hurt my arm. There goes my baseball career. Besides catching a fish would break my meditative mood. Watched flock after huge, noisy flocks of Canada Geese fly over. Thousands of geese. They gently jostle for position in the chevrons for max aerodynamic effect, "drafting". As the chevrons mix and mingle and reform there is always one goose, I call him "Crazy Eddy" who can't make up his mind what squadron he's supposed to be in. Back and forth he flies but somehow despite flying extra miles he manages to keep up. Winter Dungeness crab season started last week. Crab delights for starters tonight followed by leg o' lamb with my sailing buddy Ray McCormack. You probably would not like it here.