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  1. Mudders. Six months without BS has just flown by. Lovely.
  2. Navy Luders 44 - Alert

    I think 23, 400 lbs would be realistic. We had several of them racing in Seattle when the first Valiant 40's were launched. Pretty boats with short DWL's. They may have been built with Hetron resin so you should check for blisters.
  3. Something different for CA

    " Cruise speed Mr. Chekov." "Aye aye Captain." "Warp speed Mr. Chekov." "Aye aye Captain." " Rational speed Mr. Chekov." " WTF? Captain?"
  4. Passport 40, Westsail 39

    Big differences between the FWM and the Saga 35. Saga 35 is a little hot rod and a lot of fun to sail. I imagine I would enjoy owning that boat a lot. FWM is a solid lam, heavily built tank ofa boat capable of sailing comfortably offshore.If you were not considering offshore passages I'd stay with the Saga 35. It would be a lot more fun to day sail or race occasionally. Of course, you could do offshore work with it but tanklage is a bit scant for long passages. You'd be more comfy on the FWM. I suspect that owner finished FWM is really the early Westsail build. Not sure Walt ever sold FWM's as "kits". I don't recall it. Walt the importer was a very honest guy. He was always excited when he called me to tell me another royalty check was in the mail. He tried hard to build a very good boat. Thanks for the kind words.
  5. Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Mystery solved! Merrrill Levi sent me the VEGEMITE. Thanks Merrill.
  6. Something different for CA

    Just heard from Trickypig. Turns out he did not send the jar of VEGEMITE. He sent something else. Now I have a mystery to solve and a lot of Aussie friends on FB.
  7. Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Sav": Says on the box, "crafted for a richer VEGEMITE Experience with a bolder finish." I'll tell you what I think after the A/B taste tests.
  8. Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Vegemite by robert perry, on Flickr The new gourmet VEGEMITE.
  9. Something different for CA

    Just got this from Juddy aka "trickypig", an early Christmas present. This is the new gourmet version of VEGEMITE. It's called VEGEMITE Batch 17, "crafted for a richer VEGEMITE experience with a bolder finish". I'll do an A?B test with my pedestrian, original VEGEMITE and report back. Can't wait. I may be ruined for life. Vegemite by robert perry, on Flickr
  10. Deep vs. shallow keel

    Mark Set: Let's just say the boats being built at the Betts yard that I designed are designed for a client with very traditional ideas.
  11. Deep vs. shallow keel

    Walked around the Jim Betts yard today. Not a low aspect ratio foil in sight.
  12. Deep vs. shallow keel

    Poncho: Simple. Angle of attack. I am very surprised that you don't know that by now. In a perfect world we would have asym foils, one for each tack. But you most certainly know this.
  13. Deep vs. shallow keel

    Make a list of today's high performance sailboats that have low aspect ratio appendages. It's going to be a very short list.
  14. Deep vs. shallow keel

    No substitute for draft. Generally speaking.
  15. Something different for CA

    Longy: I am refraining at the request of the Nick. I think he wants to get further on down the refinement path before posting the drawings again.