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  1. One week charter in PNW

    Don't forget about Sidney. Lots of charters and easy access by ferry or air from both US and Canada.
  2. Webb Chiles-Opua to Capetown 2016

    Hike, You asked for pics of my autopilot install...better late than never. As mentioned this is a Raymarine X5 with the controller mounted on the cabin bulkhead. I've attached a photo of the ram with the shock-absorber boot installed. There is a rubber bushing on the ram end and clamps and waterproof tape on both ends. I put a velcro loop over the cylinder in case the pin decides to dislodge but it is basically insurance...ran for a year without it. One upgrade is the plug and socket. I originally used a cheap 3 pin unit which would intermittently cut out (and make me crazy). I changed to a Marinco trolling motor unit and problem solved. 4 years and still going strong.
  3. Webb Chiles-Opua to Capetown 2016

    A simple solution to for the Raymarine X5 autopilot is to go to your local NAPA store and pick up a rubber shock absorber boot (believe mine was for a Ford) along with a rubber shock bushing for the ram. Slide the boot over the cylinder, clamp down the ends with ss hoseclamps and then tape them over with a waterproof tape. Voila...sealed unit and the problem of water migrating into the drive cylinder is eliminated. I've got 4 years with lots of single-handing use on my Olson 30 and it still works like new. Only service required is to apply a tiny bit of silicone grease to the ram once a year. I can't understand why Raymarine can't offer something like this as standard.
  4. Olson 30 Hull Database Project

  5. Olson 30

  6. PHRF PNW handicappers

    Agree with ctutmark re aligning with US Sailing PHRF national database. It seems to me that the larger the database the closer we will be to an accurate baseline for everyone. I don't think the NW is unique in being a "light air" region....most other NA regions (aside from SF) are probably similar.
  7. single burner camp stove multi-gimballed

    I've been waiting for someone to come up with a gimbal mount for Jetboil (other than that sketchy and overpriced one from the UK). You would think that with all the stoves out there that there would be a market for it. I guess I'll just have to wait unless someone knows of one. Hey Alex...feeling entrepreneurial?
  8. Olson 30 Hull Database Project

    Some of the BC O 30's: Black Ice, Lithium, Beats per Minute, ex-Scoundrel (not sure of name now), Fiasco, Pacific Pearl, ex Goshawk recently sold.
  9. Olson 30 Hull Database Project

    Hull #27 Pacific Pearl....pm sent.