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  1. 12345

    Chicago Area III

    Yikes a Time Share TP...
  2. 12345

    Chicago Mackinac Race drowning

    Mustang is on to something with the Combo Unit they have put out. Get it up to a 15 which we all wear for inshore/Dinghy and toss in an inflatable front and neck "pillow" to keep you upright and keeps your head out when submerged.
  3. 12345

    Chicago Area III

    what is she gonna be?
  4. Looking for a Casual Encounter with someone's truck
  5. 12345

    This is going a bit far

    do you think is still has it's down below?
  6. 12345

    No flag, no foul!

    There are a few basic rules to abide by, if you follow those you need not worry about all the extra rules/regulations/minutia that causes many heads to spin.
  7. The front fell off?
  8. 12345

    West Michigan Thread

  9. 12345

    Save Our Seas Legislation Signed!

    lolz, you sound triggered What about what I said is not true? He has tried his darnedest to run roughshod over the environment at the behest of the FF industry the he signs a basic bit of legislation, that was already in the works and you all want him to get praise. Just not feeling it bro.
  10. 12345

    Save Our Seas Legislation Signed!

    like the toddler who picked up his teddy bear from the floor and put it back on the bed looking for kudos when the bed is still unmade, legos and every toy are still scattered all about, they threw their oatmeal all over the kitchen, walked through many a mud puddles and walked across the white carpet... but hey give him a high five cause he picked up his teddy bear!
  11. 12345

    Do Mount Gay Rum Hats Stink?

    Get some Oxy Clean
  12. 12345

    Is sailing cool?

    speaking of cool... look who joined Scooters pink shirt crew...
  13. on the contrary GMD I am not complaining, just checking to see if threads about cool are still cool... are we cool?
  14. there have been so many lately, did they jump the shark?
  15. 12345

    Are Mount Gay Rum Hats Cool?

    I have shoe boxes full of them... They are a great item for newbies to sailing as a token to show they race boats?