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  1. Que

    Personal Epirb what to buy?

    Our whole crew had MOB1s for a Hawaii race a few years ago and I think they're a good piece of gear because they "self ignite" when your PFD inflates. I have a ResQLink PLB in my PFD and my VHF is normally attached to me (DSC, but not AIS). I think we had 5 InReaches onboard...there was a line-up for USB charging spots, but I think these devices are fantastic. I use mine as much off the boat as on. My thoughts were (and still are): MOB1 OR the VHF with DSC works well >if< your crew realizes that you are AWOL or if there are other boats nearby. MOB1 has the advantage of self starting where everything else needs you to actively turn something on. VHF has the advantage that you can try to direct a boat to you (assuming you're treading water and are functional). Inreach was great for cheap boat-shore ongoing communication (mostly "all is good, don't worry about anything" updates). I don't bother having it in my pocket because it would be useless to try to use while visiting fish AND I have a PLB. The realistic purpose of the PLB was/is to help others find my body if I break Rule One. Rule One: Stay on the fuckin' boat.
  2. Que

    Sailing one-liners

    "God hates a coward. Of course, He's not really fond of stupid people either.
  3. Que

    Sailing one-liners

    Lots of dissent within the "brain trust" about what side of the course to take...indecision moves us directly into DFL. Our pit guy sticks his head of the hatch and says "Hey, I own this boat and I want to know who's in charge here."
  4. Que

    Stupid Crew Tricks...

    Southern Straits in the mid '90s. Heading up to Sisters on a 30'er after starting in 5ish knots. Wind builds through the day and we spend a good two hours sitting on the second stern wake of a 40'er...only falling off the wake when a 3rd boat cuts between us. Wind gets into the low 30s and we still have the chute up...the boat feels good and we are flying. Foredeck suddenly thinks we are overpowered, gets up off the rail, goes forward and spikes the chute with no warning whatsoever. No way it's going back up, so we're on white sails for the rest of the leeward leg. sigh. Another race, similar time. Race committee volunteers fail to show up in the morning so the RC chair heads out with his dog to start a race. Wind is in the low teens and current is always a factor in the strait. After the fleet starts, the pin takes off up the strait at a good 2 knots....since the pin is also the 3rd mark of the course, RC goes off in hot pursuit to retrieve the mark. When pulling it onboard, manages to wrap the rode around the prop shaft. Barely manages to clear some of the the line and get back to sort-of the right area to drop the mark as the race leaders round. Oh....wait....idiot RC might have been me....
  5. Que

    How Did You Pick Your Profession?

    Multiple instances of being in the right place at the right time. When I was in High School, I intended to do the computer science/engineering thing. University and I didn't see eye-to-eye, so after two schools asked me to leave because I was compromising their statistics, I moved to Seattle and tried to be self employed in IT. When that failed, I moved back to SoCal and stumbled into an entry-level AP clerk job with some PC support at a company that was in Chapter 11. When that one folded and the principals started several other companies, one of them was in BC. I jumped at the chance to move with the company and did a lot of midrange system support. Left and subcontracted back to them for a while, then the local Telco poached me (better job at a pay cut). Then IBM poached me (better job at a pay cut). Then IBM moved my job to Hungary and I declined to go with... I joined a startup in a completely different field. I now get to bail out of the office for races...and nobody even blinked a few years ago when I called at the end of my scheduled vacation and said I'd be a few weeks late because I was bringing a boat home from Hawaii.
  6. Pffft. My wife and I just celebrated 25 years after doing just that. Our limo driver was also our photographer and our witness. One hour: hotel -> marriage license -> wedding -> hotel. We threw a party for everyone the next year.
  7. Yeah...I'm with you. I'm good with old British cars in the driveway (as long as I have an option to jump into a modern German one as a reliable method of getting to the parts store) and fully understand the point of challenging yourself. I've been guilty of showing up to sailing gunfights armed with the proverbial wrist rocket as an attempt to prove something (not exacly sure what) to myself, but I truly do not understand the total retro aspect of this event. No watermaker? Even a hand pump one? C'mon, I'll buy one of those if I'm contemplating a lengthy sea-kayak trip. I'm sorry, but in my opinion, a lot of the technology advancements over the last 45 years have been good things and there's no reason for me to step onto a boat without having them as options. No InReach or other sat comms? I'm a ham and I still consider SSB a 'backup' plan on the water. If I signed up for this, I think my wife'd divorce me...or more likely, she'd just take me out behind a barn and shoot me because clearly I'd gone rabid. I'll sort-of follow the race and certainly wish the skippers the best of success in achieving their goals, but this doesn't make the short list of priorities for me.
  8. Que

    Favorite Larson Cartoons

    I think my mom had this as a beach towel.
  9. Que

    Hanuman for sale

    I'm still looking for the 12m that's been left in a yard/available for a song. Once I find that gem and fine tune my beer budget International Rule campaign, maybe stepping back into the Universal Rule arena will seem like a good idea. What a work of art those Js are. I truly cannot imagine the loads as that boat powers up.
  10. Que

    Todays Useless Fact

    I'm only an ex-/400 guy. RPG and CL with some COBOL if the group was in a panic. But, does it count for anything if I just laid my hands on an HP-41 clone? (side note, the DM41 is pretty damn good and programming skills that have been dormant since the early '90s come back in no time!)
  11. Que

    Bode Miller / Tragic

    Don't be shy about publishing. One pre-order here whenever you are ready.... As to the OP, biggest fear I (and I assume every parent) has ever had. I still have nightmares about a close call.
  12. Que

    Todays Useless Fact

    I missed the punch card era, but cobbled a lot of code together in "card languages" and migrated more than one data centre using 1600BPI (that's bits per inch) tape reels. "Never underestimate the bandwidth of a station wagon full of tapes hurtling down the highway. "
  13. Que

    These guys are higher then Rick James

    Maybe I should look at picking up a pair of abandoned dreams out of a local yard, refit 'em with the change my kids have left under the couch cushions and start match racing them. It makes perfect economic sense.....
  14. Que

    How to sail close hauled

    It depends. Picture in your mind what the jib would look like if you moved the lead to the extreme and, based on that, adjust. Look at the force vectors in play. At the extreme, if you moved your jib position all the way to the bow, the foot is going to have no tension (be excessively full) and the leech will be guitar string tight. If you move your jib car to the opposite extreme, the foot will be drum tight and the leech will have little or no tension. Car position controls the angle of force of the jib sheet which controls twist. In extreme light (laminar) air, I want twist (car back) because awa at deck level will be farther forward than that aloft. As wind builds, sheet angle moves forward until such time as I want to spill the top to reduce heeling at which time it moves back again.
  15. Que

    How to sail close hauled

    Wow. I can't believe how soft this place has gone. Back in the day someone would have told the newb to fuck off long before now. I also don't see any pictures of his wife/girlfriend. It's a sad state of affairs when anarchy becomes PC... Newb: My recent experience shorthanding a R930 in wind/chop... Reef early and reef deep. Flatten the sails as much as you can. Twist is a good thing (both sails). With the main, I find this to include a slight ease of the vang, traveller higher than seems "right" and sheet eased to trim -- opening the leech will reduce some of the heeling moment. Conceptually, I think I try to trim from the bottom of the sail up, with the top (less sail area/more heeling moment) sheeted in just enough to stop flogging if I'm too overpowered. Sail fat -- I find the R930 doesn't like to point without 750lbs on the windward rail. Post race data analysis suggests that tacking in these conditions is MUCH more costly than normal -- (both in comparison to single boat 'norms' as well as in comparison to the observed performance of other boats on the course). YMMV, I'm still learning this boat and we only have perhaps two races per year in this area where you have to go to weather in more than 18 kts. Now -- you have an obligation to post photos.