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  1. Probably not.......See page 26 of this paper done by M& M earlier this year where they compare UptiP, "C" and "Z" foils........ https://www.dropbox.com/s/x44cb22wlw5zfvb/Meeting Presentation.pdf?dl=0
  2. And then there is this-its just a matter of calling one of the most significant foil designs ever by the name the inventors gave it as a small sign of respect for their effort: Link to Part 1 and Part 2--Pete Melvin and Gino Morrelli: http://www.cupinfo.com/en/featuresindex.php Quote from the article,Part 1: When we were working on the rule, we knew you wanted to get as much lift as possible when you were going fast downwind,” Melvin says. "For instance, in the 2010 America’s Cup, sailed on giant multihulls, the maximum amount of lift we thought we could get was about 50% of the weight of the boat. At that time, we were still relying on the hull to provide pitch control, so what’s come out of this is the boats all now have elevators (the horizontal foils on the rudders). “At Team New Zealand, we developed a new type of foil that allows you to keep your height above the water more or less steady. No one had been able to do that before, at least not on a course-racing boat that was not going downwind. We developed that mostly on our SL33 test boats -- they came with the stock constant curvature “C” foils and with those kinds of foils, you can generate 50% boat weight lift before they get unstable. But we noticed that when we could get one boat up fully foiling for a few seconds it would really accelerate away from the other boat – and that got the wheels turning. How, with such a huge potential benefit, can we achieve stable flight downwind? So our design team came up with the “up-tip” type of boards. We refined those on the 33s and our 72 is designed to do that and fortunately it worked right of the box.” __________________
  3. They aren't "V" foils-keeping on with that, despite the facts, is the essence of ignorance.
  4. Because the easier and more comfortable you make foiling the more foilers there will be. To me the bi-foiler tri pisses away the biggest advantages of the trimaran platform and at the same time depowers the bi-foiler platform . A three point foiler tri similar to the Fire Arrow/ Wolf can take advantage of an oversquare platform allowing tremendous power to carry sail which not only translates to speed potential it translates to light air takeoff . And that is critical because it allows the potential buyer to be able to fly in virtually the complete windrange. A three point trimaran foiler like the Fire Arrow / WOLF can carry more sail in light air and for longer before depowering in stronger conditions. There is no current small(under 20')trimaran foiler configuration that can compare with these advantages. More boat,more performance and more fun for the buck.
  5. I didn't think you were listening and I wanted to make damn sure you heard me-you and the others fucking with the Oracle thread..ok?! And you have the same choice of font size I do-I could I possibly know I would be "louder" than you?! Not question of "deserve"-just a matter of in your face celebration inspired/motivated by the many half-ass comments by NZers starting with dalton(talking about Welbourn).
  6. Great looking boat-great lines-looks like she'll be fast and good in a seaway. Best of luck!
  7. Trimaran Foils: Ultims-- Launch of Gitana coming up July 17(?) and the actual foil configuration has been kept secret. But all you have to know is that the foil system has been designed by Verdier utilizing what has been learned from Maserati (6000+ miles on her daggerboard lifting foil). One thing is sure: almost every Ultim is using UptiP foils on the amas (or foils that work like UptiPs) because of the automatic altitude control........ Way to go Team USA today!!!!! Kickin ass!!
  8. Now it begins......Way to go Team USA!
  9. Deja Vu ! Way to go Team USA---here we go.........
  10. Ye Ha! Way to go Team USA!!!
  11. Trimaran Foils: Flying Mantis and F101 Both these boats use a bifoiler configuration for there foils-similar to a Moth. However, the F101 uses a midship wand similar to the wand system on the Whisper Cat while the Flying Mantis uses a wand mounted off a bowsprit similar to many Moths. These boats appear to be much more stable than a Moth while not flying but seem like they would be very similar in some respects while flying. They are both innovative foiling trimarans. http://www.foiling101.com/ http://www.flyingmantis.uk/home/
  12. Trimaran Foils: Fire Arrow Foil System-Fire Arrow Test Model, 15' WOLF, Maserati Fire Arrow Foil System-conceived and designed by Doug Lord. Maserati Foil System-basically identical to the Fire Arrow Foil System but designed by Guillaume Verdier. For the record the Fire Arrow Foil System was used first on the Test Model and then on Maserati and next on WOLF and can allow these features-not found together on any other trimaran anywhere at any time(so far) : 1) actively controlled main foil-dual wand control on Fire Arrow/WOLF. Maserati controls the AOI of their mainfoil manually. Advantage is main hull altitude control and controlled angle of heel (about 10 degrees on the Fire Arrow/WOLF)as well as ride angle control of the lee uptip ama foil. A big advantage of the Fire Arrow Foil System is that roll attitude is controllable on both boats and can be configured for level flying or flying at an angle of heel by simply adjusting the flying altitude of the main hull. - 2) UptiP ama foils. Maserati uses(Transpac on) two "L" foils that work like UptiP foils . Advantage is automatic ama altitude control with no moving parts. The Fire Arrow Test Model was the first trimaran anywhere to use UptiP ama foils. These foils allow automatic altitude control of the ama with no moving parts. The Fire Arrow Foil System design allows the UptiP foils on the Test Model and Wolf to be sailed without having to retract/deploy the UptiP foils with each tack or gybe-the only foiler system anywhere that uses UptiP foils in this way. - 3) Rudder T-foil(s). The Fire Arrow Test Model and the new WOLF use a single rudder T-foil whereas Maserati uses two. - 4) Dual altitude control systems on Fire Arrow/WOLF and Maserati. The ama foils and main foil use two different types of altitude control simultaneously. - 5) The Fire Arrow Foil System can allow a trimaran to develop downforce on the main foil which increases RM and can allow automatic gust response. It can also allow the WOLF ,15.5' version of the Fire Arrow to be sailed singlehanded in up to around 20 knots of wind with no reef. - 6) The Fire Arrow Foil System allows an oversquare trimaran platform to take off in very light air. - 7) The Fire Arrow Foil System has increased pitch control authority compared to a "normal" tri. - 8) The Fire Arrow Foil System allows the mainfoil to begin to unload right after takeoff reducing induced drag. - 9) The Fire Arrow/WOLF has pioneered and will pioneer the concept of a Two Stage ama--the ama planing hull and the "curved piece" coupled with high dihedral crossarms that are kept high above the surface of the water. - 10) High crossarm dihedral coupled with the two stage ama and a designed flying angle of heel of 10 degrees on Fire Arrow/WOLF eliminates the need to raise/lower the uptip ama foils with every tack and gybe as must be done with other boats using uptip foils. - 11) The Fire Arrow oversquare platform allows the crew to sit comfortably on the side of the cockpit without having to sit out on the ama while still having more RM than any current production trimaran her length. - 12) The boat may be able to be configured to be 100% self-righting. ------------------------------ The differences between Fire Arrow(WOLF) and Maserati are specifically related to the size of the two boats and the mission of the boats. Both boats use a virtually identical foil configuration for entirely different purposes: The Fire Arrow(WOLF) is a small sport trimaran that maximizes light air takeoff and ease of handling for one to two people and may be able to be self-righting with no crew action required. Maserati is a fully crewed ocean racing trimaran. The Fire Arrow Foil System is a revolutionary foil configuration for trimarans from very small to very large and is capable of being configured for different missions while retaining the unique qualities of the System. Maserati and Fire Arrow(Wolf) are the only two trimarans in the history of the world to have ever used this system-but not the last. https://www.boatdesign.net/threads/high-performance-mpx-foil-self-righting-trimaran-the-test-model.36058/page-172
  13. Trimaran Foils- M&M: These guys have designed two new trimarans with distinctly different lifting foils- 1-TF10-- main foils are very deep "Z" foils probably intended to keep the boat fairly easy to sail.Question: will the main hull stay clear of the water? http://dnaperformancesailing.com/our-boats/dna-tf10-foiling-trimaran/ 2-SuperFoiler- designed with UptiP ama foils on a boat that is an extraordinarily fast foiler. Definitely not "easy" to sail with each UptiP foil having to be retracted/deployed with each tack or gybe. The crew is still learning the boat so no videos yet of maneuvering on foils. https://www.facebook.com/SuperFoiler/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_nrbAAGHb1O9MZKFsr7W_Q
  14. Comeback ! Go Team USA!!!
  15. Michele, looks great! Do you think a boat using "Z" foils will tend to have less roll stability than a boat using wand based t-foils?