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  1. Thanks MN now I see what you are saying my response is Having worked with youtube for so many years I did know that google owns them.... however, I think it unlikely that the Russians would be doing something so obvious as buying places for the films from Shydux, jon snow, etc etc etc I assume that their involvement in the politics of the United states would be a bit more sophisticated than buying places at the top of the google or youtube search results. -which would be counterproductive. I have been running a website for ten years and most weeks I get offers from people who will push me up the search engines - I think that promoting films up the youtube search results would require a fair bit of guile. More than the average seo spammer could deliver Dylan
  2. I am not sure I entirely understand what yoou are trying to say can you give an explanation that an english eejit can understand? D
  3. https://www.youtube.com/user/TheGribbson/videos the one with the busters gets a quarter of a million hits the re-cut of the same film - sans buster shot - gets 1000 D
  4. that is true but an army of tweeting sock puppets, comments on forums and links to chopped up cable shows will influence what google et al feeds to you. I have been dancing with google algorithms for a decade now (60 million hits on youtube) and they can be manipulated to feed certain films or itms of news to more people. Dylan
  5. the really weird thing is that a solid 38 per cent or so of American voters don't care if he tells porkies all day and all night. He is playing by new rules the man literally has no shame in telling fibs amazing! telling lies has no meaning until he is forced to speak under oath, then telling lies will have a meaning I am sure that the Brits, Canucks, Kiwis and cobbers look at the states and go "what the heck are you guys thinking?"
  6. I would have said that yours is an entirely rational way of approaching the subject. PBS seems pretty measured too. As an absorber of the news via the youtube thumbnails youtube is offering me then I would say that the temperature is being raised by the wording on the thumbnails - both embedded and as the film as renamed by scores of people who chop the news us but who are these people shydux, Jon snow, etc etc are they Americans doing this? so many questions, I am several hours ahead of new york but even for me by 11 in the morning chopped up bits of the morning shows are being fed into the system by people unknown. Generally the about page on these people is very sketchy - but there is a lot of work going on here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOBDYfMV8ckXEUA5F_kixNQ/about https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWfqAftdVpBIMMvANgkmAFg/about I am not sure how that work is being paid for? are these american being paid by americans a chinese channel broke through into the soundtrack of one I heard this morning Dylan
  7. I like 360's - they tell you a lot aboutn the sailing experience Good woman you have there
  8. that is whqt amazes me about the whole saga Trump is not only a liar but he makes liars of those around him. There are so many Americans - not just Trumps paid WH staff and the politicians who support him but journos who are prepared to go on screen and just tell whoppers and porkies and burn their careers. One assumes that those people at fox - Wallace and Smith aside - started as journos on proper newspapers or TV stations which had journalistic standards and now there they are, on ,ranting about deep states and a string of hog wash....bloody amazing. Not so much speaking truth to power but bowing to the whims of the mighty
  9. If anyone doubted the power of the the click bait then take look at the page for hia videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzRAbRZ7ZExBLNzZsdZ5psw/videos he has 11 films up - tne are in the hundreds of clicks - the one with the girls in bikinis has 58,000 in two weeks. D
  10. some classically epic anarchy thread drift here most endearing. Dylan
  11. I think that it was less biased in the past. I guess it is fairly cheap TV to have five people talking at microphones from studios. D
  12. I guess that running, preparing for, advertising in elections in the states is now a multi-billion dollar industry employing tens of thousands of people. It was good of Putin to be prepared to put some resources and effort into the business this time around... goodonim....I guess Dylan
  13. I agree there are lots of cases of ballot box stuffing However, I think that now that every second in the life of a ballot box from identified individual putting their folded up bit of paper in to a ballot box until the box is emptied onto the counting table can be tracked by video the computer way looks the more vulnerable to fraude than having humans and video cameras involved at every step along the way. Dylan
  14. I am sure you are correct L the power to influence lies in the ones who control the algorithms that deliver the news to your screen facebook, google ect I assume that they can be manipulated by enough people such as the millions of fake twitter registrations as a web site owner I get three emails a day from people offering to optimise my impact on google I guess I should get some Ukrainian web boys to promote me to the top with a million twitter followers $400 per million is the current going rate) I have been working my films through youtube for a decade - I have had around 60 million hits (not on sailing... only 1.7 million on that space) so I have been dancing with goolge algorithms for longer than most. As an old bloke I have to guess what google is doing when deciding what to offer people down the right hand side of the youtube page - or to your smart TV youtube page - or even what they decide to offer you next after you have watched one film. If google decided to get behind one candidate or another then it could bombard you with positive clips about one person and negative clips about another. The various commitees looking at this had better get their arses into gear - I am sure the russian chaps will/are playing the same games in europe. One interesting aspect is the way that American law allows people to download the news shows and chop them up to say whatever story they want youtube now calls these "mash-ups" - a moniker that covers most of the material that now appears on youtube. If it is Mash-up thenn it belongs to youtube I would like to wish you chps across the water the very best of luck with wahtever blessings The Don dumps on you. Dylan