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  1. dorydude

    Caption Contest

    For sale. Well used 30ft racer. We have flogged her hard and it's time she went to a new home. Needs some TLC. Bilge pump not working. Electronics probably need to be checked. Engine was running last time we went out. Rig and sails are good so long as you can find them. Best viewed at low tide.
  2. dorydude

    Prada Cup

    These guys do it all the time. You can hear them windspotting on the comms.
  3. dorydude

    Prada Cup

    I don't know how much sailing you have done, but to guys at this level that gust would have stood out like dog's balls. They should have seen it coming from at least 10 seconds away.
  4. dorydude

    Prada Cup

    Sudden and nasty..yes, but also very visible. Any competent sailor would have seen that coming. On the comms there should have been a call like " big pressure in 5,4,3.." or similar.
  5. dorydude

    Team NYYC

    I think the ETNZ guys are to be laying up flat panels and stuff, not working on the boat.
  6. dorydude

    Team NYYC

    What's "softcock" and what's safe when you have a commanding lead in marginal conditions? There was no need to take risks.
  7. dorydude

    Team NYYC

    Agree. That was not an unexpected gust. Blind Freddy should have seen it coming. I think the statement was some artistic addition by a non sailing journalist.
  8. dorydude

    Team NYYC

    The hull skin shouldn't be all that structural. It's there to keep the structural bits from sinking.
  9. dorydude


  10. dorydude

    Team NYYC

    It's hard to tell, but in the pics the core looks like an aluminium honeycomb. Moisture can be vacuumed out. Delamination should be worse on the outside where it is easier to fix.
  11. dorydude

    Team NYYC

    That's exactly what it looks like. Hopefully the case as the structural damage will be minimal.
  12. dorydude

    Team NYYC

    The laminates on these boats run at all sorts of angles, so an impact hole wouldn't be square(ish) and so neat. The torn uni ribbons indicate that something came OUT through the hull, as does the square shape of the hole. Hopefully this is the case as it will be the easiest fix.
  13. dorydude

    Prada Cup

    Many times I have been sailing in the harbour in a light but steady SW breeze while boats off the East Coast Bays have been sailing in a light but steady seabreeze (NE). In between North Head and Rangi Light has been a big glassy patch of fuck all. It can stay like this for many hours until one system pushes the other away. Hence the need for multiple courses that are a fair distance apart.
  14. dorydude

    Prada Cup

    Get a VPN and watch the feeds on YouTube. It's not difficult. I was out and about yesterday and suddenly remembered the racing was on - downloaded a VPN to my phone and was watching live racing in minutes,
  15. Just like you ignore the rate of offending. Blacks more than 5x more likely to kill and rob.