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  1. Most Valuable Anarchist

    BP Shife MSG
  2. Just took 32 kg off 4 hives last week. Packing them down for winter now so that the last we will probably take. Been a poor season on the East Coast of Aust for honey
  3. After the latest weather up there is she still in the paddock? In one piece? Spoke to the guy yesterday and she is on her side. Limited damage as far as he can see now, but may put an end to the project. Will wait and see what boat owner says. Madelein's Daughter is no more..............Damage from Debbie was too much and she will be scrapped. Guess it was always a borderline fix from the beginning, but the cyclone damage tipped the scales.
  4. After the latest weather up there is she still in the paddock? In one piece? Spoke to the guy yesterday and she is on her side. Limited damage as far as he can see now, but may put an end to the project. Will wait and see what boat owner says.
  5. Cyclone Anarchy - debbie

    Airlie under eye now.
  6. Cyclone Anarchy - debbie

    News reporting yacht damage in Airlie. No further advice.
  7. Cyclone Anarchy - debbie

    Just talking (texting) to friends in Airlie. Bit windy and now reporting 120 knots at Hamilton. Agree it will be interesting to see Able Pt marina tomorrow. Hope everyone is OK. 1 death being reported due to storm already. Eye forecast to cross early afternoon.
  8. As per above post, some pics of Madeliens Daughter.
  9. Seen Madelein's Daughter today. Labor of love for sure. Can't work out how to post pics from my IPhone. Will post later when have better access next week. In a paddock in Whitsundays. Plan is to get her back to race trim.
  10. "Heaven Can Wait" 24 hour Yacht Race

    Anyone need crew for the 24hr race?? Keen to do this race, and have a leave pass!!!! Looked at Toronto Yacht Club on the weekend but couldn't see anything about crew needed.
  11. Bees gone.........

    We don't have Varoa mite in Aust (as yet). We do have AFB though and some other dramas, but hoping we can keep Varoa mite out for a while yet. My biggest issue is a very poor season. Cant find enough for the girls to eat. Hoping for a better 2nd half of summer than the first.
  12. Croatia – avoid Silba

    Funny, we found the exact opposite when we cruised Croatia. On 2 separate occasions and we never had a bad experience anywhere. Guess Port guy was having a bad day??
  13. Sydney to Hobart 2016

    Done a few. Good fun, not much money. Best way to get a pencilled in spot for next year though if the stars align!!!.
  14. Lunch?

    That is an impressive guest list. I wonder what they would all say if they were asked for their 'best' design? RH - Condor? Mirabella? Imp? or many earlier ones before? LD - Pendragon?, Cavaliers? NZL32? BP - Stated a few time Frankie? Night Runner? Icon? FT? Would make for an interesting conversation, but maybe they like them all and find it hard to find a favourite? Seem humble given their talents. I'm with Black, would pay for a Legends dinner ticket!!!
  15. Autonomous, self driving cars? How say you?

    Autonomous driving is definitely the future. We are seeing the last generation that can drive a manual, and that includes heavy transport. I still own a manual 4WD and love driving it, but I am not the new generation. The amount of lives this technology will save will be worth it alone, as well as many other benefits. The Insurance industry will be changed forever, and I will not be sad about that. Just so long as they leave some areas for 'real' drivers for a while yet, I'll be OK. Agree with the above, re: other drivers texting, doing makeup ect and trying to still drive at 100KPH. Would rather trust a computer.