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  1. Cape Cod - summer racing opportunities

    I reached out to Hyannis YC about their offshore series. Anything in Chatham or Dennis?
  2. Heading to the Cape for vacation in August. Looking for a chance to get out racing. Staying in Harwich but able to travel a bit...
  3. Lake Erie Anarchy Part 2

    Is thing thing on? (taps mic) CYC Winter Party - March 3rd/7PM at Center Isle Munchies & bevies, fleet social membership sign-up, sailing swag giveaways and sailing on the big screen. Open to all area sailors to get social and pre-game for the 2016 Cleveland/LE racing season. Juniors come on down to find a big boat ride for the coming season. Leukemia Cup Regatta - July 21-24 New Friday night short distance race for all classes followed by the Rock-The-Dock party. Land-based festivities at CYC Center Isle including bands, blender parties and great food all weekend. CSA Women's and Double-Hand races move to Thursday. New fundraising incentives from Helly-Hansen and Gill. Spectator boat opportunities for individual sponsors and fundraisers. Gary Jobson will be at the event! More details and marketing events TBA...stay tuned! Looks like we'll see the expansion of the EYC/CYC Gold Coast Cup combined series for 2016. Great response last year and we're glad to see some growth in getting more boats on line. More details or any questions email sailfleetcyc at geemail.
  4. Lauderdale to KW Race Tips

    So, what's the story?
  5. Lauderdale to KW Race Tips

    Good water temp gauge...decent spot light for marker dodging overnight...don't hit a reef...touch bass with SR CHIEF and ChristianSch...buy the Badfish some free pre-race cocktails at LYC...keel to starboard
  6. Conch Republic Cup KW to Cuba 16

    Per SrChief: Badfish is going SORC. Possibly one more LE boat going and one other CLE group looking for a charter for MIA->HAVANA.
  7. Conch Republic Cup KW to Cuba 16

    do the SORC version.
  8. Lake Erie Anarchy Part 2

    CYC FALL REGATTA - Sept 26-27 Two days of racing and parties on the CYC clubhouse porch sponsored by Portside Distillery and APS. SUNDAY - 9/26 *Up to 3 races Saturday *Music by "Les Royales" *Portside Distillery Rum Tasting *CYC's Famous Clam Chowder SUNDAY - 9/27 *Pursuit Race ~ want to sail Sunday only? Registration for Pursuit Race only $30! *Awards Party *APS Giveaways *Gyros and Browns game following awards ~ complimentary beer & pop with hotdogs/burgers available for purchase and cash bar both days ~ Click ~ Registration and NOR on CYC Fall Regatta Website
  9. Lake Erie Anarchy Part 2

    Entries rolling in at the last minute. Looking like an awesome weather weekend! Join us and sail for a cause...
  10. Lake Erie Anarchy Part 2

    Fleet is filling in nicely for this weekend's Leukemia Cup at CYC. http://www.regattanetwork.com/event/10164#_registration Looking like one design starts for J70, T-10 & J105. BTW- Fun time at LYC last weekend.
  11. Lake Erie Anarchy Part 2

    and T10s & 105s raced 1-D on offshore weekend. Great job again on both wknds by the EYC event organizers, RC and volunteers. Had a blast sailing 22s and 105s and I can see why 1-D is such a draw coming from a full PHRF program. Also, great to see all the kids on Vanpire, Stanley, Fall Line and others on Sunday. Roberts Race is Friday...
  12. Lake Erie Anarchy Part 2

    ...fast especially on Sunday
  13. Lake Erie Anarchy Part 2

    Interested to see the CRW splits with the J70 and Melges24 racing PHRF.
  14. Lake Erie Anarchy Part 2

    Hello ?!? So, IT goes to CYC, Schockstar to LYC...any new boats coming to the south shore?
  15. Lake Erie Anarchy Part 2

    Damn...3 months... Alright, anybody heading south next week?