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  1. J/70 Owners! The North Americans are coming May 19-22nd! Currently we have 28 boats registered. I spent the last week e-mailing and calling a few of the fleet captains and the word is that many, many more are planning on coming-but haven't yet signed up! Please do sign up as quickly as you can. It's been rumored that there will be 50 boats on the line. One of the class folks is hoping for 70! It's a great opportunity for east meets west. Hope that that west coast 70's can come to Houston and take on the east coast sailors. And of course we have several Texas sailors that are always near the top! Glenn Darden/Reese Hillard just won the J/70 Mid winters, Black River racing is always near the top and as well as No Pro, Stampede and several other Texas programs. Lakewood looks at hosting this regatta as a real opportunity and are really rolling out all the ingredients to make this a super special event. There will be additional cranes on-site to get boats in and out of the water quickly! Plenty of volunteer's to help get the boats through the measuring process and lots of fun on land stuff to do! Thanks to Torqeedo, the title sponsor for this event-It will be First Class! Registration Link: https://www.regattanetwork.com/clubmgmt/applet_registration_form.php?regatta_id=11301 Flyer Attached. PM me if you would like a higher res flyer or if we can help in any way to get you on down to Texas for the NA's! Event web site: http://www.j70nac.com/
  2. If anybody wants to try out the J/88 (or J/70, J/80) this weekend-we will be doing rides out of Houston YC. Details here: http://www.jboatssouthwest.com/ Come see us!
  3. Hook up to it and pull it south-the snow will melt off on the way! We are still registered with hopes that we will get five or more. It'd be great to race OD and be part of a bigger PHRF fleet! What other J/88 owners are considering coming to CRW? If you are thinking about it-sign up!
  4. I have to agree with this. It's important to understand that the car dealers want to always have the "best in class" towing-but it may not be reality. I towed a J/80 with a Tahoe for years. No troubles as the Tahoe far exceeded the capacity needed to pull the J/80. Now I have 3/4 ton diesel truck and the "intrinsic security" I feel when pulling a J/80 or even a J/105 is that I feel much more secure and safer towing a vehicle. But with that said there was another guy that pulled his J/80 with a S/10 Chevrolet mini truck and his J/80 had a "single axle!!!" trailer. He did it for years without incident. So I suppose it all comes down to individual responsibility with using the tools at hand. And BTW the comment about pulling a J/105 at 85 was a joke-but it was fun to tell the owner that when I arrived!
  5. Actually what we have right now is a story of a JGC with CRD that averaged 12 mpg towing a J/88 over ~1000 miles through the worst winter storm of 2013. Based on extensive towing with both diesels and gassers, I believe that a 6 Cylinder CRD should average ~18 mpg towing a load similar to the J/88. At what speed? Maybe 18 mpg at 45 mph, but at 65 or faster?I No way. My 2.5L four-pot gasser that normally gets 27-28 on the highway drops to 19 when I'm towing my sub 1000 lb all-up skiff at 70 mph. Aero drag is a real thing, especially when towing a 9' tall 5,000 lb boat on a 2,000 lb trailer. You towing experience is mighty impressive especially when it consists of "towing sub 1000 lb all-up skiff at 70 mph" with a "2.5L four-pot gasser". What is troubling is your ignorance of traffic laws; vehicles that tow trailers are limited to 55 mph in Georgia. I sure hope that I am never on the same road when you drive a wide load load such as J/88 at "65 or faster". A couple of months ago I pulled a J/105 a couple of hundred miles-the vibration didn't smoothe out until I hit 85!
  6. Rumor has it that 3-4 more will sign up for CRW-Hope to race as a fleet. Really excited about bringing 007 from Texas to race.
  7. Don't want a gift rating, don't want a penalty rating either. PHRF may ultimately be the best handicap system out there-but not when it is abusive to any one design. As another poster states--people won't buy a boat-new or used-if they don't think they can compete-"or the boat won't sail to it's rating". How stupid is that comment? Yet it is commonly stated. Granted a PHRF boat will have a sweet spot and evidently the handicappers in San Francisco believe that the J/88 can plane both upwind and downwind in those conditions. Ie; it can't and 69 is a ridiculously harsh number when a reputable designer has recommended that the boats performance modeling shows it to be in the same range as a J/100OD or J/105 OD at 78 to 81. I would suspect that the J/88 may be even a little slower as it is lighter/shorter then those two boats in San Francisco Bay conditions. A 69 is a significantly lower rating then what it should have. So now the owners have to waste a year of their time, effort, and money, and try to keep a crew motivated to provide the handicap committee data that will "justify" them adjusting the rating by 6 seconds to 75, and then another year to move it to 81. The committee won't make a big jump in any 1 year so as not to show the error of their ways. That owner has to go through the grief of applying for a rating hearing, putting together the data, presenting it to the committee, and hoping that they will make some adjustment. It seems to me a little bit more homework by the committee and a little more diligence would have eliminated a lot of this extraneous, non fun, non sailing activity. It's all about the threshold of pain the boat owner will want to endure. Maybe they only enter point to point races, or don't race, sell the boat, etc. Whereas something close-like a 75 may be painful-but not discouraging. Probably should be rated no lower then a 81 based on the designers' modeling and the current ratings. A 69 is 15% lower number then it should be. Nice! Going to the starting line with a 15% penalty all because the PHRF board didn't do a diligent job in assigning that initial rating. The waterfall effect is that you get other PHRF committee's around the country doing the same. I can hear it now "We looked at the ratings around the country and felt that the San Francisco PHRF committee had done the best job with rating the boat a 69 and we will follow suite-go sail for a year and we can get some data and make adjustments from there". In other words we will give you a rating that won't bother anyone else in the PHRF fleet and in fact it will probably make most of them smile ("go take that you new boat owner") and the new boat owner has to do the committee's work for them over the next couple of years. Why would anybody buy a new boat to race PHRF? They wouldn't and it stands to reason that most PHRF committee's are "eating their young" and PHRF racing is declining in most areas. In Galveston Bay we have a successful Icicle/Rum Race and other clubs in Texas have "beer can"races and those are the only well attended events. PHRF racing W-L in regatta's is sparse. Yet there are probably a couple hundred boats that don't come out-"It's not worth it". So yes "Really" some that care and want PHRF to be more responsible with their assigned ratings are calling BS on a ridiculous rating out of the box. A skewed number by this much shouldn't happen.
  8. Well, evidently the J88 will be faster in SF Bay than anyplace else....local NorCal PHRF committee rated it at.... 69 !!! Schooner-Hope you protest that rating. These early ratings will snow ball through other PHRF's. I sailed 007 in our J/Fest with a J/Fest only number that was the same as J/105 and J/100 OD ratings for Galveston Bay. On Saturday we had wind in the high 20's and then on Sunday it was in the mid teens. Rod J recommends that to be the number. That number seems close to being fair. What do 105's and 100's in OD trim rate in San Francisco? I have yet to make the formal application, but am worried about doing it since the GB PHRF gave the J/111 a 36! I don't know why people would error on the aggressive side for a number. I want a fair number but if anything PHRF should start with a less aggressive number. Lots of learning curve to overcome in sail design, etc. with any new design. Too penalized out of the box and the interest goes down. Good Luck with it.
  9. That would be my J/88. No broken pole! But we haven't used the Code 0 on any long reaching legs yet. We sailed the boat in our J/Fest Southwest even first weekend of November and have been on the hard since. Sailed the boat in gusts up to high 20's on Saturday, a little tamer on Sunday. It's a lot of fun! Can't wait to get more time on her. I do like some of the ideas above with the sliding dyneema to support the pole. We did fly the Code 0, but only deployed the pole about 3/4 of the way at most. We didn't notice much if any deflection-but weren't power reaching in 20 either.
  10. We bought a Triad trailer for our J/88 007. Ordered several options: ramp launch wheel, keel guides, LCD lights, SST brakes. Attached a couple of pics with the boat on her. Ultra! I thought you were locked into a J/24 for J/Fest? Look forward to seeing you down there!
  11. We bought a Triad trailer for our J/88 007. Ordered several options: ramp launch wheel, keel guides, LCD lights, SST brakes. Attached a couple of pics with the boat on her.
  12. All-I signed up the J/88 this past weekend because i wanted to take advantage of the free t-shirt offer. Yes even as the dealer, and sponsor I have to sign up just like everyone else to take advantage of the freebies! The offer was that any boat that signed up for J/Fest before 5pm 9/2 they get additional free t-shirts for their crew. Sweet offer! Plus the shirts look cool-I am biased my wife designed them. As any of you know when you get on the regatta network site and sign up it asks for a rating. I suppose I could of just as well put in zero-but some would have thought that was the real rating!!! Anyway the right thing to do is to go apply to the PHRF of GB and get a cert. Not sure about it. There has been a trend to over 20 years to give new designs an "aggressive" rating. Like the poster above it doesn't help. The J/111 was given a 36 here. Tied with the lowest in the country. Not sure where it settled out elsewhere but I think 42-45? At the time there were PHRF groups that were going as high as 51 for the J/111. All I want is a fair rating. Not favorable, but certainly not one that penalizes the boat. I've been told to campaign and make the case-but I hate that as well. As anyone that has sailed a new design it can sometimes take a year or two just to get the sails right. Lots of shakeout/learning curve to get a new boat up to speed. Handicapped with an aggressive rating doesn't help the PHRF fleet, the boat, and overall causes a backlash against PHRF. Anyway-don't get too excited about the 99-but I think the boat will plane earlier then a J/105 but probably not as fast upwind. J/105's rate 78 and J/80's rate 120. J/70's rate 114 (I think). J/92 rates 108. As i write this I should have chosen 105!!! Anyway we shall see!!! Has anybody rated the J/88 for PHRF yet?
  13. Out of the 20 or so J/70's we've sold-only one has gone to a J/24 skipper. I think external factors are more the issue-such as high priced gas, no water in Lake Travis, etc. With that said the J/24 fleet seems to have more activity this year then last year-in Texas. And a boat yard guy up in Dallas is trying to get as many cheap ones as he can to re-furb and lease/loan to build the fleet. I saw a new to the club boat on a hoist at AYC the other day. Beautiful boat. Whoever restored it did it right.
  14. I can't even imagine how much fun it was to race that race in a J/111 One Design! I bet the participants are still smiling!
  15. There are two J/111's in Texas. #38 was purchased and the dealer (me) has an inventory J/111. And glad to have it!