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  1. Que

    Go or No Go

    Back in the day, we had a provision in the SIs that if it was too stinkin' lumpy for the RC to sit on the end of a hook, the start/finish could be run from the comfort of the beach (er...bar).
  2. Que

    Round Saltspring

    There's actually a bus that runs from Fulford matching up with the ferry schedule. I'll be taking that on Friday. Seems that some rig re-tune is required after the "Exercise in Stupidity". Looking forward to the race.
  3. Que

    Round Saltspring

    Salt Spring and Swiftsure tie into the plan of getting DILLIGAF home from Astoria. May is a busy month.
  4. Que


    Bought our house in 2002 and it had some el-crapo GE. Swapped it out after 6 months for a Maytag because I had a Maytag previously that was rock solid. Fast forward 18 months. Maytag failed due to family members repeatedly feeding it the string wraps from roast beef. Replaced it with a Kenworth. Fast forward 12 months. Kenworth failed due to family members repeatedly feeding it unpopped popcorn kernels. Replaced it with a Bosch that had no macerator in it. Fast forward 5 years. Replaced plastic front panel of DW as children "accidentally" ripped off the plastic panel when opening the DW. Fast forward 5 years. Bosch goes into "flood" mode as the motor seal punctured and filled the catch tray under the DW. Replaced seal. 1 year later. Replaced plastic front panel for the second time as it inexplicably "fell off". 4 months ago, the heating element died. This and the seal are the only two "normal wear" issues I've had. I am currently pursuing an exercise of making my family hand wash dishes (yeah...misguided effort as, mostly, it ends up being me). I am optimistic that soon my children will tire of this exercise and move out...at which time, I'll buy a new Bosch.
  5. Que

    Best Tablet based race app for tactician

    Not sure if the two of us on the boat can run up that kind of bar tab, but the price tag for a complete Expedition solution is not for the weak hearted. I'm running Exp with a roaming tablet on VNC for now...mostly because I haven't made the time to properly deploy a roaming tablet solution AND the nav computer is perfectly visible to the driver while glued to the windward rail. In my situation, the "driver" needs to look away from the computer and actual SAIL the boat while the "crew" does everything else. I'm not trying to use this as a 'round the can' solution though.
  6. Que


    Ah....LBCs. Replaced my Spitfire clutch on the on ramp of I5 in Seattle one afternoon. It seemed like the thing to do (and everyone carries a full set of tools at all times, right?!?). Fast forward 30 years and I found myself changing the water pump of my Disco in the Princeton Husky station parking lot. Again, it seemed like a good idea at the time. The better idea was to buy double-secret-unobtainium BCAA -- since then I've only had to deck the truck home once. Dependability is only extended to "you can depend on it failing". I'm risking further brain damage though - I keep talking myself out of buying something V12 powered as a toy. Each time I see something it takes me just a little bit longer to say "No".
  7. Que


    Ack. Had a '68 Spitfire (I actually miss that car), a '76 Midget, a '74 B (early...chrome bumpers) and am stupid enough to drive a Land Rover. I bought the spit practically in a basket -- Flew to Long Beach, bought the car, drove it about 10 blocks (and burned about 2 quarts of oil) to the garage where I built an engine. Drove the car home to the PNW and had great fun with it for several years (transverse leaf springs and windy mountain roads do NOT mix well) The Midget lasted 70 miles before a rod bearing spun and I found that the DPO never changed the oil. Built an engine and sold the car. I bought the B barely running. Built an engine and THEN found rusted sills....Sold the engine, scrapped the car and the steering wheel is now hanging somewhere out in my shop. I own German cars to make sure I have a reliable means of getting to the parts store for the Disco. Hard to tell from a single picture, but that engine bay looks like a handful of challenges. After you get most things sorted out, remember to pour some oil into the carb dashpot. Play with different oils until throttle response is what you want. I found ATF (often recommended) to be too thin, 20wt seemed to work correctly in most situations.
  8. Yep. A bunch of lightweights here now. Back in the day...when we had to trudge through the snow to get to the boat...uphill both ways...we had the common courtesy to offer proper greetings to newbies. It's the downfall of civilization, I tell ya.
  9. Que

    Southern Straits 2018

    I guess this is #10 for me. I want wind. Somebody please provide that. Thank you.
  10. Opening disclaimer to discredit my response....I've not sailed VI360, but I'm not sure that an IOM is going to be able to make the spin in less than two months unless it's properly stowed in the v-berth. I wouldn't consider a 2 week time pressured spin around VI to be an appropriate intro to sailing for 2.5 (two with no experience, one with half of your experience) of your crew. The 2 week time of the VI360 is based on boats and crew who are expecting to push hard and to race. Do you have confidence that the other 2.5 of your crew can properly handle the boat at night when you are completely wiped out and trying to catch a few hours of sleep (and a non-zero percentage of the crew are spewing over the side in their misguided attempts to feed fish)? Get your crew out on some overnight distance trips (inside or outside...doesn't matter at this point) to build the confidence in each other. There are some great overnight races (Patos, Salt Spring come to mind) that are good opportunities to get the experience (with a higher motivational pressure to perform than a typical cruise has) while being close enough to pull the pin if things go pear shaped.
  11. Que

    why am i here?

    Late 90's Southern Straits. The owner showed up on race morning still plastered from the last evening's party. On the way to the start area, he starts berating the crew and generally being an ass. At the start line, I actually gave serious thought to jumping overboard and swimming to the RC. The rest of the crew were good guys and the hangover kicked in such that the owner was a non-entity through the race, but wow. We lost in spectacular fashion, but I dodged a bullet there - before that race, I had sailed with the guy for more than a year and had considered partnering with him on the Dash 34. Mid 90's Driftsure. Spent most of an afternoon sitting at the end of a hook outside Jordan River in an absolute downpour while trying to get back to Victoria. The boat was showing more than a knot of boatspeed through the water (outbound tide) and there wasn't a breath of wind. This was racing?!?
  12. Que

    Toronto Harbour (Canada)

    In my experience, "always looking" is the reality that the owners have a crew pool of nearly twice the boat complement in an effort to get to the start line each week at least 80% of the crew positions filled. Been there, played that game...and now race 2 up because I have 100% confidence that the entire crew will show up each day. Reasons for this were discussed here
  13. Que

    Open letter to Microsoft/Windows

    Hahahaha. Daily. But I can seriously say that end (L)users of the two machines I mentioned have never pulled up a command line, that I haven't touched either of their PCs since I first configured them, and that neither has been stuck for hours watching the "please do not turn off your computer" update screen. My point is that you don't need to be a card-carrying propeller-head to have success with linux these days, but it depends on how the PC is being used.