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  1. 8 Cakewalk is now in Texas. 15 is called Gimmi Shelter, which is owned by the same owner as Pigs with no Purpose.
  2. M32USA123

    Mast up dry storage, use it or lose it...

    Our dry storage is once per quarter, however they are not good on policing it. If you are more active, you get moved closer to the hoist.
  3. M32USA123

    McConaghey 38

    That was Carbanado. there is one in the Caribbean as well. Saw it at the Heineken Regatta.
  4. M32USA123

    Tampa Bay Area club racing

    St. Petersburg Sailing Association does a twilight series on Friday nights out of the sailing center in Demens Landing. They are usually quick to cancel but there are about 20 boats each Friday. Bradenton Yacht Club has Thursday night racing and then at the time change switches to Sundays. They do not have many boats doing this. Apollo Beach has Tampa Sailing Squadron. They have something I am sure, but I do not know what it is. DIYC is where I am from and there are probably 50-60 boats on the starting line on Thursday nights. They race unless there is lightning. If interested in one of them depending on your location send me a PM. I used to do the Thursday and DIYC and still do the Fridays in St. Pete.
  5. M32USA123

    Merlin at 75 mph

    Brian is well aware of the concept of the sippy cup.... For different reasons than above.
  6. M32USA123

    Adding 2nd Spin Halyard on Melges 32

    Like stated, the halyard box is already there and it can be run through the exit at the base. You just need a turning block on the deck and a clutch. I would be concerned with the loads under the deck as there is the "bobstay" wire under the deck to support the existing turning blocks.
  7. M32USA123

    Transpac 2019

    Why not? No other members are going on that trek? Jeffrey?
  8. M32USA123

    Transpac 2019

    Can't wait to see all those walking around the YC....
  9. M32USA123

    that was an expensive commute

    That happened 10 minutes after I was driving south. Pretty sure I saw her and her stroller right before it happened. He was in a Mustang. Rumor is daddy is also going to pay off what he can to keep the kid out of prison. Should be vehicular manslaughter.
  10. M32USA123

    Sold everything to sail the world...boat sunk on day 2

    I started following her on IG to see what they would be up to and how far they would make it before they sank. They spend all of their time on shore in apartments on the east coast of Florida. There is no boating. I am pretty sure they are living off the gofundme money and doing nothing with it. The rest of their crew dropped off, so it is back to the two of them and a lousy excuse for a dog.
  11. M32USA123

    Melges 32 Owners Forum

    Just requested to join the group.
  12. Some of those links did not work, or did not show the other boats it was against. I would be interested to see it in PHRF against, for example, a Melges 32, Farr 30, Farr 395. They are interesting boats and intrigued me at CRW.
  13. M32USA123

    Martin 243 Used Sails

    Which boat did you buy? The one in my photo is Tacktick.
  14. How do they do in PHRF? Obviously in ORC they do well.
  15. M32USA123

    Martin 243 Used Sails

    Nope, that was all that was taken by someone else. I spotted them while we were headed in and had the owner of the Shock go over to see if we could render assistance. That boat has spent a lot of time like that.