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  1. Except if you work checkout at your local supermarket.
  2. I just gave him what he asked for.
  3. How about you go find where I said it was a hoax, or have you already tried?
  4. Latest death rate is 976/day and falling.
  5. I think we should wear masks, not gather is crowds (including political protesters) practice social distancing, test and contact trace, isolate the vulnerable, and go back to work and school like other nations that have more effectively dealt with the pandemic without fucking their economies.
  6. I never said it was a hoax.
  7. Maybe that's what we should do and stop fucking the economy. But you know who doesn't want to stop fucking the economy don't you?
  8. Not at all...My view is that we should stop fucking the economy.
  9. I didn't swear by anything, I said it was a win for Trump. My view is that we should go back to work and school and take what precautions we can especially to protect the vulnerable. I'd say the jury is still out on the value of shutting down. S. Korea didn't shut down. Sweden didn't shut down. That looked like a mistake for a while but more recently it has been looking less so.
  10. No...nothing we say changes the facts. The final verdict will be in the results.
  11. Who's going to file a law suit to block it? Trump won this one.
  12. I guess we will find out when the dust settles but....
  13. Really...My wife is on it for a different condition, she's still here.
  14. It's been off patent for 50 years.