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  1. Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Sorry about that... KTL has become a decidedly part time thing since I sold the Centaur to a Scotsman for 8K back in January - the project deficit has now been cleared. This summer I have been studio producing and working as a lighting cameraman for 90 second videos about making pullovers/doing weird shit to smart phones/making christmas decorations out of tin foil and sweet wrappers. They pay better than making films about a self indulgent jowly old grump sailing a shit boat to interesting cold places. I have the remaining ten Scottish films to make and post .......but the gear has been tied up in the studio churning out the 90 second videos - which are sent to Holland where they are is translated into 23 languages and appear on ISP front pages from Romania to Korea. On the bright side..... the web will provide you chaps with a never ending stream of goodish looking Amercan, Canadian and Aussie women besporting themselves on foredecks of double-bog 50 footers for you chaps to enjoy. The market gets ever more crowded with them. Animals on boards seems to be the latest schtick. I will post the remaining grump films this winter as and when the editing gear becomes available. Then I will know where I stand - although, I am assuming that I might not get back to scotland for five years or so - by then I will be 67 and the pension will kick in and drones will only cost $1 each. In the meantime today's project is...... "Christmas Socks" - it will be beautifully lit, no shot will last more than 1.5 seconds, it will have slightly annoying music smeared all over it, the titles will be reburned in 23 languages and it is likely to be lapped up by Latvians. I understand the film will involve crepe paper, glitter, green wool, glue and ebay red socks. The weird thing about these films is that almost no-one makes the stuff that appear in these vids - they are like cookery books where people just look at the pictures and never do the recipes. .... I am a bit surprised to find myself studio producing these things....my skills as a lighting cameraman are coming back to haunt me.... and I am a bit bored. life takes some weird turns - but the old ones are still there should you wish to watch some bikini free sailing films Dylan
  2. Next POTUS?

    I doubt that she would ever be prepared to preside over this sort of uber-dysfunctional bollix -
  3. Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    I am ready for an adventure... I have spent the past ten summers and winters sailing in new places and since I sold Lily M in Glasgow in January life has been a bit dull..... just generally schlepping up and down the same estuary drinking coffee and watching the birds. I am 62 this year and still keen to get uncomfortable and get a bit nervous. Not quite ready for the carpet slippers and comfy chair. So if it is a case of going back to scotland with a 6hp Tohatsu, two trolling motors and an engine bay full of old car batteries then I guess I might be up for it. Incidentally I cock up on the navigation all the time because the shallow bits are where the interest is for me.... But I generally try to avoid running aground accidentally at speed. I never travel at the rate of a 40 foot cat or sail close to the shore at night so maybe if I do hit a rock or two then 10 hp of nicely vectored thrust might get me off - or I would wait for the next tide. I admire both these Aussie sailors though - goodonem Dylan
  4. Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    two Aussie trips - this one where he is handling his self confessed cockup rather well I think and this one where they are so good at what they do they don't get into trouble Both are better than yet another Mercan childless couple with dogs/cats/budgy setting off down the ICW via Walmart towards the flesh pots of the Caribbean in a two bog 40 footer. .......................................................................... This morning I walked the tender down to the estuary and went for a row ... saw some birds and a grey sky over a grey Suffolk Estuary. No sharks, no reefs, no crocs, no art, no bikinis Not much happened. Fek my life is dull. D
  5. Have Torqueedo Outboards Come of Age Yet

    the price of the trolling motors is hard to beat - they are sold to fishermen rather than sailors. I have also looked and measured the stern of the Fisher - she is a stubby boat with a fat arse. The beam is carried well aft. interesting on the batteries - thanks for the link. I shall dig a little deeper. of course £25K would buy a ready to go fisher with a new engine and a diesel heater - then I could just get on with the sailing and pump diesel into the tanks which I would use for propulsion and heat. However, it is good to look at options that might get me sailing in scotland in the right boat at less than £25K. I really like the quiet of the electric propulsion...but I can buy a pair of these for $10 and listen to the birds when the diesel is not running
  6. Have Torqueedo Outboards Come of Age Yet

    Excellent points. here are a few thoughts. charging... sailing in scotland in the summer offers amazingly long days - it starts getting light at 3am and stays light until 11pm. In the summer I tend to sail around an area from my base on a two or three month mooring. - maybe motoring for two hours a day before the wind kicks in or when it dies at night. I tend to sail with the wind or with the tide if I can. No deadlines. sailing time when alone can be ten hours - when with Jill that is more like four hours. In the summer I tend to sail for a week on and a week off so I would hope that a week of long scottish summer days would mean that the batteries would be full when I arrive.The fisher has a lot of flat space for solar panels so that is a help. In the winter I am generally marina hopping with just the occasional night out on the hook - so charging would not be a problem. I could add an aerogen but am not keen on them. I would have a genset of last resort for when I was really stymied. Again I would not like to use it. I have been using the torqeedo in the 22 foot trailer sailer and I am learning that an extra 50 lbs of quiet thrust can mean the difference between fetching at three knots and fetching at 5. I am prepared to add a little bit of thrust from the Torqeedo whereas I would not want to start an outboard or an inboard. Now the Minstrel is not a Fisher 25 and these old fishers will not be sparkling performers so a few quiet lbs of thrust which came in from the solar panels when I was not on the boat last week might improve passage times a bit. For days when I needed power for long periods then I could use the Tohatsu and jerry cans. I would hope that there would be lots of sailing days when I used just the two transom mounted trolling motors. Then there comes the problem of putting three props across the stern of one of these things. Take a look at the transom and the minn Kota mounts. I would plan to have a stout outboard mount that could be the main place for the Tohatsu (which I already have). The two trolling motors could go on the other side if I needed all three motors - they have long shafts and I am confident that they would be in the main flow of water - as would the prop of the Tohatsu. On days when I did not need the Tohatsu then I could put one trolling motor on the bracket and one on the transom. Windage on the chunky motorsailer is obviously a problem - my main snag will be if I end up with four hours upwind to a safe harbour - that is when a nicely installed 25 hp thunking diesel would be a lovely and comforting thing to have. However, it is a big price to pay for arranging things so badly as to be bashing into a four hour headwind and chop. I would obviously do my best to avoid being in this position _ I have always been more than happy to turn around and go somewhere easier. the most dangerous thing on a yacht is a calendar - and a deadline. I can generally avoid these. I dump the boat all over the shop and hitch back to the car. Then we have the much feared the lee shore scenario in the event of a blow. These boats go pretty well close hauled under genoa and mizzen. They are slippery little hulls and theslab sides can be a small help when close hauled (or at least not such a handicap - in some circumstances you can sail with the dodgers and cabin sides on a standard yacht). I think that with 6hp from the Tohatsu on the stern then at least on one tack i could make some excellent progress. On the other tack I should have 200lbs of thrust from the trolling motors. Or I can point the bow into the waves, turn up the dials on the electric ones and the throttle on the Tohatsu and hoe that I( can make progress to windward. Dylan
  7. Have Torqueedo Outboards Come of Age Yet

    some stuff here full blat 50 amps - half blatt 25 amps https://www.trollingmotors.net/blogs/selection/86961351-calculating-motor-run-time It says in the link that a 100 am hour battery would get you half blatt at 25 amps 4 hours so my bank of eight batteries with both motors at half speed might get me a day or better under power. I could live with that. Plus a genset and the 6hp if I needed more range. D
  8. Have Torqueedo Outboards Come of Age Yet

    risk analysis - very good.... of course the most dangerous part of any expedition - apart from the driving - is the dinghy to yacht transfers. No bilge pump on my current boat. A frightened man with a bucket etc etc. As for losing boats - mine are only insured third party so I am always ready for that. I think that the lee shore game is a very small risk compared to the the electrics packing up up It would still be good to hear from some-one who has experience with these high thrust trolling motors. I would also have three motors - so the chances of all three doing down should be small. So, does anyone have any idea how long say six 80 amhour batteries would give me on one of these 100lb thrust trolling motors. D
  9. Have Torqueedo Outboards Come of Age Yet

    You know I think us sailors sometimes spend so much money making sure that something that is hugely unlikely to happen does not happen. I know that the 6hp shoves the 26 foot centaur along at 4.5 knots.... I am assuming that an extra 200 lbs of thrust would help. D
  10. Have Torqueedo Outboards Come of Age Yet

    do you have experience with trolling motors? I have no idea how they behave and how waterprooof they are as for the stern coming out of the water... that is always a worry. But this is a pretty stumpy little hull with a proper transom as for a replacement engine ... 6K D this is badger
  11. Have Torqueedo Outboards Come of Age Yet

    two electrics at 2 hp a pop and 6 hp from the tohatsu. 10 hp to get off that lee shore - plus sails been a sailor for fifty years and never managed to get myself ever blown onto a lee shore . The weather forecasts are great and I doubt that I will ever be more than ten miles from a safe anchorage. I am really keen to get back to scotland with a boat with inside steering. This idea might be fun .So could anyone with experience of trolling motors guess how long one would run on say 6 lead acid batteries. D
  12. Have Torqueedo Outboards Come of Age Yet

    100 lb thrust trolling motors are now available what about two of those on the stern of a 25 footer - and maybe ten lead acid batteries, solar panels, an aerogen and a genset I would also have the long shaft 6hp Tohatsu on a bracket. The boat in question is one of these I have come across one with a fekked and seized engine - I would like to be able to motor for 20 miles in calm weather but am hoping that the 6hp and the trolling motors would give me some punch if I needed some short term oomph! - as is likely in scotland.
  13. Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    sounds as though the floating lothario lost his data with the wreck... six months of films taken by the ocean bumma meanwhile the old genre of nice childless couple with dogs sail somewhere hot in 40 footer and share their adventure ....