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  1. MidPack

    There Are No Swing Voters...

    I thought it might be an interesting read for some. As for following up, foul mouthed, close-minded partisan jerks will overrun any substantial thread here. There are some smart people, but they're all instantly drowned out by morons here...
  2. MidPack

    There Are No Swing Voters...

    All well enough, but it doesn’t contradict the linked article. Of course all general midterms and Pres elections are referendums. But relative party turnout determines outcomes, not people fundamentally changing their politics. That’s changes VERY slowly (decades) if at all. Actual swing voters, from one party to another, are so rare now they’re not a big factor - turning out “your side” is the whole game now.
  3. I post this just as it's an interesting read, but I may not be back to read the thread as the SA partisans will overrun the thread and ruin it quickly as always here. Think about how wrong the talking heads and pollsters got 2014 and 2016 - 2016 embarrassed the experts, and many still haven't figured out where they went wrong. https://www.politico.com/news/magazine/2020/02/06/rachel-bitecofer-profile-election-forecasting-new-theory-108944?utm_source=pocket-newtab
  4. MidPack

    Superyacht A mast issues....

    I'm sure there's an obvious answer to some, but interesting only one mast of three showing that issue. Presumably they're all similar, though clearly not the same. Will there ever be a clear sailing video of Yacht A other than this (which shows little to nothing, might be entirely motoring):
  5. MidPack


    Wow, that’s shockingly generous! “There will be six (6) boats available for charter and a partial inventory of safety equipment, thanks to the generosity of the local J-88 fleet. Teams chartering or bringing their own J-88 are also encouraged to participate. However, there will be restricted sail choices and specialized safety equipment that will apply to all competitors in the class. The US entry to the 2020 Offshore World Championships will be selected from one of the eligible teams competing in the Mixed Two Person division of the CYCRTM. ”
  6. MidPack

    Greta Rides Again?

    You’re welcome moron. Your understanding of climate change is superficial at best, but it’s clear you plan to share your Pollyanna views no matter what.
  7. MidPack

    Greta Rides Again?

    Amazing. It’s as if you don’t even read what you’re quoting, you’re misinterpreting almost everything I’ve posted and focused on tangential issues I never mentioned instead of the main points. You sounded fairly bright early in this thread, now you just sound lost... Part of the disconnect is we’re in different cultures, I have no idea if special interests dominate NZ politics like the US. We don’t have gun control laws in the US directly because of special interests $, that was my point there. But the rest of your canned babble bears little resemblance to what I’ve said...you’ve lost it man. Take a breath.
  8. MidPack

    Greta Rides Again?

    So you believe the only thing holding the world back in transitioning power generation from fossil fuels to renewables is regular people or “ignorant fools” in your words? If the will of “ignorant fools” was all that was needed, we’d have gun control laws by now, among several other substantial changes. Special interests love to see ignorant fools (that includes you, the flip side of the same coin) arguing and vilifying each other, while they fly under the radar... Real change will come when we have no choice unfortunately. We rarely prevent issues, we react when forced. Until then, money protects the status quo regardless. Campaign finance and special interests are the root of many issues, yet it’s rarely debated by “ignorant fools.”
  9. MidPack

    Greta Rides Again?

    Haven't read the thread in a few days. Scanned and saw 'did so, did not, did so, did not, did so, did not...' with the occasional tangent/hijack - that about cover it?
  10. See the OP’s spelling in post #1. BTW, that’s all you’ve got to add?
  11. I despise Trump, but I’ll stay here. He could be gone in a few months, for sure in one to five years. He’s going miserable when he’s no longer President if that makes you feel better.
  12. Mild exaggeration... So where do you think would be better? Equador?
  13. Lots of drama queens people threaten to leave, almost no one does. Why should you leave, just turn off the TV/stay off the internet once in a while? Trump will be gone sooner or later, at worst 5 years, then you may want to come back - waste of time and money for what? And when Trump is gone, the relative lack of attention will probably drive him nuts.
  14. MidPack

    Greta Rides Again?

    Did not, did so, did not, did so, did not, did so x 1000 - what a pointless shallow thread, accomplishes nothing of consequence. An exercise in jerking each other’s chains to an extreme, that some can’t even see.