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  1. Six Pics of 1980's Detroit Boats/People

    Not confined to Detroit, but lots of pics and info in these threads: http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?/topic/60466-older-well-known-ior-boats/&
  2. Arm Touching is 'Battery' Worthy of Lawsuit

    First world problems, more and more Americans can argue (some outraged even) about anything and everything.
  3. YRALIS PHRF Committee Purge

    Golf and tennis have rules, and players may cheat a little here and there, but nothing like sail racing where cheating becomes institutionalized at the local level so they don't have to call it cheating. You would think local (sail race) committees would help with that, but they seem to make it worse - probably thanks to a few overzealous competitors. If you play golf or tennis, you don't get to bend the rules any near like sailing...and there's no local committee to help you cheat.
  4. YRALIS PHRF Committee Purge

    +1. It’s no wonder 95% of boat owners don’t race, why would they want to spend their disposable income and leisure time with that nonsense? IME the blue blazers in charge will never “get it” - they’ll just do surveys and put lipstick on the pig, point to short term “successes” and then wonder why the pastime continues to decline long term...
  5. HDTV Antenna Anarachy

    As others have said, it’s how far from transmission towers your are and your elevation or obstacles between you that matter most. We’re 41-46 miles from major network transmission towers and we get 49 digital channels with a $15 OTA antenna upstairs. With the same antenna we only get 10 digital channels on the first floor of our two story - that’s how crucial your location is. Here’s a resource to guess what you’d get at your house http://www.antennaweb.org/. You may be fine with a modest antenna, or SOL with even a costly antenna. We still use a heavily discounted Dish TV satellite receiver downstairs, but when/if Dish stops the discount we’ll cut the cord entirely. I’ve trialed four steaming services, PlayStation Vue and YouTube TV worked well for us, we had way more buffering issues with Sling and Direct TV Now. They’re all quite a bit different (channel lineup, major networks included - ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX?, cloud DVR?, simultaneous streams?, buffering, streaming device compability e.g. Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple, Chromecast, etc.), you get what you pay for mostly.
  6. What IS harrassment?

    That would make sense if the whole world revolved around you or me - it doesn’t. Maybe she’s dressing for someone specific, at work or not, or just competing with other women (at work). She shouldn’t have to “wear a sack” just because you don’t have the good sense to act professional at work. But you’re welcome to the last word...
  7. What IS harrassment?

    That doesn't mean she wants you or me to admire her physique at work. If she wants you or me to notice, she'll make that clear - how she dresses does not give you a pass. And we're talking about the workplace where her appearance isn't part of the job, maybe compliment her work where appropriate and leave it at that? This doesn't have to be rocket surgery, though some are determined to make it more difficult for themselves and then wonder why it blows up in their face...
  8. What IS harrassment?

    Having dealt with harassment training at work for many years, I always provided guidance to my peeps on what was considered harassment but there’s no way to anticipate every possibility. So I always left them with, if you have any doubts about what you’re about to do or say, just don’t. If a co-worker still accuses you, it probably won’t fly, and you’ll know to steer clear from then on. Or if it’s something you wouldn’t want said or done to your wife, daughter, sister, or mother by a stranger, just don’t. Don’t test familiarity, it might backfire. If a co-worker crosses the line, don’t be tempted to respond in kind, it might backfire. There no need to comment on someone’s sweater in the workplace in the first place. And none of the scumbags in the news lately just commented on clothes....
  9. Is this Nantucket harbor?

    There are ferries to BI and MV, but has there ever been a ferry from RI to Nantucket? It would take at least two from RI today.
  10. Is this Nantucket harbor?

    I don’t think it’s the National/Old Harbor. The National is 4-5 stories and has a turret in the center, and I found a pic of the National from 1906 also with the turret. And the Old Harbor breakwaters would be in the pic, they were built in 1870.
  11. I wouldn’t consider a Westsail on Lake Michigan, way to many light air days. It’ll be fun for a few blustery (maybe rainy) days in early Spring or late Fall, but Summer is mostly light air - you’ll just be swatting flies and motoring all Summer. Westsails have a great classic look, but they’re designed for much more wind than Lake Michigan usually provides. IMO light air boats are best on Lake Michigan, you can always shorten sail when the breeze is up...
  12. Chicago Area III

    Apparently you’ve got some axe to grind, most of us think it’s a great video, but you’re entitled to your opinion. I’ve made amateur videos for years and owned a GoPro and other equipment/software for as long. I’ve also followed some very successful YouTubers and GoPro vids and seen what goes into success there. For every great video on YT, there are dozens if not hundreds that are trash. I’ve shot 4K and I know what a bust the Karma drone has been, DJI blows them away among others. Why else would GoPro shares be down about 90% from their high in 2014. “Did you miss that”...
  13. Chicago Area III

    It's not ESPN, AC or VOR, but with OB footage, historic shots/ B-roll, graphics, aerial/drone and off the boat video (some HD) it's certainly not first gen YT that most 'high schoolers couldn't have done better.' Their focus was on the record, not making a video, and most of the run was at night when shooting is very difficult. The video tells the story, like any good production - if you think a video like that just falls into place from some random GoPro footage, you're clueless. I'm glad we got to see ANY video of their attempt - for free. It's a great video IMO.
  14. J-34 IOR

    I knew a very good racing sailor who was very successful in several OD classes and handicap racing on his own boats and OPB. He did very well with a J/24 and then got a deal on a J/34 IOR. He had the J/34 for a couple of years, and never could win anything with it handicap racing. The problem was not the skipper...he sold it and moved on to a larger Tripp.
  15. Why don't more people race?

    The results from a lengthy effort about a year ago using feedback to two forums (here and one other) and local sailors FWIW.