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  1. I've been a few times for business conventions. The veranda at Yellowtail is a good spot to see the Bellagio Fountain show and they have good food too.
  2. He was a true contemporary of Townes Van Zandt and a giant among songwriters. I saw him many times and wish I could have seen him a few more.
  3. Pretty cool acoustic set from a few years back. RIP https://www.facebook.com/gino.vannelli.94/videos/860538120626650/ Sorry if you don't have FB, I don't have another link for this.
  4. Andraz mentioned you all were trying to get a few fully crewed SSC27's in the Chi-Mac for this years race (2-4 boats). You guys should do really well with the right conditions. Would love to see this boat take off in the Great Lakes.
  5. Congrats on your SSC27 - would love to get out and sail with you this year! I spoke with Andraz & Tit at length in Dusseldorf and this boat certainly ticks off almost all of the boxes on my list. However it will still be a bit before I can pull the trigger. Have a Great Season!!
  6. I don't travel abroad a great deal, but when I do I usually end up watching Netflix for an episode or two. Last year Spain, Belgium, Finland. Just got back from Germany and haven't had any troubles watching yet. Pandora = problems Of course you can just wait until they finish broadcasting Euro Handball and the Sport2 Channels go to all Porn.
  7. Both boats looked very nice! (actually all 3) But, the 24 is certainly a whole different focus than the 27. Andraz & Tit took a great deal of time to discuss the work they have done on each boat for their intended purpose. I am hopeful many more are sold into the US market. They are well thought out and from what I saw the build quality is very good with nice finishes all around.
  8. I'm not a boat salesman, nor do I play one on TV. But, I'll hopefully be stopping by the show on Saturday and will try to get some pics of all of the Seascape line and get them posted when I get a chance. I personally have no interest in the other boat that keeps stepping on this thread and any interest I may have had has descreased by all of the boorish posts.
  9. I'm on my 2nd TDI Wagon. The 1st was an '03 that I put 260k on and now have a '10 that has been great so far. Both with just normal maintenance. The 03 easily returned over 50 mpg running 75-80+. The newer one I'm lucky to get low 40's running there. I'm still waiting for a small awd diesel that doesn't cost more than my first couple of houses. Once you get used to the torque it gets harder to put up with gassers. They are fun to launch and can drive great but my commute would burn a lot of dinosaurs without any advantage on the highway. I'd still love to see the Subaru diesel here but that ain't likely to happen. Maybe the Volvo XC 60 plug-in Hybrid Diesel will get here someday.
  10. A friend I sail with recently bought the Grand Cherokee w/diesel, but got the tow pkg equipped 2wd version, highly discounted from an older fellow who decided he needed 4wd in Wisconsin. He used it this season and pulled a ~5000 lb boat and commented it didn't even feel like it was back there, and still got high teens for mpg's, 20's around town and high 20's on the highway without trailer. Might be worth looking for the 2wd version.
  11. You've just described the Seascape 27. I don't know what your budget is, but that boat would fit your description precisely. http://www.thinkseascape.com/en/seascape-27/ Not really a used market yet but there are a couple in the US. And, it won the double handed category for the Chicago to Mackinac Race this year. NFI - just think it is a pretty cool boat.
  12. By that time you'll probably be building Andrews 28's too. You've certainly taken on some cool projects. It's great fun following your processes.
  13. We fill it in "one pee at a time".
  14. Certified Truck Scales (kinda) near Wilmette, IL - Google is your friend Locations Near You TA RUSSELL (30 MI)I-94 & Russell Road Exit 1 Russell, IL 60075 847-395-6092GET DIRECTIONS TOORS CAR & TRUCK PLAZA (31 MI)I-94 Exit 1 Russell, IL 60075 847-395-5074GET DIRECTIONS NEW LEMONT I-55 TRUCK PLAZA (33 MI)I-55 & RT 53, Exit 267 Bolingbrook, IL 60440 630-739-0168GET DIRECTIONS PILOT TRAVEL CENTERS (38 MI)I-80/94 Exit 2 (2 BLKS S.) Highland, IN 46322 219-972-4134GET DIRECTIONS BP KENOSHA TRUCK STOP (39 MI)I-94 & Exit 340 Kenosha, WI 53144 262-854-5032GET DIRECTIONS
  15. ESL = English as a Second Language, ELL= English Language Learners It wouldn't be a Scrambled post if he didn't leave us guessing.