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  1. For those of us that just quietly follow along on these journeys (and I assume there are many of us) it is a shame that because of the behavior of a few trolls you can't share more openly. If I were in your shoes, I would do the same. It's just unfortunate. I will continue to enjoy and learn from whatever you choose to share. Thanks for taking us on the journey!
  2. I just installed one of Jeff's strops on my boat. The old strop did not have a bend, it was just too long. New strop is working great and we can finally get the headstay tune where we want it. As a side benefit, the furler, while still less than ideal, works much better.
  3. I get the lack of desire to protest, and I may well have done the same in your position. Sitting here at my desk without the pressures of the race and the subsequent ride home, it seems like we would all be better off if someone protested this. Intentionally sailing at night without lights is about on par with having a few martinis and driving.
  4. I'd just score them as spin for that race and then amend the SI to state that the declaration must be made prior to the first warning, etc. You can name the new rule after them.
  5. +1 As this regatta is intended to be a formal, highly-competitive event, I think we should all expect that the rules should be followed, and that they will be enforced. This is not beer-can racing. If you break a rule, then you should expect to be protested. Not only is the protester justified in their actions, the only wrong thing would be for someone to know of an infraction and not take action. There is no difference between cleverly skirting the rules and motoring.
  6. I have a system with b&g Triton and Zeus 2. The AP is a raymarine st2000+. I know they should communicate heading info over N2K, but the heading on the st2000 is consistently about 70 degrees off. Is this a configuration issue, or is there something else at play?
  7. I've done this a bunch from a stationary committee boat. That is reasonably straightforward, but not without its challenges. Can't imagine trying it from a heeled, moving boat with a mast and sails.I'm sure it's done, but there are just so many things that can go wrong.
  8. Agreed. I have a full monitor system. The only thing I really use/trust are voltage and current
  9. Yes, you can do BIRW for 30K. You can likely do it for 3k as well. Depends on how you roll. If you pay yourself or split with crew is up to you and your crew. It seems like the OP wrote a note detailing the most expensive route and then complained that it was too expensive. I'm not sure I understand the point.
  10. I can't profess more than a casual interest in wooden spars, but those drawings are very cool. The detail is stunning.
  11. This seems like a typical internet debate. Everyone is correct. You can travel on a budget or you can spend a fortune. It's all up to you.
  12. I use a snuffer when cruising, but its a slow solution for racing. Also, I find that, with a crew, it is actually simpler to manage the kite with a traditional set/takedown. Kim - you mention using the bow roller as well. The issue that I had was that if I tried to reach, the tack line would quickly chafe through on the cheeks of the roller. I have some funny video of this. We eventually rigged a block to the pin that spans the roller, this got the tack line above the cheeks. It's not a perfect solution, but it is effective. We had the kite up for 15 hours in a distance race last year with sloppy seas and wind in the mid teens to low 20s the entire time. This is why I am thinking about the sprit. It likely wont project more than about a foot past the roller, but it will make a big difference in sail handling. If, like you, I didn't have a pulpit, I probably would not be considering this.
  13. Thanks Bob. I should have looked closer. I imagine that it is rigged ahead of time and the tack line is brought back over the pulpit (if there is one). Otherwise, someone would have to step outside of the lifelines while racing. Actually, I guess this is exactly like working with a sprit.
  14. While I get the idea that an asym does not require a sprit if there is enough distance between the tack of the headsail and the bow, are there issues of clearance? I fly an asym this way, but I have issues with the tack line of the asym coming into contact with the bow pulpit and the bow light. There can also be the odd chafe issues, particularly if reaching with the kite. How do these boats avoid these issues? I am making changes this year to avoid the issues, and I will likely go with a short, removable sprit. Just to get enough projection so that the tack line can run unencumbered. Curious how others have dealt with this.
  15. Keep the Sabre. Add motors to the primaries. Best of all worlds. BTW - I've got a 42'er with a 155 genoa - typically, one old guy grinds to exhaustion and then another jumps in