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  1. MidPack

    Production racer/cruiser with foiling

    Proof by exception is a fools defense. At least in the US, 94% of fatal accidents are due to human error. BTW, do you own a car?
  2. MidPack

    Production racer/cruiser with foiling

    I won't bother arguing with you, but you're applying what you know today, as if it could never change. All innovation comes as a surprise to 99.99% of us. People buy motorcycles and cars that could kill you. Since we're dealing with watersports here, people buy power boats and jetskis that could (and do) kill them all the time. All of them figured out how to provide a relative safe product at a price enough people could afford to go into business. No one is saying there will be foiling racer/cruisers that resemble anything like today's monohulls. Nor is anyone saying a foiling racer/cruiser that's as hard to handle as those currently sailed by "well-trained pros" would ever go into mass market production. When/if there is a production foiling racer/cruiser - it will be unlike anything today, and I'm guessing it's still a long way off. Cars were once too dangerous to mass market. Motorcycles were once too dangerous to mass market. Power boats were once too dangerous to mass market. Planes were once too dangerous to mass market. Space flight was once impossible, now it's relatively routine for astronauts, and though it hasn't happened yet - they're selling tickets to civilians to go into space. And on and on and on...
  3. MidPack

    Production racer/cruiser with foiling

    ^^ We agree to disagree, no big deal. And don’t include me in that statement, not at all true.
  4. MidPack

    Production racer/cruiser with foiling

    A thread where exactly what constitutes a "production racer/cruiser with foiling" is being interpreted in all sorts of ways - which makes it sort of pointless. Some people are thinking about a radically different "hull," others are assuming a foiling 4KSB. Some people are thinking about any foil that reduces wetted surface like DSS or Dali foils, others are thinking only of full on out of the water foiling with everything but the foils out of the water. And some are thinking about a cruiser with the accommodations of a current day Hunter, while others are thinking ultra bare bones "accommodations." Add the (mostly) old purists who long for the days of displacement sailing and hate most change, and the thread is sorta meaningless?
  5. MidPack

    Production racer/cruiser with foiling

    Wow, lighten up Francis. We don’t know what a foiling production racer/cruiser will look like yet, no one said it’ll be a current Catalina or even Melges. I never thought I’d see a 75 foot “monohull” foil, but we have now. There was a time when people couldn’t imagine automobiles. Couldn’t imagine planes. Couldn't imagine air conditioning. Couldn’t imagine personal computers. Couldn’t imagine smartphones. Plasma flat screen TVs were $20K, now anyone can afford a 55” LED TV. The list is endless, as is the list of people who can’t imagine most innovation. I said “A full foiling cruiser could take a while. Even when the tech is robust enough, I’d think the cost premium would really limit the market but I hope I’m wrong.” I also said “Then 30 years later there’ll be foiling Catalinas and Hunters. jk” Evidently you don’t know what “jk” means... I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a reasonably priced production foiler - but it won’t happen soon. We have the Figaro 3 now, but that’s just a start.
  6. MidPack


  7. MidPack


    That is a good read, and it mirrors this thread. People arguing (sprinkled with personal attacks) about whether there’s a problem or not, without any climate change activists demonstrating ANY clue they know what to do. 98% of this thread, and outside discussions boil down to this mindless partisanship - ‘vote for my side because they say what I want to hear, never mind about ANY practical solutions, seemingly unaffordable vague broad brushstrokes is all we need.’ If you want to attract supporters, show them concrete solutions - what to do and how we’ll pay for it. ‘Vote for politician X’ and ‘eliminate plane travel, farting cows and fossil fuels’ isn’t a plan. There’s been more than enough mindless exasperation already. More Gretas just convinces those on the fence that 99% of climate change activists are just as clueless about what to do. OK, I’m on board - now what exactly? From the link:
  8. MidPack

    Production racer/cruiser with foiling

    I think you quoted the wrong post, I mentioned Melges and J/Boats directly. Not everyone can afford them, but I’d consider them mainstream in the world of production sailboat builders. Then 30 years later there’ll be foiling Catalinas and Hunters. jk
  9. MidPack


    I'd say you were doing pretty good, I'd give you a solid B. I'd give us a C+. But my point was for the holier than thou here who keep yammering on about problems without offering any solutions whatsoever beyond "I plan to do stuff" and "just vote in politicians and they'll figure it out" - to self examine. Maybe they'll temper their posts, or be hypocrites if applicable and keep on yammering - like Al Gore flying on private planes (like the rest of us can afford $$$ carbon offsets) and Greta getting a ride on a $4M state of the art racing yacht. I have no illusion the hypocrites won't keep right on yammering...
  10. MidPack


    from boats.com
  11. MidPack

    Production racer/cruiser with foiling

    Me too, but I’m too old to handle it as a steady diet. I assume foil assisted will continue to become mainstream, Melges or J/Boats? A full foiling cruiser could take a while. Even when the tech is robust enough, I’d think the cost premium would really limit the market but I hope I’m wrong. I’m anxious to see how the AC75’s work out, seems beyond comprehension but they’ve already foiled presumably under ideal conditions. However I don’t see that particular approach to foiling ever going to production, docking nightmare among other issues.
  12. MidPack


    While you’re advocating for climate change action and waiting for governments to eliminate coal, oil, and gas emissions to be eliminated for power plants and transportation with all that entails, if the situation is that dire, I assume you committed Greta/climate change activists have already: Changed to only LED light bulbs Changed to a heat pump Downsized home and possessions Unplugged all vampire energy devices Wash clothes in cold water and line dry clothes Live with the climate, use HVAC only for extremes - e.g. above 85F and below 65F or some range Replaced all your appliances with the highest rated energy star models Optimized weatherproofing and insulation Gone vegan Plant trees Buy organic and local (not just food, everything possible) No food waste Grow your own food Live close to or at work Use public transit, ride a bike, car share Switched to an EV Quit flying Reduce and reuse wherever possible, recycle otherwise Don't have children Pay offsets Other actions...
  13. MidPack

    Fduck Foiling!

    So stick with your lead sled. I like the classics, and the latest tech too - both have their appeal. "All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."
  14. MidPack


    Then we missed each others point. In fact I have said several times that climate change is an issue. But I'm not inclined to vote for anyone, right or left, who wants to radically change our economy - with no specific plans or cost projections on how to do so. I assume you're left leaning, Trump was elected by stirring voters up on a variety of issues without any real plans to remedy them. How is that working out for us? How many times will we let politicians BS us into voting for empty promises? Aren't you curious at all about exactly what changes need to be made and what it will cost? The loose actual proposals I have seen from climate change advocates are easily shot down. And again, give them the top three changes that would significantly change the climate change trajectory? Anyone?
  15. MidPack


    Sorry, I’m not following someone who can only point out potential problems without pointing to solutions somehow. The people who change the world are those with solutions, not the millions who shriek about problems. You advocate voting for politicians with only vague ideas without any idea if the idea is remotely realistic? AOC (and maybe even Greta) have a lot of resources behind them to at least point to workable solutions. Did you read AOC’s Green New Deal FAQ before they took it down, clueless? A real setback for the cause. Again, they could enhance their credibility ten fold by providing some believable answers along with their problem statements.