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  1. 12345


    I remember being a Marshall for a CMRC event one weekend a few years back in Chicago. Clearly marked course, we had flags flying (not Clean pink ) on 4 power boats on the perimeter trying to keep the Match Race course clear, 10 competitor boats, barge, and a slew of Umpire boats and spectators. 95%+ altered course when asked. However there is always that guy on the water that feels that no one can tell them where to go. We had a huge powerboat all Rodney Dangerfield like fly through the course, fat guy with cigar and all and a few sailboats that DGAF and proceeded to cross the field of play.
  2. 12345


    Yeah sure but those dudes have Mt Gay hats on, they totally know what they are doing.
  3. 12345

    MAGNETIC NORTH on the move.............

    My kids and grand kids won't
  4. 12345

    MAGNETIC NORTH on the move.............

    I love this debate manufactured or not that is being used to slow the adaptation of cleaner technology. In the end that is all this debate really informs. Yes the planet goes through cycles, just like we breath and our heart beats, just on an exceptionally longer scale, but to suggest that we ignore what appears to be a pretty solid correlation and a far cleaner more environmentally friendly future for all of out kids and grand kids... well it seem like a pretty stupid argument. Sure some people will lose their fortunes, some countries will lose their influence, and some people will have to stop rolling coal but in the end the future of our planet (until Musk opens up Mars for us to destroy) depends on us moving into the future and not rely on the past. Grow the hell up and lets all move to a better cleaner future, if you are concerned about your paycheck learn a new skill invest in a new industry. American can thrive in a new world, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and those single act economies not so much, but the rest of us will do just fine and be healthier because of it. Any Who, the Magnetic North movement is pretty interesting.
  5. 12345

    MAGNETIC NORTH on the move.............

    Excellent another dubious reason to retard our shift to cleaner energy sources.... shhhhh
  6. 12345

    what is it?

    Speed Lounger 8500
  7. There is a Midwest component to this campaign, oh and please do not discount the Great Lakes and maritime heritage, it has made many a salty weep with awe when they finally get to sail on her waters.
  8. What say you NRA members... How did a Russian infiltrate, on such a preposterous story, the proud all American NRA?
  9. 12345

    Brexit, WTF

    maybe not...
  10. 12345

    what is it?

    Holiday on the Moon
  11. 12345

    Puzzle yachts Sweden

    dude please, I am not Woodie that is gross
  12. 12345

    Puzzle yachts Sweden

    what happened to the newbie rules?
  13. 12345

    This should end well

    Is Reid Stowe available?
  14. 12345

    PHRF SO CALIF - misconduct???

    Man I hate tossers of hate towards RC and the ancillary bodies from people that presumably do shit to help out themselves. I wonder if Sail"Smarter" was an abuser of the loophole and is pissed that he spent coin to cheat now it is wasted. Because it sounds like sour grapes as far as I can tell. Hope they take it as a reason to volunteer to see just how much these folks do with their spare time and zero compensation.
  15. 12345

    Chicago Area III

    Yikes a Time Share TP...