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  1. 12345

    Doug From SV Seeker Fakes Head Injury

    Is that Chris Brown? what a bitter lil guy
  2. 12345

    Brexit WTF, WTF

  3. 12345

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    I remember hanging in Cowes for a regatta back 2016 and listening to a coffee shop owner wax eloquently about how great Brexit and Trump were, that we were so lucky to live in the States. we opted to enjoy a cup o joe from the shop down the street after that, too bad he made some fine coffee
  4. 12345

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    how long till a no confidence vote in Boris and a plea to the EU to get back in?
  5. Greta won Time magazines person of the Year!
  6. 12345

    Bow-Cow Fugly

    Sexy/Ugly is dependent on how fast she is around the course...
  7. 12345

    Chicago Area III

    Happy Holidays everyone
  8. 12345

    Chicago Area III

    burn the volunteers!
  9. 12345

    Chicago Area III

    So, what are YOU going to do to improve this situation? You talk serious smack, but your words are worthless unless you step up and volunteer. When was the last time you suited up and sat in a powerboat to give back? You seem to feel that you have all the answers I am sure the RC would love to have someone with your apparent breadth of skills and knowledge.
  10. 12345

    Chicago Area III

    you got the foxy part right, straight up dead to rights I am.... not a grandfather yet, working on it though. unfortunately some times for various reasons volunteers fail to live up to some peoples standards, but a free support staff is free. in all seriousness get involved more if you would like to see changes. not all volunteer positions are on the water, not sure the level of events you have put together but there are a lot of behind the scenes spots that are unsung and, unfortunately drop by the wayside. hugs buddy! seriously, need a pickle dish I am sure I can find one for you!
  11. 12345

    Chicago Area III

    damn son, the pickle dish that important.... I am sure there are plenty of us that could toss one or two your way to make you feel better if we need to, perhaps a gofundme?
  12. 12345

    Brexit, WTF

    They hold the Referendum ReDeux they need to do yet?
  13. 12345

    Brexit, WTF

    now can we get on with a new referendum? good gravy, thank heavens the leave party is so poorly managed
  14. 12345

    Brexit, WTF

    What do you have against O'Shea? Anywho... The UK should not be ruled by a referendum that has been proven out to be based on lies and nationalism right?