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  1. If I was banned as Dawg, Why is the account still here?

  2. Dawg

    Scot's boat issues take 3

    Welcome to the Machine, I love Pink Floyd but for a boat yard? http://sailinganarchy.com/2016/11/16/welcome-to-the-machine/ The real question that needs answered, Why the F would anyone want/need a thru hull below the waterline in an M32? My 26 is sealed, not a single thru hull below the waterline. Maybe it is for a new manual bilge pump, needed for USS Safety Equipment Requirements? Which means if you did not have this as of 2015, you have been racing illegally every since you bought the boat. Everything is GPS, please tell Scot, what do you need a thru hull for? Are you getting ready to do some big boy races?
  3. Dawg

    Scot's boat issues take 3

    Yea, Scot has been a sissy of late............the last 15 years.
  4. Dawg

    "National Cleavage Day"

    Makes me want to take a few (or more) bites.
  5. Dawg

    End of Paralympic sailing?

    The keelboats have four main drawbacks compared to dinghies and multi. - need a marina, or at least a slipway into deep water. - generally boring to watch. - a bigger negative effect on the environment (keel / antifouling, etc). - cost, not just in purchase, but also in shipping to events. So from the point of view of the IOC and IPC it is fully understandable that they wanted to lose the keelboats. Sailors from emerging nations now have a much better chance to compete on an even level. Unfortunately Para Sailing has not reached that point yet, nor will it with this latest equipment proposal. The 2.4m and Hansa cannot be beach launched. The Weta needs crew on the trampoline to not capsize. This thus excludes many types of disabilities. The alternative is available. It is called the WindRider AS Trimaran. One boat With three purposes. A 4-person grassroots boat, at a cost just a bit higher than the Hansa bathtub. And a fully adaptive (allows all levels of disabilities to use it!) high performance one-person and two-person configuration, at a cost significantly less than the Weta or 2.4m. Add the zero maintenance and fact that the manufacturer is offering free boats for all major events, MNA's can expect a cost reduction in equipment purchase and regatta participation of Over 75%!!! But Para World Sailing is not interested. You figure out why... I am guessing the Hansa was chosen because it is the Access Dinghy 303 and there are fleets world wide. There is a big fleet at BAADS in SF. At 9k for a rotomolded thermoplastic sailing bathtub it is a bit over priced but the most affordable for programs and most likely indestructible for the learning disabled. I read somewhere the 2.4 can be hand launched with lead ballast removed. Yes, the hull weighs about 125lbs and would be unwieldy to raise and lower by hand. And then you would need double or triple the volunteers and how about the back injuries from putting the lead shoes in/out the keel sump? The 2.4mR only weighs about 500lbs total and could be launched from floating temp docks using a hand crank or a 12V bumper winch with a Solar charger setup. Once docks assembled in place Setting up a temp lift should be easy for any back yard garage mechanic. With all the boats, you still need floating docks and hoists to get some of the competitors in and out of the boats. Some of these people can barely use a knife and fork. Beach launching the Weta would be easiest. But they can tip and turtle, it will be interesting. I'd love to sail a weta with someone but I don't know anyone with one and they are about 20K, Still too expensive for disabled people. I have less than that in my 26, after replacing almost everything, and as I've said, tons more fun. Ice box, room, girls
  6. Dawg

    "National Cleavage Day"

    Very very very NICE
  7. Dawg

    Alcoholic spouse

    This is a tough issue. Only the addicted can cure their addiction if the want and are strong enough. As many have seen some of my posts of late, there has been a struggle. You all know my story and I am doing my best to stay away from both. Good luck
  8. Dawg

    USPHRF Appeal Process

    The three rating system I would like to see is based on Light, Medium and heavy winds. Not course Buoy, Random Leg (very subjective) and Off the wind which is not very often. Boats move differently in the wind strength not the course. But that would mean measurements and all the stuff that makes a rating system fair and honest. So Much for PHRF Spoken like a true Politician. I hope you are not re-elected to your Crony Position.
  9. Dawg

    USPHRF Appeal Process

    If at the local/regional level they are not asking this, then that is what is wrong with PHRF. It is a Racing Fleet? not a cruising fleet
  10. Dawg

    USPHRF Appeal Process

    And do you ask for comments from competitors? Like do they maintain and prep their boat? Do the start properly? Do they over stand the weather mark layine? Do the over stand the gybe layline? Do they round the mark in a seam like fashion? Do the really know how to sail? Oh yea, are their sails good or shit? There are many things that go into the question, Is a boats rating Fair? I know many of these questions should be asked at the local level but many times are not,
  11. Dawg

    F1 2016

    It's all a fracking joke. Do you really believe Lewis is starting that bad for any other reason that he is paid off? It is a fracking Joke.
  12. Dawg

    End of Paralympic sailing?

    you miss the point. I only commented on the questions asked. Please move on and ignore the peanut gallery.
  13. Dawg

    End of Paralympic sailing?

    Paralympic Sailing does nothing to develop boats. In fact they put on the Dog and Pony show which is how the $40K Aussie SKUD was chosen over the, already established Fleets around the world, Martin 16. If the Martin had been chosen I would have purchased one and we would have had several west coast teams in the run for the US Slot. US Sailing did not care and did no lobbying. The Aussies won and here we are. 11 SKUD teams at the Paralympics. YAWN Dee took 4th in the 2.4mR pretty respectable but the 3rd and 4th place sailors in the 2.4mR class had all 4 working appendages. The first place sailor is missing one had but is also a Professional sailor who does many big events and has sponsorship to get a big Tri. God Bless France. The Issue is ISAF and World Sailing do not allow electronics for controlling the boat, Steering, sheet or halyard control. Electronics are seen as un-pure and sailing is a pure sport. make me gag. The most disabled are left out of the Games. Everything about sailing at the paralympic level is about having the least disabled or limited. Thank god that Aussie Matt Bugg, a paraplegic took second. Though if Dee were not there, the places would have shifted. Dee really fucked over some of the sailors. He s a total douche. and nobody likes him.
  14. Dawg

    End of Paralympic sailing?

    The ISAF regulation that Sailing be a pure sport is bullshit. Paul Henderson better fucking get it right or I'll visit him and straighten his ass out. Sip and Puff should be required for all skippers in the Paralympics. If you want to level the playing field, then level it. One class one rule no BS.