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  1. pete_nj

    Changing fleets after the sailing is done?

    Well perhaps, but it would seem that you put much more thought into the nuance of my words than you do into spelling. Jsute Sayeng
  2. pete_nj

    Changing fleets after the sailing is done?

    Yes - this is my point. I am not defending how that RC acted, just saying that not racing with them seems counterproductive. Perhaps a polite note to the RC (or a discussion at the bar) about this and an understanding of how it would be treated going forward would be a more productive approach.
  3. pete_nj

    Changing fleets after the sailing is done?

    Having been race chair for quite a few years, I would have given the OP an award and then changed the SIs to avoid this in the future. That said, I think that if these races were casual weeknight races (the OP didn't say) then this is a tempest in a teapot. Saying that "I doubt I’ll enter that club’s future events" seems like an inappropriate reaction.
  4. pete_nj

    PHRF and Overlap...

    Don't know where you are but in the mid-atlantic, you can get credit for smaller sails, but it depends on the configuration. For instance, if you have a modern boat that is designed for non-overlapping headsails, you don't get credit for their small size. Here is the language:
  5. pete_nj

    YRALIS PHRF Committee Purge

    Not legal in our region, although I'll have to remember that the next time I do the Vineyard race.
  6. pete_nj

    YRALIS PHRF Committee Purge

    Yes We had an issue where our Clubs PHRF rep saw some people carrying doors and tables down the dock. He mentioned to them that they can't race that way, and they acted like he was being completely unreasonable.
  7. pete_nj

    Pulling your sail boat out for the winter

    Ice can be harsh. Even though the marina is not frozen, you could have ice in any through hulls, etc. Any place that water could collect would be a potential for damaging ice. If you had a small crack in the fairing at the keel-hull joint, you could get ice damage. It's all bad. This explains your observation that the 15% who don't care about their boats leave them in for the cold winter.
  8. pete_nj

    Manhasset Fall Series

    Indeed - we had a great time as well.
  9. pete_nj


    What we see is in line with JL92S' comments. On our 88, we get 11-12 kts of boat speed with full crew and wind speed in the 18-20 kt range.
  10. pete_nj

    Manhasset Fall Series

    In, at least for the first weekend.
  11. pete_nj

    North sails ,pricing, discounts

    I can't give you hard numbers. In my OD fleet, the boats using 3di are getting multiple seasons and the sails still look great. The high end sails from other lofts look tired after a season. The prices are not significantly different. The boats using 3di are also doing well in the results, so it is not a case of the sails lasting longer because they are heavier. This compatison is largely vs string sails, I don't have first hand knowledge of comparison against carbon panel sails.
  12. pete_nj

    North sails ,pricing, discounts

    I find that the 3dis last longer than high end products from other makers. This adds a total cost of ownership component to the discussion.
  13. pete_nj

    My newest project

    My dad had the same one. The photo brings back memories. To put it completely in perspective, that $300 from the mid 70s could buy a well configured iMac today. (or 2 well configured windows boxes)
  14. The only time that I complain about the foredeck crew is when they are not properly blocking spray and we are getting wet in the back of the boat. Other than that, they are usually aware and addressing any issue before we even know something is amiss.
  15. I do this with a 25,000lb 43 footer. Works great. Use it mainly for distance racing, but have a sock that I use when cruising.