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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-devon-53314228 A man who built a 16-foot sailing dinghy in his house was forced to remove his patio door to get it out. Ex-land surveyor Steve Goodchild, from Paignton, spent 13 hours a day for the past three months to complete the vessel, he named Barnacle. Mr Goodchild said had he stuck to his original design it would have sailed through the door without any problem.
  2. dylan winter

    Lincoln Project - getting better with every film

    good though innit
  3. dylan winter

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    this couple sold "everything" to buy a cat as big as a badminton court and covid hit them.... so they are now living on a 22 footer with a baby Dylan PS I have just put up a film aboout a trip from Loch Etive to Loch Moidart and have been roundly attacked by some Scottish people for my accent. I come from a small inner city area of Lonnon (London) called 'Olloway (Holloway) which is near 'arringay and not far from Befnal Green. I seldom attack scottish people for mispronouncing the names of the places where I grew up.
  4. dylan winter

    What a Great speech

    that is his genius the we is you and him the they is anyone you dislike - litterbugs, liberals, cyclists, non fundamentalist christians, people who are not white, people not men, all journalists, anyone who does not own at least one pick-up.
  5. dylan winter

    What a Great speech

    here it is in full he is good he does hate very well cold dark anger revenge all those good things D
  6. dylan winter

    V-berth anarchy

    you go to bed first then watch things unfolding from an entirely new perspective D
  7. dylan winter

    One month after opening, Covid 19 spiking

    does that mean that the more deaths the more lives are saved? so the higher the death rate the safer we are death is good, black is white, oppression is freedom double speak in action cool
  8. dylan winter

    Epstein: the Deafening Silence

    fox is going in hard on this story - but without mentioing Trump........ so far something is afoot
  9. dylan winter

    What a Great speech

    bloody cultural appropriation by those pesky university types who lampoon people wise ass bastards Dylan PS - it was the best Trump speech I have not bothered to listen too. He is the best orator the world has ever seen
  10. dylan winter

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    360 degree camera does it bring anything to the table? that aside - covid appears to be wreaking havoc with many a top vloggers video publishing schedules D
  11. I think this thread needs a picture of a woman with large knees and a split skirt doing political work of some sort here she is working on an environmental project of some sort and here she is doing essential charity work of some sort she is a work machine doing good things wherever she goes
  12. dylan winter


    when I saw that you had responded to my post I opened the link with some trepidation but you were nice and positive ! goodonya Dylan PS - as a child I can remember that there were four dead airfields within a daysbike ride of home - huge areas of concrete runways, control towers, nissan huts. I never thought much about them beyond being a place for kids to arse-about in. I remember the lorries full of broken up concrete being driven past our house when they dismantled them. I also learned to drive on one of them. later on in life I learned what happened at those dromes - how they were the last place on earth thousands of American best generation saw on this earth. An astonishing expenditure of life and resources on a just cause. There is one near me, they have a museum there - a preserved NCO's mess - these were the flight sergeatnts and gunners... ordinary fighting Joes. My dad was an artillary man , he was was at al alamein with yanks and then fought his way up through italy side by side with american units. He had American friends from that time he kept forever. We are still friends with the next generation and the one after that. Please dump the orange twassock and all he stands for - you are so much better than him.
  13. dylan winter


    this morning I cycled to Martlesham - it is a short ten mile journey - just an old man on an ebike going to buy some boat varnish. On the way I passed this memorial at Martlesham airfield - it is but one of hundreds all over east anglia - dedicated to men who came to this corner of england and night after night flew off into the darkness knowing that each mission might carry a 10 per cent loss. there are a lot names on it - and these were flyers - they were the best you guys had to offer and they came here to fight fascists. They were young men.... mostly younger than my son..... They trained to the ultimate level.... they were flying machines built by an astonishing industrial effort. Ford were churning out a bomber every hour. I do hope that America can come through this period of dancing around the edges of fascism and lies. America can be great again - but not under the incumbant self serving twassock and his multi-layerd cabal of enablers - including the ones on here. That aside.... I would like to thank your parents and grandparents for their help and sacrifice. Dylan D
  14. dylan winter

    Have Torqueedo Outboards Come of Age Yet

    the prop would break - very fragile.... and the fin too. The props break before the shear pin goes - which s a shame. A replacement prop is £80. You can "solve" the propblem by filling the damaged areas with epoxy I liked the torqueedo ....but not tough enough for this hombre my trolling motor is better on almost all counts - range, price, toughness.... not top speed though D