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  1. Farr 36OD looking to head West

    USA 05, Wicked, Red. The yellow one (Wicked Sister, USA 03)is still racing out in San Fran/Tahoe, but was owned by the same guy who sold USA 05 to our owner. War Pony (USA 04) was the one that was set up for short handed and set some sort of record for the race to Hawaii. We have an interested party here who would love to purchase USA 03.
  2. Farr 36OD looking to head West

    I think we're likely to do the N2E. Debauchery is now Racer X, right? USA 006?
  3. Farr 36OD looking to head West

    Sarcoma, love the idea, but isn't it a weee bit frosty in the January to April months?
  4. Farr 36OD looking to head West

    Grinder, we're definitely interested in the SD/PV/MEXORC, but it won't happen for 2018. I apparently am required to show up at my own wedding which is unfortunately at the same time. I think the MEXORC is even years only, so we'll look to do it in 2020.
  5. Farr 36OD looking to head West

    Hah, love you too ST. Seriously though, we want to come play in your neighborhood. How bout we just hug and go racing?
  6. Farr 36OD looking to head West

    Thanks Frank. If possible we'd like to group a series of days together as we'll be flying in and out. Are there any other races we could piggy back on to the Saturday race? This boat originally came from the pool of 4 F36's sailing in San Fran.
  7. Farr 36OD looking to head West

    It's about to get cold in flyover country, so we're thinking about packing up and heading west. The boat is a Farr 36OD (not to be confused with a Mumm/Farr 36). We LMPHRF at +9. We'd prefer buoys, but are flexible. What's on your winter (Jan-April) bucket list for West Coast/SOCAL Sailing? Bonus if you can find us a spot to park her in between events. Ideally, we'd find about one event a month. Fire Away!
  8. Great work! I did the Super Mac for the first time this year, and it was certainly one I'll remember. Re: GLSSS Super Mac and Back: I believe 9 entered, and 4 finished, 2 in each direction. Link to source: http://www.solosailors.org/pdfs/mac08results.pdf The Inaugural GLSS 2008 Super Mac and Back Solo Challenge **** NR= Set new elapsed time record for the event EVENT: Pt. Huron – Pt. Huron Distance: 1034nm Start Time: 9:10am & 9:20am Sail Finish Elapsed Corrected Num Boat Name Skipper Rate Day Time Time Elap Time CLS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 48174 YUK FU II NORRIS 93 10 2:49:49 209:29:49 209:29:49 NR 1 1 GL3 TUCKER 183 12 20:42:20 275:32:20 249:41:20 2 1375 SPLIT DECISION HUGHES 153 DNF 41445 VOYAGER SPENCE 66 DNF 42659 FINNAIR OLLILA 177 DNF EVENT: Chicago – Chicago Distance: 1034nm Start Time: 8:00am Sail Finish Elapsed Corrected Num Boat Name Skipper Rate Day Time Time Elap Time CLS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 52747 ANTARES VAN METER 144 14 21:42:00 325:42:00 325:42:00 NR 1 398 KISMET VERHAEREN 174 15 10:17:00 338:17:00 329:40:00 2 40563 OUTRAGEOUS KERLOW 126 DNF 50254 CELERITY DUMMER 93 DNF Not to further entangle the "my race is bigger" dick swinging, but I'll put the Trans-Superior up for the longest bi-annual freshwater race. While not technically the longest anymore, it's worth noting that it's only held biannually because it takes a year to forget how miserable it was. Bonus: There is a discussion of a Lake Superior 600 this summer. Because why should the warm, lower lakes have al the fun.