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  1. Mulligan

    Santa Barbara to King Habor 2018

    Check the boats or β€œall” then hit the update button. It takes a minute for everything to come up.
  2. Techniques are a trade secret! The one above was a bitch to get thru the Long Arm Bernina! I seem to recall that it was something like 18’ x 14’. The aft net was much smaller, and a lot easier!
  3. This is not the yellow Polypropylene! We had a run of webbing done with twice the normal graphite for better u/v resistance. The Tenara is also excellent in u/v and rot resistance. Each net is woven with one piece of webbing, spliced before weaving if necessary. Then the net is prestretched, then sewn. We found that this balances out the net, with no sags.
  4. I did this for the Team O'Neill catamaran. Woven 2" heavy duty Polypropylene webbing, sewn with Tenara on a triple step zig zag stitch. Great for windage and drainage. Not the lightest, but i sleep well at night knowing that it's strong. We usually see 15+ year lifespans for these nets.
  5. Mulligan

    Dear ICOM....

  6. Mulligan

    Holy shit, crazy Redondo beach rescue

    Nothing to see here, move along!
  7. I would have expected much more visible damage after seeing the video. Rudder shaft bent nearly 90 degrees, and some good scuffs. No idea what may have happened internally.
  8. Mulligan

    Production MORC boats

    Scooter rates 135. Open transom, tall rig, updated foils, outboard engine.
  9. Mulligan

    Production MORC boats

    Another Capo 26 comes to town! Closed transom, inboard engine, probably the shorter rig, original foils. Heard it rates 159.
  10. Mulligan

    Rigging, Wire vs Dyform vs Rod vs Syn (dux)

    Meat Wad, I have a similar sized rig with rod. -6 on most, 0.198" Not uncomfortable at all. Don't even consider synthetic, way too stretchy. I would talk to Buzz about why it failed, if you haven't already. Rod will definitely be more pricey, especially with Navtec out of the picture. A lot of wire is coming out of China, now. Not all bad, but...
  11. Just did a Moorings 4800 Cat (Leopard 48) out of Roadtown. Great trip. Only sailed for about two hours. If I had to do it all over, I would consider a Power Cat! Had no Customs/Immigration problems. Had a few minor provisioning issues. Still ended up with way too much food and booze at the end. The Moorings employees benefited from this! Ice was the biggest issue, and that wasn't a problem. Had a rat on the boat. He liked the melon, chocolate, and bottled water! Damn near cut my finger off at the Soggy Dollar Bar. The manager patched me up and drove me to the clinic in Great Harbour. We came through San Juan, PR. Stayed there for a few days to acclimate. Stayed out of questionable areas, and had a wonderful time. Short 45 minute puddle jumper flight to Tortola.
  12. Mulligan

    Vic Edelbrock Jr.

    Vic Edelbrock Jr., 1936-2017