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  1. Well BJ called me a "fascist dipshit" for pointing out the indisputable truth that Antifa are violent, destructive, anti free speech assholes. Rational liberals should repudiate them just as rational right wingers should repudiate far right assholes.
  2. From wiki... "A black bloc is a name given to groups of protesters who wear black clothing, scarves, sunglasses, ski masks, motorcycle helmets with padding, or other face-concealing and face-protecting items.[1][2] The clothing is used to conceal marchers' identities, and hinder criminal prosecution, by making it difficult to distinguish between participants. It is also used to protect their faces and eyes from items, such as pepper-spray, which law enforcement often use. The tactic allows the group to appear as one large unified mass.[3] Black bloc participants are often associated with anarchism and they use multiple forms of violence when they gather at a protest". The Antifa logo below contains a black and red flag. What does the black and red flag represent? This may require more integrity than you can muster but surprise us.
  3. They are conflated, that's a reality I am not responsible for.
  4. No, I saw the words. I'm still not confused about whether conservatives and liberals wear uniforms.
  5. Ask a stupid question....
  6. No, around here most people are attempting to rehabilitate Antifa by suggesting the violent, destructive, anti-free speech Antifa assholes are not really Antifa at all. That's some doggy stylin there.
  7. No BD... I was never confused about whether conservatives and liberals wear uniforms.
  8. This from the guy who has to ask if conservatives and liberals wear uniforms.
  9. No BD, conservatives and liberals do not wear uniforms.
  10. Look moron.. the black bloc assholes in Berkeley who dressed in black and attacked innocent people and destroyed property in order to suppress free speech identified as Antifa. You can consider it a violent sub-set of Antifa if that makes you feel better. The term has also been used to describe the practice of dressing in black, hiding one face and engaging in violent tactics.
  11. Yes...conservatives and liberals are groups defined by political philosophy. What is this kindergarten?
  12. You didn't have any problem with the binary nature of the post to which I was responding.
  13. No.... and if you have read what I have written about Kaepernick you would know I don't think he should not be black balled for expressing unpopular opinions (free speech advocate that I am) I think the Ravens should hire him, with Flaco injured he's better than anything they have.
  14. Yes it is you moron.
  15. Antifa use violence and destruction to suppress free speech. I didn't make that up, its reality (for which I assume no responsibility) You can put me in the non-violent, pro-free speech, anti-destruction, anti-fascist camp.