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  1. Harken Reflex Top Down Furler Anyone using one?

    Just finished the delivery of a 56' motorsailor mexico - NZ for which I procured an assy kite with a karver top down furler. No problems at all. We used the kite on every leg of the trip. Crew was me and two newbies. Of course there is a lot of winding to be done to furl it, but we probably needed the exercise......
  2. Cheeki Rafiki MAIB report published

    Its a Hanse 430e. Its a production boat. They are all fragile, being designed for sheltered waters and short trips. I don't trust the keel attachment on any of them. The steering/rudder seems a bit better than a Beneteau. The furniture, electrics and internal structure does not.
  3. Cheeki Rafiki MAIB report published

    I myself own a Hanse, which if anything I feel is more fragile than most Beneteau's. I am keenly aware that it is not designed for ocean crossing. Having said that I sailed it from the Caribbean to NZ. The older I get the better I have got at backing off the power earlier. Curiously my average speeds on a long trip have got a bit better if anything, but that could be because the boats are faster in general.
  4. Team NZ

    The biggest change could be air density. Air density doesn't change much with temperature but it does with humidity as water vapour is less dense than air, which can make quite a difference. Having said that I have no idea as to the different humidity levels between Bermuda and Auckland. I have sailed in both places. They both seemed humid to me.
  5. Cheeki Rafiki MAIB report published

    "Except when the keelbolts let go" Or a hose. Or a hose clamp. Or the sterngland. Or that shitty flexible stuff around the rudder stock instead of a gland. Or something siphons. Best to check in my view. It all takes a couple of minutes at watch change. What else are you so busy with?
  6. Cheeki Rafiki MAIB report published

    Its not my fucking boat that's the problem. It's delivering other peoples shitboxes. It's getting on a strange boat that you don't know the history of and doing a professional job of moving it while hopefully not dying or killing anyone else.so yes the bilge is checked every watch change as is the steering, as is the engine if it has been running. Its old fashioned, but its kept me on the surface or above for more than thirty years of deliveries. That and some very good luck.
  7. Cheeki Rafiki MAIB report published

    I have been in "both" positions a number of times. It is easy to tell if it is inside or outside water. Incidentally it is part of my watch change routine that the bilge is checked at every change of watch and the contents recorded in the log.
  8. Cheeki Rafiki MAIB report published

    Good one kiwin with that snide reference indicating the skipper was totally at fault I cant see how this is snide. Nor do I think or say that this incident is totally the skippers fault. Clearly the vessel was structurally compromised before this crew took charge and in a manner which may have been difficult or impossible to detect. I do think that "fact" that the crew were reported to have believed that the water inside the hull was fresh when it is very easy to determine the origin of water with a 3 second test is revealing of experience or ability to reason. I find it strange they didn't know it was salt water. I believe that knowing that the water was salt should have altered their subsequent actions
  9. Cheeki Rafiki MAIB report published

    One item I haven't seen discussed is that the skipper reported to the management that he thought the starboard water tank was ruptured after there was water in the bilge which got worse over two days. Surely a simple taste test would have revealed that the water was salt brine. Two days is a long time to investigate a salt water leak and prepare for the worst.
  10. windvaneselfsteering-whazze beef?

    The advantage of the servo pendulum is that tge faster you go, the more powerful and responsive the self steering becomes. Also they use the vessels main rudder to steer which is specifically designed for that purpose. The disadvantage is that it cant become a spare or second steering method like a hydrovane. If going hydrovane or similar then they are not as effective.
  11. windvaneselfsteering-whazze beef?

    pleeease, the brands, I wanna know the vane-brands & how they did...thx! I have used many brands. All will work ok as long as they are strong enough for the size of boat. The old atoms and plastimo units are undersized for most boats. Any of the better horizontal axis servo pendulum machines will work.Aries, Monitor are the best, Fleming is still good. The separate rudder units like Hydrovane or Windpilot are not as good but still worthwhile and have other advantages
  12. windvaneselfsteering-whazze beef?

    180,000 miles of cruising and deliveries. I have never experienced a serious breakdown of a properly installed windvane. They require no current, batteries or storage, and are simple mechanical items suited to brief visual inspection. Yes you have to balance the rig. Shouldn't you do that anyway? Electronic autopilots have given me good and bad experiences, but in the washup about 50% of them are still working at the end of a long trip.
  13. Mizzen Staysail Designs

    my experience of ketches is that for deeper reaching the mizzen and mizzen staysail become superfluous at higher wind speeds as it pays to keep the sail area forward with larger twa's unless the wind is very light, probably under 12 knots depending on the boat, so this should be a light sail. One of the advantages of a ketch for this point of sail is the more forward position of the mainmast. For the flatter sail used around the beam reach then they are very useful as the main driver of weather helm at these angles seems to be heeling, so generally keeping the mizzen staysail and reefing the main is faster. Also when you size your mizzen staysail picture yourself dropping it shorthanded at in a windy squall with the gennaker still to get to.
  14. Carbon vs alloy rudder post?

    many Beneteau Oceanis have pultruded glass rudder stocks. Most of them dont fail.....
  15. Why do big boats plane faster?

    a boat scaled up to double the size is eight times the weight but sixteen times the righting moment. Hence why huge boats dont have keels 40ft deep and RC yachts seem to have disproportionately large keels