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  1. Offshore Foiling Revolution-Gitana

    Good question. I thought one of the reasons the big offshore racing multis were trimarans instead of cats related to the righting moment profile. As soon as a cat flies a hull, it's righting moment begins to decrease with increased heel. So there is less margin for error from a big puff when pushed hard in big wind and seas. On a tri, as long as the main hull is touching the water, the righting moment continues to increase with heel until the main hull lifts out and then righting moment begins to decrease as in a catamaran. When pushed hard in big wind and seas the big tris seem to trim sails and steer the boat so that the main hull is just skimming. If you just put lifting foils on the amas, when the main hull lifts out of the water, the boat starts behaving like just like a catamaran. I think that a foiling trimaran would make the most sense with some of the lift from foils in the center hull as well as the amas. Then you get a behavior more like a tri. If the center foil leaves the water, you then lose that lift resulting in increased righting moment to decrease the heel. It will be interesting to see how they develop. Modern tris also fly the main hull, but they still have the following benefit over cats. They have a long centreboard in the main hull which progressively comes out of the water as they heel. This reduces the heeling moment and gives them extra margin for error.
  2. rs aero

    Yes - when comparing prices you have to take into consideration that a properly constructed boat is going to have a very long competitve life. You'll have to buy a new sail from time to time, but the hulls for a small single hander should be competitive for many years. This should improve resale values. It's way overdue that we have a simple reasonably priced single hander with up to date construction.
  3. rs aero

    Australia has a free trade agreement with Thailand, so there shouldn't be any import duties into Australia. Correcting for the lower GST (10% versus VAT of 20%) and assuming equal shipping costs gives a price of $10,337 RS Sailing: is this roughly what it will cost in Aus?
  4. rs aero

    With the laser class in disarray, it looks like there is a queue of boats wanting to take over.
  5. rs aero

    Looks good to me. I'd be interested in something like this. I sailed a laser in the 1980s and wouldn't go back to one. The world has moved on since 1980. It's ludicrous that people are still sailing boats like the laser that are poorly constructed and deteriorate rapidly.
  6. What's happened to the VX One ?

    That would explain why VX's are falling into two tiers of SMS rating. Are sugar scoops required for all VX's to qualify for ASBA? Are some flying masthead spins?ASBA has a 6.0m minimum length rule for its events. Non-ASBA regattas don't necessarily include this rule. SMS doesn't have this rule. SMS is similar to IRC in being a secret formula that gets updated if the results favour one type of boat. It's straightforward to get different SMS certificates if you make changes to your boat. SMS is run by a separate body not connected to the ASBA. So the VXs will have different SMS ratings depending on whether they use a sugar scoop and the size of their spinnakers. Most of the sportsboats in Australia have masthead spinnakers. The Viper is the main exception, but the Viper spinnaker is still quite large. The one design VX spinnaker is tiny by Australian standards.
  7. What's happened to the VX One ?

    If these numbers were real (6.5 upwind, TWS+2 downwind) the VX would be consistently faster than the Viper 640. This is not the case, according to ASBA results, where the fastest Vipers are beating the fastest VXs. A very small speed difference...not a reason to choose one boat over the other. But caveat emptor when it comes to anecdotal speed claims and polars. My understanding is that the VXs racing in ASBA events are modified. They have a sugar scoop extension to make them 6.0m to comply with the ASBA rules. I believe they've also used masthead spinnakers.
  8. News from SF Embarcadero...

    Coutts has made the comment that there are often just a few competitive challengers in the former LVC. There may be 10 or more challengers in total, but many are underfunded and have no chance of winning. That seems to be the thinking for AC35 with just 4 challenger teams in the SF event.
  9. Beau Geste

    According to the S2H website, Beau Geste has a canting keel.
  10. Multihulls in Sydney to Hobart

    Do you know what Cat 2 means? Cat 2 only gets you from Pittwater to Gabo Island.
  11. Multihulls in Sydney to Hobart

    This is a storm in a tea cup because there are only 2 multihulls that are likely to enter. Given that the ORMA 60 class is defunct and these are old boats finding a second life in Australia and New Zealand they don't seem to justify their own division. While we're talking about dinosaurs the maxis are also getting a bit long in the tooth. WOXI was launched in 2005. It seems that around 80 foot is a good size for a maxi these days. The 100 footers are too fragile.
  12. Artemis?

    The article also says that TT plans to keep Outteridge as helmsman.
  13. AC Youth Cup

    Leave it to sail world to send a pre-flintstone to interview the kids. The Peter Burling interview was interesting: good questions and well thought out answers. The age of the interviewer shouldn't matter. In fact, older sailors who have some vision for the future are going to support the RBYAC and Chuck is an example many posters on this forum could learn from. The RBYAC has top international sailors in multiple classes like Burling, guys who have switched from monohull Match racing to catamarans like Will Tiller, and top young multihull sailors like Jason Waterhouse. I hope the regatta goes well and encourages more young sailors to get involved.
  14. Artemis?

    One of the most damming aspects of AR's campaign is that they didn't switch to foiling as soon as ETNZ revealed their boat. Instead they wasted their time with a low rider until they got their asses handed to them by OR. In that time, OR had converted their boat to a foiler, trashed it in a pitchpole, rebuilt it, and were still able to beat up AR who had reacted to ETNZ by doing absolutely nothing. They have observers looking at the competition, so why did they need to line up with OR to know they were slow? Maybe they don't know how to read the speedo on their powerboats?
  15. Artemis?

    It is impressive that they can foil on the reaches and downwind, but NO is being completely candid by pointing out that: (1) they only have 6 days of training so far and they'll only get a couple more before the semi-finals, (2) they need another 50 to 100 training days, (3) they don't expect to beat LR, let alone be competitive with anybody else.