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  1. Perfecto! Someone's answered the question, "Anyone aware of PHRF committees that allow for one configuration when racing spinnakered (fully crewed) and a different configuration under non-spinnaker?".
  2. No different than now. If you can read a scratch sheet you'll know who your competition is
  3. Fixed it for you. 3 configurations vs. 2, No flexibility to go big or small within a discipline (fully crewed, short-handed, non-spinnaker).
  4. Thanks for the thoughtful reply. My only follow-up relates to: This is the point I'm not making well. It wouldn't be case-by-case. Let every owner declare a configuration for each discipline (fully crewed, DH'd and non-spinnaker) based on standard credits. We already do that (mostly) for two out of the three. Why would this not be a good thing (or at worst a push for some)? And yes, I can see where if an owner was changing non-standard parameters for each discipline (necessitating a rating evaluation for each) that being an issue which would require separate certificates and fees to cover. In thinking about this more, the only objection I can see is where a prize is awarded across disciplines. Like a boat-of the-year trophy. In that case someone desperate enough to go for it could switch back and forth to their advantage. Solution? BOTY trophies unique for each discipline.
  5. Thanks for the reply... First point is a bit of a straw man however. Everyone agrees you should not be able to select a rating configuration to take advantage of the weather or your crew situation within a "style" of racing. But what about across styles. In my case, there'd be no cross-over between styles of racing. Spinnakered for exclusively weekend racing; non-spinakered for evening beer can racing. But what if I'd entered a fully crewed, weekend spinnakered race and half my crew become unavailable? What'd be the harm in petitioning the OA to move me ("cross-over") to non-spinnaker? And it just so happens that my non-spinnaker rating is different than my spinnakered rating? Especially if the alternative is not racing at all? Yes I suppose some could look at the wind and say their chances are better to race fully crewed in the non-spinnaker class with smaller sails and a rating benefit so I'll ask to have my entry switched. Special place in Hell for them. People would wise up to that fast and I'd hope future change requests would get difficult to come by. So don't automatically allow class assignment changes. Leave it up to the OA. I'm not interested in sailing with the 135 all the time. The 6 seconds doesn't begin to compensate for the performance loss in the typical mid-distance long day racing we do around here. And just bin my L1, H1 and JT? 145 @3 seconds maybe but then I'd want to replace the sails geared for a 155 LP. We're actually seeing good activity in the PHRF 90 - 130 range and I've lost crew who've become boat owners so that makes things tougher. Tried the junior route and that's helped but not getting as much uptake as I'd like. Yes, once the breeze is up a bit it's about muscle and safety. And moving weight around through tacks to keep the boat on its feet and not spinning out. Also there's the whisker pole, It's not just any crew that can manage a 17' collapsible whisker pole. Hand-in-hand with the 135 max LP choice would be to take a 3 second credit for a max whisker pole length = J (11.7'). Bottom line is I'm trying to make the boat easier and safer to sail when raced casually. So I can accommodate a wider range of skill and experience levels. And even though it's beer-can racing it's still racing however casual, I'd like to not give away too much rating vs. performance.
  6. This was my point about with the stroke of a pen it could happen. The local PHRF committee changes the non-spin regulations and the ExComm approves since "Decisions of the Committees affecting the membership shall be ratified by the Executive Committee before becoming effective."
  7. Ah yes... The beam of destiny... Another sordid story.
  8. I'm surprised how difficult this seems to be. My proposal is to have one configuration for racing non-spinnaker that would apply all year to every race one did while racing non-spinnakered and a different configuration that would apply to all spinnakered racing throughout the year. No gaming the system based on wind. If replying to Alex W. this is exactly what is permitted - a second configuration for racing DH'd. AFAIK any change would be permitted and rated. Add roller furling and get a DH'd credit. Check. Remove it and take away the credit for fully crewed racing. Sure. Same with different sized sails.
  9. Thank you. We also have separate ratings for W/L versus distance as shown in the screen grab above. And locally, the J105 has a base OD rating but could have a separate PHRF rating reflecting a larger jib and perhaps other changes. To my knowledge however, the 105 owner could not switch between the two for different PHRF events - they'd only have the PHRF rating reflecting the larger jib. The exception might be if the 105s were given a OD start in a mixed fleet. Say a 50 mile coastal race. In that case I'd hope the 105 with the larger jib could revert to it's OD configuration and race with other 105s with a one-design rating. And hopefully be competitive in their class but also against the rest of the PHRF fleet.
  10. So I can do our casual NS racing with a smaller, less skilled and less strong crew than when sailing spinnakered without carrying a penalty as though I was sailing under my spinnakered configuration. And do so more safely.
  11. Interesting advice to step up and "educate" myself. Do we know each other? If not you might want to reign it in a bit. What I'm interested in is exploring the process and logic. The deductions are STANDARD! There'd be no second certificate or work required. We self-declare our max LP under spinnakered racing. Why not let us self-declare a second max LP for non-spinnakered racing? Stroke of a pen and it can happen.
  12. What's the good advice? Accept things as they are because that's the way they've always been done? Regardless of logic or what impact it has on participation? Note that in my first post, I asked for experience with this issue and not a recitation of what can't be done. Had asked my local board and got back: :The sailing configuration declared will be the same for all styles of racing. Requests to tailor LP, the use or not of roller furling systems, whisker pole lengths etc for different styles of sub-divisional racing will be denied." No explanation behind the ruling. Goes on to say that this does not apply to DH racing since for that a separate certificate is provided. This is too literal. Add two more columns to the table for DH racing and you're down to one certificate.Also says the rationale for a separate DH certificate is necessary to describe a potentially different configuration appropriate for how the boat is sailed DH'd. All I'm asking is why can't that logic be extended to non-spinnakered racing? Once one argues there's a "potentially different configuration appropriate for how the boat is sailed" non-spinnakered?
  13. To round things out, here's how it would look with a max WSP = J.
  14. Why? Where's the logic? Different racing, one never against the other. Not talking about gaming the system. It'd be a season long declaration. And btw... our PHRF allows for different configurations when racing DH vs. fully crewed. Different animals, different configurations, different ratings. Why not same for spinnakered vs. non-spinnakered? It would be/could be "one certificate". Just tweak the certificate. Example below. No changing the certificate to suit the conditions or how many crew I happen to have that day. If racing spinnakered - 105 distance; if racing non-spinnakered - 114 windward/leeward. Easy peasy, lemon sqeezy.
  15. BTW... The 18 second difference... That's not to try and rate a mixed fleet of spinnakered and non-spinnakered boats is it? Otherwise it doesn't matter if it's zero (in my case) or 18 as long as the spinnakered/non-spinnakered delta is consistently applied.