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  1. Crossbow fl 2017

    Thanks, Steve. Merry Christmas to you and your family! PS- I think you missed that the whole wing slides to windward-not just the ballast. See the scow picture below for the basic idea. The wing will right the boat if it is moved down in a capsize even with the ballast at the low point because of the buoyancy of the sealed wing. If the wing is moved to leeward at the onset of a capsize it will prevent a knockdown. Based on initial testing of this system, it seems unlikely that ballast will have to be added to the daggerboard. In the specs, the length of the ballast wing is shown as between 12 and 16'. At 14' the 78lb of movable ballast will move about 12' to windward of the boat heeled CB giving 12X 78=936ftlb. The nominal weight of the wing is 21lb and its cg is about 7' to windward giving an additional 7X 21= 147ftlb . The total RM from the 14' wing is about 1083ft.lb.. The latest incarnation of the crew seating allows the crew CG to be 2' to windward of the CB adding another 360ftlb for a 180lb crew. That would be increased by the difference between 180 and 250*(max crew weight) which would add another 140ft.lb.. Total RM for crew + wing would be 1583ft.lb.. * crew equalization ballast in the seat.
  2. Radio Control Multihulls

  3. Crossbow fl 2017

    Crossbow fl-- One thing that is being tested shortly on another model is independent radio control of the movable ballast-in other words the module for the Trapeze Power Ballast System contains its own battery and receiver completely independent of the boat receiver-yet both operate off the same transmitter. This has led to the possibility of using high quality electronics on the full size boat to allow radio control of the ballast system inside the sealed wing with its own receiver, battery and electric motor making the full size system 100% independent. Dominion 2-HW with "C" rig and "A" rig patterns-nearly ready to test with the new ,independent Trapeze Power Ballast System: pictures-dl
  4. Gitana 17 on Foils

    Gitana is home--- GitanaTeam (@GitanaTeam) | Twitter https://twitter.com/GitanaTeam
  5. Gitana Maxi 17

    Gitana is home--- GitanaTeam (@GitanaTeam) | Twitter https://twitter.com/GitanaTeam
  6. Maserati on Foils

    Team Maserati: On Monday morning local time, Giovanni Soldini and Maserati Multi70‘s Team left the island of Okinawa in Japan heading towards Hong Kong. The oceanic trimaran must sail 820 nautical miles before reaching its destination.
  7. Radio Control Multihulls

    Thats just plain bullshit!
  8. Radio Control Multihulls

    You wouldn't know that from the e-mails and PM's he sent me......
  9. Radio Control Multihulls

    Of all the uninformed trash you've written about me this tirade takes the cake. But it's much more than your normal attack on me-it's your hideous use of Ian Farriers name to "justify" your death wish for me. You couldn't have known or respected Ian Farrier because if you did you'd realize what he would think of what you've done here. He was a great man and I can tell you he would be appalled at your soiling his name as a reason for such an incredible, disgusting personal attack!! ============================================= The thing with you darthie, is that you can't deal with stuff upfront so you have to make yourself anonymous and then participate in the modern version of a lynch mob to handle things you disagree with. Then you have to try to convince the MOB that its not a lynch MOB but represents the will of the people--which is THE BIG LIE. Especially when there are only about 6 MOB members responsible for 95% of the downvotes-something that in the annals of truth, justice and fairness is more than the BIG LIE---it is a damn disgrace....... =============================================
  10. Crossbow fl 2017

    There was only one Melges 24 RC model and I experimented with the Trapeze Power Ballast System on that boat-it was definitely faster than the version with just a keel. It was a production prototype and also used an asy spin with retracting pole.
  11. Crossbow fl 2017

    Absolutely false-just invented by you!
  12. Crossbow fl 2017

    No, its not. The boat is designed to be sailed off a beach but could come up to a dock once you learned to sail it depending on the dock. The Trapeze wing pivots for trailering.
  13. This is a special edition of the F-22F (one available in 2018) inspired by TNZ's win in AC35-this is posted as an honor to Ian Farrier who has inspired so many including me:Farrier F-22F Foiler https://www.f-boat.com/pages/trimarans/F-22Foiler.html render from website:
  14. Crossbow fl 2017

    Thanks---will do! What a great post-there were negative-"it will never work" reactions when I first tried movable ballast on models. It did work and was extraordinary fun to sail-just like the Crossbow fl will be........ Just a note: there are many different boats directed at handicapped sailors using sophisticated electrical systems very successfully. Crossbow fl is not specifically directed at handicapped sailors-it is directed at all sailors that would enjoy a spectacular new way to sail a monohull fast without the physical demands of current performance monohulls.