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  1. Hey Everyone, Our Laser Regatta in Westbrook CT at Duck Island Yacht Club is coming up on September 9th. Early registration ends tomorrow, so if you want to save ten clams, and get some free beer, sign up. Notice of Race and registration information are available at http://americanregatta.com/diyc/regatta.php?regattaID=103. I will say that Long Island Sound in September is pretty spectacular. Warm water, good breeze, and a great crowd. Hope to see some folks from out of town!
  2. Dinghy Distance Race 2017

    Hard to believe it is #7 already, looking forward to it!
  3. 50 Laser Hulls At Wurstfest

    Where on the internet would one go to get more information about this event?
  4. DIYC Laser Sailing

    We are located on Hammock Road South in Westbrook, CT. Directions are available at http://diyc.com/Directions-1-3-03.htm. Stop by, I will buy you a beer after racing!
  5. DIYC Laser Sailing

    Hi Everyone, We begin our Thursday night Laser racing on June 3rd. I know there are a few folks on here in the area so I wanted to make them aware. We also host a Laser Regatta which will be held on September 10th this year. Last year, our first time hosting the event, we managed to attract 30 sailors. We are hoping to build on that this year. Competitive racing, and a good party after made it a great event. Registration for both is available at DIYC Administration. PM me with any questions. Happy to help a fellow Laser sailor get out on the water!
  6. Results Of Some Regatta in Mexico

    Results could lead to an interesting discussion on dropped scores.
  7. Results Of Some Regatta in Mexico

    'Merica doing well, moved into 2nd and 6th. Solid performance from Railey, with the first place sailor having 2 big drops. http://www.laserworlds2016.org/index.php/competitors-2/laser-radial-women/results-womrad
  8. VOR 2017-18

    Hong Kong announced as a stopover - http://www.volvooceanrace.com/en/news/9210_Hong-Kong-here-we-come.html
  9. 6th Annual CT River Dinghy Distance Race

    Looking forward to it!
  10. Laser traveler

    Raked, follow the class rules, and play with your traveler. The general consensus is that it will not work, but who says you can't learn by trying? I suspect you will find pretty quickly that a center line boom on a Laser is much the same as trying to sail upwind on a sloop with jib only and the jib lead on center line. One of the great things about sailing a Laser is that you will not have your crew telling you what and what will not work, experiment as much as you want!
  11. Frostbiting - Need feedback from you guys.

    Keep people moving to keep warm, and maximize high traffic tactical situations such as mark roundings and starts.
  12. AP would have been nice in that situation, but overall an excellent day to go around the island.
  13. CT River Dinghy Distance Race 2015

    Already up to 14 boats on Facebook, looking good! I wonder what JRG4EVER will find on Craigslist to bring this year.
  14. Lasers - Applying a Blow Torch

    The link doesn't work for me Sorry, this should work: wickford.sailspace.net/
  15. Lasers - Applying a Blow Torch

    Looks like a fun regatta....just sayin: http://wickford.sailspace.net/ - District 7 Championship