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  1. Like Bob Fisher, Stuart Alexander, Kiwijoker and many others,  I have not missed any recent America’s Cup regattas. Bob has attended every regatta since World War II.   Kiwijoker is also a persistent attendee. My record is not that long but getting up there.


    However, I will not be going to Bermuda or making any effort to buy apps or other ways to see the racing.  As for buying “admission” to the America’s Cup, forget it.




    Because Ellison and Coutts have destroyed what was once a worthwhile event.


    The short made-for-TV races are ridiculous.   There  is a protocol that permits the defender to do warm-up races with  challengers. And, what’s this? The defender can build two but the challenger’s only one race boat!   What?


    Kia ora to old friends from previous regattas. 


    Despite our complaints about Bertarelli (and his theft of N.Z. sailors) Valencia was a very good show.  Go Shosholoza; go kiwis!


    At one point I had to give Mandy Barker my kiwi flag because she’d left hers back at the accommodation.   For kiwis, the after-race meet-up at the Estrella Damm bar was the place to be.


    I ended-up spending longer than intended in San Francisco and, on no-race days developed a good knowledge of second hand book shops there. Owners of the Lombard St motel where I stayed became good friends  (and did not mind my giant kiwi flag on the top floor patio fence).  


    Old timers here will recall that, because of building height restrictions and their commitment to democratic processes, I developed great respect for the SF Board of Supervisors.   This is why Ellison shot-through.  The SF Board of Supervisors cannot be bought.


    Down in the Marina District I enjoyed good natured banter in front of the GGYC.  It was a lot of fun to have the daily “meet-up” with Tornado Cat, Rennmaus, Xlot and so many others.  I even got to meet anarchist children !  It was very interesting to put faces next to names. Stingray was there; he is  a responsible young man with an important job!  (but had to go back and forth to the Cup). Tom Ehman is very good value and has a huge knowledge of AC history and culture.   I bet he is also disgusted with this Bermuda version of the Cup.   


    I also send cordial greetings to NCS, Dalts and others doing their best to bring some sanity and decency to the Cup by getting it back to N.Z.   And kia ora to Indio,  Sailbydate, Barfy, Jaysper, sclarke and other kiwis that know a bit about the Cup.  


    Like so many others, Richard Gladwell has mostly dropped-out of Sailing Anarchy but his website is a winner.   Kia ora Richard!    When the racing gets going I’ll be looking at your website.   


    Kiwijoker, I admire your skills and tenacity and expect you are also not charmed by what has happened to the Cup.  I have been looking for that project you told me and Ross Blackman about at the 2016 Millenium Cup (in the Duke of Marlborough hotel).  At that time, the project was in the early stages.  I was telling you to get on with it.  Remember?  I know it is now finished and out there somewhere but, despite energetic searching, have not found what I am looking for. 


    Burling & Tuke come from places (Kerikeri and Tauranga) where I have deep roots and I am hoping they get this job done with no drama or fuss. 


    Tornado-Cat, are you in a wet district yet?    Using the boat to get to work?


    Has anyone seen Mahguah lately?   Is he ok?  




  2. Te Kooti


    So, even if they whopped TNZ, Artemis could NOT sail in the AC match (because they don't measure). What a mess! With all that money, now this?
  3. Te Kooti


    Cayard should take up politics. First he says the IJ ruling means AR is out of the contest. Now Bob Fisher says "Paul shrugged off the 'elevator' issue – 'We will conform to the class rules when we re-launch,' - as being a non-issue."
  4. Te Kooti


    Is Cayard a bullshitter? During the IK hearing he said affirmation of the original rule (regarding rudders) would knock AR out of the contest. Yet Scutlebutt says this: "Questions regarding the team’s participation centered on the rudders, but Murray says they’ve got two sets of rudders. One set complies with the AC72 Class Rule and the other with the regatta director’s safety recommendations." So AR always had rule-compliant rudders. Cayard was fibbing ... nest pas?"
  5. Te Kooti


    SR ... what do you not understand? The class rule cannot be changed without the unanimous consent of competitors. The RD changed the class rule (without consent). Why should Grant go in front of a camera to explain this simple notion?
  6. Te Kooti


    So there is Pj Montgomery in San Francisco. Is he available for race commentary?
  7. Te Kooti


    Yes, I agree. There are many signs of pressure in Artemis. When the syndicate CEO calls other leaders "slanderous and paranoid" you know there is a major problem. Under these conditions, it would dangerous for them to launch an untried boat under pressure to compete with better-organised syndicates. If Cayard believes his own speech about safety, he will keep his boat in the shed.
  8. Te Kooti


    MM ... any sign of a boat emerging from the AR chaos?
  9. Te Kooti


    "America" includes El Salvador, Chile, Brazil, Canada, Panama, Bolivia, Peru, Paraguay, Guatemala, Belize, Argentina, Mexico. That is where the AC "matters?" Are you sure? There is something fundamentally wrong with the US education system.
  10. Te Kooti


    Give it to Rita. She can tie it under the Veles-A-Vents building and serve coffee on the foredeck. Would not be the first decimal point fuck up.
  11. Te Kooti


    It now abundantly clear AR have run out of time. Their No. 2 boat is not ready. It is morally reprehensible of them to invoke Simpson's name or the notion of "safety" to explain the fact they are late. They are late. End of story.
  12. Te Kooti


    Quite so .... and this is why it is important small nations bring their unique tendencies to the table. Do you think campaigning this AC72 is more or less complex than producing the Lord of the Rings trilogy (where the 3 films were shot concurrently - not in a sequence). Different task .... but one of my aims is to introduce PJ to GD. I think they would have some things in common.
  13. Te Kooti


    Many people yearn for the day France puts together a viable AC effort. I think there is also near universal admiration for the Peyron brothers. And Cammas. I also like the way the Peyrons involve their kids in their sailing campaigns. But the history of French AC campaigns is dodgy. They are mostly a nation of ungovernable individuals! Maybe some kind of partnership (like the current LR/TNZ one) would be a way of getting them back in the game. But I agree with you. An AC regatta without France does not feel right. If TNZ wins, bringing France back will be a high priority.
  14. Te Kooti


    I agree. Barclay should not be writing letters on behalf of individual syndicates. They should be capable of: 1. Arriving at the start line and 2. Writing their own letters
  15. Te Kooti


    The latest Seahorse is interesting in this regard. Andrew Hurst says little about Simpson. Even worse, T Hutch only offers boilerplate cliche. Yet, TH knows a lot about what`s wrong in that syndicate. Like most professional sailors, is keeping his arse well and truly covered. A pity! Because his old mates on Artemis deserve some frank analysis. Their lives might depend on frankness.