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  1. dorydude

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Voodoo problems? Was showing 0.4 knot boat speed on last tracker update. Now moving, but headed 118??
  2. dorydude

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Inshore boats making their move. The two fat girls have slowed right down.
  3. dorydude


    Those of you placing Xmas lights in your yards, can you please avoid anything that has red/blue flashing lights together? Every time I come around the corner, I think its the police & I have a panic attack. I have to brake hard, toss my vodka, fasten my seatbelt, throw my phone on the floor, & push the gun under the seat. All while trying to put my clothes back on. It’s just too much drama, even for Xmas. Thank you for your cooperation & understanding. Merry Xmas.
  4. Syria's invitation.
  5. With Crimea back in Russian hands the Kerch Strait is solely Russian territory. The Treaty on the Legal Status of the Sea of Azov and the Kerch Strait, signed in 2003 by Russia and the Ukraine, provides that military ship entry into the sea is only allowed with mutual consent.
  6. dorydude


  7. dorydude


  8. dorydude

    caption contest

    This is how happy I'll be with you guys if you don't fuck up the next downwind leg!
  9. dorydude

    Show your boat not sailing

    Somewhere up in the Whitsundays...
  10. dorydude

    Sunset pictures

  11. dorydude

    Sunset pictures

    Inside lagoon at Hardy Reef - Whitsundays...
  12. dorydude

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    It's rare to have a new build to mock, but possibly coming to an ocean near you.... "Hulls are only 130 cm wide, allowing excellent hydrodynamic properties and with an exceptionally aerodynamic shape of the whole catamaran hull, lifting keel and a low total weight of 13.2 tonnes (unloaded), enables the "Eco Catamaran" to achieve significantly higher speeds than competitive catamarans. "
  13. dorydude

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Well, it did have a refit 25 years ago!
  14. dorydude

    Another Interesting Home Built Steel Boat

    I'm impressed by the "storage for long things". Such detailed planning is great to see. I must have missed the episode when he told us where the engine was going, cos it doesn't look obvious at this stage..
  15. dorydude

    Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    That's kinda cute, although I think it is a planing powerboat hull by the lack of keel spring in the aft sections.