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  1. Bob Perry

    Rudders and roundup

    Froggy: Interesting info on rudder's contribution to lift. I thought as much. You have to take advantage of that lift. Reminds me of a few years back when a Seattle racer of considerable success, bought a new Farr design, a 38'er, FARROUT, as I recall. He came to my office early in the season complaining about the balance of the boat, "Too much weather helm!" I suggested he contact the Farr office and get some specs on how to tune the boat. He did and that did not help, "Too much helm pressure!" I did not know what to do. I did not feel I could contradict what the Farr office was telling him re: the tune of the rig. I figured their advice was gospel. Then the racing started and started winning. I never saw him again.
  2. Bob Perry

    Night Runner is on the market

    Why would I draw a dangerous boat? The original Valiant 40 companionway is as offset is is NR's. No one dead yet.
  3. Bob Perry

    Rudders and roundup

    Thanks Alpha. That's exactly what I was getting at.
  4. Bob Perry

    Rudders and roundup

    I'd like to hear more discussion on how hull shape effects (affects?) round up tendencies. Might learn something.
  5. Bob Perry

    Night Runner is on the market

    Bloke: Take a look at the layout, as per owners requirements. That aft cabin needs that companionway to work. I had to get the companionway ladder out of the aft cabin. Having seen that offset companionway used several times before I thought was a reasonable solution.
  6. Bob Perry

    Night Runner is on the market

    I guess it's hard to understand the NIGHT RUNNER companionway if you have never heard of Phil Rhodes, to name one designer who used this feature.
  7. Bob Perry

    Rudders and roundup

    Got it.
  8. Bob Perry

    conversation starter

    Me either Alan. But it's not about what you or I want. My client for the big boat has two other boats, a 40'er and a 52'er. He knows what he is getting into.
  9. Bob Perry

    Nordic 40 sailboat question

    I always check in to SA and CA every morning. But yes, the FB fan club now has over 6,000 members and it keeps me busy. I enjoy it. Nordic never used Hetron resin or epoxy. I think in their last N40 build they used vinylester resin. By that time it was almost an industry standard. I would not try to equate the Nordic blisters with the early Valiant blisters. The obvious difference is that Hetron blisters showed up on the deck and topsides. The blisters you are seeing are most probably the osmotic type and nothing to be overly concerned about. Grind them out and coat with hull with some layers of epoxy. We have quite a few Nordic boat owners on the FBFC. They seem like a very satisfied bunch. Mark in Hawaii bought N40 about three years ago and two weeks after taking delivery sailed the boat to Hawaii with a friend. They had some breeze and they enjoyed the sail.
  10. Bob Perry

    The coolest performance cruiser on the planet

    Jack: Sorry. I have been preoccupied. I'd put this photo up because I just got it and I thought it showed what a boat should look like freed from current trends. I do not find the current boats very inspiring. Too much sameness.
  11. Bob Perry

    Coolboats to admire

  12. Bob Perry

    Coolboats to admire