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  1. in the UK all our voting is paper voting early is available - and yes people have been caught cheating on that having watched your election and the trump administration via youtube I don't think that we have the same problem at the moment we have the BBC and that works as a sort of sheet anchor of accuracy keeping the crazies in check a little - we also do not have the same tradition of shock jocks and rules against hate speach I was really interested to see how trump jumped on the Brexit as some sort5 of endorsement of his campaign I failed to see any connection I voted to remain but leaving is not a zero sum game British politics moves at lightening speed - europe moves slower than a slow thing. The parliamentary system also makes it dead easy to dump a party leader as soon as they become a liability - they get dumped in office I think google algorithms are not without some involvement in this Dylan
  2. I assume he is hosing the investigators with information about Kushner https://www.nytimes.com/2017/03/02/us/politics/kushner-flynn-sessions-russia.html I enjoyed hearing Kushners speaking voice no wonder he is shy of microphones - he makes Bill Gates sound stentorian
  3. goodonim I reckon she looked a fine site storming up the river with the tide under him he sailed wing on wing through the moorings It was lovely light that night We always get adventurous dutchmen coming up here and dropping their hooks into the mud and watching the sun going down in a perfect anchorage once the hook goes down into the mud it will never drag makes a mess of the foredeck when it comes up though - a small price to pay for a good night's sleep. some-one somewhere has made some films about the Deben D
  4. bloody handsome boat I reckon sorry about the wobble I was in the 9 foot sailing tender
  5. As an outsider of course.... surely the old system of going into a polling booth and putting your cross on a bit of paper on the day of the election and then handing the counting over to hundreds of hard top corrupt grannies the way we do it in the UK is a better and safer system And voice aside Jared wants to put as much American govt business on the cloud as possible.... that does not seem awfully wise given his Russian meetings and involvement with data processing. How much sensitive data have the Russians harvested already with his help? yours A well wisher across the ocean
  6. pleased to see the busters word appears to have crossed the atlantic from suffolk to Merca. they are on their way around the med -good for both of them I say - and the two blokes on board.
  7. God bless the NHS. As I enter my sixties I am really pleased that we are not forking out for health insurance. Dylan
  8. excellent interweaving thread wafting between naughty fishermen and back to the politics of sailors again with barely a pause for breath there is also some great writing on this forum - short, witty and well commposed. As an outsider your politics does seem to come very expensive which is not a good thing if it is reduced to two giant dollops of cash fighting for power The current side show - one district in Georgia - the most expensive in history. http://www.politico.com/story/2017/05/06/georgia-special-election-spending-record-238054 Of course I guess it is was a good thing if the Russians turn out to have helped with some of the costs of your last round of elections and also helped with spreading information to those who could make the most of it As an old BBC bloke watching the Trump crisis unfold from this side of the Atlantic has been really interesting. Ours is so quick it is over before you realise it. Dylan PS - in my day the BBC would never have let Katty Kay yak on CNN
  9. generalisations are dangerous but often quite useful
  10. I have dumped the films now did it this morning put it down as a failed experiment but that is the good thing about youtube you can make stuff go away inbox full of vituperation got the worst angry emails on a blog about how trump has raised the temperature of the debate https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5iWr9joTw4 D
  11. B, over here I have only ever met one black sailor and one asian I will leave your ironic comments on the tble generalisations are all I have to go on of course... perhaps the posters here tend to be more liberal I have now dumped the political blogs I was wondering if many American yachtsmen might refuse to watch a sailing film because it was made by a bloke whose political leanings are not in precise alignmwnt with their own. I did get a lot of angry emails one bloke said that he hoped that my hippy kids got blown up in the next London bomb he had clearly watched a lot of my films - neve tapped in though D
  12. scrotes is what we call them. The same night they nicked my outboards they also nicked the tools from the back of a truck belonging to the local farrier all very will stealing a sailors outboards from a rich sailor but stealing the tools with which a man earns his living and to pay his rent, feed his kids is beneath contempt. I got a fair amount of hate mail when I said that we should stop using two strokes in sensitive environmental areas. Four strokes are much more fuel efficient and don't dump crud in the water - love my little Honda. Never refused to start. D
  13. As an outsider looking in, Newt does not seem like a very nice man
  14. interesting observation.... anyone else agree with that? it does seem the opposite of here the bigger the boat, the richer the person the more likely they are to vote right wing loving the thread drift - which seems to be a bit of a speciality here on these fora I love the Tohatsu - so much that when I had it nicked from my garage that I bought another exactly the same - but older - to replace it. Noisy bastard though.....not as noisy as the Honda 2.3. I now wear ear defenders when using either outboard D
  15. good stab at it D oddly enough over here most coastal areas vote conservative interesting observation on boat length too here I would say the longer the yacht the more right wind the owner sweeping generalisation of course .... how do you draw the length break point Dylan