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  1. Bob Perry

    Coolboats to admire

    They should have left the stern as Lapworth drew it.
  2. Bob Perry

    Show your boat sailing thread

    The ski jump coach roof is certainly not practical. It's just an aesthetic judgement. But to my eye a bad one. It can look fabulous on traditional Dutch boats but it looks awkward on this hull. But it's a small nit to pick. I look at that hull and I'd like to see it with no trunk at all. A flush deck with a prominent and peaked up sliding hatch aft Maybe some curvature to the hatch profile, scuttle style. I'd even put some dark deadlights in the hull. Began design work this morning on a new 56'er for a PNW client.
  3. Bob Perry

    Show your boat sailing thread

    Very beautiful boat but I'm not keen on the contours of that deck house. I would have made the fore and aft camber of the profile go the other way to avoid that sagging look. Look at the old,S&S and Rhodes short houses. Just an aesthetic judgement, no right and wrong. Nice tight bow wave.
  4. Bob Perry

    new prop

    I had a Gori folder for 15 years. It was a very good prop.
  5. Kevin: Did you get my PM about Jammer6?

    1. Sail4beer
    2. Sail4beer


      I’m guessing he got flicked? I can’t find him or his gaff rig thread around...

  6. Bob Perry

    Show your boat sailing thread

    Chester: Yes. I can imagine my name being taken in vain many times. But compared to some of the stern shapes we cold molded on early IOR boats it should have been not too hard to laminate.
  7. Bob Perry

    Show your boat sailing thread

    Sold some Esprit 37 plans to a guy in Brazil ten years ago. I got this email this morning: Nice to see a happy ending to a long project. “MANI MANI “ ( click on this name) The story of my sailer , began as follows : I saw the plan in a U.S. nautical magazine and fell in love with it at first sight . I contacted Bob Perry the designer and asked him if he was willing to sell me the plans to build it in Brazil, from wood using the method of cold mold, the Gougeon Brothers’s “West System” to be specific. Perry, is a guy who likes challenges (agreed to make changes that ultimately achieved the goal – Mani Mani won matches against bigger and lighter vessels) so I bought the designs exclusive for Latin America. Then I went to the U.S. and visited the Gougeons in Bay City in Michigan. I got a lot of information and tips on building my boat, which proved very helpful. They offered me the opportunity to work with them , but I returned to Brazil and began the construction . Due to scarcity of money progress was very slow. I built first few other vessels, afterwards I started making the windsurfing boards and that way I collected the money to finish my boat. 85 % to 95 % of the construction I did it myself for reasons of economy. I worked weekends and holidays for nine years – but it was fine because I would not bitch about someone else’s faults. I did it exactly as I wanted! What canal you say about this boat? Thanx Remy
  8. Bob Perry

    Show your boat sailing thread

    Beautiful main.
  9. Bob Perry

    Dark side

    It's fun to create. Kimbo by robert perry, on Flickr
  10. Bob Perry

    Dark side

    Too bad you can't scale the water. Britt Chance found out.
  11. Bob Perry

    Mythical Front Page Upgrade

    I think it looks great. I never minded the ads on the old FP.
  12. I had a tiller autopilot on the mighty PERRYWINKLE. It worked like a charm. Changed my life when single handing.
  13. A far better built boat compared to a J24. Good choice.
  14. Gotta: I think whether or not it can be "sailed on the ocean without a problem" will be a function of your sailing skills. They are very good boats but a bit small for the "ocean". Kind of depends on where on the ocean.
  15. Beer: I'll see what my schedule allows. It should be no problem if I remember to take my camera.