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  1. sumpin

    Cabo 2019

    looks really lite for the rest ... grab an extra sandwich
  2. sumpin

    Cabo 2019

    how was todays start?
  3. sumpin

    Cabo 2019

    waterline...good...big boat year?
  4. I would never vote for the guy but shhhhsshee I met him early when he was with his family supported his son, Ethan, racing motocross out at escape country, always keen to say hi and keep a low profile Next time was when we had our cruising sailboat next to him on battleship row, crew was cool and if he was ever around would always say to "say hi and grab a beverage" when we wanted was a great customer at both Woodys and the Ritz, easy to talk to and a OK tipper. Always willing to buy a round. The Hobie gig at SNA was setup by the Surfing Heritage Foundation, at least I think so. Another worthy cause
  5. sumpin

    Cabo 2019

    is she the new tactician
  6. sumpin

    Cabo 2019

    that is a longer motor than PV...bring refreshments
  7. sumpin

    A is 4

    was that a comment on the result for today?
  8. sumpin

    West Coast Sleds?

    GI, new graphics and no mermaid, looks all spruced up
  9. sumpin

    West Coast Sleds?

    rio is around another turbo on the way as well
  10. sumpin

    Do you Race in FOG ?? How thick ??

    it was pretty tame as far as fog goes
  11. the ones he looks at are more of a "vintage" crowd. and scooter won't win, it won't be close
  12. sumpin

    World Match Racing Tour Returns to Monohulls

    woody left his little tool with Dusty in the BCYC parking lot in 1982, a Mazda B 210 I think
  13. sumpin

    World Match Racing Tour Returns to Monohulls

    he's just a guy that likes the discipline of match racing, the rules that apply, and gives more time and effort than most here supporting Match Racing.