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  1. Thats false. It shows that you either don't understand the concept or don't give a shit. Either way it's one of the silliest comments I've read that didn't come from the Frog Man......
  2. The buoyancy pods on NZAC would not be designed to support any proportion of the boats displacement when it is moving at any speed-they are only there to help the keel right the boat from a knockdown. They would never be sailed "on". Not a trimaran. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to understand this: in a knockdown or capsize when the pod hits the water it acts like a brake because the fore and aft rack supports and foil reinforcing struts* also hit the water. BUT the buoyancy assists the keel in preventing the boat from going over 90 degrees. The pods make the boat safer while allowing the keel to be lighter than it otherwise would be. * look at the right side of the sketch
  3. Maserati on Foils

    Riiiight-and now there is Gitana 17 and Banque Populaire- multimillion dollar projects embracing a lifting foil on the daggerboard and UptiP ama foils! And at least Gitana 17 was designed from scratch to use this foil system.
  4. A foil does not an ama make........
  5. Cute but completely wrong: trimaran amas and main hull are all used to sail the boat. The NZAC buoyancy pods are NEVER used to sail the boat-only for capsize recovery.
  6. You gave your self away jorge! What I posted tonight was an entirely different version of the foils!!! Obviously, you're right on top of these forums and the discussions going on! Congratulations........
  7. The SuperFoiler IS a trimaran! Those hulls are used to sail the boat before its on foils-they are stepped planing hulls to reduce drag in incidental hull contact at speed. The pods on the NZAC would NEVER be used to sail the boat, not in light air , not ever. Viewed from the side the NZAC pods are more similar to a tube than to a hull designed to support any portion of the displacement.
  8. How could a buoyancy pod that can't effectively be sailed on make the boat a tri??!! I bet the proportion of pod volume compared to total displacement would be around the same as the buoyancy pods on a Moth. If the pod isn't used to sail the boat, it can't be considered part of a trimaran!!!
  9. NZAC, version two foils (tc) : Based on these calcu-guestimates: A) At 90 degrees the force holding the boat there is 171,926 ft.lbs. The force trying to right the boat is 483,800lb 1-keel weight 19782 lb @ 20' 2-buoyancy from pod-4608lb @20' 3- Wing mast 115' above deck 4-SA=3191 sq.ft./ CE 59' above center of lift of keel/foil combo ----- -b Weights---- 1) hull weight-8572 lb 2) keel weight 19782lb 3) rig weight 2915lb 4) crew weight 1900lb 5)TOTAL DISPL.= 33168 lb ----- C) RM on Foils: 1) HM at 59' with 2.5lb/sq/ft. pressure= 470,672 ft.lb. 2) RM, boat slightly heeled, mast vertical=569,418 ft.lb. ----- D) Foil Loading one main foil in the water supporting 80% of the load= 18' X 2.5' chord foil fully immersed=589lb/sq.ft. E) Fully retractable main foils for lightest air sailing. F) Upper third of main could possibly be designed as a solid sail with two panels. When the whole sail is reefed this section would slide down. Needs study but may be effective. G) From my analysis the thing may need a canting keel-not for ultimate RM but to start out. Needs much more study. Probably has great potential IF the target weight is within about 6000lb of the 31268lb total boat weight( for this first run) including keel. --About the same RM as Version One--- --UptiP* foils OR manually controlled "L" foils--- * like SuperFoiler--- Version One Foils: ( "Q" foils)
  10. That is false. You probably don't realize that Moths have buoyancy on each side-approx. one cu.ft. buoyancy in airbags. The NZAC buoyancy pod is never sailed on-its there just in case of a knockdown to help the keel right the boat. picture by Thierry Martinez:
  11. Whisper Foiling Catamaran Sailors

    Martin how did you ,your family and the Whisper make out in the storm?
  12. Why couldn't Welbourns "Q" foils be used on a boat with wide racks that act as a sort of "shield" for close quarters racing as well as providing tremendous righting moment?
  13. Foils

    Gitana 17 UptiP Ama Foils---like on no other fullsize trimaran ever--a bit similar to the Fire Arrow UptiP ama foils: G17 ama foils pictures by Fred Monsonnec, publisher of FOILERS! --- Fire Arrow ama foil picture by Doug Lord---- WASHIN(not washout) with iFLAP to allow foil to take off early and reduce drag after takeoff:
  14. Foils

    Classic! Thanks.......
  15. Trimaran Foiling Systems

    More Superfoiler video: