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  1. MidPack

    Promised Tax Cut - Nope

    I'm a lifelong conservative and I can't believe anyone thought it was anything more than a campaign lie at the time, it was pretty obvious given the deficits the last tax cut have led to. It's a shame what both parties have become, they necessarily work for special interests first, and 'we the people' if also possible - not often when it comes to anything substantial. Yet voters don't seem to really care either, they're largely as partisan as the parties. We get what we deserve.
  2. MidPack

    Pelosi makes clear, politics matters, America doesn't

    I’m a lifelong conservative but I have to say sadly - in order, most adult/professional in the room (WH budget discussion debacle): Pelosi Schumer Pence Trump I’m still trying to understand Trumps thinking. He’s going to veto a budget that doesn’t include $5B for the wall. It’s only going to get tougher for him when the Democrats become the majority in the House.
  3. MidPack

    Kushner should resign

    So you were so anxious to work in “partisan assclown” you couldn’t read past what you quoted to include what immediately followed? It’s in our best interest for every admin to succeed, regardless of party. Grasping at every potential mistake that suits your bias, especially today where there’s more opinion journalism than news, is sad - and on full display here. I’m biased against mindless partisans, not liberals or conservatives as a knee jerk reaction like too many here...
  4. MidPack

    Kushner should resign

    I'd love to see an example, I suspect you haven't changed your mind in any substantial way. My point is that 95% of the posts here are just parroting, even advanced parroting of canned left and right wing views - by people who are absolutely convinced they are right and the other side is wrong, couldn't possibly be any other POV. That's nonsense. The my side is opened minded and the other side is closed minded is a farce. And while you're sure Kushner is a criminal here, do you hold your beloved liberals to the same standard, the Clintons for example. I am not saying anything good about Trump or his admin, didn't vote for him, don't support him. But to act like the left is a bunch of angels is pure nonsense. Liberals and conservatives here are quick to blast any perceived fault with their opponents, while turning a blind eye to their own. What is the point of that? But don't worry, I don't wade into the waste of time forum often. It could be a good place for thoughtful, provocative discussion - but's those voices are drowned out by partisan morons of both stripes. Carry on...
  5. MidPack

    Kushner should resign

    Ever changed your mind in any meaningful way on any topic in any thread?
  6. MidPack

    Kushner should resign

    There are more "experts" these days than ever, this thread is one of thousands. "Concerned citizens" happy to draw strongly held conclusions based on whatever limited second and third hand information they last read, often clearly from only biased sources. I quit playing that game long ago, but knock yourselves out. 95% of the threads here are pure partisan nonsense. About 5% of the population can hold up their end in a discussion beyond parroting headlines and soundbites. "Don't bother me with the facts, my mind is made up." Can you remember the last time anyone here changed their opinion even slightly?
  7. I tried to return an "antiquity," but gave up. As a teenager in the late 60's, I picked up a piece of fired or painted tile from the track itself at Circus Maximus in Rome, noticed it buried just under the surface and dug it up and put it in my pocket. There is no question in my mind that it's very old, though I have no idea if it was original with Circus Maximus. I still have it today. A few years ago I looked into returning it, and I got such a convoluted runaround I just quit trying. I have no idea what it's worth, probably little or nothing. I would love to know what it came from, but I don't expect I will ever know. It's about 1½" x 3", the poker chip is just for scale.
  8. MidPack

    Market based Healthcare

    It's disappointing that some are still debating US healthcare with free market/competition - that horse left the barn at least 20 years ago. Health care is not the same as other services because there's little or no competition, no price transparency, no negotiation among a dozen other reasons. We pay way more than ALL other countries, twice as much as the average of developed countries, and it's not going to get better by waiting. The situation was exactly the same 10 years ago for sure. Watch Frontline: Sick Around the World from 2008, or read A Bitter Pill from 2013. US healthcare is not superior to other countries, and outcomes provide evidence. US healthcare at the leading edge may be the best in the world, but we're way behind on routine and preventive care - the nuts and bolts of healthcare. Just do a search on healthcare per capita or similar, or start with this https://www.healthsystemtracker.org/chart-collection/health-spending-u-s-compare-countries/#item-start
  9. MidPack

    Jim Acosta...out

    I don’t watch CNN (or Fox News BTW), but I have seen Acosta in action with Sanders a few times, and I don’t blame the WH for pulling his credentials. I am NOT a fan of Trump or his admin, but Acosta keeps trying to put words in the mouths of others, and badgering when they won’t, that’s not the place of a reporter IMO. Ask good, even pointed questions, but the other party has a right to answer as they see fit - and let the audience decide from there. Acosta is more full of himself than most WH reporters and his contempt for the Trump admin is obvious, it’s no wonder his credentials were pulled, that doesn’t mean CNN won’t have access.
  10. MidPack

    Pelosi as speaker or someone new?

    I’m not a Dem, but I’d think they’d be much better off with some new blood. She can wield her influence without the gavel. Isn’t everyone from across the political spectrum past tired of the old guard/status quo?
  11. MidPack

    American Whiskeys

    As you may know, there are 10 distilleries in Kentucky officially on the “bourbon trail” and undoubtedly others that offer tours and/or tastings, some free, some with nominal $ admission. We toured Makers and Woodford this past July, and thoroughly enjoyed both. The warden doesn’t like bourbon, but she also loved the tours. I’d recommend it for anyone at all interested.
  12. MidPack

    J105 light winds

    I sailed on a J/105 for several years. In light air with the OD jib, the patience required to sail well was beyond me (hated it). An overlapping genoa and a pristine bottom make a huge difference, but not allowed in OD anywhere I know of. Downwind you just actively sail hotter angles to keep moving, though it's challenging getting that exactly right too.
  13. Absolutely. Much of the news in the weeks before Sept 11, 2011 was about shark attacks. From then on, there were no sharks anywhere in the world... Or more recently, the collective we couldn't talk about anything but Kavanaugh. Now he's confirmed and not a word. Yesterday the bombs in the mail were all the news, even though the stock market had a pretty bad day - and that would probably have led the news otherwise. News is mostly entertainment now, look at the sparkly objects!
  14. What would happen if we all just waited until we know who is responsible before spouting off without a clue? Silly idea, I know. It's amazing how quick we've become jumping to conclusions that suit our personal views, and stating them loudly. And how quiet we become when the facts do come out and about half the population and media had it all wrong.
  15. MidPack

    Who benefits from the Trump tax cuts?

    So nothing has changed and it’s always been just like this? I’d say a lot has changed even if many voters have always been ill-informed. Whoever said anything about a third party, I damn sure didn’t.