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  1. arr4ws

    Powering T121 transducer

    thanks kevmo
  2. arr4ws

    Powering T121 transducer

    Im looking to power a T121 transducer on my melges. dont want to go solar because its a pain in the ass. Wish i wont have to hook up a big battery. whats the best way to go for this?
  3. arr4ws


    My father had a custom interior done on Jet-Lag (braveheart).
  4. arr4ws

    looking for a melges 24!

  5. fuck this is hawt...
  6. arr4ws

    looking for a melges 24!

    there is enough older melges for sale , not many clean one :/
  7. arr4ws

    looking for a melges 24!

    still looking thanks!
  8. arr4ws

    looking for a melges 24!

    Melges market is tight! i cant believe it!
  9. arr4ws

    looking for a melges 24!

    Still looking!
  10. arr4ws

    looking for a melges 24!

    Different beast in my opinion. I want to sail more and have less maintenance to do . J/88 need more crew as well .
  11. arr4ws

    looking for a melges 24!

    I am looking for a 24. I did a sailing test on the 20 and its not my cup of tea! thanks!
  12. arr4ws

    looking for a melges 24!

    i contacted the owner already ! looking for more options!
  13. Hey everyone , we just sold our J/88 to move back to a melges 24. So i am looking to for one! Looking for a boat with good inventory , in very good shape. Id say 500+ hull number , but im not closed to anything really. Need a trailer . Im open to anywhere in north america. contact me here in private message .
  14. arr4ws

    New to Melges 24

    Dude congrats! Melges 24 are a LOT of fun for little money. i ramped launch mine for 12 years. Here what can i say about ramp launching Add some guides on each side of the trailer. protect the keel, make sure it doesnt move when you launch it or youll damage the trailing edge of the keel (wich is not easily repairable Make sure to have a good engine. Since you wont be able to put the rudder in until your at dock ( too long when you ramp launch)