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  1. Que

    Router Table Jitters

    The bandsaws (metal or wood) don't really cause me a lot of concern. The router, table saw, lathes and drill presses are the machines I take a moment to consider the consequences of stupidity before I turn them on.
  2. Que

    Router Table Jitters

    Fed my middle finger into my router table about 5 years ago. I was taking a shortcut and it didn't turn out quite as planned. It's funny how everything happened in slow motion. <THWACK>. Oww. I bet <THWACK> that this is going <THWACK> to really hurt and that <THWACK> I should really pull my <THWACK> hand away from this <THWACK> rapidly spinning <THWACK> blade now... Ya gotta take your time and think about what's going to (or could potentially) happen BEFORE you turn on the switch. Yeah. A tight wrap of electrical tape around the finger and all turned out well.
  3. ???? I've been running Fedora for the past 8 years or so and I never had a problem running iTunes in Virtualbox. I think I had to pay some attention to network parameters to allow the phone to find the itunes server, but nothing too serious. I've found linux variants of all applications I regularly use with the exceptions of Expedition, Word, Excel and iTunes. For those functions, there's VirtualBox.
  4. Que

    Toyota Camry air conditioning anarchy

    Having just rebuilt the A/C system in a Jetta, I found that there were no places for a refrigerant leak to develop in the dash components unless there was physical damage to the evaporator (highly unlikely). Evaporator connection fittings/o-rings were accessible on the engine side of the firewall. A 12-18 month discharge cycle sounds like a very slow leak at one of the fittings in the system. In my case (aside from a destroyed compressor, which was the root cause of my problem) I found a very low leak in the service port schrader valves by pulling the caps and doing a soap test. The leak was only evident when service hoses were disconnected from the fittings, and then only sometimes. New o-rings in the caps eliminated evidence of leaking, time will tell how effective it was. I replaced the compressor, condenser, dryer, expansion valve and all o-rings in my system. Oh yeah...and the engine. I would have been smarter to replace the car.
  5. Que

    Z-Flag Fun

    My take, which is worth every dime you are paying for it: Rule 29.1 (individual recall) does not apply when rule 30.3 (U) or 30.4 (black) apply. While it's nice to let the guilty parties know that they may as well open the bar, an individual recall isn't the appropriate way to do so. 30.1 (I) and 30.2 (Z) are deterrents to those who have a fondness of dip-starting. 30.2 is not a "start 1 minute ahead of everyone else for the price of a penalty" rule -- you still have to start properly and therefore 29.1 still applies. Related (somewhat)....this past weekend's SIs stated that a boat which failed to start properly (including OCS) could continue racing and be assessed a 10% penalty. The Individual recall was still raised, but a competitor could ignore it if they wanted.
  6. Que

    Wheel vs. Tiller ?

    You beat me to it! Rage is my go-to speaking point when this topic comes up!
  7. Que


    We were also at 6:50 with all of 30 movie-goers who actually knew what sailing is. I didn't see any mention of the showing on any theatre notice boards, so you pretty much had to have the secret invite to know when/where to catch the show!
  8. Que


    My wife and I saw it last night in Vancouver. Highly recommended!
  9. this ^^^^ I've had occasion to consider spin halyards for other purposes (emergency forestay/dinghy hoist/outboard hoist....) and a hard shackle is very versatile.
  10. Think of the game console you could build. Put the VR helmet on, sit in your living room at that station, and fly at 50 knots. That's likely the only sailing Hydroptere will ever see again.
  11. The electronics and hydraulics.
  12. Que

    Streaming Exp to an ipad on a closed LAN

    Just double-checked my boat PC and I'm actually running "TightVNC". This is an open source alternative to RealVNC. It works well for what I want.
  13. Nevermind. I think I've got it.  Thanks very much for the referral.




    1. Que


      You shouldn't have to pay anything...I might be running "tight VNC", a "vnc clone" that works just find for my purposes.  I'll confirm versions and actual software titles when I get home tonight.

  14. Hi Que,

    so it does look like VNC Enterprise will work. I have signed up for trial run.  I've got my windows laptop downloaded and my ipad downloaded with the appropriate software.  But, no luck getting them to talk/listen.

    Their help center is borderline useless. I keep getting a user name error message!

    Any tips?





  15. Que

    Streaming Exp to an ipad on a closed LAN

    VNC will work -- I'm using it to feed Exp to a roaming android tablet from a run-of-the-mill windows 10 "home edition" laptop.