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  1. Some of those links did not work, or did not show the other boats it was against. I would be interested to see it in PHRF against, for example, a Melges 32, Farr 30, Farr 395. They are interesting boats and intrigued me at CRW.
  2. M32USA123

    Martin 243 Used Sails

    Which boat did you buy? The one in my photo is Tacktick.
  3. How do they do in PHRF? Obviously in ORC they do well.
  4. M32USA123

    Martin 243 Used Sails

    Nope, that was all that was taken by someone else. I spotted them while we were headed in and had the owner of the Shock go over to see if we could render assistance. That boat has spent a lot of time like that.
  5. M32USA123

    CRW 2018

    The B25 also filed for redress. Melges 24 nabbed the windward mark so RC put a boat there with the M flag. We were fourth boat to round on the B32. The Melges 24 got off the mark leeward of us and RC told us as we rounded we were good. Then they dropped the M flag, so the fleet sailing towards the M flag boat had to fetch down to the mark, which also happened to not re-anchor due to the current, and kept going down the river! RC was not the greatest on the ORC C circle. Many Melges 24s found the windward mark. Saturday had the same situation happen, and nobody in our ORC C fleet rounded the offset mark as it was directly upwind from the M flag boat. Quite a crap show.... No racing on Sunday. Friday had constant 12 with gusts to 18 true. Saturday 14-15 with gusts up to 18 true. Sunday morning saw 18 with gusts to 22 while prepping the boat for the weather.
  6. M32USA123

    Martin 243 Used Sails

    It was upwind back to the club so the kite was down. He actually added 1' to his keel, and from my understanding added 8" to the wings on either side as well.
  7. M32USA123

    looking for a melges 24!

    Davis Island Yacht Club has a couple going up for sale for the invasion of the Melges 32s. May want to get in touch with Rich Riddle. 727-210-1800 727.210.1800
  8. M32USA123

    Martin 243 Used Sails

    Here is a nice shot of tack tick from a race a couple of years ago. I spotted them just after we finished racing for the regatta and it was blowing about 25 knots. They had just won the regatta and then immediately turtled in the channel to port Tampa Bay. I am in the red jacket on the stern of the shock 35, happy and dry.
  9. M32USA123

    Melges 32 wet hull

    Yeah my apologies. I jumped to a conclusion too fast. CTD was referring to Tempesta, not me. Just coincidence on the name. Dang luck. There have been some interesting rumors circling about my boat, which is why I got so defensive so quick. Funniest I have heard so far was I purchased it from a Japanese businessman and it had no mast. After I picked myself up off the floor from laughing, I asked the person who told me this what that 52' carbon stick next to the boat was for then and why the heck was it registered from Connecticut..... My apologies to CTD for jumping on him.
  10. M32USA123

    Melges 32 wet hull

    And FYI to jabrams. I will have my boat down to St. Pete Friday and you can look around in it if you wish. I am delivering it either Thursday night or Friday. You can also notice how the interior was repainted.....
  11. Cakewalk #8 is in St. Petersburg. Been sitting and about to get sent to the landfill and sold for scrap.
  12. M32USA123

    Doyle jib pictures

    I know Sail Tech built some sort of jib for that boat. Is that what you are using now?
  13. M32USA123

    Doyle jib pictures

    Doesn't J-Hawk have one? Have you looked at his?
  14. M32USA123

    Merlin at 75 mph

    Well they just landed in Cuba a few minutes ago. Fastest I saw them going was yesterday through Florida Bay at 11.4 knots. When they come back, it will practice and do the Regata Del Sol race end of April, then Bermuda in June, then the Chicago Mac race. Then It will go back for the Transpac next year. They only got one good day to practice on the boat before the Cuba race with brand new rags, so I am sure they did a lot of tweaking and such on the way down.
  15. M32USA123

    Douses on a 105

    When we had one on the Henderson and the Farr 395 we got an extra long sail tie to use for the retrieval line. Worked really well.