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  1. That is the steering component for a twin rudder setup and the centerline shaft is for the rudder.
  2. I concur. I do not think what they used in the mixture had the proper formula and it is shrinking and cracking.
  3. Well it has now been several weeks and I have gotten no response from Interlux on this. I have a feeling I knew more than the rep who came to see the boat, and I doubt I will hear back. I sent an email thanking them for sending a rep and their time. I also asked them to tell me their thoughts as well as tell me the procedure to overcoat the bottom as the teflon properties in the paint will keep other paints from sticking. From my understanding, there has been a large shake up of personnel in the company and apparently their representation has gone down hill. I am going to the St. Pete boat show this weekend and hope to see a representative there to discuss with them this issue. I told them I have this posted on SA as well as the classic mako forum as I had intended on putting this on the bottom of my Mako as well.
  4. Thank you for that information. I used to wet sand the 2000 and although it was completely shiny like the VC it was still fast. If I strip off the VC can I apply gel coat over the 2000? I would assume no as gel coat is a polyester and going over an epoxy it would not create a good bond. I would assume I would have to go back to the original gel on the boat and then coat it.
  5. Does Vivid do plain paint? I intend to trailer the Mako so no reason for bottom paint. I am suspicious of the starbrite on the bottom for the PE however many others use it with fantastic results. My other concern that I asked the rep was the procedure to recoat as the teflon in the PE would prohibit a good bonding surface to anything new. Would I have to completely remove the paint that is on there back to the 2000 barrier coat? I may just go to the 2000 and leave that. I dry sailed the boat for 5 years with that on the bottom with no issues with crazing and cracking. What about Vivid? Thats where I might go with that SeaCraft I got.
  6. I agree with this and that is why I called them as I wanted to get an idea of their thoughts. The rep came this morning and met me. He spent almost an hour looking at my boat as well as the other boats at the yacht club. In the end, although he has spent 99% of his career working with powerboats, he thinks that 4 years is a good run for the product and I should consider repainting it. There are other boats done by the same person with the same preparation that are 8 years old and just starting to show the faint signs of what mine has already done so I disagree with him. I asked him to go back and speak with others as well as his boss as none of the industry professionals think that it should only last 4 years. I meticulously maintain the bottom, do not leave the boat in for more than 3 days in a row, and thoroughly clean it when it comes out. When it is left in for 3 days for a regatta it is wiped down so nothing can grow, and being an epoxy, it should not saturate the layer. We will see what he comes back with, but I am assuming they will say that 4 years and the bottom will fall off so buy more product and do it again. I am getting my powerboat bottom blasted and want to put a good bottom on it since it lives on the trailer, but I am not leaning towards not using this product as 4 years to me is too short for the investment of spraying this on by a professional and I do not have space our resources to do it myself.
  7. The "professional" has done the other J24s at my club as well as other boats without this issue. According to him, he is not at fault. IMHO I believe he did not prep properly or did not mix things correctly. I have not heard back from the rep. They said they would come this week after the Ft. Lauderdale boat show, but have not gotten an email back.
  8. I agree with that except the other 6 J24's at my YC have the same stuff done by the same company and it has lasted 7-10 years like Varan described. I go over it once or twice a year with a brilo pad and some cleaner, then rewax it with Teflon wax to help with the UV issues. The VC on the bottom is mostly out of the sun, even on the trailer due to adjacent boats. I finally got a response from an Interlux rep and they are supposedly coming to look at it this week.
  9. MY J24 bottom was put on in 2012 by a professional. Now four years later it looks like a 50 year old boat with gel coat crazing on the bottom. The bottom was chemically stripped, washed, sanded, faired, Interlux 2000 put on and then the VC127/128 performance epoxy. It even has started to chip off in some areas and I had to sand out and will have to fill those spots. Has anyone else had this trouble? The one photo shows where I sanded it down and will be filling. The other photo is the bottom after being stripped before sanding and fairing.