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  1. what was it?

    not a capo...maybe G&S which I love but transom is Alan A 26 ish
  2. PV Race

    no sneaking away for the friday guys..
  3. PV Race

    looks like rain and uggg O-Kish friday..less rain and bigger breeze for big guys... rain and in the 50's , I'll stay in bed
  4. PV Race

    um...is it a big boat year...start looks better versus earlier dudes
  5. PV Race

    did the class breaks come in as expected?
  6. PV Race

    question still stands...
  7. PV Race

    wanna see what they do to equalize "old" boats like Vesper. Heard weight movements, even mast issues. I'm happy I don't "get it". Well done anyways. Bet fleet not to thrilled with the beater boat Bud doing so well. Will be fun to watch
  8. Day Rates for Pros?

    Cat 1 pro or Cat 3 pro? your mileage may vary
  9. Production MORC boats

    whats a scooter anyways
  10. I know he did make the move to a nice home above San Miguel. The locals were not kind and last I heard he was considering taking an apprentice position at the shipyard there.
  11. Do Rag still doing inspections? Thought that ended when he moved to Ensenada?
  12. John MacLaurin. RIP.

    gave lot's of people chance to go on a very competitive program. Great competitor
  13. Front page: A OK

    what happened to Misty May
  14. SB/KH #45

    the last couple years have been better than expected...almost always it was better, even much better, than forecast. however, this year agree with the above. can't find anything to suggest otherwise. one of my favorite events, still
  15. Transpac 2017

    ais only good for a bit .. most turn off very quick, well some