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  1. Boudreaux

    Sea Rescue in the Azores Goes Very Wrong!

    I believe US Navy uses a 4 point lift for all of these size boats. It's also standard to have a 6:1 safety factor on the lifting gear for exactly the reasons illustrated in this video. Good video. I'm glad to learn a bit from their mistake. Much cheeper this way.
  2. Boudreaux

    Dear Dr. Rules

    So I spoke with the players, and there's a lot more to this than the photo. The SI's allow for auxiliary propulsion to safely clear the bridges, and clearly states a 4kt limit and that you shall not pass another boat while passing through the bridge. Well, another boat in this race took advantage of the auxiliary propulsion to pass this boat underneath the bridge, positioned themselves on this boat's wind, and motored through at over 6 kts. It was due to being blanketed by this passing boat that these fellows are struggling to safely pass through. Would not have been an issue except for this other boats flouting of the rules and committing this unseamanlike act. It being a "fun" race, no one decided to protest this misbehavior.
  3. Boudreaux

    by the numbers

    Remember someone built this A frame mast boat back in the 90's or so? Red hull, about 60 ft. Freak of a boat.
  4. Boudreaux

    Proa w/ roller furling

    Cha' . Why you wan' to go exposin a fella' on-a-line like that?
  5. Boudreaux

    Proa w/ roller furling

    I love this. Not that fast tacking is what this boat is all about, but that's a pretty fast tack, yeah.
  6. Boudreaux

    Banque Populaire IX

    These boats are pretty amazing. Could anyone hazard a guess of what expense goes into a program like this? Engineering, fabrication, tuning _ campaign _ upgrades? Seems like an insane budget. I'm thinking this is a $14mil build, then pay to maintain and upgrade. Anybody have a good handle on this?
  7. Boudreaux

    what is it?

    Whatever it is, it will never go downhill properly without a blooper.
  8. Boudreaux

    Fuckbeery indeed

    I had the same problem with mine. I notice they've returned for yours to the old sole attachment method. Mine had some new design and they came apart just the same. I shipped em back to Ireland at my expense, expecting something resembling customer service, but we told it was my own fault, not a product defect, and they weren't doing a thing. Fuck those fucking fucks and every Irish product for all of time.
  9. Boudreaux

    2Oceans1Rock in Panama

    Now that Ryan is home and I've actually seen her I have to give Russell Brown a shout out. While most of the boat is a damn fine, well thought out machine, obviously built by a master of the medium of wood/epoxy, those main bulkheads are nothing short of a work of art. It's a beautiful thing when the "right" thing to do structurally can be made into something so very easy on the eyes. I'm honored that I may be part of the next phase of her life.
  10. Boudreaux

    2Oceans1Rock in Panama

    oops, not 18+ knot average. still ripping along.
  11. Boudreaux

    2Oceans1Rock in Panama

    Well it would seem jZerro is the weapon he's been looking for.
  12. Boudreaux

    2Oceans1Rock in Panama

    Down to a sensible 10 kt in the hours before sunrise this morning. He's out of the Gulf Stream and about to get into the oil fields. Much more fun to navigate that by daylight. I think he'll pass near Auger. Matt? You know these leases best.
  13. Boudreaux

    2Oceans1Rock in Panama

    Nearly 300 miles per day including stops for repair! Nice pace.
  14. Boudreaux

    2Oceans1Rock in Panama

    You are very conservative! I've got him at the NOYC dock before 10pm Saturday. He'll have a strong incoming tide all daylight hours Saturday helping to make short work of the Rigolets. His last report he was averaging over 13.5kt. He's got a strong GulfStream current at his back until he's 125 miles south of Cat Island. I'll be watching his progress Friday night. If it works out, I'll try to get some photos as he passes through the Rigolets. What a journey!!
  15. Boudreaux

    2Oceans1Rock in Panama

    Looks like the northerly failed to materialize. Beam and Broad reach conditions with the GulfStream at his back all the way home.