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  1. Take a close look at Naptime's shots; note that there is one strong keylight, and the rest provides fill to prevent deep shadows. This is very obvious on the cup with the strong keylight coming from the left of the lens. The strong keylight creates contrast that gives the subject a sculptural look, enhancing the 3 dimensionality of the product. Lighting the scene too evenly makes it look flat and featureless, especially with lighting that originates from the same direction that the lens is looking from. This is why you do not want to use an on-camera flash. The lighting is everything, as others have already pointed out. Experimenting is good, and cheap with the digital cameras and immediate feedback. Good luck on your endeavors.
  2. Bcubed


    Not much help on short downwind runs, but good on the longer legs. And Orcrist is right; the foot should be just skimming the water, catching any breeze coming under the boom. A crew member needed to be trimming the halyard constantly to keep it flying there as the boat rolled.
  3. Bcubed

    Wise Words

    Good judgement comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgement.
  4. Bcubed

    caption contest

    Baby island, seeking room to grow. Continental aspirations!
  5. Bcubed

    Sea Breacher? New type of water craft

    Looks like a real easy way to run into a pier, buoy, boat, PWC, or another breacher.
  6. Bcubed

    Peaky Blinders

    The Missus and I both enjoyed it immensely, totally bummed when it ended. Exceptional production values, acting, and art direction. Waiting hopefully for the next season. We suggest trying out Babylon Berlin (if still available) for similar entertainment value.
  7. Bcubed

    Electrical engineering internship

    CB: There seems to be one of the most obvious suggestions missing from this thread, although I'm sure that your daughter has taken advantage of it. The best advice she can get is from her peers about the local businesses that they have co-oped at. The career placement center at her school should have a vast library of feedback from past co-op students about the quality of their experiences. The best co-op jobs will come from a business that takes the co-op experience seriously and offers real project work opportunities as a member of the project team. They do exist, believe it or not. Now that she has narrowed her choice to the biomed field, she should be looking for biomed businesses that are advertising co-op positions, and doing her due diligence research on them, just as if she were looking for a real full time job. She should be in a good position having prior co-op experience in the engineering field. Best of luck to her, it's a great field to be in. Notwithstanding the negative nellies around here, engineering is a chance to be both creative and useful. I have been at it for almost 40 yrs, and never wanted to be doing anything else for a living.
  8. Bcubed

    The Original Help Desk

    Google "Bastard operator from hell" and get back to me.
  9. Bcubed

    Tattoos, Smoking and "Class"

    Tats are currently in fashion, and I don't mind them on most individuals. They will fall out of fashion when the next generation refuses to get them because their parents have them.
  10. Bcubed

    American Whiskeys

    Flip side of the coin; ones to avoid. Heaven Hill
  11. Bcubed

    Cell phone alert this Thurs

    The building that I work in has no AT&T service at all. No bars; zilch, nada. But the test message came through and my phone started vibrating and noisemaking. Cree-pee.
  12. Bcubed

    Cell phone alert this Thurs

    How are they gonna know if it worked 100%?
  13. Bcubed

    Hawaiian shirt season begins this weekend.

    I started collecting about 20yrs ago. I now gravitate toward the more abstract designs. This is my current favorite. I really like the M.C. Escher-esque vibe.
  14. Bcubed

    Bob Dylan - The SECOND best lyricist?

    Man, so many.... Dylan is up there, but there are so many more. Tom Waits never disappoints, with lines like 'I don't have a drinking problem 'cept when I can't get a drink'. John Prine is outstanding as is John Hiatt. I will look at Isbell and get back to you.... Jimi Hendrix 'The wind cries Mary' is tough to top. That song sends me to another universe.
  15. Bcubed

    Jump INTO a perfectly good airplane

    Absolutely crazy. Odds are pretty good that we will be reading their obituary within the next couple of years. Like the Flying Wallendas, the write-up will include the word 'plummet'.