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  1. Gone Drinking

    Time to impeach?

    What a difference 21 years makes - Just a little bit from Nadler: "We have been entrusted with the grave and awesome duty by the American people, by the constitution and by history. We must exercise that duty responsibly. At a bear minimum, that means the president's accusers must go beyond hearsay and innuendo and beyond demands that the president prove his innocence of vague and changing charges. They must provide clear and convincing evidence of specific impeachable conduct. This, they have failed to do."
  2. Gone Drinking

    Saybrook CT Marinas?

    But to get to the marina in Old Saybrook, you have to go a bit up the River (1/2 of which is in a no wake zone) and through a draw bridge that you would need to get opened. Pilots point on the other hand is at the mouth of the river and easy to get into and the gas dock is the first thing you see and on the dock that transients go. Check it out on a chart. EDIT - SORRY Saybroook Point is before the draw bridge.
  3. Gone Drinking

    Saybrook CT Marinas?

    Still not well marked but not sure of the dredge situation. I usually go in there in a power boat with a gps map
  4. Gone Drinking

    Saybrook CT Marinas?

    Cedar Island is good but so is Pilot's Point, which is a bit easier to get in and out of.
  5. Gone Drinking

    minimum wind prediction for regatta

    How often are the predictions correct? I always wonder why people put so much faith in a prediction.
  6. Gone Drinking

    Hey, Gun Nuts, This Is On You!

    So what did the Dems do when they were the majority? Not a damn thing. But now you want to piss and moan? I am so sick of you assholes.
  7. Gone Drinking

    Hey, Gun Nuts, This Is On You!

    Like they do with immigration laws?
  8. Gone Drinking

    UGotta Regatta (Harbor Springs)2019

    Sounds perfect.
  9. Gone Drinking

    And the rest of the world shrugs and moves on.

    Funny that as I am registered as an independent.
  10. Gone Drinking

    Stanford sailing coach gets probation

    What good would a 69 hearing have? How would one be in our best interests?
  11. Gone Drinking

    Stanford sailing coach gets probation

    And World Sailing.
  12. Gone Drinking

    Unwanted Ivanka

    And I bet Hillary would have done the same with Chelsea and her husband if she had been elected.
  13. Gone Drinking

    Unwanted Ivanka

    I see - another moron
  14. Gone Drinking

    Unwanted Ivanka

    You hypocritical fuck - you evaluated Ivanka on the fact that she is Trump's daughter. Not on her brains, her skills or her intellect. You are one of those morons.
  15. Gone Drinking


    So ' a woman's body, a woman's choice' I guess doesn't apply here.