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  1. MidPack

    J105 big asymetric

    +1. Was the standard for the Lake Michigan J/105 fleet for the first couple of years (mid/late 90's?), along with a big overlapping genoa, before they re-adopted the national class rules. The 110sqm chute is still shown in J/Boats PHRF table too, evidently worth 9 secs/nm http://www.jboats.com/resources/j-sailing-phrf-performance-sailing-analysis
  2. MidPack

    Christine Blasey Ford

    Unless you’re Bloomberg wealthy, it’s almost impossible to get elected/re-elected without massive campaign donations. Special interests are the root of a lot of what’s wrong with politics in America, it will take a near revolt by the electorate on both sides to change that, and I don’t expect to live to see that. For now, both sides and their base voters are happy or at least willing to accept the status quo. To some Soros $ are welcome even justified and noble while the Koch’s $ are not, for others is just the opposite - supporters on both sides are hypocrites. Until we collectively condemn ALL the “highest bidders” and not just ‘the other guys,’ the carousel goes round and round...
  3. MidPack

    Christine Blasey Ford

    I guess we all have assumptions that are crucial to our POV that we can’t back up, they just fit our personal narrative and beliefs. It’s just as tribal here, both sides, as anywhere...
  4. MidPack

    American Whiskeys

    On the cheap I like Four Roses Yellow or Larceny. If I’m going to spend a little more, Basil Hayden is my first choice but Maker’s 46 and Eagle Rare are right up there too. I have a Maker’s Mark Private Select I bought at the distillery that I haven’t broken open yet, should be wonderful. I’ve read Old Weller is great, but I haven’t been able to find any. Since someone mentioned Scotch above, favorites there are Balvenie Doublewood and Lagavulin 16 (though it’s become too pricey).
  5. MidPack

    Christine Blasey Ford

    Plenty of politicians have gotten caught up in sexual assault or harassment accusations, few if any have survived in the long run regardless of party or party in power at the time. Again, I'm glad the public spectacle is over - it was unnecessary and just victimized Kavanaugh and CBF. Politicians and electorate partisans have all acted badly. But if Kavanaugh is indeed guilty of sexual assault, the confirmation does not have to stand. Even SCOTUS justices aren't above the law.
  6. MidPack

    Christine Blasey Ford

    I'm not suggesting the Republicans weren't entirely complicit in this fiasco. But the Democrats had 45 days to investigate before they sprung it on the Republicans at the 11th hour, to inflict political damage or revenge - at the considerable expense of Kavanaugh and CBF.
  7. MidPack

    Christine Blasey Ford

    The Democrats could have quietly investigated for the 45 days they sat on the information. If the Republicans had seen CBF's allegations before the last minute, I suspect they'd support a quiet investigation to avoid appointing a guilty SC assoc justice - they would have been exposed if they tried to hide it IF Kavanaugh was proven guilty of sexual assault. The Democrats could have stopped Kavanaugh if they'd made use of the 45-60 days that preceded the public testimony. But they decided to withhold it to punish the Republicans (for Garland?) and in hopes of improving their midterm turnout. Again I don't want to see Kavanaugh impeached as it stands now. But if it's proven that he did sexually assault CBF and/or others, there's no way the Republicans will be able to defend him in impeachment proceedings.
  8. MidPack

    Christine Blasey Ford

    The whole thing was a painful, divisive, unnecessary debacle - I'm glad it's over for now. Republicans and Democrats behaved very badly, and put their selfish interests ahead of any concern for Kavanaugh or CBF. And now instead of trying to bring us all together again as used to be customary, both sides are still fanning the flames. We're in a sad, tribal place - the electorate as much as the politicians. IF Kavanaugh is guilty, I hope Democrats and/or CBF pursue it and he's impeached. But it would have been wrong to decide Kavanaugh's confirmation based on the uncorroborated allegations of one person, or the other two. "We believe her" alone is not enough, and it should NOT be. I'd like to be involved in a discussion on this. Anyone know where a reasonable discussion is happening, unlike this forum where it's almost entirely partisans who refuse to look at both sides of any issue?
  9. MidPack

    Kavanaugh Exonerated?

    I’m looking forward to the end of this debacle. Democrats and Republicans have acted despicably, and victimized Kavanaugh and Dr Ford unnecessarily. Dr Ford’s allegations probably might have been investigated and resolved confidentially if the Dems hadn’t sat on the info for 45 days or so - that was a political stunt pure and simple to embarrass Republicans and influence midterms. The Dems ridiculing this weeks FBI investigation couldn’t be more disingenuous. I don’t doubt Dr Ford was assalted, but we can’t take her word alone that it was Kavanaugh absent any corroboration. Supporters who want to disqualify Kavanaugh simply because they believe Dr Ford are wrong, they’re grasping at this because they don’t like his judicial record. Where the Democrats blew it on the front end, the Republicans have blown it since Dr Ford was outed. But If Kavanaugh is confirmed, he can still be impeached if Dr Ford’s allegations are corroborated, so all is not lost based on tomorrows vote. Until then it’s wrong to deny Kavanaugh based on assalt allegations. That said, and I’m generally center right FWIW - if Kavanaugh is not confirmed because of temperament (his testimony last Thursday was appalling) and the political statements he’s made (including last Thursday), that might be a good outcome. The sooner this sordid chapter ends the better and many in the left and right electorate have been just as willfully ignorant.
  10. MidPack

    Chicago Mackinac Race drowning

    If true, auto and manual failed, that’s even more alarming in my view. All these years when I’ve raced and worn an inflatable PFD it never dawned on me manual could fail too.
  11. MidPack

    Chicago Mackinac Race drowning

    Doesn’t that beg the question why didn’t the MOB manually activate the PFD? The report says he didn’t go under until Imedi’s third pass almost 6 minutes into the rescue attempt, and he would have realized his PFD had not inflated automatically. What am I missing?
  12. MidPack

    Chicago Mackinac Race drowning

    Again, I wouldn’t be surprised if no one at the funeral home knew anything about PFD’s much less if it had a CO2 cylinder. Sailors know that the CO2 cylinder is buried in the PFD, it’s not readily apparent and someone unfamiliar wouldn’t know to look. Furthermore, we don’t know the condition of the body, and the CO2 cylinder is so small it probably wouldn’t be a big deal. Whether or not the PFD should have been recovered and examined is another matter, but not the funeral homes responsibility.
  13. MidPack

    Chicago Mackinac Race drowning

    If they knew I’d agree, pretty sketchy if they did knowingly. But is it possible no one at the funeral home knew anything about PFD’s or how they work?
  14. Lots of good pics here http://www.friendshipyachtcompany.com/our-yachts/surfari-50/surfari-50/surfari-50-photo-gallery/
  15. MidPack

    Prayers and thoughts for the Carolinas.

    So there are other places people should build at their own risk, what does that prove? We know where hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and ice/snow are higher probability and relative probabilities. We know the elevation everywhere. So everyone knows or should which locations are far less likely to suffer a natural disaster. As long as home and flood insurance premiums reflect where each of us CHOOSE to live, who cares where you choose to build - unfortunately premiums don’t fully reflect relative risk. And we all pay taxes to support FEMA and state/local emergency services, even though many will never use those services. If you choose a higher risk location, why should others subsidize them?