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  1. Artemis?

    Interesting how the tell tails vary across the fairing Looks like standard deflection to me. Even more important is the fact that they are all flowing and none are stalled. I think it is caused by a tip vortex from the foot of the wing. That is why other teams have sealed the wing to the deck. Artemis will probably do the same now that they have a deck to seal it to.
  2. Artemis?

    See post #306 and #307. Also watch the wing in the video when Juan K is talking.
  3. Artemis?

    Those guys probably go 100 miles between maneuvers. So, they might not be as good at accelerating quickly.
  4. Artemis?

    It could be. That would explain why the leading edge is vertical and the flap hinges are not vertical. If it is, I think the front section is the structural part because that is where the rigging looks like it attaches. The CNN video of the wing hanging certainly look like there are two parts to the front element and that the front part is joined to the big control arm at the base of the wing.
  5. Artemis?

    I'm not convinced that there aren't two slots from top to bottom. I see six different sections from top to bottom. In post #247 (picture below), there are slots between the #1, #2, and #3 elements (two slots) visible on all but the bottom section of the wing which only shows a slot between the #2 and #3 element. However, in the construction photos (post #301) shows the trailing edge of bottom of the #1 element to be tapered to a point instead of having a recces that the #2 element rotates in as depicted in post #333. This suggests that it isn't a plain flap without a slot. My suggestion is that the #2 element at the top and bottom sections can be controlled independently of the other #2 elements. Not all pictures show the slot between the #1 and #2 elements because the angles of the #2 and the camera are not lined up to show the slot.
  6. Artemis?

    Am I correct that it would be better to allocate more wing area to the center instead of having a higher CL, but the class rules limit the distribution of area?
  7. Santa Barbara Sailing

    Remember the SBSC Goblin Regatta is this weekend. So far, we have received 16 entries. In descending order of number of entries we have: Laser radial Portsmouth Laser Full Rig Harbor 20 J/24 Melges 24
  8. Santa Barbara Sailing

    SBSC Goblin regatta will be in less than two weeks. A lot of one design classes are expected to attend. There will be a Portsmouth class for everyone else. NOR Entry Form