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  1. Probably done by one of my French interns! Just had another one apply for an internship yesterday I'm done. Enough. I can't imagine anyone wanting to produce that. Ruby turds look better than that.
  2. kdh: I was thinking about the GPS monitoring performance and I remembered we were doing that while we sailed. But I was more focused on the instruments. We were comparing readings for SOG against boat speed. Just to keep ourselves honest. B.J.: We have no appreciable stern walk at all that I have detected, yet. Boat appears very docile in reverse. Maybe it's the designer. (yuk yuk)
  3. festus: The matt stainless slowly grew on me. I was dubious but when I saw it all on the boat I really liked it. I have to say that my client and I have not always been in agreement on some of the details but over time he has been right just about every time. It's OK, I'll get the credit. "Why yes, that was my idea."
  4. kdh: Thanks. He was funnin' me. I think we have other GPS devices available but I'm happy to use his. Not sure why O can't do it all with the on board instrumentation. Hard to imagine a function we did not buy! "I'll take four." I talked to Mr Lucky yesterday. He is very happy and he has yet to sail the boat! He said, "I got everything I asked for." Made me feel pretty damn good. The goal all along was to make him happy. And salvage a little happy out of it for myself. Done!
  5. Seven degs of helm seems a bit much to me. I raced on DORADE when I was a kid. I don't recall that much helm but I wasn't really paying attention.
  6. John: Thanks. Not sure when we are going out. Not sure I can work a satellite tracker. The instruments are working very well. But I'm open to your idea. We have to coordinate the next sail with Jack Christiansen from North. He's been non committal on the day. I'll PM you when I know what day we are going out. I could be there Tuesday just for a get together. I just sit at the shack, "Are we going sailing? Are we?" Are we huh?" Like Ruby waiting for the next treat.
  7. Fast: We call the "watertight doors" but I'm not sure they truly are. They are better than just doors. They are gasketed with very stout (and expensive) dogs.
  8. Chris: That's a really sweet boat. I designed a very similar worm gear outhaul for the CT54.
  9. Will: Next time out I'll take a notebook and get some real numbers.
  10. The first "sportboat".
  11. Spoonie: You were correct. Not silly. We have two sea chests. There is one sea chest at the mast step area. You can see it forward of the mast in that pic and one sea chest aft for intake.. I thought you were referring to the aft sea chest. Sorry about that. Forward sea chest is what we call the "dump chest.. That;'s where all the discharges are.
  12. Good on ya Nirie. Put some duct tape over that gauge and pump the shit out of it.
  13. ATB is "All together boys." ITB is "Italians together boys."
  14. Shark: Client is happy so I am happy.
  15. Soaker: So long as we are dreaming let's go Romanee-Conti. I like the Burgundies. Shark: The original plan was to build a case around the sea chest but I like seeing it there naked. I'm a fan of visible well done structure, Why hide it?