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  1. It's not a dumb question and the answer is far more complex than you think. Generally once there is a loss like this the insurance kicks in and somewhat takes over. The policy is probably written under Lloyds meaning it's not generally one insurance company its many. There are so many factors that will go into the decision to repair or scrap. Last major service, FAA concerns, value pre loss, value post loss, useful life, loss of use, etc, etc. Who pays? Well probably 10 or more carriers will be involved paying all sorts of amounts at different levels. The airline is probably in for $1M or less. Keep in mind, a plane that has a FAA cert is much more valuable than one without one. if this were South America they might park it and not look back but that's just not the case here.
  2. No insurance carrier looks back 10 years when rating personal lines p&c coverage so you are probably good there. Check out PURE Insurance, I like the model they employ and the rates were so good I have moved all my policies to them. AIG (New Hampshire) is also a good option. I had a major loss when I had AIG and I was very impressed with the adjusting process. Having worked for one of the largest carriers in the world I have high expectations and they did everything right. As for Geico, be aware they actually don't underwrite must products though they advertise they do. Part of how they operate is to farm out all the property and most of the marine to the larger carriers who have the capacity to adjust things other than auto. Though this is effective in some instances it also results in inflated rates as you have two or three parties all trying to make a profit.
  3. I just completed having a professional contractor paint my house and I painted my barn, both were built in 1773. The house still has some of the original siding. He/we first cleaned it with a solution of pool shock and water then let dry for 2 weeks. Then it was scraping to knock the big chips off followed by sanding but not overly aggressive. Then prime the rough spots, caulk the shit out of it and paint three coats of the worlds best product; sherwin williams woodscapes solid stain. Tell you what, this is some amazing stuff. Goes on really easily, smooths itself out, and lays flat with no issues at all. I'm thrilled with the results.
  4. I drag a Mercury Ocean Runner 350 (12 foot hard bottom) behind my sailboat without any issue. I keep a 25hp outboard on the RIB and it does everything I ever ask it to. With 3 of us plus 2 dogs and guests it needed to be a solid platform and it sure is. When I need to move fast and open it wide up she makes 30mph. Defender is always selling some with small repairs that have no impact on the warranty and have a big discount. If I were to do it again I would have gotten one like that and not paid full price. Good boat but be warned, they discolor easily so keep a protectant on them.
  5. Call Seba at Euro Marine Trading in RI, if anyone will know what to do its him.
  6. I come here wondering about TV's and find out billy backstay lives just down the block from me.....interesting.
  7. Wait, can't you go to the town that the building you want to model yours after is already built and pay the $20 for a copy of the plans on file that are stamped? Worse case you can call the person who drafted the old set and ask for a couple of changes and a new stamp. You would think it would be like free money to the architect/pe.
  8. Just for the record, almost no insurance policies require you to haul your boat for a storm. Most provide a haul out coverage when a named storm is forecasted to impact the area. This coverage is usually something like $10 a foot up to X amount or something along those lines. Check your policy closely for this additional coverage but do not just expect it. Moreover some will pay for the haul out but not for the mast to be pulled or other things like that. I will note that the payment of this expense under a policy is usually considered a loss and will go against a person’s loss experience come renewal. Often it’s not worth it.
  9. Unfortunately once fault is decided the details have little impact on the resulting expense payout for auto losses like this unless you want to litigate. I would start by calling the claim handler directly and explaining the situation. Tell the claim handler that you do not believe you have been made whole due to this gap. Be reasonable; don’t expect the insurance company to pay all $4K as driving any car reduces the value over time. If they are unwilling to budge the only solution is to sue the girl who was at fault for damages. Unless she has crap coverage the suit will be covered under the policy and the insurance company will defend her thus her personal assets are not relevant. Depending on the defense attorneys/claim handler’s willingness to negotiate this can take up to 5 years or be as short as 6 months to resolve. Remember, the insurance company wants this claim closed with a full release and does not want additional expense on the file so they should be willing to settle to avoid a prolonged battle. Side note…over the last 11 months the new car became a used car and depreciated in value. The coverage afforded on most policies only covers current fair market value and therefor the total loss value paid is exactly equal to what it will cost to get a replacement that is equal. The issue with this is when your car is only 11 months old it’s so close to being new that most will not buy used as a replacement and will get new again. Let’s say for a moment you had financed 100% of the purchase of the car (+tax, registration, etc.) and had gap coverage (policy endorsement that covers loan/lease gaps between what’s owed and the total loss value). If that was the case the insurance company would have paid more and you would not be out $4K. What’s the point of me writing all of this? Always finance as much as possible and get gap coverage if you get a low enough interest rate. Use the cash you would have put into the car as an investment that pays the loan and you will end up with better coverage for the first couple of years.
  10. If you want the insurance company to pay any part of the loss on your car it sounds like they have no choice but to total it. Once they do the car will be issued a new salvage title. Normally they will allow you to buy the car back from them with this new title at the salvage value that they would be selling it for (determined by an online system). You will probably end up with a little over a grand in your pocket (2,400 – salvage value) to put towards the repairs. Once repaired you will have to go to the DMV for an inspection and to get a rebuilt title and then you can drive it on the road again. The car will then be branded a salvage/rebuild and will have much less resale value and some insurance companies will not all for collision coverage and charge a premium for cars like this. It may or may not be with just repairing it yourself and not involving the insurance company.
  11. Yup, your kid(s) will have an ex-con for a father….at least your kid(s) will have a father that’s alive and can teach them from his own life experiences. I think what you meant to say was “Today I realized how lucky I am and my kids are that I’m going to make it through this. Thank god I did not become one of those NTSB statistics.”
  12. A true downward spiral is not easy to pull out of and it’s almost impossible to pull out of yourself. If you take the path of doing it alone (pride, pig headed, shy, ashamed, sad, whatever the reason) you will work 100 times harder than someone who reaches out for help and asks for support. You are surrounded by people who have been there, those who have gone through worse, people who know how to get out, people who care, and people who are in the same spot you are in but have not yet had the courage to step into the light. The thing that strikes me is you are not making excuses, you are not blaming anyone, and you are not hiding the truth…that’s a sign of a good man and I can't think of a firmer foundation to rebuild on. A quote I have always enjoyed and I think rings true at this moment is “Yesterday's the past, tomorrow's the future, but today is a gift. That's why it's called the present.” It can and will get better as long as you get out of bed every morning, put one foot in front of the other and move forward. If you need help finding someone in your area to talk to (legal, emotional, spiritual) PM me and I will give you some names and contact info.
  13. My first piece of advice would be to stop posting admissions on a public forum; if they want to make an example out of you they will find your posts and use them against you. If I were you I would plea guilty and beg the court for forgiveness. Get your priest/minister/medicine man to draft a letter of support for you to give the judge. Don’t sugar coat that you messed up in the past and don’t explain why you are drinking more now (that would be an excuse and no judge wants to hear it). Don’t offer yourself forgiveness and be very clearly harder on yourself than the judge can possibly be on you. Make it clear you are torn apart inside for what you have done and you are working to change your life. The judge will be reasonable, though I don’t know what that will mean for you but I would suggest getting things in order. There is a good chance it will be a three year sentence suspended after 1 year so you will be out in 90 to 120 days assuming you don’t shank anyone. Maybe 5 years of parole and a lot of community service/counseling. It could be worse but I doubt it. Should it be worse…..maybe. 13 years ago you were given a chance to change and you forgot how scared you were standing before a judge the last time. I hope this time is the last reminder you will need. So it seems you have had a rough year; you’re not alone. Reach out for help, support, and guidance. If you want to drink just don’t drink to excess and never drive your car after drinking for the rest of your life. It’s not a fluke you got caught, it’s the odds catching up to you. If you get a 6th it will be the rest of your life behind bars.
  14. It was a typo, I meant 12M. Yeah, I know I’m bitching. I’m not trying to derail anything nor am I hoping to start down a path that’s pointless. I was just disappointed to see the damage report this morning. I don’t follow the VOR or AC like I follow the singlehanded sailing as these guys impress the hell out of me. I will never sail even close to the level they are at but I do learn from some of the things they post and even the pictures of their rigging. This is probably why I am annoyed by failures of things for reasons that I just can’t wrap my arms around. These sailors put their heart into the sport like no other and do so on a boat that that startles the line between amazing and scary.
  15. “Performance Offshore” race boats falling apart is getting old fast. It seems to me that offshore racing is now more about a sailors/team’s skill in emergency repairs and less about true sailing. I miss the “slow” boats that you could push hard without the same fear of the boat falling apart under your feet or above your head. The loads seem to be unmanageable for the equipment/design and it would appear that the delta between “working” load and “failure” load are too close. Most of these boats are not fit for purpose and death traps. I miss the old 10M America Cup boats, warhorse offshore sleds, and brick house over-built boats. Maybe they were slow by today’s standards and sure they would round-up more but at least the keel would stay attached, hull would remain stuck together, and the mast would stay up in the air.