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  1. Irma

    "All waiver requests by the Secretary of Defense must be granted. Specifically, the Waiver Provision states that “[o]n the request of the Secretary of Defense, the head of an agency responsible for the administration of the navigation or vessel-inspection laws shall waive compliance with those laws to the extent the Secretary considers it necessary in the interest of national defense.” Historically, these waivers have been granted to address an immediate need of the Department of Defense (“DOD”). For example, in 2005, the Secretary of Defense granted a waiver permitting transportation of a portion of a sea-based radar system aboard a non-coastwise vessel. Similarly, in 2006, the Secretary of Defense waived Jones Act requirements for the transportation of military helicopters from Tacoma, Washington, to Anchorage, Alaska. Waivers Requested by the Secretary of DHS Although subject to the same national defense standard, waivers requested by the Secretary of DHS are not automatic. A 2009 amendment to the law provides that the Secretary of DHS cannot grant a waiver unless and until MARAD determines that no coastwise vessels are available and capable to provide the proposed transportation. Only after MARAD makes this determination can the Secretary of DHS evaluate and determine whether the proposed transportation is “in the interest of national defense.” Process to Obtain a Discretionary Waiver To request a Jones Act waiver, the first step is to submit a request to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (“CBP”), a DHS agency, for processing. Upon receipt of a waiver request, CBP immediately forwards the request to MARAD, the Secretary of DHS, DOD, and—if the transportation is energy related—the Department of Energy (“DOE”). To determine if there are U.S.-flag vessels available to meet the needs, MARAD surveys the maritime industry to establish the capability and availability of coastwise vessels to meet the needs of the requested transportation. After the request is submitted, DHS goes through a variety of consultations. To establish the “national security” standard, the Secretary of DHS generally consults with DOD. Additionally, if an area under another agency’s jurisdiction is affected, the relevant agency may weigh in as well. For example, if timber must be moved, the Department of Interior may provide advice. Finally, the domestic maritime industry will consult with DHS and the MARAD Administrator." https://www.blankrome.com/index.cfm?contentID=37&itemID=3449
  2. Irma

    When the storm clears I imagine you will be able to walk from one side of that cove to the other without getting your feet wet.
  3. Hurricane Harvey - watch out, Texas

    I can't help but think “Don’t mess with Texas” as I watch the news. The civilian/volunteer rescue effort may very well be the largest/fastest seen. One report I’m seeing is saying that for every one professional rescue there have been 5 civilian. Boats from as far west as California and as far east as Pennsylvania, though I’m sure there are others from further. The government is saying “grab your chainsaw and help your neighbor” and PEOPLE ACTUALLY ARE. No bitching, no moaning, no crying…just getting it done. The government is doing as best they can but can’t compete with volume of compassionate people willing to risk it all to save or help someone they don’t know. It gives me some hope for this country. What’s scary is this is only the beginning; the rain may be slowing but the water is still rising. For those who pray, keep praying. The numbers of flooded homes, destroyed homes, flooded cars, lost animals, lost boats, sunken ships, and lost lives that are being floated in my industry are horrific.
  4. How much extra fuel do you burn with your headlights on???

    My car has this neat energy program that tells you as you drive what's causing the most load or decreasing the overall performance. Windows down, AC too low, sunroof open, etc. If I turn on the headlights during the day and then the high beams it yells at me. I believe it measures the load at 1/8 gallon an hour. For whtever its worth, the car is as streamline as a 4 door can possibly be. At 85mph I average 31mpg. The engine is a supercharged 3liter with an 8 speed automatic. Small things like a down window really impacts the miles per gallon.
  5. CT Surveyor?

    Kevin Clarke out of Newport. He makes the trip to CT all the time and is the only guy I trust. Name of his business is RI Marine Survey. Look him up, crazy qualified and a great guy.
  6. dumb question about planes

    It's not a dumb question and the answer is far more complex than you think. Generally once there is a loss like this the insurance kicks in and somewhat takes over. The policy is probably written under Lloyds meaning it's not generally one insurance company its many. There are so many factors that will go into the decision to repair or scrap. Last major service, FAA concerns, value pre loss, value post loss, useful life, loss of use, etc, etc. Who pays? Well probably 10 or more carriers will be involved paying all sorts of amounts at different levels. The airline is probably in for $1M or less. Keep in mind, a plane that has a FAA cert is much more valuable than one without one. if this were South America they might park it and not look back but that's just not the case here.
  7. Latest Boat Insurance Rates

    No insurance carrier looks back 10 years when rating personal lines p&c coverage so you are probably good there. Check out PURE Insurance, I like the model they employ and the rates were so good I have moved all my policies to them. AIG (New Hampshire) is also a good option. I had a major loss when I had AIG and I was very impressed with the adjusting process. Having worked for one of the largest carriers in the world I have high expectations and they did everything right. As for Geico, be aware they actually don't underwrite must products though they advertise they do. Part of how they operate is to farm out all the property and most of the marine to the larger carriers who have the capacity to adjust things other than auto. Though this is effective in some instances it also results in inflated rates as you have two or three parties all trying to make a profit.
  8. house painting help needed

    I just completed having a professional contractor paint my house and I painted my barn, both were built in 1773. The house still has some of the original siding. He/we first cleaned it with a solution of pool shock and water then let dry for 2 weeks. Then it was scraping to knock the big chips off followed by sanding but not overly aggressive. Then prime the rough spots, caulk the shit out of it and paint three coats of the worlds best product; sherwin williams woodscapes solid stain. Tell you what, this is some amazing stuff. Goes on really easily, smooths itself out, and lays flat with no issues at all. I'm thrilled with the results.
  9. Inflatable Rib as a Tender....

    I drag a Mercury Ocean Runner 350 (12 foot hard bottom) behind my sailboat without any issue. I keep a 25hp outboard on the RIB and it does everything I ever ask it to. With 3 of us plus 2 dogs and guests it needed to be a solid platform and it sure is. When I need to move fast and open it wide up she makes 30mph. Defender is always selling some with small repairs that have no impact on the warranty and have a big discount. If I were to do it again I would have gotten one like that and not paid full price. Good boat but be warned, they discolor easily so keep a protectant on them.
  10. NKE Wind Speed and Apparent Wind Angle issues

    Call Seba at Euro Marine Trading in RI, if anyone will know what to do its him.
  11. New TV recomendations?

    I come here wondering about TV's and find out billy backstay lives just down the block from me.....interesting.
  12. How do you politely tell someone to get fucked?

    Wait, can't you go to the town that the building you want to model yours after is already built and pay the $20 for a copy of the plans on file that are stamped? Worse case you can call the person who drafted the old set and ask for a couple of changes and a new stamp. You would think it would be like free money to the architect/pe.
  13. Joaquin is now a hurricane...Plan ahead

    Just for the record, almost no insurance policies require you to haul your boat for a storm. Most provide a haul out coverage when a named storm is forecasted to impact the area. This coverage is usually something like $10 a foot up to X amount or something along those lines. Check your policy closely for this additional coverage but do not just expect it. Moreover some will pay for the haul out but not for the mast to be pulled or other things like that. I will note that the payment of this expense under a policy is usually considered a loss and will go against a person’s loss experience come renewal. Often it’s not worth it.
  14. Falcon, Tripp/Goetz 50 on Craigslist

    Hey Doghouse, you might want to read up on who Matt is before you call him out. He is not only a former sailmaker but ran and currently runs serious offshore racing teams. He is one of the best on the east coast and knows his shit. Personally I would choose not to argue with someone clearly out of your league and maybe you can learn a thing or two.
  15. 65- by 32-foot catamaran 3200sqft of living space

    Up in the Northeast and I suspect in other areas as well use of a dock, private club or marina, normally requires proof of suitable insurance. I can’t imagine any underwriter would ever deem this POS as seaworthy let alone a good risk to underwrite so how is this thing allowed to tie up? If the FH is not insured by a company perhaps the builder is self insuring the boat but to do that I would imagine he would need over a million in cash sitting in an account. Everyone knows someone without insurance but as a club or marina owner wouldn’t you want to assure this thing is insured? Salvaging an O’day 22 without insurance is one thing but this POS is going to fall apart and the environmental impact and resulting effort to mitigate the damage and remove the timber could be substantial. It’s not a matter of IF the FH is going to fall apart; it’s a matter of how fast. If the owner is not insured and chooses to act with reckless disregard by failing to properly safeguard the shipping lanes, environment, and other vessels he would be liable for the losses. If I were him I would be very concerned about where this thing is going to go down as the economic losses from a catastrophic failure of the boat could be considerable and the criminal charges that would result could be a very scary thing. Let’s remember, mom is not getting around the way she did when she was 50. If she goes down with the ship manslaughter charges are sure to follow. You had better believe that the prosecutor would subpoena the Sailing Anarchy records to prove HR was reading every word of this yet continued with his reckless behavior. At this point, is there any way to save the guy from himself? Do we have a responsibility as a community to do something?