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  1. Another interesting boat

    Alcy: Exactly what American designed boats are you referring to. Maybe it's just a sheer numbers thing. We produce so little in terms of production boats today.
  2. Coolboats to admire

    Well done Bull.
  3. But, if I was not after the smallest package, I might go for this. I have been playing around with this variation on my 43' carbon cutters, same hull with raise freeboard for a flush deck, for a few weeks. It is everything I would want today. So, if you don't see something it's because I did not want it. Buppy black by robert perry, on Flickr
  4. Your wife and my wife have something in common. I once took my tape measure into the head on a Boeing jet. I measured everything. I figured Boeing probably spent $200,000 coming up with those head dims. I might as well take advantage of it. I'd probably be arrested today. Without any question, you need 22" in front of the head in order to sit down and close the door. It's a knee thing. Over the years I have collected a huge file of those ergonomic "must haves". I'd post the list but it's all in my head.
  5. Alan: Yes, the key to that table is that the leg swivels and the top swivels independent of the leg. This gives you a lot of options when you have a small space. Steve on PANOPE did a very similar table based on this idea.
  6. Alan: Check out the guitar stowage under the companionway. A must have for me. I prefer guitar smells to diesel smells. Maybe twin rudders would be the ticket. Then I could put the outboard on centerline.
  7. Layout. I figured this was about as small a boat as I would be happy with for a cruiser. Some of you might remember it. CA 21 layout with guitar-large 14x9 by robert perry, on Flickr
  8. I think this has some snap to it and would work well in the PNW. CA 21 SP by robert perry, on Flickr
  9. Very nice Yves-Marie. Love the sheer. Could you please send me drawings for that so I can review it in SAILING. I am desperate for interesting new designs to review. I am Euro'ed out.
  10. Thanks Semi. I like a traditional look but I don't want traditional performance. wa 2 by robert perry, on Flickr
  11. Clint Pearson

    The phone rang yesterday afternoon It was Clint Pearson. Clint and his brother Everett started Pearson Yachts. Clint is writing a book and wanted my OK to include some things I had written. We talked for about 45 minutes. We talked about a lot of things. We talked about designers he had worked with over the years. I can't wait for his book to come out but it's in its early stages right now. It was an honor to talk to him.
  12. Clint Pearson

    I had a phone call yesterday from Clint Pearson. Clint and his brother Everett started Pearson Yachts. Clint is writing a book and wanted my OK to include some things I had written. We chatted for about 45 minutes. We talked about a lot of things including designers who had worked with Pearson. It was an honor to talk with Clint. It was a most interesting conversation. Be on the lookout for his book. I do not know what the name will be yet. I can't wait to read it.
  13. Robert Perry Gaff Cutter

    Not bad Rasper.
  14. Robert Perry Gaff Cutter

    Alan: That client hired me to help him find a boat. We were not doing so good at finding the right boat when the client said, "Could you design the boat I am after?" Of course I said, "Of course." Both client and his wife had bad knee issues so they needed something easy to sail that was stiff but they also wanted a boat with :"character". I came up with the OLD FART design and we had Dennis Choate build it. Simple as that. Dennis did a great job building all the spars in carbon. But Dennis had quite a bit of experience with bigger boars carbon rigs at that time. I don't think there is much of a market for the boat as drawn. Maybe without the gaff rig it would have some appeal. But it would lose some character without the gaff rig.
  15. Norseman 447 vs pearson 422

    Thanks for the kind words Floyd. The pilot house Valiant 40 sails better than the standard version. Better balance.