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  1. There you go again Whisper, talking common sense. That won't work. There was a Nordic 40 at the Rendezvous.
  2. Nope, no pics from me. Took some family and friend shots but nothing of the boats. I know what my boats look like. I think there will be some stuff on the fan club page on Face book. I have not checked.
  3. It went very well Kocher.
  4. Bob, I'm so sorry that some people are so hateful about the terrible loss you have had.   I don't know what else to say. 


  5. Dent: The last thing I'd do is to tell Anthony how to do the wiring. He must be comfortable with zip ties. I am.
  6. Omer: Everything on the boat is very well documented. There is really nothing go on this boat that is unusual. There is a lot of gear but that's pretty standard these days. Most people do not get to see it at this stage.
  7. Thanks Simon. Maybe next year. Thanks Sailbye.
  8. I like a nice well balanced sloop.
  9. Come on,,,,maple syrup disease? I think I'm a gonna die. I've never heard of that. I would love to be there but tomorrow I leave for the Perry Rendezvous. We have one guy coming from Australia. I'll make a big deal out of that. I'll just sort of strut around acting important and waiting for people to offer me expensive scotch.
  10. I can't even say it.
  11. I have another buddy, Bruce. He just went from a Sabre 36(?) to a 38' powerboat built in La Conner.! He loves this wiring shit. He licks his chops when he sees it. He always asks me for more photos of wiring. There are some really weird fetishes out there.
  12. That's a beauty Rasper. It sure is dragging a lot of its transom though.
  13. Russell: The problem with your comment is that BS did not come up with the origami method. He "borrowed" it. This has been well documented on this thread.
  14. That is really nice. Now,,,,come on Rasper put a few degrees of rake on the cabin trunk side. Just a skosh?
  15. Damn! That's going to make things so much easier now.