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  1. 12345

    Are Mount Gay Rum Hats Cool?

    I have shoe boxes full of them... They are a great item for newbies to sailing as a token to show they race boats?
  2. 12345


    we called or suit of 3DI's the Grey Flannels
  3. 12345

    Favourite Boat pic?

    Love this find last weekend of my dad's boat that I spent a load of time on in the 80's
  4. 12345

    Cruising the Great Loop?

    This couple is doing it right now with their dog... Travel Further
  5. 12345

    Front Page - scotw

  6. 12345

    What's your boat beer?

    Modelo Especial
  7. 12345

    Chicago Area III

    What time are you going to start pouring Bad Andy?
  8. 12345

    CHI-MAC Race Wx

    Ding Ding Ding.... We had another case a few years ago where we had to shine lights, blast horns and harass another boat to get them t turn on their radio as an EPIRB on board had been going off for three + hours and no one from their boat was monitoring 16.
  9. 12345

    CHI-MAC Race Wx

    I as on the water for the Mac, we had 16 on in the cabin and anyone off watch could follow along with the happenings after the start. It was the most active I have ever heard while on the water. One thing that pissed me off is some fella in our section had the Coasties and competitors calling back and forth for over two hours while the USCG pinged boats in their vicinity based on AIS to have them flag him down.
  10. 12345

    PFD Upgrade Time

    I love my Musto Dingy PFD, just looking at options as I have had mine for quite some time and looking to see if much has changed.
  11. 12345

    PFD Upgrade Time

    Getting to be that time again for an upgrade of the ole' PFD. What are you currently sporting and would you recommend it? personal bias I am not a fan of the inflatables...
  12. 12345

    CHI-MAC Race Wx

    Happy I did not waste my time on the Island to come here over the past few days to see the circle jerk of what aboutism, blame-o-rama and self importance. Thank you to all who participated in the rescue effort, the selflessness that it is shown time and again by others on the water when tragedy strikes is inspiring. Thank you to those that put together the gathering at the Mustang, that was cathartic and nice to hear all the great stories about a great man. As we passed #3 we poured a little out for our friend and the guy who could cheer anyone up, he will be missed.
  13. 12345

    CHI-MAC Race Wx

    One model I am looking at is showing if you are not in by Monday AM you are not in till Tuesday AM
  14. 12345

    CHI-MAC Race Wx

  15. 12345

    what is it?

    Eagle 54