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  1. kokopelli

    moore 33

    I guess you have not been aboard one of the many Olsons, Hobies, Minis, etc. which have raced to Hawaii or Bermuda, most of them short or single handed. Displacement alone is not a measure of offshore capability.
  2. kokopelli

    THE IMOCA thread, single/double handed & TOR

    true that. Though I would really like to better understand what we are seeing on the foil. I know its only 1 short snapshot... and maybe its as simple as wrong AoA trim.
  3. kokopelli

    THE IMOCA thread, single/double handed & TOR

    Does it seem like the new foils has a ventilation problem? Maybe due to twist increasing the AoA in the very high aspect tip? Seems at times they are fully ventilating 1/3 of the foil span. That cannot be fast.
  4. kokopelli

    R2AK 2019

    R2AK FB live now
  5. kokopelli

    R2AK 2019

    #6 https://webcamketchikan.com/alaska-sized-view-cam-6/?fbclid=IwAR2hJ6zDHLW2AGSRPvpgJfHVnsbooN0aFxTgvj0McjeL9KNI8RVmpAHtOYA
  6. kokopelli

    R2AK 2019

    A sail is visible on the webcam on the horizon left of the piling. It has moved from right to left in last 2 frames
  7. kokopelli

    R2AK 2019

    From TPSR FB page..." Hi everyone, We have rebooted our tracker twice but apparently it shows is in Victoria. On the lead and Having a good sail, taking it easy and enjoy the day."
  8. kokopelli

    Route du Rhum 2018

    Mike, A Heartfelt Congratulations again. It was a privilege to watch you. Well Done!
  9. kokopelli

    Sailors Powerboat

    I believe Honda just came out with a new 40. Honda used to use the same motor for 40-60 hp engines, just like the Etec, but heavier. When I bought my 60 hp in 2012 it was the lightest of the bunch. However, the midrange on the 40 Etec is unbelievable, they only neutered the top end to get it down to 40 hp. To me the attraction was minimal maintenance, more torque - larger prop, less fuel at cruising speed, same or less weight in the 60 hp class. I am not a total Etec cheerleader. Only in the smaller motors. At 150 hp I'd own the Yami F150, above that I would choose a v-tec Honda V-6.
  10. kokopelli

    Sailors Powerboat

    My 60 hp Etec with PTT and remote controls is 240 lbs, which is comparable, or just slightly lighter than 4 stroke motors. Where the Etec differs is in the higher low end torque and fuel efficiency at cruising speeds. I spin a big 3-bladed stainless Viper prop at 13 7/8 x 17". No other 60 hp 4 stroke will spin that size prop. However, at WOT they all use a similar amount of fuel. I think the Etec advantage is in the smaller engines, once you are in the big hp there are lots of good choices. It all depends what power delivery your hull likes and how you use your boat. Matching hull to motor is not easy. We designed SYHOJA from the beginning with the Etec in mind.
  11. kokopelli

    Sailors Powerboat

    If you scroll down a bit on this link you will see the back story on SYHOJA. http://ptwatercraft.com/blog/?p=1257 There is a short video and some further shots of the cockpit and the cabin. The entire deck and hull are strip planked core in WR cedar laminated over with either carbon or uni glass across the grain, below the chine she is 9mm ply with 9 oz glass on the outside, and 5 oz kevlar/4 oz glass on the inside, and all bulkheads and interior are Nidacore composite. I was lucky to have Russell Brown and his patience to bounce ideas off, and to give me insights on the lightest and strongest layup. He even put me in touch with Burt Rutan to get the specialty uni glass cloth we used inside the hull sides to finish them clear and show off the wood. Its sunny in Seattle this PM so I took her out for a spin on Lake Washington. It never gets old! Here she is somewhere up north.
  12. kokopelli

    Sailors Powerboat

    Thanks for all the compliments. Regarding some of the questions: She is designed to run efficiently on the least amount of power and cruise at 15-20 kn comfortably. That is almost mutually exclusive with going skiing. My daughter and her friends tube behind us, but skiing would not be that exciting. We designed her with the E-tec in mind. Its my 2nd E-tec, and I believe the in-line 2 cylinder motors are the best motors up to 60 hp you can buy. Syhoja has about 350 hrs on her and we have never had an issue. Never. I have no problem taking her up to Princes Louisa inlet, the upper reaches of Toba Inlet, or up Johnstone Straight. I am diligent about in-line water separators, fuel treatment, and maintenance, though besides a new set of plugs, fuel filter and lower gear oil she has needed nothing. And at 0.5L/nm at 16kn I can't complain. There is plenty of storage on board. We hold a 30 gal fuel tank under the cockpit floor, and have similar sized lazarette just aft of the fuel tank below the cockpit. There are additional lockers either side of the motor, and below the cockpit seats. Here is a link with more info: http://ptwatercraft.com/blog/?p=1257
  13. kokopelli

    Sailors Powerboat

    I wanted something light to tow, efficient, and different. I designed SYHOJA in the sense that I copied what everyone else was doing, i.e. bowflare of a carolina sportfish, pulled out the entry a bit for finer entry and longer waterline, and added a bit of Maine lobster boat (if you squint) with a bit of tumblehome in the stern. Then built her in my garage. The concept was for a very efficient minimal cabin cruiser for Puget Sound, the islands, and up the Sunshine coast of BC on minimal fuel. We cruise at 16kn on 2 gal/hr, and top out at 26 kn with a 60 hp E-tec. Construction is 30x13mm cedar strip composite and Nidacore honeycomb for flat panels and cockpit floor. The boat is mostly clearcoated on the decks and inside. The hull is not a stain, but the clear carbon laminate over the cedar hull. LOA: 6.50 m BOA: 2.15 m Weight: 1,475 lbs Displacement: enough for 3 for a week of camping cruising Fuel: 30 gal Power: 60 hp Evinrude E-tec.
  14. kokopelli

    Sailors Powerboat

    This sailor's power boat.. 21 ft of home built fun, and runs on fumes.
  15. kokopelli

    Motorcycle Threads

    Here is my current "fun Bike", a '92 Yamaha TDM 850. After 53k miles I decided to do a full rebuild, more for fun than necessity. However, it was fun to bring this 25 year beauty back to near new condition. It is a shame they only imported them for 2 years...