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  1. dorydude

    Aussie Government blow it (Again)

    Dan has much egg on his face. The back pedalling will be fun to watch.
  2. dorydude

    Aussie Government blow it (Again)

    The World Health Organisation has backflipped on its original COVID-19 stance after calling for world leaders to stop locking down their countries and economies. Dr. David Nabarro from the WHO appealed to world leaders yesterday, telling them to stop “using lockdowns as your primary control method” of the coronavirus. He also claimed that the only thing lockdowns achieved was poverty – with no mention of the potential lives saved.
  3. dorydude

    Covid Misinformation Time-Outs

    You silly old cunt, I did post the CDC figures further up ....and ,yes, for most of the world's population, this is no worse than a bad flu.
  4. dorydude

    Covid Misinformation Time-Outs

    Fuck, I got a time out for suggesting that masks were ineffective - I even posted 3 peer reviewed medical studies that said as much. Even the CDC says "Disposable medical masks (also known as surgical masks) are loose-fitting devices that were designed to be worn by medical personnel to protect accidental contamination of patient wounds, and to protect the wearer against splashes or sprays of bodily fluids. There is limited evidence for their effectiveness in preventing influenza virus transmission either when worn by the infected person for source control or when worn by uninfected persons to reduce exposure. Our systematic review found no significant effect of face masks on transmission of laboratory-confirmed influenza." It goes on to state that while other types of masks may be more effective in preventing transmission, but they must be fitted and handled very carefully - which most people won't do - or wearing them will actually be counterproductive. The simple fact is that the median age of "Covid" deaths in most Western countries is over 80 years (Sweden is 84 years) and only about 4% of the dead had no serious preconditions. In sharp contrast to flu pandemics, the age and risk profile of deaths thus corresponds to normal mortality. The young and productive members of society have very low risk of illness and should never have been locked up. The "at risk" groups are easy to identify , so should be easy to target a reponse to them alone.. ...and yes, I do have a dog in this fight. I have a 96 year old mother in a rest home. Yes , I would be upset if she dies, but on the other hand, her quality of life is absolutely shit. Communities and economies are being destroyed on the basis of a few random positive cases, yet there is absolutely no debate about the fact that the PCR test that is being used is horrifically inaccurate. I have seen articles that claim the PCR test can return a positive reading from miniscule fragments of dead virus over 2 months after infection.
  5. dorydude

    Getting Tough With The Maskless Cloth masks versus medical masks for COVID-19 protection Conclusion: Cloth masks don’t protect as well as medical masks. Moreover, the physical properties of a cloth mask, reuse, the frequency and effectiveness of cleaning, and increased moisture retention, may potentially increase the infection risk, since, as it indicated by Osterholm et al. [7] the virus may survive on the surface of the face- masks. In this context self-contamination through repeated use and improper doffing is possible. Observations during SARS suggested double-masking and other practices increased the risk of infection because of moisture, liquid diffusion and pathogen retention [8].
  6. dorydude

    Getting Tough With The Maskless The use of masks and respirators to prevent transmission of influenza: a systematic review of the scientific evidence Conclusion: None of the studies established a conclusive relationship between mask/respirator use and protection against influenza infection…. There is a limited evidence base to support the use of masks and/or respirators in healthcare or community settings.
  7. dorydude

    Getting Tough With The Maskless Use of surgical face masks to reduce the incidence of the common cold among health care workers in Japan: a randomized controlled trial Conclusion: Face mask use in health care workers has not been demonstrated to provide benefit in terms of cold symptoms or getting colds. A larger study is needed to definitively establish noninferiority of no mask use.
  8. dorydude

    Getting Tough With The Maskless

    Head in the sand time? That's a strange and rather childish debating style, and a guaranteed way to stay ignorant.
  9. dorydude

    Getting Tough With The Maskless

    Actually, there is no evidence that masks are effective in stopping transmission of viruses. Some masks - cloth - actually can increase the chances of getting infected.
  10. dorydude

    what is it?

    Cambered junk and split junk rigs have greatly improved windward ability, although they still won't point as high as a well sorted high aspect modern rig. This is about the only downside of the junk rig. In just about every other field they are far better. When you consider initial cost, maintenance needs, downwind ability and ease of use the junk rig comes out miles ahead
  11. dorydude

    What if there is no vaccine?

    Uhh, 98%+ of Covid-19 positive tests are from people who have mild or no symptoms and make full recoveries. This is because their immune system has killed off the virus. Despite the original hysterical claims that no one had any immunity to Covid, it appears the vast majority do.
  12. dorydude

    What if there is no vaccine?

    You really are quite stupid, aren't you? If the vaccine works, then protecting the vulnerable is all that is required. Everyone else will be able to defeat the virus with their own immune systems - as happens now. Most thinking people have already recognised the obvious - elimination of Covid is both a futile and impossible quest. BTW, yes it is a flu ( ask a grown up what a coronavirus is), albeit a bad one.
  13. dorydude

    What if there is no vaccine?

    You want a vaccine fro Covid so you can rush off to malaria and dengue hotspots? Good on ya!
  14. dorydude

    What if there is no vaccine?

    Apart from health care workers, elderly and selective "at risk " groups, there is absolutely no need for a mass vaccination. It is only required for those who already get/need flu vaccines.