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  1. Wouldn't work with just a rotating canting keel-needs on-deck sliding ballast as well. The scow model proved the physics of the combination of fixed keel and Trapeze Power Ballast System(on-deck sliding ballast) resulting in over twice the RM than from the keel alone(with the same total weight) AND self-righting: Would definitely work on a fullsize boat:
  2. Most impressive! What is the wrist watch type thing above?* The camera superimposes the GPS data from its own internal GPS? *Just looked it up: a remote view screen...
  3. Something you know all too well!
  4. Can you turn the prop mounting axis to simulate leeway?
  5. I did a pretty detailed analysis many years ago of the idea of a 60' monofoiler with 90 degree canting keel and sliding athwartship ballast using a bi-foiler foil arrangement: https://www.boatdesign.net/threads/60-or-20-ocean-racing-monofoiler-design-discussion.15143/page-12#post-428215 Sketch by N Flutter of his take on my concept:
  6. I bet they all adapt Verdier's solution!
  7. Mostly new Gitana 17 video from Guillaume Verdier-probably the top foiling trimaran designer ever: http://www.guillaumeverdier.com/maxi-trimaran-vole-litteralement-dessus-de-latlantique/
  8. Great work, Hydroptere-like the wing!
  9. I have an exact scale foiling RC tri, Keith- and I'd be glad to show you some pictures-interestingly, there are now two fullsize tri's using the same basic system first invented by Fire Arrow:
  10. Way to go, punk. You locked yourself in the crazy room for all to see. ------------------- My thread* on boat design is about 7 years old and is not the first thread where I proposed what is now the basic Fire Arrow Foil System used by Fire Arrow, Maserati and in its finest conception yet by Guillaume Verdiers Gitana 17-one of the coolest fullsize trimarans ever designed. And all three of these boats use a basic foil configuration with details never before seen on any trimaran anywhere at any time. Not in the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's 90's -NOT EVER! They are examples of a revolution in trimaran foiler design with features on all three never before used together on any size foiling tri. Again, a fucking Revolution-that the punks and old men have no clue about whatsoever!!! * My thread is one of the longest and most detailed to be found anywhere but the real thing on boatdesign is that there is no attempt to claim any intellectual property at all-it is an attempt to present new ideas that anyone is free to, and encouraged to copy. Further, I already had four letters patents when I started that thread and instead of publishing every detail of the Fire Arrow concept I sure as hell could have patented the concept-but I didn't want to-I wanted to give back to the design community and inspire others to think outside the box that trimaran design has long been wedged into. And I did it while developing one of the most significant foiling trimaran concepts ever- PUBLICLY. And a couple of the top foiler designers in the world have seen the thread and the resulting Fire Arrow Foil Concept Test Model and told me that it was just great. So the half-ass comments by the punks and old men are simply meaningless drivel as far as I'm concerned. Gitana 17 picture by Yann Riou, Maserati picture by Gulain Grenier, Fire Arrow pictureby Doug Lord/ Dan Burke:
  11. You calling me a liar with such a profound compendium of made-up bullshit is hilarious and sad. You are full of shit.
  12. Some new(I think) video: http://www.guillaumeverdier.com/maxi-trimaran-vole-litteralement-dessus-de-latlantique/
  13. You have no clue-just more poorly thought out punk kid bullshit!. I did my absolute best to copy the best elements of the TNZ UptiP foil with other components I introduced like washin, iFLAP , a unique planform, and horizontal foil droop*. The fact that my foil works so well on Fire Arrow is testament to the brilliant invention by TNZ as well as to the specific elements of the design I incorporated on the Fire Arrow-which in your punk-kid-idness you have no clue about. Many other designers copied the basic elements of the TNZ UptiP foil which was in the public domain-I introduced many changes to the basic TNZ-type foil that help it to work exceedingly well. * compare the pictures-much more droop on my foil. My UptiP ama foil design was the FIRST such foil ever used on a foiling trimaran ama in the history of mankind!!!!
  14. Me, Martin Fischer and a half dozen others have designed their own version of the fantastic TNZ foil. But I was one of the first to use a droop tip(NOT ON THE TNZ FOIL*) and was, without a doubt the first to incorporate the basic TNZ UptiP foil on a trimaran ama. The "bloke who designed the foils for Gitana" didn't just do that-Guillaume Verdier designed the whole boat- incorporating, for the first time, a three point foil system utilizing a variable lift daggerboard main foil capable of downforce, UptiP ama foils(with a droop tip) used one at a time and rudder T foils. A system that is basically identical to the Fire Arrow System designed years ago but the FIRST application of that basic system to a fullsize trimaran designed from SCRATCH to use it. The innovation incorporated by Verdier in Gitana places him among the greatest trimaran designers ever. He is already one of the greatest foil designers ever! *the design of my version of the TNZ foil was complete before that article was ever published! TNZ foil Richard Gladwell photo: