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We're in some mighty exciting times with foiling reaching into virtually every aspect of modern sailing-way beyond my wildest dreams of years ago! The AC boats are taking foiler design into new realms-even possibly with extraordinary new foil designs and foil handling taken to a new level.

My own Fire Arrow Foil System is an entirely new way for trimaran foilers to be designed and in a most amazing development, the 70' Maserati  has adopted the basic Fire Arrow Foil Configuration thanks to the brilliant design of Guillaume Verdier. Finding out about this is one of the most fantastic highlights of the last year-and the work Guillaume and Giovanni Soldini have done has proved the Basic Fire Arrow Foil System beyond a shadow of a doubt. I ,with help from Dan Burke had already proved the system worked with the Fire Arrow Test Model but the extraordinary news about Maserati has encouraged me to go ahead with the design and building of WOLF-daughter of Fire  Arrow, a full size  single/doublehanded version of Fire Arrow. It will be very tough to get this done- I'll do my best with a little help from my friends. WOLF should be one of the easiest to fly and most  comfortable foilers ever built. I'm really excited about the design which is coming along and being chronicled on boatdesign.net.

And now there are FOUR trimarans using this revolutionary Foil System: First-Fire Arrow, Second- Maserati-mods designed by Guillaume Verdier, Third Gitana 17-first fullsize tri designed by Guillaume Verdier from scratch using a foil configuration almost identical to the basic Fire Arrow Foil System, Fourth- Banque Populaire uses all the elements of the basic Fire Arrow Foil System-design by VPLP.

Here's the link to the Design , Development and Build thread for Fire Arrow and WOLF, daughter of Fire Arrow :