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  1. dylan winter

    Dylan's New Boat Anarchy

    Tabernacle Good eh D
  2. dylan winter

    Dylan's New Boat Anarchy

    The mirror did though Lovely place to sail I am hoping to take the fisher around the outside of Ireland and then up the Shannon D
  3. dylan winter

    Dylan's New Boat Anarchy

    Both Latin and wolverstone state run schools Pupils had to pass an entrance exam No fees to be paid Wolverstone was started by a socialist council in London How does that sound confounds a few preconceptions
  4. dylan winter

    Dylan's New Boat Anarchy

    Wife jill went to st Andrews Bloody cold It left her with a lifetime sweater fixation My kids went to this place https://www.royallatin.org/history/ 1400s it was just a school this was my school https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Woolverstone_Hall_School
  5. dylan winter

    Dylan's New Boat Anarchy

    Two parts to that....I had assumed that the blocks were so perfect that no fines or fillers or mortar was ever used And, if fines or fillers were used why would the fines be less likely to wash out of a vertical crack than a straight one D
  6. dylan winter

    Dylan's New Boat Anarchy

    The stevenson family http://robert-louis-stevenson.org/lighthouses/ built lots of harbours and lighthouses along the east coast of scotland they cut the blocks and assembled them ashore and then made the harbours and lighthouses as the weather allowed they employed the fisnest stonemasons from around thw world - blokes who normally built cathedrals I first noticed the weird block placement on the harbour at Anstruther https://www.fife.gov.uk/facilities/beaches-and-harbours/anstruther-harbour where I spent a winter with the trailer sailer I really enjoyed my winter in the firth of forth Anstruther it is a drying harbour so it is a bit weird I was told that the block placement was to allow the sea water to drain out because flat laid blocks allow water to puddle and when it freezes the ice forces the blocks apart and breaks up the harbour wall. Dylan PS done without the internet PPS Louis Stevenson - the man with the donkey in France - was regarded by the rest of the heavy engineering down to earth family as a bit of a flibbertygibbet It turned out apart from us sailors, who still use their lighthouses as a navigation aide, Victor was the most famous because he walked through france with a pack donkey! There are some films about Anstruther .... somewhere
  7. dylan winter

    Diesel Bug and Marine 16 treatment - is it working?

    not under current lockdown rules due to be eased mid march(ish)
  8. dylan winter

    Diesel Bug and Marine 16 treatment - is it working?

    a short yet image heavy report. This is the old Delphi 286 bottom unloading fuel filter complete with lasagne drip tray. It is a bastard to get at. This was the filter paper I replaced three weeks ago - I was surprised at how bad it was and was beginning to doubt that the Marine 16 could do the job - on the bright side it showed that the gunge was on the move. I removed the top with a can opener - fekkin frightenin if you ask me. the paper spiral was bad too despite the crud the engine was running with no problems. I replaced the above filter with a new one. The plan, following advice on here, was to replace the hard to reach bottom unloading filter with a Racor type top-loader. So I got busy on ebay - I ordered a chinese knock off racor "type" for £35 as opposed to £200 for the real Racor. I ordered pipe-work, T pieces, fuel line sealant, not enough jubillee clips. I am going to guess around £60 worth of gubbins. I carried on sailing for about three weeks using around 10 litres of fuel per week. In the meantime I was waiting for the jiffy bags to arrive. By Monday it was all here so I removed the Delphi filter system, associated mixed size pipework and eclectic connections. We have had some pretty crap weather and the tank is about 3/4 full of fuel that has been over-dosed with Marine 16 so plenty of scope for tank agitation on the mooring. this is what the final delphi looked like after 30 litres of well doped and well agitated fuel passed through it. Pretty good I would say. Reasons to be cheerful. so that might be progress. In the old days it would have been a trip around the motor factors to assemble the bits. But I would have had everything in one morning. Now with Covid and ebay it all takes a lot longer. There is a lot of packaging I had to extend the bulkhead and move the electric pump for the taylor heater fuel supply to make room for the larger filter and its 10mm pipe-work. this is the racor type filter in position bolted to the bulkhead extension. I used a fuel line sealant on all the rubber to metal joints and nothing at all on the metal to metal joints. The fuel tap on the bottom of the tank is imperial with some imperial copper pipe . I cut the copper pipe in an easy place and smeared fuel line sealant on it and then sleeved the metric rubber fuel pipe over the imperial copper pipe - I triple clipped the rubber fuel line to the copper. It seems to be fuel tight. I have no fuel guage so I fitted a site tube It is not pretty and is obviously not a temperature resitant pipe - but I have three fire extinguishers and now I know how much fuel is in the tank. I spent two days doing engine bay pilates while rolling around on top of the engine compartment with my arms hanging down. I am not proud of my workmanship - but then it is probably no worse than at least three of the eight blokes who have owned the fisher 25 before me. I am sure that those elegant curves of fuel pipe will make excellent places for crud to settle. So, I will run it like this until the spring when hopefully they will lower the covid regs and let me sleep on the boat. Dylan
  9. chippy fekker till the end may he rot in hell when he finally pops his clogs
  10. that would be such a marvelous plot twist D
  11. Changing boats is like thread drift .... it is a good thing D Ps fitted the racor today
  12. dylan winter

    Trump expected to pardon upwards of 100 Tuesday morning

    now that is interesting I had forgotten about her D
  13. dylan winter

    Trump expected to pardon upwards of 100 Tuesday morning

    100 pardons in a day I cannot wait to find out who gets one and who is left out D