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  1. Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Hugh Ellis' new boat. Previous Avalanche owner.

    fuck, just saw the news. hope all are ok
  3. Day Rates for Pros?

    It depends. Might be a couple who are on reduced rates now. Apply at wild oats dot com
  4. Like a couple of others here, i went down for a look. Pathetic. More orange shirts than punters and have to fight them for space at the fence to get a view. Cant get near the boats and nothing to encourage people to get up close and personal. Pathetic pr or lack there of. The same shitty grinding machines turned out at every event for the last 20 years and not much more of interest other than a mock bunk (handy for those who are bored). Oh dont forget the overpriced gear with volvo logos for sale..... No wonder sailing in vic sucks.
  5. Being a little lazy, the re start at 1400 on the 2nd. What vacinity for the start ? Anyone point me to details. Thinking of going to watch
  6. Older well known IOR Boats

    love the old pics. how many pvc's died making that lovely sweaty wet gear
  7. Caption This!

    I hope you hadn't promised this as a christmas present ? Might be a bit late to get another in time
  8. Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Sure is a slippery little sucker in that light stuff
  9. Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Sounds to me like we have a volunteer to take up the cause..........
  10. Key West Dead

    In Aus Geelong week is on life support
  11. Australian Sailing

    What do you want AS to do for you and keelboat sailing?Its a system whereby a bunch of ludicrously overpaid bureaucrats sends a dozen or so well paid, overly protected sailors,some selected on a spurious basis, to a bunch of junkets throughout the 4 year Olympic cycle and then sends them to the Olympics, that's what. They do that knowing that the rest of sailing will continue to exist on a diet of sausage sizzles and volunteers sweat. They couldn't give a flying fuck about grass roots keel boat sailing. Just look at their recent Australian Championship Regatta in Sydney which barely existed but was given vast net publicity coverage to spin the sailing public into believing it was an event of some magnitude. Cunts, the lot of 'em I don't disagree with most of what you say, although I know there are a few non cunts involved in the whole circus. Also a few really A-grade cocks to balance it out.I don't see what YA can do for most sailors. They provide the rules and regs for racing, which benefits a section of the sailing community. I like a lot of their training stuff too, although the rigidity becomes less useful the further you are from a metro area. Whenever I ask anyone what ya could do, above what they already do, there are crickets, other than wanting to get rid of the bloated Olympic bullshit. Im not sure their training is compliant with regards to national coaches accreditation any more, so training might not be the be all and end all either.
  12. RS QUEST

    You have to worry about a boat when they put a handle on the bottom of the hull
  13. keep complaining and there will be more rules and limitations put on everyone next year. The nannny state will prevail because we now have to legislate for the lowest common denominator, and not the average man