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    Countdown to an RS700

    In the 10years of owning an RS700, I only ever needed rescue support on a few occasions, mainly when the wind dropped to nothing, but I did have a couple of scary moments, and I'd be pretty nervous about sailing without some form of safety cover, but then we tend to be spoiled with safety cover here in the UK as most dinghy sailors are members of clubs where members complete duties in the rescue boats to ensure that when we are racing we have cover. Before owning the 700 I had had a 4yr stint doing the 600 circuit, then 2years in the 49er so I was plenty able to sail this type of boat. The 600 took me about 6 months to crack and enabled me to then pretty much sail anything but I was a reasonably fit 6ft 2" 84kg guy in my early 20s moving from Lasers and having been dinghy racing since the age of 4. Do I think DTA could master a 700, possibly, but having seen the Aero and Vago videos he posted, I'd say it would be a longer and difficult period. Sailing these types of boats needs a real 'feel' for what the boat is doing. If you can't feel the fact that you are sailing an Aero on its ear when your arse and legs are in the boat, then its going to be even harder to feel what the boat is doing when its only your toes that are in contact with it. I would definately try and get a go in one before you commit because its a hell of a lot of money to throw away if you dont manage to get the hang of it.
  2. pcraig

    Oracle Team USA

    AIRBUS has a pretty big operation in Witchita and Mobile so a significant US presence. If you think they are simply a European business think again, they are now a global enterprise.
  3. pcraig

    Team UK

    When you consider that a considerable number of the Artemis, Oracle and ETNZ design teams studies their craft at Southampton and Solent Universities, we have Green marine, Pendennis and various other yacht manufacturers as well as a whole host of smaller carbon specialists, and contrarory to the general economic situation there are still plenty of big corporate backers out there if you look hard enough. The issue will be finding a suitable backer with deep pockets that doesnt mind forking out if the next ac isnt just a development of this one.
  4. pcraig

    DC Designs

    Nasty injury Andy, hope it gets better soon. So whats the next plan for TT? a new luff tube sail with camber inducers ?
  5. pcraig

    DC Designs

    I would imagine its to avoid the boom squashing the cunningham control line, and also give a nice fixation for the cunningham block rather than tying it off on the gooseneck. One other point is that the kicker attaches to the hull on the same plane as the gooseneck so that you dont get the kicker trying to pull the boom out. It certainly looks very nice. I'm normally a fan of yellow but I have to say I thought Chris's boat looked awesome in white. I'm still interested to hear how Mr Paterson is getting on with his tiller linkages, anyone got any news, Andy where have you gone? are you too busy building a Suicide (sorry Atkin 1.25).
  6. pcraig

    DC Designs

    Andy P, How did the steering mech work at the inlands ?
  7. pcraig

    DC Designs

    Andy, What about leading the tiller extension through a nylon ring connected to the end of the seat with shockcord. If you run the shockcord from the carriage out to the windward end of the plank, then turned it back to the leeward end of the plank and then had it exit the plank on the aft edge and tied to the ring, when the seat is out to windward it will tension the leeward ring holding the tiller extension in. When you tack, as the seat is slid through the middle the elastic would slacken reducing any tendancy for the rings to prevent the steering command. Once the seat was fully across your new leeward extension would be pulled in tight and the windward extension would have enough slack for you to steer without having to work against the elastic. Just a thought !
  8. pcraig

    DC Designs

    Andy, With the Suicide 125 you arnt going to have a carriage in the way therefore a centre mainsheet bridle would be acceptable as per most of the RSs. When you created the underslung rudder with the large rotating drum, what were your reasons for not hanging the rudder through a plug with a sealed bearing, I thought the nethercotts had something similar, or does it not work too well?