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  1. Does your dinghy have a name?

    Lord Farrquaad and it'll carry a little graphic representation of one of my favourite quotes of his.
  2. Farr 3,7

    As for foiling, there were loads of boats jacked up on foils at the show, from Bic Opens to Aero's, foiling's the law now everyone has to foil, or so you'd be forgiven for thinking.. Cheesy foil set up for Aero's of course everyone who's bought an Aero will quite naturally want to foil it, won't they?
  3. Farr 3,7

    Couple more pics from the weekend's dinghy show
  4. Farr 3,7

    Should be nearly ready by now, hoping to see it finished at the show tomorrow
  5. Farr 3,7

  6. Miami Kite Ban?

    Well it's not on my beat, if you want to enter the discussion it's here on kite forum although how they'll react to yotties agreeing with the ban I'll leave you to guess, I was just widening the attention, I don't think many folk outside yotting know about Kite anarchy, which is probably just as well.
  7. Miami Kite Ban?

    Copied from Kiteforum We are making our final stand in Miami Beach, trying to prevent the city from banning kitesurfing on its beaches. We need your help and voice to show our city officials how important this is to us. We have been working around the clock for the last 4 months on this subject and are close to reaching an agreement. We need your help to push it over the finish line! Please sign our change.org petition. https://www.change.org/p/miami-beach-ci ... iami-beach ATTACHMENTS Last edited by Kitemanmuc on Mon Feb 26, 2018 6:14 am, edited 1 time in total.
  8. Badge of honour

    So it was you then, that gave me this accolade? Clearly you're one of the forum owners, or have taken on the role of speaking for everyone here. I suppose I should thank you for giving me the same dubious decoration as some would also give the President of the United States. Sorry if I wasted your obviously valuable forum browsing time. #deeplyhonoured
  9. Badge of honour

    Oh dear double post.. apologies
  10. Badge of honour

    I've not been round here much for the last couple of years, but returned recently to consult with my ovine appreciating sub planet contemporaries regarding my new boat, whereupon I couldn't help but notice a new 'look' to this place, not least a feature endowing myself with a community 'rating' which seems to have appeared since I left. I am it seems an 'Uber douche' which I must assume is similar to a knighthood in the art of vaginal irrigation. (I had to look it up) Indeed an honour. I need a badge, however, I also need to enquire how I got here and how I can increase my negative score, I'm thinking full Baronetcy Bring it on..
  11. Farr 3,7

    Well us Poms are looking forward to more New Zealand lamb post brexit and less of that garlic ridden french stuff. Thanks for the link, very interesting lots of talk about diamonds and spreaders that we don't seem to have over here and even more talk of swimming which I have to say I haven't really signed up for, sounds like impact vest and helmet stuff, maybe I should have gone for kite foiling instead..
  12. I was going to ask that, so unless you have some reciprocal cross boarder arrangement with Canada I imagine it wouldn't, but the fact is since the Brexit result sterling lost around 15% which is bad news if you are in my game which is importing stuff into the UK from you guys or the EU. However there are talks of a post Brexit trade arrangement with Trump saying we're 'head of the queue' providing Tessa drops her knickers no doubt..
  13. Farr 3,7

    No such luck dear boy, but how is the fella, last time I was here they'd banned him...
  14. That's interesting, when did that occur? As to Cable favouring you guys you have no fear of that altering for the foreseeable future (short of your man Trump doing something absolutely ridiculous) we have enough City Boys shorting sterling ahead of the pending Brexit date of March of next year to keep the price of Aero's well within your reach an120.d in the immediate aftermath of Brexit we will be in a pickle until the Government wakes up to lots of the practical applications of Border controls they haven't even begun to think about yet.
  15. Farr 3,7

    It is of course an Englishman's inalienable birthright to choose whichsoever 'words' he chooses, particularly when engaging former colonials in what will be quite obvious to all but those with severe educational disability as sport irony. Indeed I thought I was being particularly kind in my choice of the word 'botherer' rather than the more normal 'molester' which we find more appropriate to the Welsh these days. As Kiwi's they are indeed lucky I have chosen to even discuss the matter with them, since it was one of their number that deliberately appears to have chosen to make this boat too short for the purpose for which it was quite clearly originally intended. But thanks for your concern, I don't suppose you might wish to qualify your last sentence and elaborate further the manner in which my swimming skills may have to be put to further test at the hands of this device and indeed wether an aft mounted gantry and T foil may assist in preventing such trauma, I really have no wish to indulge in sub surface activity and risk surfacing with a frisbee or other plastic device permanently affixed to my person.