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  1. who knows....i mean +2, wow who ever heard such nonsense....+1 seems to be ok though. elle, +2 is a little strong "doncha" think? I mean, I was pushing it with +1
  2. Nothing will ever satisfy you, apart from the repeal of any and all laws regarding firearms. You've made that very clear. Guys like you are the reason gun owners are looked at in such a poor light. You refuse to even acknowledge that the industry should be, and could be, taking steps to reduce or fight crime. The industry can embrace it now and be in the driver's seat, or have it rammed down their throats in the future, because this kind of stuff IS on its way. If you think Tom wants a repeal of any and all firearms laws, you haven't been paying attention.... at all. And should probably just stop talking now before you embarass yourself any further. I don't think you can find a single instance on this forum of a pro-gun person who advocates for NO gun laws. I dare you to try. What we HAVE said, if you would bother to keep up is that we endorse many of the provisions of these bills that strengthen enforcement and punishment for crimes using guns. What we DO NOT advocate for is useless, feel good measures that restrict our rights while having LITLLE or NO effect on the actual problem. You DO get the distinction, don't you? The reason the original AWB was rammed through, was because of supposed "pro-gun" people like you, primarily hunters, who saw an AWB and thought - "fuck it, that doesn't affect me. Why do I care if they ban evil black rifles? I have a revolver or a bolt gun." But what you don't get is that the previous AWB had ZERO effect on crime, but made illegal an entire class of weapons that were and are used everyday for legal and legitimate purposes. Get on board for the big win, because you are part of the problem. Once you let some of these rights go, they are coming after your guns next. But just stop saying that we want ALL guns laws repealed. It just ain't true and it makes you look like an idiot. I actually advocate for better funding for the ATF so they can enforce laws (as long as they get better leaders :P/> ) and I advocate for a repeal or modification of some of the silly legislation the NRA pushed through that limited data gathering and such. So its a fallacy that we want no gun laws or easy access to guns by everyone. Calm the fuck down, flyboy. You NEED people like me on your side, because I represent a far larger number of gun owners than you do. With out support from people like me, you WILL lose your rights. You're right, I did support the first AWB. I don't support this one. Immediately dismissing any idea that you perceive to be gun control legislation and then tossing aside anyone who isn't 100% hardcore pro gun and 100% right wing, is why the rabid gun owners are looked at so poorly. Try working on that image problem. It will probably pay a lot higher dividends than frothing at the mouth. I often wonder if the caustic response to any kind of legislation that would make a gun crime easier to track is borne out of some kind of latent psychopathic fantasy that the individual may have to "off" someone and not want to get caught. Honestly. Even the simple idea to track ammo purchases like we do hunting licenses results in rabid attack from the pro gun lobby. Forget micro stamping, just track the damn sales and provide a do not sell registry. Nothing unconstitutional about that. But fuck no... You guys make it sound like the world would fucking end if that were to happen. Think about why you are viewed the way you are. You have brought this shit on yourselves. The industry has failed to regulate itself and now regulation will be forced directly up all our asses. +1
  3. To put this in perspective, keep in mind that the the demographic (law enforcement) probably has the highest concentration of gun advocates of any. Frankly, I'm encouraged that they back as much of the law's provisions as they do.