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  1. fucking hell!
  2. Have you no respect??! Chump change to him, do the math. The equivalent of me spending $20k. Ok, i will send you my account details to deposit the $20k and in return i will produce for you an exclusive 2min video - the subject of your choosing along with a 1' square piece of tangible materials.. And we can continue this succesful relationship for the next four years
  3. Impressive performance from AR today.
  4. Have you no respect??!
  5. You can call me a boy all you like but it only looks even more as if all those long hours graft from the shore crew and team to put this boat together were an exercise in futility - aside from making LR look pretty smart!
  6. For whatever reason my simple question seems to have generated a few replies. Most seem to be along the lines of affirming life and character. Good for you all nice.
  7. AR - what are they even hoping to achieve??
  8. The opposite can be said as well Chauch. It is possible to be critical of the AR proamme and to suggest they should have thrown in the towel without actually hating on AR, hating its sailors or hating PC. Critisism does not necessarly = hate. Ive always been hopeful AR will get a boat to the start line because i think this cup needs a positive story, even if thats all it ends up being, a story. AR launching and foiling on day one is EXCACTLY what this cup needs right now. Look the point is exactly as JJD makes it - you can criticise AR without hating them, and it doesn't make you look a dick. It just means you have a different viewpoint. I don't imagine that PC is going to weep into his pillow tonight because I said mean things about him. JJD is also right that it is a story. It is a story put together by PR people. I am cynical about this type of spin under these circumstances. You can buy it as a "success", but it doesn't wash with me. They made the wrong call continuing, and I hope that it doesn't come back to bite them. If they are underprepared and unsafe, which they are, it will be real people who really die. The question that really strikes me is why is no-one questioning the size of their rudder elevators? They have to race under class rules for the rudder because they have no exemption. PC has made it quite clear that they have a rudder set that meets class rules, but it is undersize for the area requirements and doesn't meet the safety rules. So it would appear that IM is going to give them an exemption (as per the change to the safety regs http://noticeboard.americascup.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/Safety-Recommendations-amended-16713-REDLINE.pdf). WTF?? What happened to the emphasis on safety that he was going to sacrifice class rules for, that he was absolutely committed to? And an exemption for the least safe team in the competition? Doesn't it make you question what this story is really about? I agree.
  9. I think comic pseudo probably still follows and supports Weed Ho..
  10. Nice looking boat and it even floats but they really should have pulled the plug on this. No way will they be competitive.
  11. Mad, I'm disappointed your post is shorter than usual and dosent have the normal snazzy mix of opinion as well as questions..
  12. Yeah, big blue might rock and it might roll right over. Lets hope no one else dies from the team with the disintegrating death trap V1.
  13. Gaucho, don't drink the... Oops! Too late.
  14. Gaucho, unfortunately I can't see how IMs recommendations can be construed as safety related. The fact that he is asking for load testing and design detail from the only successful foiling design which was designed as a foiling boat and has successfully navigated the highest wind and sea state for the greatest length of time is yet more evidence of an additional agenda. Taken together the facts form a steaming fetid turd, an overwhelming pile which refutes the notion that the rudder changes are anything but a blatant attempt to level the playing field enough to make OR competitive.
  15. Koukel, as has been stated already there are several alternate and more equitable ways Ian could have addressed any concern he had with safety - before he changed the rules. And how is it that the two 'safest' AC72s are the ones being penalised by the rule change - and the one that has looked most dangerous (big red was just a dog until it became a death trap) with its belly flopping all over the harbour gets a windfall - pure coincidence? IM is a cheating lying SOB, his actions in ramming this through the CG - and in forcing ETNZ/LR to submit drawings of there rudder are further evidence that his motivation is far from impartial and is instead to secure the cup for OR.