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  1. Great work! I did the Super Mac for the first time this year, and it was certainly one I'll remember. Re: GLSSS Super Mac and Back: I believe 9 entered, and 4 finished, 2 in each direction. Link to source: http://www.solosailors.org/pdfs/mac08results.pdf The Inaugural GLSS 2008 Super Mac and Back Solo Challenge **** NR= Set new elapsed time record for the event EVENT: Pt. Huron – Pt. Huron Distance: 1034nm Start Time: 9:10am & 9:20am Sail Finish Elapsed Corrected Num Boat Name Skipper Rate Day Time Time Elap Time CLS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 48174 YUK FU II NORRIS 93 10 2:49:49 209:29:49 209:29:49 NR 1 1 GL3 TUCKER 183 12 20:42:20 275:32:20 249:41:20 2 1375 SPLIT DECISION HUGHES 153 DNF 41445 VOYAGER SPENCE 66 DNF 42659 FINNAIR OLLILA 177 DNF EVENT: Chicago – Chicago Distance: 1034nm Start Time: 8:00am Sail Finish Elapsed Corrected Num Boat Name Skipper Rate Day Time Time Elap Time CLS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 52747 ANTARES VAN METER 144 14 21:42:00 325:42:00 325:42:00 NR 1 398 KISMET VERHAEREN 174 15 10:17:00 338:17:00 329:40:00 2 40563 OUTRAGEOUS KERLOW 126 DNF 50254 CELERITY DUMMER 93 DNF Not to further entangle the "my race is bigger" dick swinging, but I'll put the Trans-Superior up for the longest bi-annual freshwater race. While not technically the longest anymore, it's worth noting that it's only held biannually because it takes a year to forget how miserable it was. Bonus: There is a discussion of a Lake Superior 600 this summer. Because why should the warm, lower lakes have al the fun.
  2. Get me a Melges 24 stat! The NOR states a minimum length of 25'. The GLSS does say that they will consider entries smaller than this but obviously they chose 25' for a reason. I am sure experience played a major factor in their decision. There is a big difference between this and the Melges in the Chi-Mac. I'm guessing that the Ranger 23 will be the lowest rated boat and might be expected to trail the fleet, unlike the Melges which was probably close to the middle of fleet. Let's not confuse anarchy with stupidity or recklessness; I don't know enough to say whether that's the case here but the GLSS is a very inviting organization and I am absolutely sure they had good reason to deny entry. You're correct, he was denied on a combination of length and experiance. A fair bit of it was because he hasn't sailed with the GLSSS before. They said if it was a shorter, or more established race(this is the first time the GLSSS will run a solo-Trans), he would be welcome. He's already spent the past year or so prepping his boat and practicing, and so he's going anyway. I wouldn't characterize him as reckless, but he could care less whether he is official or not. This wasn't a bash on the GLSS, just a salute to a guy who is serious about sailing. I still think 330 miles on Lake Superior on a Ranger 23 sounds like more punishment than I'd sign up for.
  3. Steve, GT- Thanks for the reminder. One solo sailor's entry was denied by the GLSSS. In true Anarchist form, he's showing up anyway. The boat is a Ranger 23 named Jacquelyn. I think that officially makes him the craziest one on the lake. My hat is off...
  4. Zac- I haven't heard how fast they'll be up and racing, but if you are up in this neck of the hood, the Saxon Smash in late Sept. is a good one. The beds and red shag carpet in the loft are always open to racers on the weekend. Weasel- You're not on the plane with me, are you? I'm on Chip.
  5. Come now..you'll scare people away. The average annual water temperature for Lake Superior is 40 deg(4.4 C). September's average is 53 deg(12 C). March, the coldest month, still averages above 32deg(0 C). August and September are our two warmest water temp months. The surface temp was 59 by mid-July, and it's gotta be close to 65 right now. That's not even cold enough to chill a beer. This is the month of bonfires, bourbon, and co-ed naked skinny dipping. I had this in my files from college. Old, but interesting. Lake Superior Water Temp Study
  6. You were going to ride on the mighty Q? Good boat, great crew...keep their contact info and ride with them in the future. They'll be missed on this one.
  7. The delivery crew consists of the boat owners and whomever else is available. I'm only able to do the races with them, and I'm sure I'll log around 1100 miles in about a 5 week time period. Our short distance offshores(60-95 NM) are mixed in with the big three. I think the delivery folks will log almost 3000NM.
  8. The Trans-Superior is this year, and is held every odd year. ('01,'03,'05,'07). The official distance in 338NM. We did the Chicago-Mac, Bayview-Mac, and are doing the Trans-Superior this weekend. There is a trophy called the Bartel Cup that is awarded to the highest placing boat in all three races. Lake Superior is often a light air lake in August, so it can be a bit of a floater. We saw triple-zeros in '03 several times, and occasionally the boat would turn itself 360 degrees. I believe the record is held by Earth Voyageur('01), and it's something around 23 1/2 hours. If you're coming, bring good foulies and warm layers. It can be pretty cold. Surface water temp is probably in the mid 60's. We don't have a turnout like either of the Mac's, but it's still a good race, and there are shorter lines to the kegs afterwards. Trans-Superior
  9. Forget posting the link..just dig this back up and give it a nice "BUMP".
  10. Umm..hush money from Uncle Sneaky-Fingers?