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  1. Oh good. Someone else was confused by the poster.
  2. Vara: Yes, I owned a J24 for a while. EDDIE HASKEL. I enjoyed it.
  3. Nobody misses a beat here.
  4. That I can help you with John. But somehow I don't see you as the FB type. Do you like weird animal videos?
  5. My theory is that you can always find some weather helm somewhere if you need it but you can't always get rid of it if you don't want it. With that in mind I like to try initially for a light, almost neutral helm. Then fine tune from there to get the feel you want and enough helm to help you push the boat to weather. I have a friend who once owned a full keel boat from a prestigious design office that did only full keel boats. OK, it was the Alden office. He raced the boat in the Vic-Maui race. He said it was a nightmare. The boat did not want to go in the straight line.
  6. Lioness: I'd would say "some full keel boats track beautifully". There are exceptions to all stereotypes. I have sailed short chord fin keel boats that track better than many full keel boats. I look at each boat as an individual example.
  7. Streetwise: Several and quite diverse from what I gather. I focus on the boat.
  8. Nice looking dog.
  9. Cal20: I'll put your name on the potential crew list. Thanks for the kind words. I've had fun with the project. I've enjoyed showing it off. It's the antithesis of what most sailors think of as modern cruising boats.
  10. nroose: Right now it's all about priorities. Number one priority is to fully test the boat. I can get all the data I need right now with a windex and a speedo. VMG would be nice too. I'm sure when things settle down we will get some drone shots.
  11. That I would enjoy.
  12. Book tour? To yacht clubs? With my effervescent personality? Oh God.
  13. HHN92: I can do it. But it would take some "woodshed time". I could use help organizing things but I am comfortable writing the text. I'll think about it. So I get it all done and compiled, what then?
  14. Cal: I'll give that some thought. Seems like I have done it already. I have done extensive weekly posts with lots of photos on several Facebook forums. There is a lot more on FB than there is here. Sitting down and formalizing all of it does not appeal to me. Although, the client asked me to fill a thumb drive with a chronical of build photos last week. I'll do that for him and that might be a good place to start. I would have to talk the idea over with him. We'll see. Given the unusual and specialized nature of the project I'm not sure there is broad appeal. Not sure there are many Cals out there. I appreciate your interest.
  15. Will do John. The plan is for the owner to bring his power skiff over for a chase boat next time we go out. As far as I know. As log as I am using the onboard instrumentation I will have a "comfort zone" with the results. I have experience with on board readings. I'd hate to get bogged down in conflicting data. SemI; When we got back to the dock after our first sail I wanted everyone to just sit tight while I ran to the supermarket and loaded up with enough food for Tahiti! I was ready to go.