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  1. Gone Drinking

    “The Big Guy “

    Right on time - could you be any more predictable????
  2. Gone Drinking

    “The Big Guy “

    Another mensa worthy quote from the angry little man.
  3. Gone Drinking

    Room to Tack question

    My bad - yes it is an obstruction to yellow. But go read Cases 35 and 101, think they show a better example for this.
  4. Gone Drinking

    Room to Tack question

    The dock is not an obstruction to yellow
  5. Seriously - went out of town and no cell or internet service. Nice to be away, you all should try it - on that note go do your own homework - but Russian being one and then how about how she had Trumps taxes, stated over and over and then.........nope - didn't have them.
  6. Gone Drinking

    Trump’s Taxes

    Let me guess - they got them from Harry Reed.
  7. I take that as a no you can't.
  8. And you don't think the others do the same? Please name someone who is an 'actual journalist' that doesn't insert their slant or opinion into their reporting. Or picks and chooses the words they want to quote ?
  9. Seriously - Do you really want to go tit for tat. They all lie - if you can't see that you are not being honest with yourself. Remember that someones opinion if it is not the same as yours is not automatically a lie. It is called a difference of opinion.
  10. But I bet you all have no problem with Lemon, Cooper and Madow to name a few .
  11. Can you honestly, with a straight face, say that if a Dem was in office and the D's held the Senate they would be doing anything different?
  12. Gone Drinking

    Presidential Debate moderators announced

    And when Biden has sought to locate someone to hold responsible for the crash, he has misplaced the blame. In a 2007 interview, the then-senator claimed that the driver of the tractor trailer “allegedly — and I never pursued it — drank his lunch instead of eating his lunch” — but the driver, Curtis Dunn, was not drunk, and was not charged with any crime in connection with the crash. Because Neilia Biden reportedly mistook the intersection where she and her family were struck for a four way stop — it was actually a two-way stop, an often dangerous design that is correlated with high collision rates — and because police suspected she was distracted by her two young sons in the back seat, she drove into the path of the other driver.
  13. Gone Drinking

    Presidential Debate moderators announced

    The problem? Biden never actually taught at Penn.
  14. Gone Drinking

    Presidential Debate moderators announced

    During a virtual town hall event last week, in response to a question about how he planned to appeal to young voters, Joe Biden harkened back to his experience as a university professor following his departure from the United States Senate: When I left the United States Senate I became a professor at the University of Pennsylvania … and the University of Delaware has the Biden school as well, so I’ve spent a lot of time … on campus with college students.” It’s fair to say many viewers probably drew the most obvious conclusion: that the former vice president had left public office (presumably the vice presidency, rather than the Senate as Biden had said) and taken up work lecturing to young people at the University of Pennsylvania. The problem? Biden never actually taught at Penn.