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  1. one more for the genre I think there are about 20 projects now running mostly featuring hotties in bikinis sailing AWBs in hot places these guys are bringing in $107 a movie from patreon they are quite nicely made films yours the ugly old bloke sailing a four knot shit box in cold but interesting places
  2. chippy fekker till the end may he rot in hell when he finally pops his clogs
  3. that would be such a marvelous plot twist D
  4. Changing boats is like thread drift .... it is a good thing D Ps fitted the racor today
  5. dylan winter

    Trump expected to pardon upwards of 100 Tuesday morning

    now that is interesting I had forgotten about her D
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    Trump expected to pardon upwards of 100 Tuesday morning

    100 pardons in a day I cannot wait to find out who gets one and who is left out D
  7. dylan winter

    Trump expected to pardon upwards of 100 Tuesday morning

    Only 100 But some of his most loyal eejits invaded the Capitol when he asked them to They were only following his orders D
  8. Seems like a nice young man Bit dim if you ask me though
  9. And where did the money come from for the flights and hotels for the trailer people I smell a rat.
  10. Antifa through and through......purple font
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    What If It Worked

    You also get the queen And a parliamentary system which is quicker, less confrontational and more rational than the mercan brand of democracy D
  12. Thanks god for that I must learn to be more careful in my defense I offer you this which is true and this which is also real life was much simpler when I was a journo It was all telephones, shoe leather, note-books, terrible short hand, typrewriters and hot metal Dylan
  13. FEK, FEK, FEK she is off her trolly she sees Trump in her husbands eyes she is a religous fanatic
  14. Picking up from a previous thread I bought a Fisher 25 with pretty bad diesel bug - it had not really been used for 7 years Stainless steel 40 gallon tank - the owner said that the tank had been treated and kept full - but I doubt that he had used more than half a tank in the past seven years. While I was there the yard JCB stopped running because of diesel bug. I put a whole 100ml of marine 16 in https://www.marine16.co.uk/fuel-treatments/dbt I replaced the filter before starting to bring her home - there were some black crystals across the top of the filter - it looked like rust flakes - but it is a stainless tank with copper pipes. No worries, I had put an outboard bracket on the boat and slapped the tohatsu long shaft 6hp on the back - that will shove a centaur along at 4.5 knots so I would expect it to get me 4Knots on the fisher, I headed south through a choppy north sea - the volvo engine went very well for four days day four - overnight the engine stopped half way across the wash - after I would guess 40 hours during the sea trials and first bit of the journey no worries I had the Tohatsu on the back I brought the boat back to the mooring under sail and outboard and changed the filter There was some gelatinous black stuff the consistency of toothpaste on the filter top - ideal for blocking pipes The engine ran well on the flat water estuary here for another 30 hours and then stopped - mid estuary no worries.... I had the Tohatsu on the back I changed filter and saw some generalised greyish stuff across the filter The engine then ran fine for another 20 hours I was planning a short winter juant out into the north sea so I replaced the filter just to find out what it looked like this is what it looked like on Friday - this one was running well On monday I headed out past the deben bar - I had intended to go north to the Ore which is marvelous for birdwatching..... but there was more power and more easterly in the wind than predicted the Ore bar is bad in any easterly and the shingle is always moving - the bouys are only a guide - so I headed south to the walton backwaters into the teeth of a south easterly gusting 25. No sails to add stability the north sea was really choppy and confused and the Fisher is tubby, draws 1m, has a lot of weight up high and is only 25 feet long. She was rolling like a goodun. The tank was being given a top notch shaking in every dimension as the boat was powering through the messy water at 5 knots After an hour of this the revs started to drop away, then come back, then drop away. I started the outboard but left the main engine on low revs. It would not run at high revs for more than one minute. Once afely across the Felixtowe ship channel I could ease up and the water flattened out. The erratic revs continued for half an hour, but the tank was still getting a bit of a shake. I got into walton channel, picked up a mooring mainly under outboard and left the engine on tickover - primarily to charge the batteries. . It was running fine, so I experimented, I slowly increaed the revs at five minute intervals. Occasionally the revs would drop right back down, so I came back to the revs it was happy at again. After half an hour of this the engine would run at any revs I chose. It seems that the blockage had cleared. This morning the engine started no probs - I brought the boat back home - maybe two hours of choppy water motor- sailing five knots through disturbed water - less rolling than the day before.The engine did not miss a beat. Incidentally, the taylor heater has its own header tank (fed from the main tank) and water/gunge trap. The first time I ran the heater the gunge trap was half full of black crud, I removed that and now there is a tiny layer in the bottom, it seems quite fine and fluffy and seems to be dissolving as fuel passes through to the taylor heater. I think that the Marine 16 is reducing the gelatinous diesel bug crud initially to a free flowing black flakey material and then dissolving that down to a general discolouration in the fuel which they claim is burnt in the engine - you can see that some it has clung to the first filer but there is much less of it on the second. I am lucky in that my boat is short enough to have an outboard on the back and sails so the main engine stopping is not mission critical. I also have a north sea for some extreme and randomised tank shaking procedures. If by the spring this problem has not resolved istelf then I will have to bite the bullet and either cut a hatch to access the tank or remove both the engine and the tank to clean the lot out. So far, I am optimistric and if Marine 16 can not only control but destroy the crud then that is a wonderful thing - worth the price if it works. Dylan
  15. the emailing woman was right the deplorable people did and are doing deplorable things attempting a coup, dissing a legal election, killing cops, telling and believing lies, refusing to wear masks, threatening people with varmint rifles Dylan
  16. it is also home of "fairly Reliable Bobs" - car dealership The BBC sent me to interview them as I was passing through while riding a horse across Merca. . Lovely people. but Boise is.......Fekkin cold in winter - fekkin hot in summer I also went to the world potato museum - it has the biggest potato chip in the world and potato based apple pie flavoured ice cream as I was riding across Idaho I met lots and lots of lovely, lovely people - but then I was a white guy on a horse D
  17. dylan winter

    What If It Worked

    First they would have come for the Jews Then the blacks Then the catholics It was a close run thing I think Trained nutters with guns Always make me nervous D
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    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    I think that many of the downvoters are attempting to control or influence their algorithm if you downvote something they will not send you similar stuff but...... there are better ways of shaping your algorithm like telling yutube not to send anything more from that channel yours the algo man
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    Diesel Bug and Marine 16 treatment - is it working?

    seen it in scotland and the irish sea never down here but then I sail in something that approximates to muligatawny soup -
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    Diesel Bug and Marine 16 treatment - is it working?

    I am a bit worried about responding because this subject does seem to goad some posters into calling me names . It seems to affect their equanimity in some way that I am not using magnets, removing the engine, cutting the tank up, connecting a fuel filter backwards, creating an entirely new jerry can based fuel system or paying a bloke to clean already clean fuel. in short though... I have enjoyed ten days of estuary fun. I have been out and about on the estuary every day. The boat is fantastic for warm birdwatching - they seem to ignore me and the boat until I come out of the dangerous offset sliding patio door that leads to the afterdeck. due to lock down I have not been out in the north sea to give the system a good shaking and we have not had an easterly through the moorings which stirs things up nicely. I am the only sailor in the village who is hoping that we will get one However, engine has not missed a beat over the five or six hours of engine time no signs of accumulating gunge in the main filter water trap the sediment that found its way from the severely contaminated heater header tank to the heater water trap is slowly "dissolving" if I can use such a phrase. It was once half full of sediment - that has now fallen away to a slim slight darkness on the bottom of the site glass - I regard this as a good sign. of course this is mobile gunge not the gelatinous black stuff that presumably still clings to the inside of the tanks - or does it? I have ordered replacements for everything from the tank fuel tap to the engine filter including a Racor "type" top loading filter. all bought from the internet, pipes, angles, filters, taps and site glass - all 10mm internal pipe fittings . - so at least everything except the valve and short stub of copper exit pipe will be replaced with metric and I will have a racor type top loading filter. This took ages to get all the components together via ebay - but I have been sailing while waiting rather than sitting in a windswept boatyard listening to the sound of slapping halyards and flapping tarps. in the old days I would have gone out in the VW Polo and spent a morning going around the stores that sell pipes and valves for fuel lines and got it all together in one morning. now it takes a long evening with the paypal account followed by ten days of regular arrivals of small padded bags. I have now assembled everything except for a T piece for the site tube and am almost ready to spend a day down the engine hole removing the old fuel supply lines and filters and replacing them with the bag of new gubbins. . I will curse like a pirate and ache like a bastard afterwards The 6hp tohatsu is still on the stern should something large dislodge from the inside of the tank and block a filter. Dylan
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    weirdest & dumbest

    anyone here remember the johnny Seven kid up the roqd had one - I was as jealous as feck but when I got to nine years old I realised that it was nonsense some mercan gun fondlers appear to have arrested development and now yo/u chaps have the prospect a ring of extremely nervous national guardsmen surrounding every state capital in the union - and many suspect that the fascist firearm fondlers will be better armed thaan the national guardsmen Dylan
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    The Corner

    and......shitting in offices