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  1. BobC

    eleictric outboard for a dinghy

    I never thought much about theft but have owned and used the Torqueedo for three years now. We added the larger battery last year to extend the range and kept the 5kw as a hot spare. Couldn't be happier with the performance, convenience and portability.
  2. BobC

    Switching out speed transducers

    Not to belabor this but the nke sensor does require 12v to function so it sounds like it was wired correctly but it could still be set to output a 5v pulse. It may still be worth having that checked. As i’m sure you have found out, qualified nke dealers with the right programming tools are in short supply. You should contact nke’s importer. Euromarine Trading in Newport RI, they should be able to help. Good luck.
  3. BobC

    Switching out speed transducers

    I’m assuming your boat was a used purchase and that you’re not sure how the nke ultrasonic was originally set up. Because B&G, for legacy purposes, used a 5v pulse (certainly through h3000) nke had a software setting to provide a 5V pluse for B&G systems. It was less than perfectly reliable in that setting. Although B&G would never officially tell you it was okay to use a 12v pulse the designer of the H2000 and H3000 processors verbally assured me that it would work fine at 12v. All that said you could send the unit back to nke and have them check how yours was programmed and ask for it to be set to 12v output. That might fix your issue. For 6 years I ran an nke ultrasonic on our J109 and it was flawless. The boat was sold and I have had no complaints from the new owners after a season of sailing including a 3rd out of 20 boats at the NA’s this fall after losing a tiebreaker for 2nd. But, as they say, your results may vary.
  4. BobC

    Are Mount Gay Rum Hats Cool?

    Try asking Mt Gay, I did.
  5. BobC

    Are Mount Gay Rum Hats Cool?

    That would be cool since they only started giving them out in 1986. I’ve got like 45 regattas worth of them in a big bag dating back to 1989. Have never worn one, they’ll go to Goodwill someday I guess.
  6. Try a PM to Hitchhiker, he may know someone.
  7. BobC

    gyro autopilot compas heading

    Exactly the opposite. Apparent angle is affected by many things not the least of which is acceleration. If you start surfing down a wave the apparent will be pulled forward and a pilot steering to that angle will react to a “shift” that isn’t real by bearing off, possibly leading to an unwanted gybe. True values take this into account and result is far more stable and safe control of the boat in changing conditions. Of course this assumes a system that is performing calculations rapidly enough to matter. It’s true that many don’t but the good ones do and it really does matter.
  8. BobC

    gyro autopilot compas heading

    Disputes all the words above the short answer is no, in compass mode all the pilot will look at is heading, with a gyro stabilized compass that heading input will be orders of magnitude better than a standard flux gate but wind shifts will not be considered. The other thing you should be looking for if this matters to you is a pilot that steers to True Wind angle not Apparent, far more stable.
  9. that's amazing, but if you're strapped for cash Amazon has one available for only $857. It must be one hell of a book!
  10. BobC

    “Knot” a cool pun: worst boat names ever

    After 30+ years of sailing we went over!
  11. BobC

    H5000 Leeway coefficient?

    For all practical purposes zero heel means zero leeway. If you aren’t heeling there is very little side force. As Expediton said, leeway is an upwind/reaching deal. Not so much downwind.
  12. BobC

    B&G H5000 Pilot calibration

    If you engage the pilot you shouldn’t not be able to turn the wheel. With the pilot engaged try to move the steering, any more than a quarter inch move,ent on the ram could mean you have air in the system. Your symptoms are similar to this. Also make sure the ram is absolutely locked in place with no movement and the rudder feedback is secure. You can do all these tests at the dock in rudder mode. Good luck.
  13. BobC

    Desperately Seeking B&G Depth Transducer

    What the hell, he has one and they are out of production for some 30 years or so. Lots cheaper than hauling the boat, changing the through hull and then finding out that the modern transducers are not compatible with your ancient system. Back in the day B&G was really good at taking care of legacy customers but since the Navico era that ethos is long gone. $450 is cheap.
  14. BobC

    Upgrade/Repair Tacktick system or buy new B&G?

    Ditch it, even Triton is better than tic tack.
  15. BobC

    DC - DC Converter

    FYI, the 12v dc to dc converter is not used on the high current side of the gyro pilot. You install it between your instrument breaker and the instrument system. The load on this will never be more than 5 amps and that would be exceptionally high and only if you have a monster system. It does not have to handle the high loads generated by the drive unit. what they strongly recommend is a separate breaker for the high current side with a 25 amp or higher capacity. The gyropilot, in extreme conditions is capable of asking for 30 amps. It is also imperative to switch on the pilot breaker before the instruments so that the master display recognizes the pilot is connected to the system.