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    INEOS Team GB

    It’s a shadow on the spray... pressure wave... you think they are approaching the sound barrier or something? There’s a lot of nonsense on these threads, but gold footage and bits and pieces are worth trawling through the crap. Many thanks to those who contribute.
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    Converting Class 40

    We have an Akilaria RC-1 that we have been using for cruising charters in the UK. The first generation RC-1 was designed to allow for cruising. It has a higher freeboard making it totally usable down below and dry (ish) on deck. It has aft sleeping areas, a fore peak, a saloon with huge lee cloths and loads of space. We added an ORIGO alcohol oven and a fridge in the saloon table and we have everything we need for cruising. The heads is a proper plumbed in jabsco. Cruising in a class 40 is awesome. You can passage plan for 10 knots. Solent to Cherbourg in 6 hours. An easy day sail. Eat ashore, sleep aboard. Sail back next day. If the weather gets rough, no problem, these things are built to cope with proper offshore conditions. I have more trust in a class 40 than any other boat. You can punch tide and still make progress. You can outrun bad weather. The boat is so stable, at 30 degrees heel it generates huge righting moment, no need to heel any more than that. Yes, they slam if you drive like an idiot and launch at 8.5 knots off a wave, but if you pinch up a bit, slow to 7, then bear away over the crest and run along the top, lengthening the wave it’s fine. And good fun to drive the boat properly. Downwind it is flat and fast. The most comfortable boat I have sailed. The draft does restrict you, but on a neap tide you can go to places with a 2m depth. Just takes a bit of planning. We found the amazing sailing performance of surfing at 15 plus knots is worth the compromise and there are plenty of places to go without depth issues. Not many other boats can do that in a 40ft package which you can park in a normal marina berth and pay normal fees. The first generation boats are crying out to be used for fast cruising, and if you want to do racing you get the chance to enter some pretty exclusive races, as you have a class 40. (route du rhum, TJV, globe race, first fleet in fastnet with the IMOCAs etc etc. Can sail single handed, double handed or fully crewed, sleeps 8. Awesome boats.