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    Renaming the Washington...

    'Swamp Suckers' comes to mind.
  2. Bcubed

    What A Difference 43 Years Makes

    Actually, the answer is 42.
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    73 ready set go

    Colt 45
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    73 ready set go

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    73 ready set go

    Green Ghost
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    73 ready set go

    Drunken Leprechaun
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    73 ready set go

    Toasted Almond
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    73 ready set go

    Purple squirrel
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    73 ready set go

    Harvey Wallbanger
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    73 ready set go

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    73 ready set go

    Blue Devil
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    73 ready set go

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    73 ready set go

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    Stanford patents anarchy ID

    Gives a whole new significance to 'chocolate starfish'!
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    Movies I've Rewatched due to Covid-19

    Not sure if this is available anywhere online, and actually best seen on a big screen like '2001 A Space Odyssey', but 'Koyaanisqatsi' is mesmerizing; images and soundtrack, nothing more. A lid might be helpful...
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    Best paint stripper for metal

  17. Bcubed

    Quitting smoking (almost) 1 year in.

    The smoking cessation classes I participated in taught that the physical act is as much of a habit as the the addiction. You are in the habit of lighting up in order to have a brief respite from whatever you are doing, or that you just are in the physical habit of having one under certain circumstances, such as getting into your car. You have to break these habits as well as the addiction in order to be successful. I quit over 20 years ago now, but even now still have the occasional dream of falling off the wagon and waking up thinking that I really f--ed it up all yesterday, only to realize it was only a dream! Good on you that the taste is no longer that appealing, you are on the road to finally quitting for good. Now just ignore that little red fellow on your shoulder every time you drive, or have a cuppa joe, or take a break from the desk. It does get easier with time.
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    2019 Year in review (pretty damn funny)

    Dave Barry has been writing these since 2008. I always look forward to them. Link to prior reviews: https://www.davebarry.com/columns-year-in-review.php
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    Good News he's Back...... from the Far Side

    Hallelujah!! My prayers have been answered! Now might we be able to mount a pressure campaign on Bill Watterson to bring back Calvin and Hobbes?
  20. Bcubed

    Idiot art and performance artists

    Reminds me of this story: https://www.cnn.com/style/article/banksy-painting-questions-intl/index.html Ya gotta admire banksy for his sense of humor.
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    Finish leaders you'd like to shag

  22. Bcubed

    what is it?

    Not sure what it is, but it looks like the floor fell off.
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    Streaming service

    Of course I do! Most of the young'uns today don't even know that you can pull TV out of thin air with just a few appropriately configured metal rods.
  24. Bcubed

    Streaming service

    Never had cable; to me the cost FAR exceeded the value. Using an antenna for local stuff, and Netflix and Amazon prime account on a Roku for the rest. I'm beginning to question the value of the Netflix due to low usage, but I catch flak if I mention it to my better half.
  25. Bcubed

    Does someone need a hug?

    Fire the HR pukes that started this program and spread the salaries among everyone doing the real work. That will make everyone happy!