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  1. Unfortunately Appeal is not available as they had an International Jury.
  2. Please - this is America - rules, we don't need no stinking rules. So what rules do we have to obey and which can we brush past?
  3. There is a big difference between a j class boat and a j24. Just as there is a big difference between a high paid model and a model.
  4. Sorry you didn't get to sail on or watch these boats race. They are spectacular and the best boat porn out there I am guessing your spouse isn't a high paid model but I also bet you don't mind looking at high paid model.
  5. So turn it off or look away. Do you realize the amount of people that are employed by these boats from the build/rebuild up to the racing/spectating.
  6. I don't agree. A is still an obstruction that blue is inside boat of and ROW. So she is owed room. She is taking room she is entitled to so if she breaks a part 2 rule she gets exonerated. 19.2 is a part 2 rule. R, Y and/or G can sail high and pass behind blue and go around the left moored boats.
  7. So the other obstruction is moot????
  8. I still think that the port boats should have avoided the stbd boat prior to getting to the moored boats. Looking at the diagram they are closer to the blue boat than they are to the moored boats. EDIT : I think they have to deal with the Stbd Blue boat before they get to the point where they have to deal with the moored boats.
  9. But it is not a continuous obstruction. That is further to the right. This is a gap between 2 moored boats.
  10. If that is the case you could also say that if you have 2 X chromosomes you are a female and if you have one of each you are a male.
  11. The more I think about it the more I don't agree. This all set up earlier and Blue was an obstruction before the moored boats were and the 3 port tackers should have gone behind him. Blue gets screwed in your scenario.
  12. JimC - I agree but I think if we start talking about a timeline - prior to the obstruction that is the gap, is the obstruction that is Blue. And since the shallow water is to the right, the port boats could easily have altered up to avoid Blue prior to 19 turning on for the moored boats. They are closer to Blue than they are to the moored boats, so Blue as an obstruction comes into play first.
  13. But prior to the obstruction that are the moored boats, Blue is an obstruction to the 3 port boats.
  14. Prior to the moored boats Blue was an obstruction to Red, Green and Yellow. Red opted to go below Blue so needs to give Yellow and Green room to go below Blue which she doesn't as they all can't go there. Red should have opted to sail higher earlier forcing all the port boats to go behind blue, allowing blue to pass between the moored boats.
  15. Still do see how you get there. All your arguments for Red also apply to Blue only Blue is also the ROW boat. And if you say that 19.2b doesn't apply for stbd obstr then I don't see how you get to it applying at the port obstr. So then 10 does and blue is stbd.