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  1. I'm not sure who should be ashamed here. He is out there doing it, and you are not, just sayin'.
  2. Tracker just started working for me.
  3. Just got back from the start. Chilly, brisk and puffy southerly at start with heavy cloud cover made it feel like the PNW. Tritium was late to the start so Mad Dog owned it. We followed them out to past Pt Wilson hitting 20+ kn to keep up. That cat is fast (as long as they keep the vertical bits under the boat...) Seemed like many competitors could not hear the starting horn because of the fucking helo which parked itself in a 10 ft hover on the line! I hope someone deals with them! Watched their wash nail plenty of competitors. Assholes. Plenty of crowds onshore, and 5 deep on the pier and harbor jetty. This town seems to fully embrace this race. Though with 3 helos in the air, multiple photo boats, etc. I am guessing this race has lost a bit of last year's innocence. While Mad Dog and Tritium may own the headlines, it will be the little guys who are the true heroes. Safe travels, Enjoy the journey.
  4. the different models are varying by more than usual right now run to run for a particular model is varying too, maybe a bit more than usual the different models will probably converge quite a lot by the start - to either a euro solution, a gfs solution, or somewhere in between, but i think in between is not so likely this time. most meteorologists - including those at OPC - have been thinking the gfs forecast is most likely to be correct, although just today their confidence has been wavering. if the euro validates.., the RC will have to make a very tough call even if the 6z gfs is right it will be a tough race for some boats no matter which one ends up being right.., i guarantee that the very last thing you will be thinking about on this race is the difference between isochronal and grid routing. that route you have posted probably has you crossing the gulf stream with 25-30kts of E wind against 4kts of current - that's some serious shit Do these seem to be the conditions that will favor a mini? Err, No!
  5. Here is my current "fun Bike", a '92 Yamaha TDM 850. After 53k miles I decided to do a full rebuild, more for fun than necessity. However, it was fun to bring this 25 year beauty back to near new condition. It is a shame they only imported them for 2 years...
  6. There is a reason most minis get shipped back, just sayin'... Good luck and bon voyage.
  7. Keep in mind, the model data we see is notoriously unreliable. Local conditions and timing differs.
  8. 8 hrs without a position rep? I hope nothing happened....
  9. The last position report I see for IDEC is 19:30. Anyone have something newer? I tried refreshing but to no avail.
  10. ahhm, you realize BP is a virtual boat with data from 2011?...
  11. I 90 if fine all the way. I thought the Bitteroots in Montana would be tough due to grade. In the end climbing out of the Columbia River Gorge was the toughest grade. All are less than 7% though.
  12. I trailered my Mini Transat full of sails, tools, equipment, spares, 2 kayaks and 2 bikes tied on either side of keel from Virginia to Seattle. Tow weight had to be around 4500 lbs and looked acted like a 13 ft high parachute.... My xterra was a 2000 model with 125k miles and the 3 liter engine and automatic. It was August and fucking hot. Did the entire 3000 miles out of overdrive at 3500 rpm with not a single problem. Do a transmission flush before hand, and check the brakes and I bet you are good to go.
  13. RE DDW: Generally does not happen singlehanded as the AP is driving a high percentage of the time. You need a really good (expensive) AP that is well dialed in to keep a squirly boat like the Olson underneath the rig. Yes she loves to surf, but she requires a lot of quick helm input to stay on track.
  14. I had gone through the same development process with my Olson 29 for the Bermuda 1-2. You are on the right track. Don't let the detractors get to you. Most don't understand the dynamics of sailing alone vice with 7 of their closest drunk buddies fostering their group-think. I would have expected a little earlier reefing when wind forward of the beam to maintain a wide groove for the Autopilot. But this may be a function of my experience of the Olson 29 which is fractionally rigged. Also, do you really pole out your jib in 35-40 Kn? Depending your sea state you will be picking your surfing line and a poled out headsail would just be inviting disaster. Best to let it back when needed, then head up again. I had a flat A-kite on a 6 foot sprit which was closewinded in the light stuff, and a powerhouse going deep in the heavy. Just remember, small sails are often faster on the Olson. George built incredible boats! Enjoy.
  15. It is not the first time that an IMOCA has been rolled. I know AT and Clean thought HB might be the first, but Giovanni Soldini got rolled on the continental shelf in the Bay of Biscay during a Transatlantic record attempt in March 1997 aboard the then brand new FILA. The boat inverted in a wave, with 2 crew in the cockpit. Guido made it to the stern hatch and was able to climb into the upturned hull, but unfortunately Andrea Romanelli did not, he was never recovered. FILA was righted by canting the keel and Gio & crew limped under jury rig into Lorient.