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  1. kiwin

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    It's worth noting, though it may not be relevant, that Mayo & Calder were the event management company that ran the rowing world championships in Karapiro, NZ in 2010. That event made a substantial loss and was the subject of a lengthy investigation.
  2. kiwin

    IOR is dead for a reason

    IOR gave very good close racing. The problem was that it was a type forming rule, and with the parameters used it formed an undesirable type. What I never understood was that no attempt was made to modify the rule to form a more wholesome boat. The close racing could have been kept and a highly functioning grand Prix rule saved. Instead the baby was thrown out with the bathwater and a move was made to the not fit for purpose IMS. Unfortunately this was never intended for the kind of scrutiny and exploitation that the IOR had evolved to deal with and consequently it failed.
  3. I have met both Watson & Dekker. You have things exactly backwards.
  4. He's doing over 100kph downhill round gates in bumpy ice. I think his stance is just fine...
  5. kiwin

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Is the bow down trim just about reducing the wetted surface area by lifting as much rudder out of the water as possible? I don't know obviously how much of the total wsa the rudder blade comprises but it might be 10%. If you could halve that then that's 5% less wsa. I assume that the drag from the wetted parts is more than half of the total so such a reduction would be significant.
  6. kiwin

    Wind Limits - Where are they

    Changing them after your rivals have spent all their budget & time designing and building a boat to the now superceded wind limits is ok though?
  7. kiwin

    Foiling IACC

    A 23,000kg foiling
  8. kiwin

    Mythical Front Page Upgrade

    Not one aspect is improved in any way from the old site. Discuss is just horrible. I give up. Just not worth it any more
  9. kiwin

    Pukers United – For those that have

    Phenergan(promethazine) plus pseudoephedrine if available. Most countries won't sell medicine containing pseudoephedrine any more so I use caffeine instead. I am a delivery skipper and use it myself and on seasick crew. I would estimate 95 % of people I have given this to get a good result. I have tried everything else on myself and crew but they all have drawbacks with side effects like hallucinations. Not ideal. The big deal is to keep hydrated properly. I let crew eat or not as they please but there is compulsory drinking if water on every change of watch.
  10. kiwin

    Can the Italians Ever Win the Cup?

    In this cup with such a design unknown it is entirely possible that one team comes up with a design that is much faster than all the others. If so they will win. Even the "worst" ac sailors will win in the fastest boat, and the best cannot win without it. If the Luna Rossa management group can seperate and insulate the team from P B then maybe they can have success. They are not short of talent, application or ability, that is not what I am saying. I believe that PB, having put hundreds of millions of dollars into the AC will not be able to keep his ego in check and he is temperamentally unsuited to contact with team members. It may be that Luna Rossa come up the fastest design. In which case they may well win. I just think that team culture mitigates against this possibility making it less likely. I have been wrong before. Just ask my wife
  11. kiwin

    Can the Italians Ever Win the Cup?

    Absolutely right. Also I think they have Nick Holroyd, ex ETNZ & design chief for the AC72. Essentially they look to be addressing their weaknesses. Bertelli's behavior during the 2002/3 cup in Auckland included regular humiliating public temper tantrums directed at individual team members complete with off the cuff random firing & sometimes re-instatement within hours or days. Also the team was very much divided into Italians & others. Not a way to win as what you don't get is the the most important requirement - a team
  12. kiwin

    Can the Italians Ever Win the Cup?

    Not under Patrizio Bertelli. Temperamentally not suited & will undermine & destabilise the team on a continual basis
  13. kiwin

    Harken Reflex Top Down Furler Anyone using one?

    Just finished the delivery of a 56' motorsailor mexico - NZ for which I procured an assy kite with a karver top down furler. No problems at all. We used the kite on every leg of the trip. Crew was me and two newbies. Of course there is a lot of winding to be done to furl it, but we probably needed the exercise......