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  1. Last time I saw someone hit there the bowman went overboard. We were prepping to assist when he stood up on the rock that they hit and was only waist deep.
  2. So, anyone seen the mounts yet? I don't care so much since my self-fashioned one is working OK. I did take a drill to the back cover and sacrificed a NMEA2000 cable to fasion a waterproof power cord for it (we often do distance races and changing batteries is a PITA).
  3. I find Night Runner a bit confusing, but never seem to have trouble interpreting what MrPerry has to say. I finished reading Left for Dead. First hand account of the Fastnet race from a guy on Gremalkin. http://www.amazon.com/Left-Dead-Surviving-Deadliest-Sailing/dp/1596914556 Pretty good book. Subject matter was very fascinating. Writing was so-so.
  4. Latest beta software hozed the remote buttons (they acted differently on every single page) Lastest-latest-latest fixed it again. Since the hardwire option is probably months away, I plan on taking a drill to the battery cover this week and fashioning up my own. Love the box, but it was released WAY too soon.
  5. Oooo.. new toys for the weekend, Yeah!
  6. Anything that requires tools and or cotter pins etc. for the normal operation of the unit (battery change / mounting etc) is no good. These are used in unstable conditions where parts dropped by numb and wet fingers are almost instantly lost.
  7. They sent me the beta of their PC "rockbox commander" software. It looks promising, but as of yet it won't interface with the rockbox until they release the new firmware.
  8. Triangle mast bracket. Nylon spacers. Stainless screws into the rockbox from behind. Sturdy, but a PITA to change batteries mid race. Plan to hard-wire it though here shortly.
  9. I've always wondered how a designer went from a Morgan 30/2, which may not win any beauty contests, but I've always liked it: To this monstrosity:
  10. A little more backstay please....
  11. My complaint about lack of functionality doesn't have to do with that. It has to do with the "the old rockbox could do this, but the new one can't..... yet...."
  12. The mount is basically 4 metal L brackets on the back of the rockbox that slide over 2 plastic clips that are bulkead/mast bracket mounted. Then you insert a cotter pin to keep it from slipping back off. It's clumsy, the L brackets don't stay aligned, and with wet/cold hands it's near impossible to NOT lose the cotter pins. I'll see if I can dig up a picture. I wrote and told them my thoughts and they told me that was just an engineering idea and they were working on the final mount.
  13. My dealings with them have been quick RE: the blue. Usually an answer in 24 hours. However, the only answer I've gotten from them so far is: "Yes, we know, and we're working on it." (paraphrased) We've run one of these in about 4 local PHRF races so far. Pro The functionality that they currently have programmed in works well. Future upgrades look great (I'm particularly looking forward to custom screen layout) Easy to read 8+ hours on fresh batteries (haven't hard wired it yet because I want to see what the mount looks like) Con Mounting system sucks (They say that they're shipping with just the engineering prototype and plan on sending us a better version when they're done) Current functionality limited When batteries get low, the thing just locks up. No battery warning or indicator. (Not a big deal now that I know, but on our first race we had to run without it for the last 1/3 because I didn't know WTF was going on;.) Remote only does page up/down. Which is OK for some things, but does NOT work for the starting sequence. I'm no where near the mast during most starts, so that makes it rough.
  14. I'm going on an all donut, rum, and bacon diet. That should help in the rail-meat dept.
  15. Rum

    Hot Flashes?