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  1. Bob Perry

    Has anyone trucked a Tashiba 36?

    If you remove the Boom gallows you have a height of 11.5' and that'leaving the bow pulpit on. If you leave gallows on you get 14.5' and that's too high for trucking.
  2. HFC: As much as the boat is only a .dwg file at this stage you can any mods to the layout you like. I think a laptop on the dinette table would work for navigation. But we'd need to find a spot for the other things you find at nav stations. I'm sure it can bee done.
  3. Bob Perry

    “Heart of Glass” by Daniel Spurr

    Dan sent me a rough draft of the book many years ago. I sat down with it one Saturday morning and read it straight through. I think it's a great book.
  4. Santana: I don't plan on it. I am only 73. My wife retired three years ago and now she does what she wants to do. I'm already doing what I want to do so why would I stop? I'm happiest when I;m working on a new design so right now I am very happy. I'm just getting good at this.
  5. HFC: That is the only drawing I have. It was just a concept sketch to see how the Baba 40 PH layout would fit on the carbon cutter hull. I don't see any reason not to go all carbon again. It adds about $50,000 but it makes the boat unique and the performance is really good. Maybe go with a spade rudder and a wheel on this one. If this client pulls the trigger soon I'll be knee deep in new designs.
  6. Here you go Kim. Began work on a new 80'er today.
  7. Since you asked. You may have seen this one before. I took the carbon cutter style and did a big version of it. This represents just about everything I know about what makes a good cruising boat. I drew it for myself just for fun.
  8. HFC: Yes, and that rudder change is under consideration now. This version would not be a tiller boat. Yes, that is a chart table aft of the steering station.
  9. We are getting ready to do PH version of the carbon cutter. Aft cockpit version. I was playing around drawing one day and I wanted to see if the Baba 40 pilot house version interior would fit into the carbon cutter hull. It fits very well. I posted the drawing on the fan club FB page and a fellow saw it and liked it and now wants Betts to build it.
  10. Bob Perry

    Hi res line drawing Swan 47?

    Have you looked in the book LINES ?
  11. Bob Perry

    Eight Bells Mark Lindsay

    Here's a little piece I wrote for my Facebook Fan Club: Mortality sucks: I woke up early this morning to the news my old friend and co worker at the Carter office aka "the tower" had died. Mark Lindsay was my age. Let me tell you about Mark. Mark was 6'6" with shoulder length sandy colored hair and a huge smile. Mark worked with Chuck Paine on the top floor of the tower. I worked with Yves Marie Tanton two floors down. While Chuck, Yves Marie and I tried to work to an office drafting style Mark had a unique drawing style. He would free hand many of the less important lines. This gave his drawings a vitality that was hard to duplicate. When Carter designs were published inevitably the blurb was say, "from the drawing board of Dick Carter. This was funny, in a way because Dick did no drawing at all while I was there. Mark cut out the words from one article "the drawing board of Dick Carter" and taped the quote to the edge of his drawing board. Yves Marie, Chuck and I though this was very funny. Dick never commented on it but must have seen it. The tower was perched on the rocks above Boston Harbor at the tip of Nahant. It was an old submarine watch tower. Each floor was 12' by 12" and the upper three levels were connected by ladders. I think at some point each of us took "the fast way" down landing sprawled on the floor of the lower level. Dick was master of this maneuver while holding his cup of coffee. On hot days we would go down to the tiny beach below the tower, I think it was called 13 Steps Beach, strip to our undies and go swimming.One hot day, Dick was in Europe, we swam and then went back to work. I went up to Mark's floor for some reason and there he was working away wearing only a towel. Sparkman and Stevens it was not. During my two week "audition" at the tower Mark was the only one who invited me to his home for dinner. That was a welcome break from my usual dinner of peanut butter sandwiches. Mark's house was bustling with sailor stuff. Mark and his wife Sally were very active 505 dinghy racers. Mark's kitchen was half food prep and half boat workshop where Mark had various dinghy parts he was working on. I think dinner was pasta in an epoxy sauce. Mark was far more interested in building than he was in designing and he went on to become a successful builder of large racing boats in Boston. I remember the morning when Dick came into the tower and said, "I can feel the horsepower in here." Glad I got to know you Mark. I was fortunate.
  12. Bob Perry

    Eight Bells Mark Lindsay

    When Mark went on to building bigger boats what was the name of his Boatyard? Was it Boston Boatworks?
  13. Bob Perry

    Eight Bells Mark Lindsay

    Guerdon: No kidding. I was very fortunate. I remember one day Dick came into the tower and said, "I can just feel the horsepower in here."
  14. Bob Perry

    Eight Bells Mark Lindsay

    Sorry to read this morning of the death of Mark Lindsay. Mark worked for Dick Carter at the time I was there. He was a lot of fun, high energy. He had a unique drafting style involving a lot of free hand lines. It was very effective. Magazine articles of Carter designs would say "from the drawing board of Dick Carter" despite the fact that Dick did no drawing at all.. Mark cut one of these quotes out of the magazine and taped it to the edge of his drawing board. It read, "The drawing board of Dick Carter". Dick must have seen it but said nothing.
  15. Bob Perry

    Surveyor in Seattle?

    Give Jerry Edwards a call.