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  1. Gone Drinking


    So the black eye was just a lovers Tiff?
  2. Gone Drinking

    Just a Reminder

    You might want to reread the definition of bigot - you are it's poster child.
  3. I find it outrageous that after 6 FBI background checks and there was NOTHING even hinting about this. Either the women are lying or the FBI is completely incompetent. My money is on the women lying. No I have no proof but there will never be any proof. As for Hillary - there was plenty that was turned up. But she didn't intend any of it so she gets a pass. Besides she was going to be the new president, everyone knew that - anyone finding dirt on her would be taken care of after the election.
  4. Just look at all the women that continued to support Bill Clinton. EDIT : Forgot to add and all the ones that supported his cunt of a wife.
  5. Gone Drinking

    Rachel Mitchell's analysis. Ford is all over the place.

    The Democrats platform is legislating through the courts with liberals. Like with most things they view long term damage to the institution and the nation as a worthwhile tradeoff for medium term policy gains. It goes both ways. Just depends which side you agree with.
  6. Gone Drinking


    Then I guess lying about fear of flying disqualifies her.
  7. Gone Drinking

    I believe her

    I see you fell for it. Yes I am attacking her as I believe she is lying. There is no way to prove or disprove what she said. She was not convincing in my opinion.
  8. Gone Drinking

    I believe her

    Can I ask why you believe her?
  9. Gone Drinking

    I believe her

    As I said above this is a smart women with a PhD. In psychology no less and she sat there and acted the fool.
  10. Gone Drinking

    I believe her

    Really. The woman has a PhD. She is a professor of psychology at Palo Alto and a research psychologist at Stanford School of Medicine. Innocent bewilderment my ass. You have been played. I'll say it again that the dumb blonde routine was a sham. And as far as Kavenaugh is concerned, if I had been accused and ambushed as he was I would be outraged myself. Wouldn't you?
  11. Gone Drinking

    I believe her

    Why do you believe her? Personally I think she is lying. The dumb blonde act didn't work.
  12. Gone Drinking


    But it wasn't rape - it was at the worst attempted rape. Amounts to assault.
  13. Gone Drinking

    Are women automatically more truthful or more believable??

    Spoken like a true male.
  14. Are these the same pollsters that predicted a Hillary landslide win?
  15. Gone Drinking


    So Ellison is toast? Just applying the same standards.