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  1. BS is all talk. No talk=no BS. Simple as that. There is no substance there.
  2. Veegs: No names needed. I understand. Well, if you read my post, number one priority on the list and the easiest one to satisfy is to "give the client what he wants". Then comes the other hard parts. And they are essential. Note that I list, as Evans calls it, the "ego" part last. "Ludwig, you think you are so hot. Why,,,you are just another composer full of ego." I know I can sound like an ass hole here but I don' give a fuck. I've done this. Over and over I have done this. Apparently I have done it well. I have had clients come back for second custom designs. I could play all Mr. Modest but why should I. I have my legacy in this business and I have my dog. Don't care about the rest. Now, I have to go feed my dog and then make dinner for my wife.
  3. Alu toe rail;? Not a Chris Craft.
  4. "One, in Scotty Bay, broke up under her own weight ,in an extremely sheltered location, on soft mud." Does BS really expect us to believe this BS? Ronin: Great story. My son Max was offered a swimming scholarship to the Coast Guard Academy. That would have been my dream. But he turned them down. We were talking about this a week ago and I asked him why he turned them down. He had quite a few scholarship offers but I did not remember the Coast Guard one. He said that he had been sailing and came in and watched some Coast Guard guys piddling around on a CG boat and he thought "That's not what I want to do." He now works for Lockheed-Martin in the flight simulator group doing 3D modelling. He swims in Masters swim meets now. He kicks ass.
  5. Expat: Correct. The fly bridge is primarily for docking or close quarters maneuvering.
  6. Oh, that George and that Dave. Anything with George sounds like fun. Don't think Ruby is a banned breed.
  7. Not really Veegs. I'm a simple man who understands simple talk. You are confusing me. It sounds lie you are working hard NOT to say things. I suggest a few cold nights with Jack London.
  8. The name of the yard is MUVOR.
  9. Not sure I can bring Ruby to Hawaii. But my son loves Hawaii so I think the time will come when we will show up on your doorstep, Australian style, with our bags. " We'll only stay a few weeks, fair dinkum."
  10. Sure Whisper, then what would you have, a BS boat. Your boat is a thing of beauty that can sail circles around anything BS ever touched. You have to have some pride.
  11. Rusty Rutherford, is the West Coast sales manager for Harken. I have known him forever. He is frequently in the PNW visiting clients. No, not boatbuilders, although he does stop by the Betts yard when he's here. Rusty visits logging companies and other manufacturing plants where they use Harken blocks and other Harken hardware.. So this BS from BS about flimsy yotty blocks is just more BS from BS. I am not logger but I suspect loggers are not inclined to trust their lives to flmsy blocks. The East Coast Harken rep, forget his name, the guy whop takes care of PSC, sells most of his Harken products to the logging industry. I had no idea.
  12. BS: You weaseled. If you had produced a good product Smack would have acknowledged it. But you build shit and you know it. You weaseled. Whisper: I have some great exchanges with owners of my boats over on Facebook. Lots of good natured ribbing and fun. But I really enjoy the daily stream of owner feedback I get. BS can't comprehend what it's even like to have the number of boats out cruising that I have. It's beyond his little weasel brain. I'll post those owner's comments here when they are interesting. Note I also post the name of the poster if you want to verify.
  13. Whisper: A guy on Cruisers Forum challenged BS to build some blocks for him so he could test them. It might have been Smackers. He was willing to pay. BS did his usual when cornered and weaseled out.
  14. Four? Wow, you really must have a lot of design experience! Nope, four very crude and amateurish, low performance boats that border on the dangerous. Your work speaks for itself BS, loud and clear. You are a hack.
  15. " All my designs" All three of them. The same ones that have never changed in 30 years. If you ever had an imagination, it stopped 30 years ago. Just as well. You were not good at it.