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  1. Headntac

    Is It A Coincidence?

    No such thing as a coincidence....its all a big plan
  2. Headntac

    Yacht washes up in Boat Harbour (Sydney) -- Man dead

    Merries reef will break on the fourth reef at low tide in a big swell..nav gone bad..sad news
  3. Headntac


    Whats the difference between Lentils and Chickpea? You wouldn't want Lentils on your face....
  4. Headntac

    Annapolis - Powerboat on Sailboat Crime

    My My...did you say you know boats
  5. Headntac

    VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    lets pull a rabbit out of my.... jury has ruled
  6. Headntac

    There I was minding my own business.....

    Oops....the unemployment queue