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  1. nope ready for shallow sailing in places where hurricanes seldom happen I promise you I will never get in a position where I am operating a three decker cat in places where the wind blows v hard D
  2. strangely enough I am rather attracted to one of these https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=hirondelle+catamaran&client=firefox-b&dcr=0&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjQu9a1w7PWAhWF1hoKHeKOA_EQ_AUICigB&biw=1536&bih=766
  3. no worriers Tom - water under the bridge
  4. I think that for some of the vloggers that is true..... but almost certainly never true of anyone who gets a decent number of hits. make shit films... you will be guaranteed to earn shit money. Youtube pays $1 per thousand views... so the youtbe money, the money from knockers viewing knockers , iis tiny commpared to those who chip for patreon, buy the merch or increasingly those who pay for enbedded advertising such as prooduct placement. My guess is that each La Vag films at 20 minutes (now twice a week) takes at least three days of editing..... To make those films they probably have $10,000 worth of cameras plus some top spec laptops , a lot of data storage and their bandwidth costs must be humongous . The life expectancy of hard used cameras on boats is around a year to 18 months.. I assume that the La vag camera man/editor earns good money from the project. Any operation turning over $10,000 a week is serious stuff. the costs are massive - just parking a cat the size of a tennis court plus the costs of running the boat, feeding people, insurance, paperwork etc etc. Delos and La vag are working their buts off in the hull of a hot boat while those around them in the anchorage are just swimming and drinking. . The La vag people arrived in port in one of their vids, wanted to go for a swim but said that they were going to spend the morning working - presumably editing, dealing with comments, uploading etc etc. I was selling DVDs and more than covering my costs (for a 22 footer sailing within driving distance of home). I reckon running the boat in scotland 500 miiles from home, and replacing the cameras was costing me around £6,000 a year. The 1,200 or so DVD sales a year was more than covering those costs. Then the DVD sales stopped and I was down to the buskers cup. Then in January I finally ran out of money for the project, sold the boat and stopped filming. Now I am like Tom and post crud about my local river. Tom has offered me some "robust" advice on my efforts....even left some of his "robust" advice on my website.... which I removed. bad comments about the vloggers and how they hate the films and the genre is rife. People love to criticise them - even for the way they keep their sheets and ropes. . However, here are some awful truths for you chaps. The only people the patreon vloggers care about are those who chip in. All the other stuff is just noise that they have to edit out of the comments left on youtube - as they do,.. as do I.. . it always amazes me that people are so engaged with the material that they write about how crap it is yet when the image of the pretty girl on the foredeck comes up they still click on it. As many say they have never watched a whole la vag episode. I don't think I have either. They don't care about us - they care about are those who tap in, buy the merch etc etc. They give not a flying fig for the moaners. This autumn I will be posting the remaining ten films from KTL. Each will be around 45 minutes long, will have a proper narrative, a good voice over, a bit of brain food, some excellent well filmed scenery. Each film will take me about two weeks of hard graft at the computer to make. Tom et al place no value on that work at all. When they watch the films all they see is some-one sailing in a place they would rather like to go yet never will ... that pisses them off so they attack. I expect that each of the last ten films will get around 12,000 views in its first year. About three per cent of the people who wqtch the films to the end will be fairly regular tappers.... the rest will never tap in. Nothing wrong with that... this is the web. There have been a few comments on this thread along the lines of "I don't watch la Vag because it is crap. I watch Dylan,s films right to the end.... but do not pay for those either." Well chaps.... La Vag goes from strength to strength because they are offering what the market is prepared to pay for while KTL is on its last ten films. In this world you get get you you pay for - even if it offered to you free at the point of delivery
  5. bloody Nora! I assume the blond woman needs a new surgeon - the scales are showing. I spend a lot of time observing American politics as reflected through the stuff that is posted to youtube. Thanks god for shields and Brooks on PBS
  6. this is former Utah Gov Jon Huntsman saying that the Russkies fiddled the Mercan election However, the people standing behind him in this clip are rather freaky enough to add a scintilla of credibility to the lizard stories
  7. I assume that to get these people to co-operate Mueller has to apply the sort of pressure that trump cannot alleviate with a pardon. No get out of jail free card because Mueller can imply his friends in the state judiciaries will find all this information that Mueller can supply of extreme interest/ I also assume that if/whenKushner used data illegally obtained from state servers then that is a state offense. I love the idea that face-book took $100,000 dollars worth of advertising given to it in Rubles for targetting adverts. Those of us who believe in democracy need to sharpen up our act. Trumpists can go their own way D
  8. I assume that Mueller and his team have explained to Kushner, manafort and Flynn that the Trump pardon is worthless given the powers of the state presecutors - not just new york but in all the states where the Russians and their friends went out on data mining trips around the state servers. Just a guess D
  9. while you chaps dance on the head of a pin with the what if's and suppose this, pretend that Kushner and Manafort.... still toast
  10. More time in the toaster for Kushner
  11. I think that your lovely film showed what a devastatingly clever tool Imovie is in the hands of a true expert. How long did it take you to turn the rushes into such a delightful film? worth every penny of the $42.50. D
  12. it is always good to make films which get a visceral reaction among the viewers
  13. there is a degree of unseemly excitement about unveiling La Vag plastic busters... particularly among the non paying knocker knockers It is entirely possible that those who have chipped in have already seen the unveiling through the special films posted for Patrons - hence the tantalising peek-a-boo game that is currently under way with the non payers who are keen to get a glimpse of the surgeons art as applied to a wench young enough to be their grand-daughter. I myself allow my paypal tappers to watch me having a birdy bath in the cockpit using nothing other than a bucket of warm soapy water, a large yellow sponge, a stiff brush and an umbrella. That is what I call added value over here at KTL industries. Incidentally - fekkin cold weather is on its way here on The English East Coast
  14. I know this is rich coming from a Brit who lives in a country with a long list of incompetent toffs in high places there just because of who their father is/was - but bloody Nora chaps - what with Flynn, De vos, Kushey boym and Don/eric/Ivanka - you guys make us brits llok like rank amatuers when it comes to greasing the way to the top for family members D
  15. well I think that the film really licked along nicely - I assume you must take some credit for the beautiful editing and post production effort that some-one clearly put into it. As a pro I can tell that an extremely talented person must have pulled an all nighter to get it to work as well as it does. Hearty congratulations to all involved. D