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  1. Onrust: It's both but I'll let Kocher explain. I'm not a sailmaker.
  2. Onrust: I know the feeling.
  3. Kocher is correct. I think there was luff curve in mains before we even considered bending the mast. It has to be there. I gave up on the fishing. Raining hard, blowing hard, high tide, too much sea grass in the water for casting. But the salmon are still going by.
  4. Onrust: I don't think we will have any prebend at all. Right now we have none. But I would assume there is some luff curve in the mainsail. I'll ask for you. I don't think the backstays will bend the mast. They will pull the head back and help with headstay sag. This is not a racing astg that you would fuss with and shape. This is a cruisers rig. My client has never had adjustable backstays before. My client has never raced. But his sailing master Robert knows what to do. I think this may be more of a "set it and forget it" kind of rig for now. I'll know more on Thursday.
  5. Tricky: Will you be at your boat tomorrow? I'm headed that way. Jill just called me. Fish are jumping Gotta go.
  6. I think idiot lemming is where you start. You rise to just plain lemming. Then rise to Grand Lemming then on to minion and so forth.
  7. That's very funny Soaker.
  8. Check is in the mail beer! Jack Christianson from North Sails will be there Thursday to make sure the sails are right. I'll take photos. Wind has been up and down for the last two days, mostly up A bit much for the first sail but hell we can take it easy at first. It's blowing perfect right now, steady 10 knots. We need to adjust mast rake tomorrow.
  9. I pay $5 for cohorting but only $2 for toadying. That's $5 per coh and $2 per toad.
  10. It's good for a chuckle Slap. The guy who keeps crying about "name calling" can't get through a post without name calling. So, if I read you correctly proa the "cohorts" are now "toadies"? Very clever. Can you explain the difference?
  11. I see, so it's like this "Bob does it so I can do it. It must be OK." You think like a 5th grader. Lemming.
  12. No wafting aromas from the focsle. That's a watertight bulkhead. Might look at the drawing before commenting. I could do 100 sit ups in high school. Oh, I forgot. I was on the varsity basketball team and swim team. That's about it. I have "cohorts"? Cool. I am grateful for the support. I don't need it but I like it. Thanks cohorters.
  13. Alby: Adding weight in the focsle it simulate the weight of the gear that will be carried there: another anchor, more rode, outboard motor, inflatable, 14 plastic milk crates full of stuff, scuba gear, sails, all the shite you will need to go long range cruising. It;'s a big focsle. This boat has no real lazarette for stowage. We have two bins aft for lines aft, the rest is all engine and machinery space. Schedule is to sail the boat on Thursday. Jeezus Proa, do you ever stop whining and complaining? You are the chronic victim. Pussy.
  14. Funny that Proa accuses others of being "name callers". "Soul crushing prick", My my, you do have some profound problems. Boat is in trim and will be ready to sail soon.
  15. No, I don't do ugly. Time to change your diapers Proa. You whine too much. Sit back and watch me make this all turn out just fine. You will be forgotten.