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  1. Rigging, Wire vs Dyform vs Rod vs Syn (dux)

    Meat Wad, I have a similar sized rig with rod. -6 on most, 0.198" Not uncomfortable at all. Don't even consider synthetic, way too stretchy. I would talk to Buzz about why it failed, if you haven't already. Rod will definitely be more pricey, especially with Navtec out of the picture. A lot of wire is coming out of China, now. Not all bad, but...
  2. Just did a Moorings 4800 Cat (Leopard 48) out of Roadtown. Great trip. Only sailed for about two hours. If I had to do it all over, I would consider a Power Cat! Had no Customs/Immigration problems. Had a few minor provisioning issues. Still ended up with way too much food and booze at the end. The Moorings employees benefited from this! Ice was the biggest issue, and that wasn't a problem. Had a rat on the boat. He liked the melon, chocolate, and bottled water! Damn near cut my finger off at the Soggy Dollar Bar. The manager patched me up and drove me to the clinic in Great Harbour. We came through San Juan, PR. Stayed there for a few days to acclimate. Stayed out of questionable areas, and had a wonderful time. Short 45 minute puddle jumper flight to Tortola.
  3. Vic Edelbrock Jr.

    Vic Edelbrock Jr., 1936-2017
  4. Robert Leo Hulseman

    The inventor of the Solo Red Cup had passed. Another victim of the 2016 Grim Reaper. http://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/inventor-of-the-red-solo-cup-robert-leo-hulseman-dies-at-84-w458251
  5. WTF in a Prius??

    Mine does 100......... Kilometers per Hour, Downhill, Downwind!
  6. George Coumantaros - DTS at 94

    if you want it to sound respectful treat it as "died too soon" problem solved. Thank you. Although, 94 that's a damn full life. Good on ya George. I took Kilroy's family out a few weeks ago for the ashes at sea. They had a full memorial service at LMU the day before, which I did not attend. The family was in very good spirits on the boat. It was mostly a celebration of life when they did the ashes. Yes, at 94, it is a full life! Sail on George, and Jim. May you cross tacks again.
  7. Production MORC boats

    I have cockpit envy!
  8. John B. "Jim" Kilroy

    We gave Jim Kilroy a beautiful send off yesterday. The family had a memorial service at Layola Marymount University on Saturday. We took out a large group of the Kilroy family out on the C/S/K 42 Hiolani II. It was a beautiful day out on Santa Monica Bay. A mutual friend stated that it was too calm to send him off, but the family was very happy with the conditions. John Sangmeister brought OEX and his power cat up for the services. Pyewacket was out with a Bagpiper, a fitting touch. The CYC R/C boat Charles Hathaway was out in support, with several others. Many crew who had sailed with Jim Kilroy throughout the many years were there for the services.
  9. Production MORC boats

    Perfect Timing, Andrews 26 (#1?) is going thru a refit. Currently in a slip at Caralina Anchorage. Lots of good MORC boats wasting away.
  10. Production MORC boats

    You're overthinking the Genoa leads but the boat looks great Why not just a friction ring on the sheet that goes up down, and another that goes in and out to barberhaul? Much less hardware and toe stubbing Already have the trough with the Harken gear Will run a 6:1 under deckwith almost a 2:1 on the floating ring. Will keep the same height as car is moved.
  11. Production MORC boats

    Time to get cutting and grinding on some Stainless Steel for the floating Genoa Leads. Won last night's race with a busted Checkstay. It was on the To-Do list, just didn't get to it in time.
  12. MdR get your act together.

    Correction, five clicks on VHF 81A!
  13. MdR get your act together.

    You can activate the foghorn by keying your mic on VHF 72 or (78?) five times. The sign is on the north jetty light (green). Not very convienient when you can't see shit. I imagine the people that live on the peninsula complained about the constant noise. As for the flag, it's a long story. A few years ago, when they dredged the channel, the power cable was cut. Then they didn't have power to keep it lit at night. They put a solar panel and battery in, which was supposedly stolen by the anchored out boats. The gal that ran day to day operations Beaches and Harbors passed away a while ago, and we're lucky to get a flag at all!
  14. "Dis is Sayula"

    Vale, Ramon. Another picture for Poncho, but I wasn't able to keep it for you: