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  1. Some of my old sailing photos 2

    MORC killed more great small boat designs than IOR did. Measurement rules suck. God bless the box rule.
  2. Some of my old sailing photos 2

    The early Days of Kevlar. It had to start somewhere.
  3. Looks like a Euro version of the Mac 26
  4. News from SF Embarcadero...

    AC courting Aging Rapers and Obama courting children of illegals...................What's next? I guess rock and roll is dead and so go the middle class. Many thanks to LE and RC (MC too) for still not doing an AC fund raiser for BAADS, so they can have some righteous boats and then take some disadvantaged Bay Area kids out.
  5. Sailing Anarchists Affected by Cancer

    Been doing that for the last 5 years, since I don't donate blood anymore. With only my arms to use, I am a bit protective of them. It takes over a year for my hair to grow to a decent length Locks of Love
  6. Hottest Women

    Reelly notte a peopel persone our you? I just like women to look like women. Not like little toy dolls in It's A Small World..... Little hands make your dick look big....... Jesus, that sounds like the Mantra of a Pedophile................
  7. Looks like Noah's Ark only smaller and probably faster................
  8. Italian cruise ship tragedy

    Thanks Chief..............Big ships scare the shit out of me. you never know who the hell is in charge. I've never gone on a cruise ship and after this I never will. If I were on that ship and in my cabin relaxing getting off my ass, I'm sure I would be a waterlogged piece of flesh now. No thanks. No cruises for me and I hate the new airports too (Thanks to Bush and Company for that).
  9. Someone lost the script

    The middle east needs to have all the despots thrown out no matter what the cost. Then the Muslim Brotherhood can take over and subjugate the minions to pray 5 times a day and follow 14th century social laws. This way the people will wake up and realize (like most westerners have) that religion is pretty much a lie. While Faith is not lie, religion is lie. In My Humble Opinion (IMHO)
  10. women of sa calendar

    Because if you were on one, then the entire floor would have to pulled up and replaced! Dooooo, you are a total DOUCHE BAG Bare Floors and K8.....Elle.....MSgirl...............................DAAAAAMMMNnn
  11. women of sa calendar

    HEY, you got your moment and will continue to get them nothing like bouncing boobs on almost every page I view
  12. women of sa calendar

    Just for the record, elle, I was kinda wonderin' if you'd be interested in a little crazed monkey sex with me. lolz! i'm saving myself for sol rosenburg. edit: but thank you for the offer, cheeky monkey. Did I miss something? I thought we were talking about K8 and her blonde hair hanging around her creamy white breasts............Someone better send me one of the calendars. :lol:
  13. women of sa calendar

    I'll second that! click the woof below to find out
  14. women of sa calendar

    I think December should be me with all the other months Dressed as Santa' helpers. You can let you mind wander but please keep it out of the gutter............
  15. Sailing Anarchists Affected by Cancer

    Do I need to come over there and slap some sense in your brain???
  16. Sailing Anarchists Affected by Cancer

    Life Sucks, Then We Die In Between we Try to Go Sailing This phrase, has helped more than once................... If I can hold on to what is left.......................anyone can.
  17. News from SF Embarcadero...

    You sound just like George L. Schuyler. PS Lattes are sooooo bourgeois my good man. Who is George Schuyler? and should I care? I make my Lattes at home. too expensive to buy them and besides I make better ones. Though, I was kind of playing off the Mega Yacht comment.
  18. News from SF Embarcadero...

    Looks like a total Jackfest. I can hear'em now over their lattes "I wonder what the middle class are doing today" I need to print that photo and head to the bathroom.................oh yea mine don't work anymore :lol:
  19. Some of my old sailing photos 2

    Gary Swenson Driving The Ed looking like he is trimming Me Pushing out the Main after hoisting the Kite in about 2 seconds.... :lol: And Vicki (gary's ex) in the bow I think the photo is 80 or 81 nationals at CI Harbor. And yes that is one of those early light weight Mylar kites, we called a "Quivering Cell" because in anything other than flat water they quivered and were not fun to trim or very fast.
  20. Obama's Mexican Gunrunning Operation

    Now if it were Reagan and Ollie North, it might be believable, then they would have (made) an excuse to militarize the border.
  21. Where is the oil????

    Lou Dobbs on the O'Factor tonight says the hike in gas prices is contrived by the Market Traders and the Oil Companies to jack the price of gas. The Saudi said they would make up any loss by the Libyan cut in shipping. So are we being screwed by profiteers or is this real?
  22. Chicago Area III

    I have not been following the thread so I do not know if there was bashing going on. If George did it I don't know how.
  23. Santa Barbara Sailing

    Yep please visit Santa Barbara Sailing 2 for the continued fun
  24. West Michigan Thread

    It is not hard to link back to it or to individual post in the thread. You can still read it and search for it. It has not gone away. Understood dawg, and you are right of course but, our West Mi thread was not a subject, it was a gathering place. Linking back isn't the point as none of us really ever go back and scroll through it anyway, it is just a chronical of the community. Pathetic as that may be , Kinda like the neighborhood bar burning down and moving accross the street. Not really all that different but yet never quite the same either. Keeping the thread on the first page of threads was kind of a point of pride (hey we are in Michigan, we gotta hang our hat on something!). We'll get over it, it was just a shock and a disruption in our everyday routine. Maybe it's just me.............having lost half of my body (I still have to drag around), losing a thread seems pretty Minor especially when you can create a new one with more relevant banter. I am sure the last few posts had nothing to do with the first few hundred. Like the bar scenario every day is a new one and the last one is left behind (but not forgotten) ??? Maybe I'll create a "Closed Threads" category so they are easy to find and review for posterity's sake.
  25. West Michigan Thread

    It is not hard to link back to it or to individual post in the thread. You can still read it and search for it. It has not gone away.