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  1. Bob Perry

    My newest project

    Mark Sert : CAPAZ and the Sea,aster are really very different designs.
  2. Bob Perry

    Dick Carter 35

    I'm still working on the book. Really enjoying it. Don't send much time studying the cover though.
  3. Bob Perry

    My newest project

    Your boat looks great Kir. Hull no. 2 is ready launch but they are having an intermittent engine problem. They may have to pull it and put in the engine for No. 3. Nice to have two "spare": engines. In the interest of accuracy the Swan in the yard is a Swan 43, not a Swan 40. Neil Racicot at the yard will be transforming it into a family live aboard. Pretty sure the big Tolly in that photo is in the next yard.
  4. Bob Perry

    My newest project

    Kir: That's a Tayana 37.
  5. Bob Perry

    My newest project

    Thanks Kir. I put that in my archives.
  6. Bob Perry

    My newest project

    It's CAPAZ.
  7. Bob Perry

    Bob Perry to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award

    Thanks Paul-Romain, ditto. I was a bit overwhelmed at the number of friends who showed up for the event. Here is a link to the event. Can't bring myself to call it my "speech".
  8. Bob Perry

    C&C 39 Rudder lost at sea...

    I don't sell rudders. My C&C39 rudder design made two owners very happy. It improved the handling of the boat.
  9. Bob Perry

    Bob Perry to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award

    Thanks James. Sounds like you had more excitement at the ferry dock than you would have had in PT.
  10. Bob Perry

    C&C 39 Rudder lost at sea...

    I did a replacement rudder for a C&C 39. I think we sold two of them. Built in Canada as I recall. It was some time ago. Owners were happy.
  11. Bob Perry

    Bob Perry to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award

    Thanks Fuffer. I sometimes have the same reaction when I see one of my older custom boats.
  12. Bob Perry

    Coolboats to admire

    JUNEBUG was one of my favorite designs when I was a kid. Very nice job doug.
  13. Bob Perry

    Show your boat sailing thread

    I'm with you on the boom KDH. Too much nay saying from people who have no experience with the system. What's new?
  14. Bob Perry

    Bob Perry to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award

    Thanks guys. I appreciate your kind comments. I thought my "acceptance speech" was a disaster. I can talk for hours about my boats with a powerpoint presentation but this time they told me I should talk about myself. I worked for three weeks on my speech. I honed it I distilled it. I refined it.. But when I got to the podium I looked down at my notes and things I had there seemed irrelevant and mundane. I forgot the things I should have said and I didn't dare say the things I wanted to say. But I tried to divert the room's attention to the slide show of my boats and I fell back to talking about my boats. I left the evening feeling I had failed. I went to dinner with my grand daughter Violet and my grandson Drake. I asked Violet what she thought of my speech. She said, "Boooring!" Drake echoed her, 'Boring." I had some Dalwhinnie with my son Max back at the condo while the kids watched THE SIMPSONS and from that perspective the evening seemed better. It was fun to sit on Frankie with Kim at the wooden boat show and meet people. Pretty much anything you do with Kim is fun. I had an hour long chat at 7 am with Russel Brown. That was a treat.
  15. Bob Perry

    Bob Perry to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award

    Thanks Snore: I have my mind set on coming back as an internationally famous conductor of opera. My signal to you will be a wink. Jon: When Spike was very young I picked him up from school one day. As we drove to get burgers he said, "When I grow up I want a job like yours." I thought, Oh shit and then I said, " So, you want to be a yacht designer?" He said, "No,,,,I want a job I like." Both of my sons ended up with jobs they love.