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  1. Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    ..and Sydney harbour. You forget how annoying the fuckers are until you go to Moreton Bay or the Broadwater.
  2. Show your boat sailing thread

  3. A big project!

    Spa pools.
  4. Irma

    Are you still fully insured if you are in a hurricane zone during the season? Surely you have a jacked up excess (deductible) even if you are in a hurricane hole. My policy makes it pretty clear that I have to be south of Bundaberg by December 1st.
  5. Irma

    As are boats. I cruise the South Pacific...but not in Cyclone season. Whilst I feel for the people who have lost their boats, I struggle to sympathize with those who cruise in hurricane prone zones during the hurricane season. If my boat was my only home, I would be much more cautious than that.
  6. Irma

    Monos will be on the bottom of the bay.☹️
  7. Another How Could it Happen

    This can only be the fault of white supremacist neo Nazis, seeing as they are to blame for everything these days.
  8. Anyone heard from Deano??

    "De Nora had an interesting twist on the decision to remove Barker from the wheel and suggested the Kiwi had shopped around when he realised his time was up. Asked if Barker, who had lost his two previous Cup finals, was fired, de Nora shot back: "No, it is not what happened. He was never fired. We told him that we didn't want him as helmsman, but we wanted him to have another role, for instance, as a coach. He said that he wanted to be a helmsman. "What didn't go well is that before leaving the team he already talked with others and he should have not said that we sent him away, when he was already looking for another job." https://i.stuff.co.nz/sport/other-sports/94204335/peter-burling-ordered-to-hide-his-starting-box-game-from-jimmy-spithill-before-final
  9. Live Racing Thread

    I find this interesting.. There were other comments as well. "During the pre-race chat with America's Cup TV Spithill was a little bit more descriptive, saying they have taken a "whole heap" of stuff off the Oracle boat to make it lighter." and on the live stream, one of the commentators noted ( before the first race) that OR "looked significantly lighter". WTF? Are they trying to say that a team with the resources and skills of OR have been sailing a heavy boat all this time??? That they couldn't produce a boat that weighed in at minimum before the first race? At this level why would you do anything else? Besides the obvious bike, I would be keen to know what the "whole heap" of unnecessary gear OR had on board actually was.
  10. Live Racing Thread

    PB pressed the red button??
  11. I saw that high VMG number, but also noticed that their TWA was about 9° better than ETNZ at the time. I think that was the difference
  12. Live Racing Thread

    Yup. ETNZ knew that ART owned the first reach. Getting in front of them at the start would have been dangerous. Slightly to leeward and slightly behind is a safe place. An extra 4 knots of VMG upwind was very handy...
  13. Live Racing Thread

    Ugly tack from Barker.
  14. Live Racing Thread

    Fuuuck. Kiwis fast!!!!
  15. Live Racing Thread

    Go France!!