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  1. jnye

    Topsides Help!

    Thanks for all the suggestions. Unfortunately none worked till I tried Goof-Off graffiti remover. Turned the residue slightly gummy unlike acetone, bleach, MEK, citric or oxalic acids. Still required lots of rubbing and fresh cloths. Kept running water going to minimize damage to the paint. Probably still dulled the finish slightly. Hopefully Awlcare will help. Been one of the biggest PIA boat projects I've encountered. Won't make that mistake again.
  2. jnye

    Topsides Help!

    Pulled the tarp of my new-to-me 38 year old Olson 30 and the topsides have been stained by the brown cover. Acetone removes the stain slowly and with lots of elbow grease. Prior owner thinks the finish is Awlgrip. Any recommendations for something easier? Soap and water doesn’t do anything. Thanks
  3. jnye

    Dobroth MORC 30

    OK. Was thinking price, LOA and location.
  4. jnye

    Dobroth MORC 30

    Or perhaps https://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1986/andrews-star-30-3164837/?refSource=standard listing? Don't know either boat - just looking at comps.
  5. Don't even need four winches. We do it with two. The tack line takes all the load during the gybe so the trimmers take the sheets/guys off and add the guys/sheets. Not sure about the hardly have to ever touch the tack line. It's for all intents and purposes the foreguy and since it's coming from the stem, needs to be adjusted every time to guy is adjusted.
  6. No penalty under PHRF Long Island Sound as long as the average of the two luffs doesn't exceed what's permitted for the symmetrical.
  7. On our Olson 30, other than our beer-can racing which is non-spinnaker, we only do long day races. As a result, we've converted over exclusively to asymmetrical. Having said that, if we found ourselves doing w/l with legs less than 1.5nm, we'd go with our symmetrical kites. Double-ended tack line attached to the spinnaker, two lengthened sheets led outside, standard end-for-end gybes, A2 designed to be squared back. We've been happy with the set-up.
  8. jnye

    Looking for Winter Work Space

    Still looking...
  9. Looking for indoor heated winter storage/work space somewhere between Annapolis and Boston. Ideal situation would be southeast NY or most anywhere in CT. Will consider further afield if necessary. Need roughly 40' front-to-back and 20' side-to-side and at least 10' door height and 16' or so of inside height. Boat is an Olson 30. Ideally to include 110 service, good lighting and indoor temps of at least 60 degrees. Work will include core and bulkhead replacement. Expect to create dust but will tent if that's required. Otherwise, will be using dust collection on all tools and be religious about clean up. Not looking to spray. And leads would be appreciated.
  10. jnye

    Favourite Boat pic?

    My current favorite. 6 guys having a great time in ideal conditions on this year’s NYYC Around-the-Island Race. Boat is an Olson 30.
  11. jnye

    Companionway Hatch

    The curve is outward to the sides so the left and right sides are straight (and the plane the hatch sits on is flat). The form being put together. Fore and aft view. Layup should start tomorrow.
  12. jnye

    Companionway Hatch

    The stock O30 hatch is essentially a box with angled sides. The sides mate with a molded flange on the interior and angled runners on the exterior. Once in place, the hatch can't escape because the fixed width of the hatch pinches up against the narrowing width of the flange/runner gap. The whole contraption sits proud of the deck by several inches.
  13. jnye

    Companionway Hatch

    Thanks. This is pretty much what I've settled on. Going to run a few strips of progressively wider tapes along the side edges to beef up and help transfer the load at the guides. The hatch will also have lateral "ribs" at the front and back - the front piece to butt up against tabs to keep the hatch from falling out; the aft piece to aid in grip and butt up against the leeboard. Guessing these will add a reasonable amount of structure. Settled on doing this this way because (a) it'll be cheaper than acrylic assuming the $300 number is in the ballpark; (b) my time is free and I've got plenty of it; (c) should look pretty good; (d) it's a race boat with no meaningful interior so light below is of limited value; (e) weight; (f) might be tempted to tackle the cockpit re-build if I went with something easier to do.
  14. jnye

    Companionway Hatch

    Agreed though the sliding hatch part is only 24x24 (approximately) so half the weight.
  15. jnye

    Companionway Hatch

    More like .35%. Still not much but a handful of similar decisions can start to add up! Think the curve would look good and slot in under the deck with minimum loss of headroom (which is already seriously restricted). Figured also the curve would add some structural integrity. Only talking a 3/8" rise over a 22" width.