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  1. Que

    Looking for a toy convertible

    BMW E46. I'm looking for the right M3 of this era as a daily driver for 9 months out of the year. Last year I found a 325xi for my daughter that has been a rock solid car. Some relatively minor weak spots to look for, but if those are addressed, I believe that any of these great units that just feel "right" to drive.
  2. Que

    Pwned Passwords

    One dated article, many similar out there: https://www.smh.com.au/technology/the-trick-to-choosing-a-password-thats-easy-to-remember-but-hard-to-crack-20160812-gqr2oe.html Cool site: https://howsecureismypassword.net/ Those wearing tinfoil hats may consider the site to be building a very comprehensive database of passwords, sorted by originating IP address, including browser version, OS version and a brief audio/video clip of your living room. I use a different password for every site and keep those in a database, which is encrypted and secured by a unique password. Most of my passwords are now sentences/phrases and lines from books. I'm pretty sure my SA password has something to do with entering the 4th mode.
  3. Que

    Random PicThread

    yep. I was in Rochester, MN on a project, expecting to fly home on the 15th. I was driving to the office when I heard on the radio. Spent the day glued to the TV.
  4. Que

    This question came up recently.

    I said "sometimes"!!!!!
  5. Que

    This question came up recently.

    Even though I know the voices aren't real, sometimes they have some pretty good ideas.
  6. Que

    What Have You Done Today?

    Got up early and went out to a local lake to try to teach myself how to roll my new kayak. Sitting inverted, looking at the surface, knowing exactly what I planned to do and getting absolutely nowhere with it. Try/fail. Try/fail. Try/fail. Pull the ripcord and bail. Repeat. Sigh. making enchiladas before taking the dogs for a walk this evening.
  7. Que

    Email program

    I've been using K9 mail since I jumped ship from iphone over to a Note 4. It's not elegant, but it has always connected to the variety of email servers I use.
  8. Easiest cheap answer is likely a single drive attached to a router. If your ISP supplied router doesn't have a USB port, you can install an off-the shelf router as a client on your network and be off to the races. This allows access to the drive from any LAN attached PC and doesn't keep your laptop tethered to a desk. The down side of this is backup capability. You may decide to have a second drive that you temporarily plug into your PC once a week and manually copy info over. Cloud is a great option and gives you reliability, but if you go this route, pay to get the right solution for you. That old warning comes to mind...if you're not the paying customer, you're the product being sold. An elegant/cheap option is to deploy your own cloud service. I used an old POS netbook PC that I had on a shelf (atom processor, made back in 2011) and threw a linux distro on it. A USB hub and a few drives set up to mirror using logical volume management and my nextcloud server (similar function to dropbox) has been very reliable. Total cost was the drives and the hub. This is relatively easy to setup and there are a lot of internet resources for guidance, but it is not totally intuitive. In short, if you have an interest in building something like this, it can be learned and set up within a week. If you don't have interest in the technical side of a server (no judgement, simply a statement here), this is a non-starter as it will frustrate the hell out of you. Elegant/easy options are the "NAS in a box" options described above.
  9. Que

    Random PicThread

    And, as of last weekend:
  10. I have had reasonable success with 8TB USB3 Seagate desktop expansion drives (8tb version of the 4tb you posted). As they are "desktop" expansion drives, they do require external power. A usb3 hub is pretty cheap and, as the drive will be used for archive purposes, speed isn't as critical. I run them on linux desktop and laptops as file servers, including remote backup servers of production data. I did have one fail once, so make sure you have a backup solution for your backup solution! You could likely run one off your router if it supports network storage options. Basically, plug the external drive into the USB port on the router and then configure the router to serve samba shared storage to ONLY the lan side of the network. That avoids loss of portability of your laptop and permanent use of a laptop USB port. Again, speed of access of archived photo information doesn't sound like a critical aspect of your solution. Storage capacity is like a more significant factor. We used to say that buying more MIPS and gigs was always the right answer.
  11. Que

    Drying out spinnaker?

    I have years of experience draping chutes over banisters, couches and coffee tables with good results. It's a good conversation starter when you have company for dinner as well. Of course, my lovely wife was never that impressed with the idea....
  12. The CliffsNotes answer. Exceptions apply: HTTP: Your ISP (or whoever runs the network you are connected to) can see that you looked at size 7 shoes (in green) from the shoe store down the block, you then looked for tips to make your 4ktsb a 4.2ktsb, including ideas about how to cheat on your rating. And then, for some reason, you spent a lot of time looking at different breeds of goats, specifically tan coloured ones with floppy ears. HTTPS: Your ISP (or whoever runs the network) can see that you had some traffic to the shoe store down the block, a bunch of traffic to a sailing related site and that you visited several goat breeding sites. VPN: Your ISP (or whoever runs the network) can see that you had a lot of traffic to a single remote IP address.
  13. Que

    Point Break

    I'm pulling for you PB. Sending all the positive energy I can in your direction.
  14. Que

    Got any good drinking stories?

    Definitely had to train with liver stretching exercises before Adult Summer Camp. Just the other day I found a set of '93 and '95 WIRW daily result newspapers. Good times.... One night after the party moved back to the boat, I remember watching someone crossing the rafted boats and suddenly disappearing down an open foredeck hatch. Dead silence, then two hands pop out of the hatch to display the unspilled drinks -- the crowd went wild with applause. Most of the evenings are a blur and I still take flak for some questionable tactics as I nosed into the start lines still suffering from the night before.
  15. Que

    uh, a jib traveller ?

    The nice part about a self tacking jib when racing short-handed.... Them: "Hey -- we're going to engage you in a tacking duel" Us: "What, are you stupid? OK. Fill your boots" Them: "OK. Foredeck ready? Tacking. Break. TrimTrimTrimTrimTrim." Us: "Tacking." Them: "Ready about? Foredeck...make sure the jib doesn't hang up on the shroud...Tacking. Break. TrimTrimTrimTrimTrim." Us: "Tacking." Them: "Ready about? Try not to override the jib sheet this time. Tacking. Break. TrimTrimTrimTrimTrimTrim." Us: "Seriously, I can do this all day. The other half of the crew hasn't even climbed out of his bunk yet. Tacking."