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  1. 12345

    what is it?

    Eagle 54
  2. 12345

    Chicago Area III

    We were happy with our offshore position. Had 2 kites and 2 head sails to pack and flake when we got to Waukegan. Good times hit 9.7 for our top speed.
  3. 12345

    Chicago Area III

    That was a fun ride north this year!
  4. 12345

    Chicago Area III

    Heading N on Salsa myself.
  5. 12345

    Chicago Area III

    Who here is making their way up north, looks like it could be a relatively painless and possibly efficient ride ... well until the hangover on Sunday AM that is.
  6. 12345

    Chicago Area III

    how else are people going to know who won the pickle dish?
  7. 12345

    Chicago Area III

    The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources approved tech manufacturer Foxconn’s request to use seven million gallons of Lake Michigan water per day in LCD screen manufacturing.
  8. 12345

    How are We Perceived?

    you sure about that? Bicycles are not vehicles in Michigan, however “Each person riding a bicycle… upon a roadway has all of the rights and [are] subject to all of the duties applicable to the driver of a vehicle by this chapter, except as to special regulations in this article and except as to the provisions of this chapter which by their nature do not have application.” Note that this is limited to the riding “upon the roadway” which does not include bike lanes, shoulders, sidewalks or separate bike paths.
  9. 12345

    Chicago Area III

    summer is around the corner
  10. 12345

    Hey all, a Vote for the Kidz....

    shut up and vote... please
  11. What up fellow anarchists around the world. Who wants to stuff the ballot box for a... well just a silly little cause. A buddies son is in a contest for “Best Flow” aka “salad” aka hockey hair. This is the last round and if he wins his team will get a prize of some sort. Please see the link below and vote for Chargers 3 PeeWee – Silver A. Hockey Flow Yeah it is silly and non sailing, but isn't most of what we talk about here! Good kid, great goalie, and pretty sweet flow. Click it and help him out!
  12. 12345

    Consumption at BOOT (re front page)

    What is the Front Page you reference?
  13. 12345

    VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    loss due to a fishing net would suck!
  14. 12345

    VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    crazy that there is no Vestas update
  15. 12345

    stormy petrel

    sorry that was long above you