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  1. So there was some guy from Ontario Sailing on CBC this morning and he was implying that clubs were cancelling racing and regattas. Does anyone have any clear news on this? I know QCYC starts their season this morning (in spite of much of the land base being under water), what about ABYC Open? Is it a go?
  2. You got your Canadians mixed up. Leonard Cohen has passed. Gordon Lightfoot, who wrote and recorded the song is very much alive and singing!
  3. Splashing this weekend at QCYC 4 weeks to the first Wednesday race!
  4. LYRA 2015 So LYRA is at Whitby this year, anyone know what the dates and start points for the feeder races are? Is there a definitive sched posted anywhere?
  5. This is the text of a bulletin issued by CBSA that's been making the rounds this week: The purpose of this bulletin is to advise that an amendment has been made to the telephone reporting process for foreign and Canadian pleasure craft and to provide clarification on the presentation obligation of private boaters. Please be advised that all private boaters are required to present themselves upon their arrival in Canada as legislated in subsection 11(1) of the Customs Act (CA), and subsection 18(1) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA). This obligation exists regardless of their activities while outside of Canada or their planned activities while in Canada. Arrival in Canada occurs when the private boater crosses the international boundary into Canadian waters. Private boaters who depart Canada and enter foreign waters and subsequently return to Canada, are obligated to present themselves to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) as per the above requirement. Foreign boaters entering Canadian waters are also required to report. This provision applies regardless of whether or not boaters drop anchor, land, enter an inland tributary or moor alongside another vessel while in Canadian waters. The only exception to the above requirement applies to vessels that are in-transit through Canada under subsection 11(5) of the CA. In order to be considered in-transit, subsection 11(5) requires that the vessel must be proceeding directly from one point outside of Canada to another point outside of Canada. Accordingly, a vessel can be considered to be in-transit only if it is using the Canadian waters for the purpose of moving from one location abroad directly to another location abroad. Such movement could be for reasons of the shortest route, requirement of deep waters, evading obstacles such as bridges, etc. In-transit movement must be continuous, uninterrupted and without delays or stopovers. Fishing, tubing, waterskiing, etc. do not constitute in-transit movements. To reiterate, unless in-transit through Canada in accordance with subsection 11(5) of the CA, all boaters are required to present themselves upon arrival in Canada. Revised Telephone Reporting Arrangements Certain private boaters will now be permitted to report to the TRC from their cellular telephones from the location at which they enter Canadian waters. The following groups of individuals may report by cellular phone: - Canadian citizens and permanent residents who have not landed on US soil. - United States citizens and permanent residents who do not plan on landing on Canadian soil; If a verification/examination is required, the TRC officer will instruct the master to immediately proceed to the nearest designated telephone reporting site, where the verification will take place. Private boats that are strictly weaving in and out of Canadian waters but are not in transit, will be required to call the TRC only once at the time of their initial entry into Canadian waters. If this activity changes, i.e.: the vessel docks in Canada or takes on new persons or goods while in foreign water, the boater must report directly to a designated marine reporting site and call the TRC upon their arrival in Canada. All other boaters, including those without cellular telephones, must proceed directly to a designated marine telephone reporting site and place a call to the TRC in order to obtain CBSA clearance. This includes all vessels carrying Foreign Nationals (other than United States Citizens).
  6. Hop O Nose were fantastic when we needed our mast taken down on our way north in 2013. Reasonable price , very quick and friendly. The free crane at Castleton is vet exposed to passing tragic.
  7. So, a week ago they posted another announcement saying they were working on it and were "hoping" to post results by Monday the 29th.... Right. What a joke. Can we get a refund on our entry fee?
  8. So it's now been six days. How difficult can it be to score one race with 24 boats in 4 divisions? We sailed our boats over there at some ungodly hour for one race. They happily collected our $75, now how about some results? If it's totally screwed up, tell us! The silence is perhaps the most annoying. 4 or 5 years ago I entered this regatta and had such a sour experience I didn't go back. Until this year. That was clearly a mistake. If what they are trying to do is rid themselves of the 4 ksb fleet, they are being very effective. I won't go back.
  9. So it's now been 5 days since the finish of the RCYC Open Regatta's Balmy Beach Offshore Rally. For the first couple of days they had a note up saying results would be posted as soon as possible, then for the last 3 days they've had this up: rcyc open results for balmy beach offshore rally - will be posted shortly Unfortunately, the Offshore Rally hit the time limit with many boats still out on the course. Due to these circumstances the results have been delayed. We will be posting these shortly. Thank you for your patience! This is ridiculous......
  10. Anybody have the inside scoop on the protest that is going tow hearing this weekend?
  11. So, is the problem in local organization and promotion. Are the local clubs doing anything to encourage their local boats to race? It's interesting to look at the registrations for the regattas last year. ABYC had 3 register, 2 from their club PCYC had 4 NFS, 2 from PC, and 2 FS, 1 from their club. EYC had 3 NFS with 1 from EYC and 4 C&C 27-5 with 2 from EYC QCYC had 18 NFS in 3 fleets 15 of which were from their club and 6 flying sail, 3 from their club. In other regattas Oakville open had 13 FS and 11NFS Bronte Rocks had 23 NFS and 5 FS Why is it that PHRF seems to be doing fine at the west end and is dead in Toronto. Does PHRF-LO need to be more pro-active in organizing a circuit of regattas? If IRC were easier and more affordable, would that change anything. Does the IRC fleets really want a bunch of 4ksbs crowding up their courses?
  12. So I discovered this evening when I went to the LORC site to register that ABYC Open "Regatta" this year is not running a full, two-day series of races for PHRF boats. Instead they are running a single "coastal race" on the Saturday only. This isn't worth the time, effort and resources to commit either of our boats to. This is unfortunate (we really enjoyed this regatta in past years), but there is not much we can do about it. Last year RCYC also moved to this format, reserving the actual racing for one-design and IRC boats. This is a worrying trend. Perhaps LORC should drop the pretense and only run races for OD and IRC boats? The only "Open" that seems to get a reasonable number of PHRF boats is QCYC.
  13. Any word on where or when the next one will be? Had to work on Wednesday....
  14. So how is it that his hair is the same length in every photo?
  15. The RC on Echo was equally awesome juggling 4 very diverse fleets. I think the Kirby 25's got 5 races on Saturday and 3 on Sunday. We got 4 and 2. JohnCrawley was entertaining as always. The party was great and the venue was, well, Youngstown! Can't wait for next year