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  1. Good on ya. Enjoy!!!!!
  2. Can't do it this year, but I think this is an absolutely fantastic event! Wind conditions are typicaly painfully light (at least they were the last three years that I raced), but the course options make this a "must do" event in my mind. Raced twice on a 33' boat with runners (what a PITA to deal with SH spin gybes at night) and once on a 47'er (what a PITA to deal with SH spin gybes at night). I'd say go race and enjoy the course/conditions...but plan on being out there until Sunday.
  3. I always find the use of "enthusiastic verbal encouragement" to be an excellent crew motivation technique. It also works for employees and children.
  4. https://www.craigslist.org/about/best/phx/6100073306.html
  5. Two people? That's two complete watches....a full crew! Go Race!
  6. I think the Northern Century is an excellent event. The start is Friday night so you are "fresh" for the first night's racing. I love night races..... Can't do NC this year, but I'll be pushing for next!
  7. For kicks a few years ago, Two of us attempted to row a Beneteau 47.7. For about 30 seconds. Just to see if we could actually move the boat. Pffffttt. It's not gonna happen!
  8. Round Patos is a fun event to kick off the racing season and is a great introduction to racing at night. The Thetis Island race and Round Salt Spring are the week before Swiftsure and are a lot of fun. The Northern Century race is in August which is a DH event....Anacortes to Point Roberts to Hein Bank and back to Anacortes. Southern Straits didn't have a DH division this year but Swiftsure did (only four entries). Straits and Swiftsure have safety requirements that tend to limit entries to the more "race oriented" boats, but I think all other races have a division that you can fit into. As I think about it, both Straits and Swiftsure have "inshore" courses now that might be more intro/cruiser oriented and are not subject to as many requirements.
  9. LIkewise, I have a seed system running for the next several weeks at least (hey...it's just mips and gigs). Thanks!
  10. I can't even wrap my mind around that shot. 438 METERS of drop???? I'm pretty sure I can't dial that into any of my "budget barn" scopes! Respect doesn't even begin to describe my thoughts.
  11. Rudder...I owe you a beer. If you are EVER in the PNW, you let me know because this was fantastic. Thank You!!!!!!!
  12. I just went through this. A few months ago, I bought an Asus Vivobook 403SA on sale at Staples as a general day-to-day web surf/word process/email laptop and found the battery life to be excellent. 1080 display, but only 4g/128g of storage (emmc SSD). The four core processor was fine for general use, but I found the lack of expansion capability to be a bit of an issue. For the price, I consider it to be a good laptop and I expect good cost/service life ratios from this unit. Last week I replaced it with an Asus 330 zenbook, 512g ssd drive, 16g ram, 1080 display, 10 hour of real-use battery life and an 13" display. I am REALLY liking this PC. For the price, I couldn't find anything else in the running. The drive is slower than the latest greatest hardware, but it's a 7th generation i7 processor and....well....it's quick. I am NOT a W10 fan. I installed linux on both of these PCs and run with that as my primary operating system. Boot time is quick, software is fine (chrome/firefox/thunderbird handle all web/email). Windows is a requirement for compatibility with the real world, and for that I run Virtualbox. I've been running various flavours of windows in Virtualbox for years on both linux and mac machines with zero issue. Actually, I still have a 2009 macbook pro running both linux and W7 in virtualbox partitions which gives me the ultimate in compatibility and performance isn't nearly as bad as one would think. I consider windows based mainstream laptops to be 2 year disposable items in my household/business. Linux gets an extra year out of the machine before piggy performance raises too many complaints. My experience is that Macbooks are 5 year disposable items. Unfortunately, in my experience, most laptops suffer from physical damage before they've hit their "end of life" date.
  13. We saw 22ish of wind at race rocks. The two of us were pretty much wiped out at that point, so we dropped the kite through the passage to prevent a colossal screwup.
  14. I'm packing extra sunblock and am even considering bring some food on this year's race....tI'm afraid it's not gonna be a day race!!!! I told the office not to expect me on Monday.
  15. I've got a perfect view of this one from my office if/when it decides to do something spectacular!